My Coach

Six weeks later - Rodney


By Musclebuff

Rodney was the all-time jock - captain of the rugby team, champion diver and gymnast, unbeaten heavyweight wrestler - and every aspiring guy either wanted to be him or have him. An American on an exchange scheme, he was one of those guys that Coach trained after football, He also used his prefectorial powers to cowe and bully his physical inferiors. So it was with some trepidation, as well as excitement, that I received a summons to appear before him...... in the prefectsí private bathroom. He was also Head of House (English boysí boarding schools are split into separate autonomous "houses", each ruled by a House Master and an elite team of prefects) and you ignore that kind of summons at your peril. But in the private bathroom??

I stood before him, sloppily dressed in the loose clothes that Fischer had me wear to disguise my rapid physical increase. ("We donít want the whole school talking and asking awkward questions.") Hiding my progress in the showers took some ingenuity with my bathing schedule, but so far no one had seen what I looked like - I thought.

I stood before him as he rose up from the tub. Six feet of perfectly formed muscle, defined as a Greek statue, not huge but just perfect. Quite different from Fischerís magnificence, but perfect. And didnít he know it. His long dick swung as he put one foot up on the rim of the tub. He consciously flexed his pecs and abs: I imagined this was his seduction technique but, no, he wasnít there - yet. His whole body glistened from the tubwater, highlighting every perfect, rippling muscle. He reminded me of the slender perfection of the young Steve Reeves at his zenith.

"I understand friend Fischer has been giving you some private training. How longís that been going on?"

I guessed these were about to be the questions that Fischer was worried about.

"Uh, about two months, I guess." Mumbles.

"Lock the door and strip off - letís see the results - if any."

If any! Iíd show him. I angrily pulled off my sweats and stood naked before him. He walked slowly round me, still glisteningly naked. He pinched a muscle, muttered, pinched another - whacked my butt (excuse me, glutes). "Flex for me!" OK, Iíd flex.

"Hmm, not bad - not bad for a beginner. Whatís he been feeding you on? Masterís milk?"

"Masterís what? Plenty of protein and all those shakes and stuff. He got the doc to order special meals for me."

"So, he hasnít started you yet on his own special diet."

"I said, the doc ordered special - "

"Yeah, yeah."

He got very close and started to tickle the underside of my balls. His shining, perfect pecs were almost in my face. He licked those perfect, sensual lips real close to my face. Then his hand closed tight on my genitals and he licked my nose. My dick was hard and upstanding in his grip.

"So the little monster likes my muscles, huh? Want to feel them, huh? Youíll have to earn that, I think." He took one of my hand and placed it on his pecs, his other was already stroking my tool. His tongue licked its way serpent-like, in and out, into my mouth, then his abs were was crushed against mine (which were already massaging his big dick), as he started to suck the life out of my mouth. I couldnít help but respond to the embrace of this highly desirable, pretty massive chunk of jock-dom and soon my hands were all over his hard and still slippery muscles. I was on the point of cumming when he pulled away and shoved me to my knees.

"Suck me, baby! Bet ole Fischer told you no jerking while youíre in training, huh? Well, you can have the pleasure of blowing me instead!"

I looked up at that amazingly handsome face, those glittering green eyes under those perfectly formed eyebrows, set at the ideal distance from his dark curly hairline. Those inviting, sensual lips opened to bark another command."

"Suck me, monster! taste a real manís dick and I might let you have it somewhere else!"

Then I looked somewhere else: his huge, tumescent prick was waving in my face. Iíd never sucked a guy before - or even had sex with one - but this I needed badly. So I licked the tip where the precum was hanging by a thread, then lapped round the whole head and along the delivery pipe under the dick.

"So youíre a natural, huh? Done this often, have you?"

I shook my head and mumbled round his dick. "Never? Never had sex with a guy?"

More violent shakes. I dug my fingers into his perfect glutes, squeezed hard and pulled his sweet-smelling, dripping dick (now dripping with pre-cum as well as bathwater) into my mouth. He allowed me to suck more precum out of the hole in his dick, then I mashed my lips hard round the crown and started to suck with all my might. He wasnít expecting this and started to buck wildly, with his hands locked on to my delts. Then I sucked the whole shaft in to the back of my throats and gave him all Iíd got - I squeezed one hand round the root of his ballsack and dug a long finger up his butt-hole. That got him going! He started to ram his dick in and out of my powerful milking-machine lips and banged it hard against my larynx.

For all his sexual and muscular arrogance, this must have been an unusually disarming assault because he unloaded buckets into my stomach, with his dark curly pubes pressed painfully hard against my lips and teeth. Slowly he pulled out of me and sank back on the rim of the bathtub.

"Wow, monster! You sure can suck dick! No one has ever milked me for so much so soon."

And so saying, he let his magnificent frame sink back into the still warm waves of the tub. He turned on the jacuzzi function and closed his eyes, so he didnít see what happened next. He went on muttering at me but I was so swept up in the next moments that I heard nothing he said. As soon as I swallowed his man-milk a warmth spread down through my body and came to rest in my balls which started to churn. I turned slowly to the bathroom mirror and wiped the steam off it. Like a vision I saw a different me taking shape. If Iíd had any clothes on, some of them would have got too tight. My pecs were rising and thickening, my delts were on the rise too, my bis and tris started to clamp themselves round my arm like huge pincers, my quads started to curve outwards for the first time - and all the time my nuts were churning and my dick was rising further than usual.

Donít get the idea I was looking like the Hulk - I wasnít even as big as Rodney, but there was an appreciable change, particularly in my libido which suddenly got very hungry and I longed for someone elseís big muscles to calm it down a bit. My whole body and mind were humming as I started to hear what Rod was meandering on about.

"I guess Iíll take a raincheck on that fuck I was promising myself, but thereíll be plenty of time for all that."

I went over to the tub to see if he had noticed anything, but all he said was: "MM! Nice boy cock! Letís have a taste of it!"

He pulled my arm so I was forced to enter the tub with him. I stood in the foam that was churning as much as my nuts and stood over Mr Perfect. Then I took his head in my hands and started to pump my pole in and out of his throat. He must have had plenty of experience in the past of being at the other end for he set to work with a will: it didnít take him long to get me gushing. With his mouth full, he pulled me down into the tub, our outstretched feet jammed up against each otherís parts.

He swallowed. Then: "Mmm! Nice boy-milk! Lie back! Enjoy it! Wonít always be yours!"

I have to admit it felt good, lying in that warm pulsing, swirling foam with this horribly handsome hunk who was treating my nuts to a massage with the sole of his foot. Of course I did the same for him.

"Tell you what - I like your spunk (both kinds!) - Iím going to arrange for you to be my personal fag, then I can enjoy you whenever I want!" (Fag=schoolboy language for personal servant, nothing to do with faggots.)

"But my training, Rod - Sir!"

"Oh, donít worry about that! Whatever Fischer wants, Fischer gets!" Spitefully. What was all that about? I began to put two and two together -

"Get out now! Run along , little monster. See you next time."

And he closed his eyes and sank back into the foam. If he hadnít been so fucking sexy Iíd have wished him to go under for good. For all the trouble he was going to cause us in the future it would have been better if Iíd seen to it there and then. Instead, I pulled on my sweats p.d.q., unlocked the bathroom door, slammed it behind me and went straight to tell Coach about the whole thing.

He was not amused. •

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