My Coach

In the lake


By Musclebuff

Cardiac activity took various forms ; running the steps in the arena, miles of jogging on the treadmill and, occasionally, twenty-five laps across the lake. This Sunday was one of those days. The other days Coach always supervised to make sure I didnít let up down on those fuckiní awful steps. I guess he thought he could trust me on the swimming and took the day off himself. He shoudlnít have. Or maybe it was a good thing.

Iíd done my laps and was letting the cool water flow over my spent new muscles. They felt real good under that water as I leaned back and floated free. I caressed the eight-pack, the huge new pecs, turned myself on with my nips, and generally relaxed. Just the peaks of my delts, the crests of my pecs and the whole of my tumescent dick showed above the water. I close my eyes and relaxed, going over the miracle of the night before.

I felt my ankles gently entangle in some weeds or something. Didnít worry me so I just let it happen. But the ankles were suddenly jerked down, not so gently, and I stood there in the water up to my neck. A merman rose from the depths three feet in front of me.

"Hi, monster! Remember me?"

It was Rodney, Mr Perfect Muscles glistening with water once again. We were both glistening impressively, I guess, as I glared back at his challenging grin. After all, even without the HMís help, I was no longer fag-material.

"How have we been, monster? Long time no see."

"Long enough!" I muttered, not knowing exactly what I felt at the sight of this horny apparition, but somewhat panicked at the thought of Coachís possible appearance, even if only in spirit.

"As long as this?" he asked, grabbing my under-water dick, unfortunately still hard as a steel pole.

"Jeez! Whatís this then? Thicker than I remember!"

I said nothing and only gritted my teeth as he twisted my dick in the water.

"I can tell you still like me, monster. Still like my muscles, do we? Turning you on, am I?"

I let him start stroking. How long could I stand it? Meanwhile I said nothing and just glared at his far-too handsome, grinning face.. My new body was still under the green water and he couldnít yet see how completely Iíd changed.

"Come on, you know you like me. You know you want me. I know I want you. Got a rain-check, remember?"

And he didnít even know I was going to be wrestling him at the Sports Meet. Shit. I certainly wasnít going to break that news. I was saved by the bell, for he suddenly let me go and started to swim rapidly away.

"Come on, shrimp! Race you to the boathouse!"

I let him pull away, knowing I was a better swimmer than he was. Then I thought, What the hell! And took off after him. I let him get there first.

When I arrived, he was out of the water beside the launch. I stayed immersed. He wasnít going to see me yet. He slammed the boat door shut, leaving us in satisfyingly shadowy gloom. I swam under the boat and sat on the opposite side of the dock, the boat hiding everything from him but my neck.

"Hey, come over here! The boatíll make us a nice bed for the afternoon!"

He jumped into it and lay back, stroking his big dick, his eyes half closed. So he still couldnít see me properly.

"So, monster, letís talk before we fuck. Correction! Before I fuck you."

"What makes you think youíll do that?"

"Oh, I know Iíll do it, pal - just a question of when. My turn, remember?"

A long silence.

"Has the monster lost his tongue? Come on, Iím getting sleepy."


"I thought you wanted to talk?"

He dropped his head on to his chest and sighed. The tenseness seemed to go out of him and he sounded like a different person when he spoke again.

"Yeah, I do really. Hell, I donít know - thereís something about you, donít know what.... Hardly know you, but I like you. I guess I just want you."

Hmm. His change of personality was getting to me more than his embarrassed words. I almost took pity on him - then I thought, this is just your seduction technique again.

"Donít you even like me just a little, monster? Thought you did that day in the bathroom."

"That was a long time ago. Lots has changed since then."

"Such as? Has that old monster Fischer been getting at you about me? Fuck his ass, man - he never says anything but shit about me."

He suddenly sat up and leaned out of the boat as I shrank back into the shadows.

"Shit man, who cares a fuck what he says about me? You donít, do you? Come on, tell me you donít?"

This was getting dangerous. I was starting to like the arrogant bastard now that the arrogance was showing chinks. "Not a bad guy at heart" I seemed to remember someone saying. Oh, shit! I got angry with myself as well as with him:

"What are you trying to get me to say Rodney? Is this still your revenge on Coach talking?

You expect me to leap into that boat and just let you fuck me? Iíd fuck you if I wasnít in training!"

"Wow! the monster gets angry! If you want to save your precious spunk for Fischer, then let me fuck you!"

I shook the boat in my rage. Rodney fell back, hit his head on the divot and was horribly silent. I jumped into the boat and seized him in my arms.

"Jeez, Rodney! Wake up! Wake up, man! I didnít mean you to get hurt! Oh shit!"

I splashed water in his face. N o movement. Holding that magnificent frame in my arms - something else I never thought would happen - I tightened my lips on his open mouth and started to give him Breath of Life! Talk about Sleeping Beauty! He opened dazed eyes to find what he thought was me kissing him! He seized my delts and began kissing right back, so ardently that I couldnít help but reciprocate. These two wonderfully muscular bodies kissed themselves into a passionate embrace. I held him tight to me, rejoicing first that I hadnít killed him, then because the feel of his muscles pressing on mine, no, not just pressing, I was holding him so tight that I was pressing him to me! Both our strong, young muscular frames seemed to be doing something they had both been longing for. I released some - not too much - of the pressure sad he opened his eyes up into mine.

"Jeez, man! Where am I? In Heaven? Whatís happened to us?"

"You just got knocked out Ďnd I just woke you up."

"No, no - more than that, man! Canít we both admit it: we want each other. We need each other, for Godís sake! Canít you feel it?"

I stroked his beautiful Greek-hero face - "I donít know what I feel - maybe Iíll find out some day. But not now. Sorry, Rod - not now."

I climbed out of the boat and looked back at him. I didnít care now what he saw. I doubted if he could see much through the tears that were running down that face.

"Sorry, Rod - gotta go."

And I ran. How could I leave him lying there like that? Was it his heart breaking, or mine? •

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