Sleeping Giants

Transformation time


By Musclebuff

He started to embrace me, kissing and licking my mouth, my face, the back of my neck, my pecs - I was being turned on to him in a big way and seized every opportunity to do the same. After all that education of the brain, I felt as stoned as ever I had. Castor whispered intermittently things like "Relax, relax - enjoy us - love us- cum as much as you like - weíll make you cum over and over again, so much it will hurt. But youíll pour out more musclejuice than you ever thought possible."

Pollux pulled us roughly apart and stuck his tongue down my throat while twisting my hardened nips. Castor got hold of me from behind and started to slide his hard dick up and down in the cleft of my butt. Both huge bodies were squirming their muscles against me from both sides, Polluxís fuckpole threatening to cut a groove up the middle of my six-pack.

Pollux hoisted me round the waist so that my face was level with his. I wrapped my legs round his waist and squeezed hard. This was just what they wanted. I realized they were both impelling me to do what they desired. While Pollux started to lick my face, Castor was inserting one finger, then two, then three, fucking my butthole and yelling at me to relax it as he pounded his hand in and out of my chute. Gradually I felt myself opening to his demands. He grabbed the oil bottle and squirted what felt like a pint of it straight into me and then, I knew, started to lube his huge dick.

God, can I take this? Wonít he rip me apart?

"Relax boy! You wonít feel a thing- except what we want you want to feel!"

With my legs still wrapped round Polluxís waist, he lowered me on to the head of Castorís fucker. Oh man! Oh man! I felt the hard huge head nudging its way in - in a little, out again - in a little bit more, and right out again. Oh God! In a little bit further till it was banging the second ring, back out a little bit, in still further - THROUGH the gate - oh God - the rammed in as far as it could go.

"Aaaaaargh! Awshit, man! Take it out!"

"Iíve only got half of it in and thereís lots more to go - relax!"

But he took it out - which was almost more traumatic - then they started muttering instructions to each other in Greek and made no effort to "translate" it. They knew my mind was otherwise occupied, trying to cope with Castorís invasion. I hardly hd a second to take all this in when I did just that: Castor got the whole thing in with one mighty thrust which had me fucking and cursing him to damnation. Pollux let out a Greek roar and suddenly the pain went.

"Oh god - yes please - please! FUUUUUCK me! Harder! Faster! PLEEEEEZE! FUCK me!"

Pollux silenced me with his mouth and directed my hands to his throbbing tower while Castor had his way with me. Every delicious mighty thrust rammed over my joybutton and filled me as I have never been filled - over and over again, while I furiously massaged Polluxís oiled cock. Held in the air by his mighty arms while his brother brought me to fuckstacy, I felt as if a god was raping me in the sling I kept downstairs in my play-room. In and out he went, sometimes revolving it when it was most deeply embedded, touching parts of me that had never been touched and exciting my prostate almost unbearably. One violent fuck-thrust after another, faster and faster like a road-rammer he jammed me, yelling Greek imprecations all the time until, suddenly, "ARE YOU READY, BOY?" I felt his fucker swell and swell like some giant inflatable dildo and then both of us came simultaneously, roaring in Ancient Greek and Modern American. He pumped and pumped and pumped - I thought his violent spasms would never cease - and each one gave me the greatest fuck pleasure ever known to mortal man.

I could feel my body soaking up Castorís cum into the depths of my being. A warm glow filled me as I stood there swaying catatonically. Then Pollux grabs me by the nape of the neck and forces me to my knees in front of his brother. "Worship your god, man!" and he presses my face into Castorís still steel-hard dick. Castor sinks to his knees so itís easier for me to take his dripping dick in to my mouth. Amazingly it fits! With my hand son his huge pecs, I remember how I felt when I was assimilating this feeling earlier. I put one hand on one of my pecs - is it bigger? Or just pumped? It certainly feels very swollen. I look up at him to see that he is sucking Polluxís huge fuckpole - or, rather, Pollux is fucking his mouth as he holds his twinís head in both hands. Jeez, what a turn-on!

Then, somehow, Castor gets the message to me - heís just warming up for you, so watch out!

Almost immediately, Pollux pulls out of his brotherís mouth and mutters Prepare him!

Castor kneels on the mat, flips me round and places my arms over his shoulders. He lies underneath me, face up, slides me tantalizingly up and down his slippery body a few times until Pollux yells again, at which he lifts me up round the waist so I am floating, supported by his hands and my grip on his melon delts. Pollux seizes my rear, gives my butt a few really painful slaps and, before I can yell or complain, thrusts his whole fuckpole to the root

in one huge ram-thrust until his swollen fucker entirely fills my butt in one violent ram, so I feel his balls grinding against my butt-cheeks.

Castor silences my yell by digging his tongue down my throat as Pollux proceeds to give me the most violent fucking over anyone could ever have experienced. And, after the shock, I loved it. I thrust my butt - or Castor, getting the message, thrust it for me - hard back against Polluxís invading fuckpole, incessantly. The three of us were the perfect fuck-machine. Pollux became increasingly noisy, increasingly violent and Castor became increasingly demanding with his tongue. Hours this seemed to go on, until I came, my musclejuice raining down on to Castorís beautiful abs - then Pollux filled me, filled me - and, as fast as he jetted those gallons of gism into me, my insides soaked it up. All the same I could feel an overflow on my glutes.

Pollux flipped me over so that Castor could lap up the gism on my butt, and suck some more out of my wideĖopen hole, while he bent down and licked up everything I had deposited on Castorís stomach. He pushed me aside, grabbed my still-hard dick, kissed his brother and I could see them swirling the cum-mix between their mouths. Then they pulled me into them and passed it all on to me to swallow.

