Mysterious Strength

By Onyx

Mike, the 14yo bodybuilder, pulled off all his clothes except for his underwear and stretched out on the couch. His mom would be gone all day and all night so he had the house all to himself, and his very good buddy David was on his way over. The teenager laid back and stretched for a bit. Only a few lucky few had seen him naked or near naked, those that have knew without a doubt that he was incredibly fit and strong. His conditioning was extreme, his single mother was herself an amateur bodybuilder and she had trained her son since forever, but there was something more than that. He had an inkling that his mom was vastly stronger than she let on. He had occasionally seen barbells in their garage gym loaded with obscene amounts of weight, plus there were those super-heavy 100+ pound dumbbells that they had in their set. She claimed that she never used them, that they were only included in the package, but Mike had once seen them strewn about as if they were used and forgotten to be put back. The young muscle boy also knew that he himself was stronger than even his appearance let on. Especially as of late, it seem that his strength gains were increasing. He didnít let his mother know, but he had been deviating from her strict workout plan at night, when he would load up as much weight as he could to see just how strong he was becoming. Was there any kid, ever, who could do a 450lb squat and a 300lb bench? Probably not many he thought.

Mike put a hand into his briefs and began tugging on himself, with the other hand he felt up his thickly muscled body. His favorite bodypart was his lats, they were ridiculously wide, fully the equal of any pro-bodybuilder but proportionate to his small, 5 foot 3 frame. Combined with an amazingly tiny waist, he could make the most incredible V-taper when he did lat spreads, which he loved to do. His abs were his next favorite, and the most fun muscles for him, and for David, to play with. They were so thick and separated, just the act of running his fingers along their powerfully muscled grooves turned him on. They stood out in stark relief against his tiny waist. Quads came third. In addition to serious heavy-duty weights, he did the stairmaster with his mom all the time. Since they owned two of them, they often did competitions to see how long they could last against each other at the hardest setting, which was often two hours or more. His mom usually won those matches, and their prolonged power stepping marathons built wonderful definition into their massive legs. Mike flexed each quadricep in turn as he ran his hands over their immense hardness.

The doorbell rang, Mike lept up and sprinted to the door. After a quick check through the peephole, he let his buddy in. Mike didnít give David a word in, he put a hand under his boyfriend and lifted him up easily, slamming the door shut with the other.

David was the same age and height as Mike, but the physical similarities ended there. While Mike had the thickly muscled, fat-free physique of a contest-ready bodybuilder, David was a skinny normal boy. He had lean and tone from occasionally joining his boyfriend and his mom during their Herculean workouts, at least till he dropped out from exhaustion, usually after only 20 minutes. Mike had saved David from schoolyard bullies and the two had fallen in love soon after.

David already knew the plan for the evening, which was basically constant fucking, safe from any interruptions.

ďHey before we start, lets go to the gym, I want to pump myself up first.Ē Davidís eyes lit up, Mike looked insanely hot when his huge muscles were bulging and sweaty. ďHell yeah Mike!Ē

The young muscleboy carried his fuckbuddy down to the garage. Picking up two 60 lb dumbbells, Mike started doing a variety of warmup exercises; bicep curls, overhead presses, and even a few lateral raises, pumping up his bulging, striated shoulder muscles.

ďGod youíre so sexy and powerful Mike.Ē David exclaimed as he felt up his boyfriendís thick pecs. David knelt and began running his tongue in and around Mikeís rippling abs. Mike loved when he did that, his handís at his side still gripping the dumbbells with his iron grip, he rolled his head around as he got more and more excited. The incredibly brawny kidís briefs were getting very tight and soon he was sporting a huge erection that tent-poled them to the breaking point. A towering cock, 10 inches long and amazingly thick started to tear the fabric apart. David helped Mike out by pulling the cotton on either side and his underwear ripped in two. Stark naked and holding over a hundred pounds of iron, Mike enjoyed the VERY pleasurable feeling as his best friend began kissing, licking and stroking his proud boyhood. The more David turned him on, the tighter he gripped the dumbbells, not even feeling the weight, the incredible sensations he was getting from having his huge cock sucked overwhelming everything else.

David continued to blow his buffed up lover, constantly increasingly the tempo over several minutes until he was simultaneously running his tongue over the very tip of Mikeís cock, while jerking off his extremely thick shaft with his hands. The young bodybuilder was gasping for breath and moaning loudly. When David reached around with his hands to feel up those hard, round glutes while sucking on the base of his cock, Mike lost control and exploded. His huge prick, standing at attention and as hard as the iron weights he was holding, exploded in a huge orgasm. Great spurts of cum shot straight up. Even David, who had fucked his boyfriend dozens of times before, and never seen Mike shoot like he was doing now. Each spurt was several times bigger than anything he, a normal kid, could produce. And Mikeís orgasm kept on going, wave after wave. The muscle kidís awesome naked body was fully pumped and crying out in pleasure as cum started landing all around the young gay lovers. Finally, after what seemed like a dozen or more spurts, Mike came down from his incredible orgasmic high. He dropped the weights noisily and let himself sag down on his fuckbuddy, who was more than happy to wrap his arms around his heavily muscled boyfriend! The two rested for a while, breathing deeply in unison. Mikeís heart rate had almost gone back to normal when David, his head resting on Mikeís thick shoulder, suddenly gasped, his eyes widening like saucers.

Mike looked back and immediately saw what caused Davidís reaction. The two fifty pound iron dumbbells each had five deep grooves pressed into them, Mike had squeezed the dumbbells so hard during their lovemaking that he had actually dented the metal! Both boys knew that Mike was insanely strong, but to partially crush iron required super-human strength!

Davidís look of shock quickly turned to excitement. "I knew it! I knew all this time that you were super-strong but you never let it on! Just like your mom!" David bent down and kissed Mike's still very erect cock. He looked back up and grinned. "Please Mike, show me how strong you really are! Please please please!"

David ran over to a box holding an assortment for sports gear and brought it back to Mike. Picking up a football, he handed it to his brawny, and still proudly erect, fuckbuddy. Mike took it tentatively, not sure what to do with it. "Squeeze it Mike, try and pop it!" Mike looked down and slowly started applying pressure. To his amazement, the football began compressing with very little force, it was easy! He squeezed it some more, it seemed to young bodybuilder that he was squeezing a soft rubber ball. He squeezed the center together with both palms and it exploded in his hands.

The sight of a super-muscular 14 year old with a massive 10 inch erection compressing a football until it exploded was almost painfully erotic to David. He had to reach into his pants and shift his own erection around to make himself comfortable. David grabbed a baseball bat and handed it to Mike, who immediately took it and began squeezing the thick end with his right hand. Mike was just as turned on as David was and immediately began crushing the wood with an iron grip. His fingers powered their way through the center as his palm crunched and splintered the bat until the thick end of the bat was compressed down to only an inch thick into just a few seconds.

David was completely swooning over Mike. Standing to the side of his buffed up boytoy, he had wrapped one arm around Mike's tiny but powerful midsection and the other around his chest, simultaneously feeling up his pecs and his abs, while running kissing along Mike's neck and thickly muscled delts.

Mike was feeling lightheaded, and very, VERY, powerful. Not to mention aroused, despite having splattered a very large amount cum all over the cold concrete floor, he still sported his huge, hard erection. He eagerly went for a baseball next. It was a thick hardball like the professionals used. Mike gripped it in his left hand and immediately poured on the power. His small fingers dug right into the fabric as one by one the seams burst open. He clenched his fist as hard as he could and his fingers went right through the center of the ball, squashing it like a piece of soft fruit. •

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