Sleeping Giants

My reward


By Musclebuff

They started to stroke me and kiss me on every available part of my anatomy until I thought I would scream from lust. While they were doing it, they placed my hands and moved them where they wanted them, so I could feel their pulsing, throbbing, swelling muscles while they were giving me their own special brand of torture.

While Castor was driving his tongue down my throat, Pollux grabbed my cock and balls at the root and started to milk them. He told me that they both had to receive my gism and that I had to receive theirs at both ends - once I was able to contain their fuckdicks. I curled my fingers into Castor’s mane as he started to suck my dick at the same time as Pollux was milking it. He also stuck a large finger up my backside and started, deliciously, to bang and squeeze my joy-button.

Without Castor changing a thing he was doing, Pollux lay down, pulling me on top of him, still milking the dick Castor was sucking on. He turned my head towards him so that he could stick his tongue in my mouth. Meanwhile his fuckpole rose up and pleasured itself between my squeezing thighs. Whenever I moaned and showed signs of cumming, he would squeeze my root extra tightly to inhibit any squirting - until at last Castor let go and said "I’m ready!" Then Pollux let go of my root - though not my lips - and let Castor drink his fill as I erupted down his throat. There was so much that it dribbled down his chin which he then offered me to lick off.

"Shall I start now?" asked Pollux.

"Sure, go ahead, I’m ready", said his brother.

Pollux squirmed round underneath me until we were in as close a 69 position as such two unequal bodies could be. He sucked my whole cock, balls root and all, into his mouth while his brother dug one finger, the two, then three up my butthole. When he was satisfied he started to squeeze my prostate unmercifully as my dick once again grew to its usual mammoth proportions. Not mammoth compared to theirs, but still......

With his spare hand Castor rammed my face on to Pollux’s dick and kept it there, making sure I was licking and sucking as much as I could manage - down the sides, underneath, around the monstrous mushroom cap, most of which I was able to get into my mouth.

My dick was soon going hell for leather again but whenever I felt like cumming, Pollux clamped his teeth on my root to stop me. The rest of the time I could feel his massive throat muscles massaging my equipment. Finally Pollux let out some kind of roar around my dick which I guess was to say he was ready now: Castor started to mash my joy-button furiously and I erupted into Pollux’s stomach at the same time as he fountained into my mouth. Desperately I tried to catch it all and Castor helped too. Then he stuck his cum-filled paw in my face and yelled at me to drink it down.

Now they’d both had some of mine, and I’d had some of Pollux’s. As I lay back, on my back, the brothers sat up to look at me. As I swallowed down the last of Pollux’s muscle juice I started to shiver and spasm violently. They both laid hands on me and stroked me gently as if to reassure me it was all OK. But it didn’t feel OK. I went from extreme cold to extreme heat and back again. Then there was a dreadful stretching feeling as if I was being torn limb from limb. Then they started to massage me, deep-tissue, hard. They had to, to keep me down on the wrestling mat. Then the pains went and I fell into a kind of muzzy feeling. Wherever Pollux’s hands went, I felt muscles swell, contract and relax.

Wherever I tried to feel myself, Castor’s hands pulled me off. "Not yet, little brother!"

My glutes felt hard and enormous. Pollux lifted my legs into the air, squeezed my glutes, then fed a couple of fingers up my chute. "Look, brother! Not bad - he’ll be ready for us soon!"

Castor: We want you to sleep a little now. You’re going to need all your strength for the next stage. Sleep while Pollux and I play around a bit with your funny little weights. We have to charge up our energies too, you know.

I hardly heard him as I dozed into what felt like a very drugged sleep..........

When I woke up a thick, succulent crown of a dick was teasing its way into my mouth; I looked to see Castor grinning down at me as he straddled my waist and pulled my head up to receive him.

"You’ve had some of Pollux down your throat, now you must have some of me, so drink deep, little brother and enjoy me!"

Willingly I licked round the huge, hard crown, sucked and kissed the side of the heavily veined fuckpole as my lips slid down it and my tongue flicked and teased those orange-sized nuts on the way to appreciating the peritoneum between his dick and his butthole.

