Sleeping Giants

The wish


By Musclebuff

"Before we go any further, you must do for my brother what you did for me. Your cum is still fresh in his mouth!"

So he hoisted me up, and then sat astride his brother�s shoulders.

"Put one hand on his dick - you�ll see what a wonderful effect it has on him.

I complied, wrapping my paw round it as far as it would go. As I masked my own against his, massaging them both, I could swear I felt his throbbing in the palm of my hand. I reached my lips up and closed them in a kiss on his as I started to roll my gism around his mouth. Exactly the same thing happened, only this time I kept my eyes on his. After a while of sensual sharing, I felt his dick grow warm (and hard) in my hand. Suddenly his blue eyes snapped open, and he leaped to his feet with a roar to shake marble mountains.

His dick tore itself away from mine as he started to try unseating his brother from his shoulders. They rolled around like kids, their muscles sliding over each other. It was like the biggest porn movie event of the century to see these two slipping from hold to hold, their huge muscles flexing and contracting, stretching and bunching. Finally, with his dick up his brother�s bucking butt, he pinned him, looked at me and said, "Who is this little runt trying to look like us?"

"Get your dick out of me and let me up and we�ll tell you." He did, and I did.

Then, "Let�s have a swim to cool off," said Castor, "and then we�ll get to work."


I watched them dive in and swim like fishes in my Olympic-sized pool, laughing and cheering, embracing and ducking. Then they called me in to join them. They proceeded to throw me about like a 2-man game of polo. Every chance I had, I clung to these outsize muscles and/or dicks (as they clearly enjoyed that sport) amd was rewarded with many embraces and duckings myself. And a few suckings. They were clearly very pleased to be alive again, and very pleased with me. Which was a Good Sign.

When they had splashed most of the water in my pool down the cliff to the shore, they said:

"Very good - we�re cooled off enough now - let�s go inside and deal with you." Their fuck-poles didn�t look very cooled off to me, which was another Good Sign.

They spent a while examining my N blow-ups, laughing and pointing a lot, and making rude gestures with their own hot rods.

"Which one is you?" asked Pollux, lauging.

"Don�t I wish!" I said.

"Hey! Careful with that wishing, boy! You never know where it�ll get you!" More juvenile-jock laughter. Then Castor clapped a meaty hand on Pollux�s equally meaty shoulder and they became serious as they walked silently up to me. They were coming the length of the gym, and as I admired their extreme hunky beauty approaching me, their over-powering size getting larger and taller as they drew near, I realized that I wasn�t going to be able to do without them. Anyone, anything after them would seem tame and futile.

And small.

And, after all, I�d bought them, hadn�t I?

Pollux got behind me, and Castor in front. They got really close, so close that I could feel my dick and abs sliding over theirs. The sensation of flesh against flesh, muscle against muscle, cock against cock, was overwhelming. As they clung to me, squashing me between them and I clung to them, my dick, squeezed between Castor�s inner thighs, finally erupted - thickly and irrevocably. I thought I would die of sextacy.

Castor wiped my cum off his thigh and sucked it down. "Nice!"

Then they each took one of my hands and a shoulder in theirs and looked down at me.

Me, with a raging hard-on, ready to burst again as they touched me - theirs swollen, semi-flaccid and thickly huge.

Castor: Nothing we can do for you can ever repay what you�ve done for us. We want you to know that before we start, whatever this day may bring.

My brains boiled as I tried to find a reply. Nothing can ever repay......start what?......

Pollux: Meanwhile, because we�re gods, we can grant your most serious and most heavily desired wish -

Castor: - And we think we know what that is.

Pollux: But you have to put it into words. Then we promise we�ll effect it for you.

Me: All those pictures you laughed at? I believe that I have developed my own body as far as it is humanly possible to go. All my life I�ve wanted to be as big as them, always knowing it was humanly impossible. Then I saw you in that cave outside Athens and I knew that someone somewhere had conceived the possibility. That�s why I brought you home. I guess I kind of fell in love with you. If I did something for you, I sure had a great time doing it!

Castor: So you want to be like us - is that your wish?

Me: You bet it is. I want to be exactly like you - your dark-haired, American brother!

Castor: Can�t think of anything we�d like more.

Pollux: Say it then! Declare it to the stars and take what�s coming to you!

Me: I declare to the stars that I wish to be exactly like you - as big, as sexy, as beautiful - making love to you both for the rest of my life -

Castor: For the rest of your eternal life? We gods don�t do anything else you

Me: Eternally then - I to be yours and you to be mine. I wish this!

Castor, grinning: I hope you�re ready for this!

Pollux: So be it.

And it was. •

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