My Coach

Plan B


By Musclebuff

Fischer was furious.

His hot and horny Germanic muscle heaved with rage, pecs threatening to burst that tank-top. He even got me excited.

"That arrogant little American tyke!" (Little? Looked pretty big to me.) "You know he just wants to use your tail, donít you? He couldnít have mine, so heís set his sights on you! He means to get you spilling your wad to thwart me and my plans for you!"

"But I thought he was one of your jocks?"

"He was, but he couldnít keep his dick in his pants - had to spill it all over the place - never knew what Ďin trainingí meant! So when he got to his present size, I dropped him. He tried to blackmail me into making him a Superman but heís never forgiven me for calling his bluff. And now heís after you in revenge. Well, weíll soon put a stop to that!"

And he went fuming to my House Master and squashed any plans Rodney had for me as his fag. Said it would interfere with my training and would be a detriment to the sports department. My House Master, who had never given me a single word or look since Iíd been there and no idea what Coach was talking about, agreed - to get this huge madman out of his study so he could go on watching Golden Girls on his TV. But Coach stayed there till HM was forced to send for Rodney and tell him to "forget all that".

"And keep away from [name omitted!]"

"Yes, yes! Now, gentlemen, if youíve quite finished....."

Rodney glowered at Coach and slunk off with his tail between his (magnificent) legs while Coach returned triumphantly to the gym where I had been told to wait.

"Now we can get on with things! As master Rodney has found you out, weíll have to accelerate things and go on to Plan B. Heíll keep away from you, I trust, and you will keep away from him. Let me know if anything else crops up with that bastard!"

"Sure, Coach." But in my heart of hearts there was a little lump of disappointment and I was surprised to find that I had a sneaking admiration for Rodney, and his arrogance, and had been hoping for another encounter. All the same, I knew that there was no question of disobeying Coach - especially if I was to achieve my aims.

And so we launched into Plan B. This meant special diet and workouts twice a day: big bodyparts in the morning, smaller ones in the evenings - instead of prep time. God knows how Coach managed to swing that one with HM. 6 days a week and cardio on Sundays. Along with the protein shakes and the 5 meals a day that went with them, Coach fed me with a shot of what he called "DragonJuice" before every workout. Actually, he confided, it was the distilled cum of Arab stallions, processed for him by an ex-student. All sounded very doubtful, but whatever it was had a kick like a stallion and had me pushing more weight with less effort than ever before. Each workout I could see myself growing: muscles now beginning to fill my loose tank top and quads bursting out of my running shorts. It wasnít only my quads: my dick was growing faster than any other part and was very uncomfortable squished into the jock that Coach made me wear, taking care to fit it to my anatomy himself. All designed, he said, to conserve my muscle-juice.

"But Coach, wonít I ever be able to cum? Sometimes itís agony! (Especially when I start lusting after your muscles!) "

"Soon youíll need to - just wait one more stage."

Whatever. I was growing. And using Coachís mind-muscle-nuts technique. Every time I swallowed that juice, a charge went through me and I felt as high as I did on illegal "smokes" in every workout. Coach had to watch to see that I didnít over-reach myself in

my determination to get Big. He stood over every rep, flexing the same muscles as I was exercising. To end every workout we practiced posing at the big mirror; he took me through all the mandatory competition poses and kept me at it a good half hour every day. Flex! Bulge! Relax - pose - Flex! Bulge! Relax, change pose - Flex! Bulge!

Coach did the same poses right beside me. His huge, swelling muscles turned me on so much that I had to concentrate real hard not to splurt in my trunks. Huge, cleft biceps -flex! Bulge! Side triceps - huge horseshoes! Eight-pack abs, huge creviced quads and calves! Flex, turn! Rear lat spread - giant wings opening up to carry us both away! This was almost the best part of the day for me: every contraction started to show the veins and the striations and I could see myself swelling with gorgeous muscle every moment!

And it didnít all disappear by the next morning as it used to. This was the effect of the DragonJuice, Coach said - it helped to maintain the growth - 2 steps forward, but now only one step back! And so, I grew and grew in every direction.