As my tongue probed his entrance I felt his dick spasm violently and quickly returned to cramming as much of his crown into mm mouth as I could. But it was only a false alarm and he started to push in and out of my lips as if he threatened to rape my throat. I began to choke and then felt Pollux ease his brother back to manageable depths as his finger started to tease my joy button. I saw the giant brothers kissing above me and as their lips and tongues fucked each other’s mouths I felt Castor spasm even more ad knew what was about to erupt. With a roar to shake the heavens he spurted, poured gallons of his muscle-juice down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed, using some of the overflow to lube my own dick as I pumped it to bursting point. Castor fell heavily back on to the mat beside me, his giant bi pillowing my head. Still jerking away I climbed up astride his amazing eight-pack and attacked his nips with as much ferocity as I was encouraging my dick. They must have been good inch long and as stiff as two little pricks. When Pollux felt me about to come, he clamped his mighty fist round my root and shut off the erupting flow.

"Fuck you, man!" I yelled. "Let me go! I gotta cum!" I struggled in his arms as he held me powerless against his huge pecs.

"You gotta nothing till I say so!" he roared back, and slapped me none too gently on the dick.

Castor laughed. "You’d better do as he says, little brother - that’s the difference between my brother and I: I’m smooth and insinuating and he’s tough and likes to throw his weight about to get what he wants. Why do you think he likes to wear that harness?"

Pollux dropped me back on top of his brother’s torso and snorted. He massaged his oily, sweaty chest with one hand and his thick abs with the other as he leaped back into the pool.

"Why do you think he stood so long in front of that painting on the wall? He was fascinated by it." He stood up and pointed to one of N’s blown-up masterpieces of an over-muscled (can there be such a thing?) leather guy who wore an identical harness and arm-strap, with his huge dick sticking out of chaps painted on to the giant musculature of his quads, so tight that every thick striation was pressed into the leather. His dick was about to enter a smaller muscle guy lying in a sling with his head toward the painter. The foreshortened view of his shoulders and pecs seen from behind was huge. As I stood next to Castor he put an arm round my shoulder and asked, "You?" Yes, it was an idealized me, and the bottom was a one-time, short-time lover I used to enjoy fucking the daylights out of in the sling.

As we stood there I was amazed to find myself thinking how I, the all-time Top, wanted to be in the sling myself with one or preferably both these guys mastering me. As if reading my mind, Castor turned me towards him. For a moment he looked up as Pollux returned to stand beside him, his muscles sheened with the water from the pool. Castor get very serious, looking closely at me as he held my shoulders with both hands.

"Now you’ve been primed with some of our life-force, there is somethign for you to do before we get to work on you."

Get to work on me? Oh, wow.

"You have to feel and appreciate every one of our muscles and mentally transfer the impression to your own body. Only when your brain has fully understood what you desire physically will we be able to begin your transformation. I know you have experienced some swelling in your muscles as you drank of us, but that was only to attune your being to our life-force. Then - " he paused, looking at his brother.

"And then?"

"Then you will receive us fully, in every possible way. To attain your desire, there is no way you can resist our desires."

What kind of threat was that? Again they read m y thoughts.

Pollux: We will both have our way with you, in our own particular ways. The you will discover how very different these two identical twins really are.

Wow, and wow again.

Pollux, shaking me: Are you ready for this?

"I’m ready for anything. Surprise me."

Castor: Remember, concentrate on every muscle and transfer the sensation to your own. We will help you.

A cool breeze wafted across the terrace, rippling the surface of the pool as if in anticipation, comforting, knowing.

Castor stood in front of me, Pollux behind. He closed his eyes. "Begin!"

I started by gently feeling the shape of his magnificent jaws and tracing the outline of those full, sensual lips. I moved on down to the proud, thick column of a neck.

Pollux whispered in my ear: "Now feel him!" And he placed his own hands lightly round my neck and slid them down on the thick traps as I did so to Castor. And so it went on. The feel of every muscle I felt and memorized conveyed itself to my own as Pollux replicated my touch from behind me. As I touched the traps, Castor obligingly flexed them so I could feel and remember the power inside those proud buttresses of his neck - a neck that was almost wider than the great jaw. I slid on to his delts, on to those amazingly swollen anteriors which framed the giant pecs.