I lay there between them, their huge bods pressed against mine. Castor was gently massaging my dick while I was fucking Polluxís mouth, trying to suck up any remaining cum. Then the spasms began again - not as painful as before, but even more violent. I seemed to inflate and deflate, inflate again - stretch, and relax, on and on. The brothers soothed my aching muscles by stroking them, kneading them, running up and down my whole physique.

My mind and my body didnít seem to know where the other was - I was in an extreme state of trip. I moaned as I rolled from side to side on the mat, only held together by the twinsí soothing massage.

Castor: I thin k heís about ready, brother.

Pollux: More than ready. Letís do it.

Castor: You, or me?

Pollux: I think his spiritís more with you, and his violent desires with me, so Iíll hold him and you do it.

All this came to me from a great distance: they could have done anything to me or with me and I would never have resisted them, such was my state of bliss. Whatever they had done so far had taken me quite out of this world.

They knelt over me, one hand jerking his own dick, the other on mine - one gently squeezing my now-swollen nuts, the other my dick. How much more pleasure could I take?

Pollux leaned back against the wall, stood me up with Castorís help, then rammed me down on his pole - one huge thrust as usual and he was in to the root. Completely filled, I thought as he started to fuck me backwards, when Castor knelt down at my feet, picked my legs up and shoved them over my head, his own dick then demanded entrance above his brotherís. Gently, firmly it insisted on entry: my willing hole seemed to enlarge to accept him and slowly but indomitably he pushed himself all the way in. N ow I had two giant dicks swelling and pulsing and filling my entire being. I thought I had become both a giant fuckhole and a giant fucker. My fuckpole felt as if it had entered both brothers as they started, slowly at first, to fuck my inner soul. Slowly, then faster, in unison they were joiming me to them with their fuck. First of all, they went in and out alternately, then, as they became more insistent and faster, both in and out together.

I was trying to match their thrusts with my own when Castor dropped my legs over his shoudlers and leaned forward to fuck my mouth with is tongue. At the same time I felt my pecs swell as Pollux grabbed them, squeezing and kneading. Once again we had become one giant triple musclemachine and the triple fuck took as all over as if we were a single organism of sensual gratification. But now I was also able to feel the immense power of the love the two twins had for each other and now I was deliriously able to feel part of them.

I came first, shudderingly - my hugely swollen dick jetted fountains of gism into the air where Castor caught nearly all of it in his mouth. Then they came simultaneously with one mighty final thrust to the heart of my being. Now I felt my whole body begin to swell and enlarge as if it was feeding on the power of their fuckjuice. With those huge gfuckers still embedded in me, they lay back, laying their heads on their hands. I couldnít gtake my eyes off Castorís flexed bis: provocatively he flexed and relaxed them, and wiggled his huge pecs too. I didnít realize he was encouraging me to grow!

Kneeling there, upright, with two giants embedded in me, I began to grow in earnest. I knew I was already as tall as them, and that my dick and butthole had enlarged sufficiently to accommodate them both. But now I felt the rest of me growing to match. Feeling my pecs swelling again, I flexed them and felt them bursting out of my chest, first the upper pecs, then the lower ones, huge thickness at the sides and bottom edges. They felt as if they had the pump of all time. Then as I massaged my inflating delts I became conscious that my bis had already reached twin-sized proportions and cuts. I looked down to see my new eight-pack rippling between the thick obliques that swept down to my genitals - my newly enlarged Castor-size dick and Pollux-size nuts.

I suddenly felt my lats spread out and my hands went under my armpits to try and feel them, but the pecs and bis were too thick now and I couldnít reach. Feverishly my hands and eyes searched out the continued swelling, flexing, bulging that was making me drunk with both victory and desire. I wanted to fuck the world! The twins started to roar with laughter as they penetrated my mind. "So you shall - so you shall! But us first!"

I started to elevate as my quads thickened and separated and my new calves cushioned them thickly from underneath. But I was still pinioned by the God-Twins cocks and I couldnít see them properly nor get up. They both leaned forward and lifted me up off their still swollen dicks with a loud sucking plop which made them laugh even more. They stood me up and matched me over to my huge posing mirror. Huge? It could hardly contain the vision I saw. As we walked over I rejoiced to find that I was now as tall as they were, but when we reached the mirror almost fainted. There I was, between the two monsters, as monstrous as they, my muscles almost exactly the same as theirs, the main difference between us being our different faces and my dark curls cascading onto my shoulders. Oh, th glory of muscle! We were all and and more incarnate. Huge swelling muscle bellies, pulsing veins and deep cuts. There wasnít room for all three pairs of shoulders in the mirror so we started to jostle for position. Drunk with muscle-power, I leaped upon Pollux and wrestled him to the ground, grinding our muscles together. As we mashed our lips together, Castor hauled me backwards off his brother and proceeded to pin me in a sensual hold that allowed his dick to enter me once again. We rolled over twice but I couldnít dislodge him, so Pollux flung himself on top of me, dug his dick into my mouth and seized mine in his. Once again we rolled, thrust, fucked, came - and started all over again.

I was so drunk, I could have gone on like that for days. The sensation of my huge muscles matching and grinding against theirs was overwhelmingly powerful. Finally as one, with one unanimous whoop, we leaped into the pool - and started all over again. They swam like dolphins - and eventually taught me how to. But on this particular evening - this experience had lasted from 10 am to 7 pm - nine hours! - and now we were hungry. And not just for sex. Arms round each other, not bothering to towel off, we whooped into the house and cleaned out the larder between us.

Satisfied, we went to bed. We were never to be separated in sleep again, and our first night together consisted of the most tender love-making and (the hardest fucking) till we finally fell asleep in each otherís arms.

I had found my Giants, provided them with the means to live again, and been rewarded with three times my heartís desire. And thereís more to it than that. •

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