After a couple more weeks, he outlaid his plan: I was to challenge Rodney at the end-of-term wrestling meet, defeat and humiliate him. After that we would be working towards the All-Europe Bodybuilding Junior Championships.

"Wow, coach - sounds great if you think I can do it. But wrestling with Rodney? Heís been doing it all his life and Iíve never - "

"But now you will. I taught him all he knows and I shall teach you a few more tricks that heís never dreamed of! Wrestling practice every day. Starting tomorrow."

Tomorrow came and went, and with it all my fears of meeting Rodney on the mat.

I turned up to find Coach resplendent in a lycra wrestling suit, muscle bulging everywhere: Iíd never seen so much of my MuscleHero before - huge slabs bursting from the sexy suit, flexing in front of the mirror - his amazing abs cresting between the straps, the obliques diving down inside to claim his package. He wasnít wearing no jock! He threw me a bundle of blue lycra and I started to remove my jock before getting into the suit. "Jock!" he yelled. Grumble, mumble, I replied. Even with the terrible jock, I felt real sexy once the lycra was stretched over my frame. The straps over my now-meaty delts pulled up my crotch so that I felt lifted into heaven, ready for anything.

He taught me everything. Every hold, every throw, over and over again. It was maddeningly thrilling to feel his super-muscles at last pressed into mine, in every conceivable position - and a few the Greeks never conceived! My head trapped between the mighty quads, my whole body agonisingly deliciously stretched apart by the length and power of his legs and arms. The baseball of his biceps curled hard under my chin so I could hardly breathe. Of course he "let" me throw him and hold him too - after all, I was going to have to do all that to Rodney before long. The secret crotch holds were the best of all - especially when I got to grip his mighty meat!

Hyped up with DragonJuice I took to all this like a duck to water, even on the first day. He hugged me for the first time for weeks and said I was a "natural! More tomorrow - and a special treat!"

At first I thought the special treat was rassliní in the nude. "Weíll do this TurkishĖstyle." He took the dragonjuice and smeared the oily stuff all over me, massaging it into my pecs, rubbing it round my nips, over my now-massive delts....... Then I really started to feel what the oil was doing as it sank into my pores. I tingled all over and felt the muscles respond - humming, vibrating. His hands wrapped themselves round my batwing lats and down my back to my naked but. Fingers slid into my crack, dangerously close! Then down my hams and calves, up my shins and quads and...... On to my dick!

By now my whole body was zinging but when he reached my dick -

"Hell, Coach! What are you doing to me?"

He whacked my dick hard, causing instant submission in that part of the world.

"Only what youíre going to do to me, kid!" and he passed me the bottle and stripped off. Oh, God! The whole beautiful, huge, unattainable him! I shut my eyes for a second to regain control, then lashed into him. I went straight for his dick and his nuts - which he wasnít expecting - and I rejoiced to hear him gasp as I grabbed the huge, veiny shaft in a tight grip and started to massage that pole into instant Pisa-height. He pulled my hands off with some force and placed them on his abs. I rubbed into that six/eight-pack, down the obliques into his groin again, up to the huge shelf of a chest. There I went crazed and was particularly cruel to his nips. He shut his eyes and endured it and when I saw tears squeezing out from under the lids I laughed and kindly went on to the traps, delts, arms, back ad so on till I came to his butt. I gave him as mighty thwack with a handful of the oil on both cheeks and deliberately ran my hand and fingers right up his butthole.

Now he yelled and turned on me and threw me down on to the mat and dropped his whole 260 pounds on top of me. We both laughed. "I see youíve got the hang of this, kid! Letís wrestle!" Our big bods slid over each other with wonderful sensual sensations, pec on pec, abs on abs, mightily enhanced by the effect fo the oil. After a five-minute bout which was more like a cum-less orgy, he had me in a very strange hold - I was on top of him, upside down, facing his crotch - my hands were trapped under his glutes, and my legs were bent back at the knee to behind my neck, so that I was kind of hog-tied on top of him.

"Now hereís the treat, Kid! Suck! Suck for all your worth!"