On to the biceps: Castor flexed his right bi, supinating his wrist so that the cleft in the bicep dug deep between the two footballs that made up his bics. I couldn’t resist runnig n my tongue down that cleft, sucking in the salty, musky sheen that coated the giantly swollen flexed muscle. Then the other arm went up and as I put my other hand on this one I was jerked close to the god’s pecs where I buried my whole face in the huge valley between his lower pecs. My own fuckpole now raging for release, I couldn’t resist sucking on those beautiful muscles. My own bis were suddenly pulled back from behind and I staggered backwards on to Pollux’s chest.

"Feel now, eat later!"

I moved my hands up on his lateral delts and traced the corded striations one by one: they were like twisted steel hausers welded into his torso. I felt down on to his whipcord forearms, even feeling his hands and fingers, then up again on to the triceps. Castor, double bi pose again, turned round so I could enjoy the triceps from behind. The horseshoes were so incredible that no horse could have competed with them. My hands went up again to those pumpkin delts to feel his heavily flexed rears. I ran fingers over the whole shoulder muscles. No human ever had such shoulders.

His arms came down to his waist and he suddenly launched into a lat spread. If it hadn’t been for a hissed warning from Pollux I wouldn’t have been able to resist cumming at this sight - this feeling, for my hand s were on them, all over them, the thickly flaring wings that came from out of his shoulders, defying reality, and swept down to the small of his back.

I clung to them, resting my face on the huge traps that filled his back between the lats, rubbing my face over the mountainous ridges of his rhomboids.

I was filled with the majestic power and glory of muscle as I tried to cement my whole self on to Castor’s giant back. It throbbed through every fiber of my being, threatening to blow me apart with the magnificence of the sensation. The only thing that held me together was the firm complementary clasp of Pollux’s hands on my own back which was vainly trying to duplicate, or at least copy the hugeness under my hands and in my mind.

I couldn’t remove my hands from his torso, even when Castor turned to face me, so bringing my questing hands on to his obliques. I looked up at him - his eyes were closed in some kind of trance; I felt as if he was transmitting the experience of his magnificence to my own brain.

I moved into the center of his being and felt out every swollen division of the great eight-pack, flexing and tensing my own in Pollux’s grasp. I slid down the outrageous obliques where they were descending so invitingly towards his crotch. As I daringly started to caress the thick semi-flaccid top of his fuckpole, Pollux suddenly grabbed my shoulders and swung me round to face him. To stop myself from falling I grabbed at his chest, only to feel Castor’s hands on mine. The twin gods were overpoweringly close to me now: to avoid from passing out from the effect of all those pheramones, I stepped back a pace and started to "experience" Pollux’s hard, huge, swelling, pulsing pecs. First I grabbed on to his amazingly thick lower pecs, sliding gently over to the hug stiff nips pointing to the ground, then slowly, slowly up over each layer till I reached to shelf-like upper pecs.

Pecs, bis and delts have always been the combo to press my button, and today it was overwhelmingly no exception: I was dripping precum all over the place. Then Pollux, also in a trance by now, moved my hands down on to his quads. I squatted down (and Castor behind me) and slowly assimilated each fucking great muscle, from the steel-like hip flexors, down the magical gracilis onto the swollen tear-drops. Then over to the bulging, flexing sweep of the outer quads, down on to the calves, so well-balanced with the rest of the leg. Each leg had to be dealt with in turn and when I had taken in the other leg, Pollux turned round so that I could run my hands up the giant separations of his hams on to hkis outrageous glutes, the thickness of each layer making them look and feel like the Stppes of Russia.

I slid my hands round the inner thighs, one hand creeping up to feel his balls, the other inserting a large thumb into his butthole. He rejected this with a roar and I leaped to my feet. They then both threw themselves into an amazing kind of pose-down, rushing through every competition pose and a few more besides. With yells they encouraged me to leap from one to the other, grabbing at the swelling flexing muscles as all three of us were swept into some incredible climax of this muscle-show-feel experience. All three dicks were now ragingly stiff, their huge members reaching up to the cleavage of their pecs.

It ended with an endless threesome embrace, me squeezed between the two gods, feeling as if boith were fucking me at the same time as mouths and tongues joined each other indiscriminately.

After what seemed like half-an-hour of that, Pollux separated us and declared Now it was Time. He led us into the shady interior of the gym and kicked the mats into some kind of order, three on top of each other. "This is it, man," whispered Castor into my ear, "remember what I said - he’ll probably get rougher than I will, so just relax and enjoy it!" •

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