I could hardly believe that I was going to have my dream at last. MY lips encircled the great crown of his dick and I sucked it like a lollipop, but real hard. Then I ran my tongue down and across the huge vein that striped down the hard fuck-pole from itís root to its crown. Then I sucked as much of the shaft into my mouth as I could. In this strange position I couldnít get it right down my throat but I rammed it in and out as far as my uvula, sucking it real hard.

Coach began to moan and his hips started to buck, trying to force his swollen member even deeper. My dick was digging a ditch along the cleavage of his pecs and I was "holding on" for dear life.

"This is it, Kid! When I get a hand on your dick, you get going!"

At last! He held my ankles with one hand, maintaining that arc in my stretched torso, and grabbed my dick from his pecs with the other. And so, for the first time in weeks, I came. And came and came and came. He timed the thrusts of his dick in my mouth exactly so that as I came, he came. And came and came and came.

"Swallow it all, kid- you need every drop!"

Almost gagging on the huge torrent of man-muscle-milk - cream - I swallowed and swallowed. Then he let go of my legs and I lapped up the overflow from his abs. Iíd hardly finished the fabulous meal when he pulled me up and slammed me over to the mirror.

"Now look!"

To my amazement I found myself looking at some stranger who looked vaguely like me. My stupid face had hardened and looked older and better - that was one thing, but the veins! The veins were popping out all over me, wriggling like living coils all over my body.

"Flex, boy, flex! This is how you really grow!" I flexed a bicep - huge deep cleft, with veins running across both halves. I flexed my pecs which divided into separate huge hills, humming with blood. My flat stomach was covered with them and then, suddenly as I flexed down on them, an EIGHT-pack rose into view! "Do a Most Muscular, boy!" My delts swelled and divided into three parts, each one separately striated ; my quads snapped into huge slabs arching out from my giant teardrops and my calves burst out majestically to rival the quads above them. "Lat spread!" Giant buttresses appeared under my arms, pulling my shoulders out to impossibly wide dimensions.

As each muscle burst into view, the veins subsided but never quite disappeared, giving the impression of vast brooding strength beneath the thin skin. Coach got behind me - hell, I was nearly as tall as him, and nearly as big!

He put his arms round me, pinching my nips as he always did. He gently massaged my huge new muscles as I leaned my whole weight back on him, feeling completely at one with him for the very first time.

"Shit, Coach! I just donít know what to say..."

"Then donít say anything, just rest there - I can hold you up. Weíd sit down but I want you to get to know your new self, all those beautiful new muscles youíve been dreaming about all your life and never had till now! Youíre real pumped now and the dragonjuice is still humming about in your veins, but it will calm down and a little of the size will go with it.

This is what your friend Rodney wanted and didnít get..."

"He still got pretty good, coach!"

"I know, and would have got better still if heíd held his cum back like you did. He got a little of my muscle-juice in him (and thatís why you reacted as you did when you blew him) but you got the full dose. And youíll get it again every week, Ďcos youíve still got a way to go till Iím satisfied with you. Oh yes, I know - the match and all that - but Iím thinking light years beyond that little affair."

"You think itís fair to Rodney to fight him with this extra edge?"

"If it knocks the arrogance out of him, anythingís fair. Heís not a bad chap at heart and Iím afraid Ďa little muscle was a dangerous thingí for his personality. Weíll see. Meanwhile, keep out of his way and keep yourself covered up. Youíll get your unveiling at the Meet!"

I turned round, took that great head between my hands and kissed him full on the mouth. He didnít resist me, not even when I shoved my tongue in and it began to wrestle with his. It was a very, very long kiss, with pecs pressed on each other and crotches grinding into each other, dicks rubbing against each other. I just didnít know any other way to say thank you, even half-way adequately. Standing there naked, under that spotlight, we both came. We let the cum dribble down our abs and legs as we separated our mouths. We both knew this was a momentous moment and we both had tears in our eyes.

He kissed me again, softly, on the lips, then threw me a towel:

"Clean up and get to bed, kid. Back to work tomorrow."

Actually he meant, Monday, for tomorrow was a cardiac Sunday, and that was another story. •

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