Bill's Education: Summer Vacation


By LenZelig

I was waiting for our Chinese guest and, hopefully, test subject, in front of the McDonalds at the corner of Powell and Grant at the entrance to San Francisco's Chinatown. His name was Ming Li in American terms or Li Ming in China where the family name comes first. We had met him on the plane back from our spring break trip to Hawaii and invited him to the club. Unfortunately he said he was too busy getting settled in America to make that date and, with finals coming up, we hadn't gotten around to calling him up sooner. We were happy he accepted our invitation for today. He knew we were gay, but I don't think he has any idea what he's in for today.

I saw him alight from the cable car a few minutes before noon. I waved him over.

"Hi Ming. I'm Bill Foster. Do you remember me from the plane?"

"Yes. You and your friend Eddie. Hard to forget. Very hard." I could see him glance at my crotch where the outline of my nine-incher could be seen under my Levi's.

"Ha. I see you do remember. I'm here to take you to the clubhouse. It's tucked in a back alley, but we start this way," I indicated pointing down Grant Street. He started walking beside me.

"Do Americans think China is like this?" His arm swept to encompass the gaudy storefront and restaurants along Chinatown's main street.

"I don't think so. It is supposed to look exotic and foreign for tourists. Sort of a dream China, but it can't be real."

We walked a few blocks before I turned us into a side street. A couple more turns and short blocks and we were in the alley by the black painted window with its dragon logo and Chinese lettering. I opened the door and ushered our guest in to the empty training area.

The guys are doing a lion dance for the opening of a new restaurant. They should be back any minute. This is the training area. Feel free to look around. Can I get you something to drink?"

Just as I finished the door opened and Little Dragon, Eddie's younger brother, marched in carrying the ball on a pole used in the dance. Eddie was right behind in costume and carrying the large lion head mask in one hand and a red envelope with their pay for the performance in the other. Don Wong and the rest of the guys in their black silk uniforms embroidered with their logo followed.

Eddie and Ming spoke a few minutes in Chinese. It looked like he introduced his brother and Don before they switched back to English. Meanwhile the rest of the guys were getting out of their uniforms. I saw Ming's eyes go wide as all those muscular bodies were revealed.

"We always have a little party after a job and you're the guest of honor," explained Eddie. "And you're way overdressed for it," he added pulling off his top to display his 68" chest.

"Here let me help you," offered Little Dragon stepping behind Ming and pulling his shirt from his slacks.

Little Dragon was already naked. He had grown another inch since spring break, up to five foot seven. He packed 240 lbs. on that frame, with twenty-two inch arms and a fifty-five inch chest. He turns seventeen this August and his frequent boast to get bigger than his big brother is starting to look at least possible. He added half an inch to his cock too and is only three inches short of Eddie.

As I got out of my clothes I examined our new friend as Little Dragon unveiled his body. Ming was about five foot one or two and about 110 lbs. His skin was a smooth, unblemished golden brown all over. His muscles were small, but defined from athletic activity. He said he played soccer.

When Little Dragon pulled down his pants a thin 4.5 inch dick sprang up, pointing to the ceiling. He had a nice round butt too with dimples in the side formed by the shape of the muscles. Little Dragon rubbed it possessively then reached around Ming's body to hold him in a tight muscular embrace, his thick fuck pole sliding through the thin legs, pressing against the bottom of Ming's drawn up ball sack and sticking out several inches in front.

"I have dibs on this," he announced.

"Have you ever had sex with guys before?" Eddie asked seeing the confusion on Ming's face.

"Yes, with my university friends, but only with the hands or playing the flute, sucking in American. Everyone is so big Are you going to fuck?" He asked reaching out both hands to encompass the thick girth of Eddie's member.

"No, Eddie only fucks Bill now," interjected Little Dragon. "They are a couple. They're practically married. Doesn't Bill make a good wife for my older brother? He's so petite."

"Well, why don't you suck on me a bit," offered Eddie. "It will distract you while my little brother prepares you for your first fuck. Then we'll see if our other members can loosen you up enough to take Don. If it gets to be too much for you, just yell and we'll stop. You're our guest and we want you to have fun and I bet you will."

Ming looked at Eddie as if considering his situation. Then without a word bent over and licked the plum-shaped head of Eddie's cock while squeezing the shaft in both hands about half way along its length. He opened his mouth and pushed down on the crown, but only got about half of it in. He then tried to stretch to the max. Eddie gave a bit of a push to the back of his head and they got the flaring rim to slip in. Ming's cheeks bulged as he sucked on it and ran his tongue around the surface.

Little Dragon wasn't wasting time. He was on his knees behind Ming. Both hands spread Ming's butt apart revealing his pink rosebud. It was twitching a bit. Little Dragon dove in to lick it to get it nice and wet with his saliva. He teased the ring with the tip of his tongue until he felt Ming relax, then pushed about half an inch inside. You could see Ming's body tense a bit with the penetration then relax after a few seconds. He wiggled it around in there then withdrew. This was repeated until Ming grew accustom to the invasion of his ass, building up slowly until he had a couple of inches into the opening.

The other guys had gathered around to watch the show. Most had paired up, the one in front getting a standing fuck and hand job from the guy behind. Ming was getting into his sucking and had worked a couple inches of the shaft into his mouth. I saw Eddie's hose shudder a little and Ming swallowed. Ming backed off the cock and looked up.

"Did you cum? Do you want me to continue?"

"Ha, that was only a bit of pre-cum," laughed Eddie. "You'll know when I cum. Just be ready to swallow quickly."

Ming went back to work. Little Dragon had stood up again and was putting some lube on his fingers. With one hand on Ming's back, he rubbed the butt with the other, then drawing his hand up the crack eased in one finger up to the knuckle. He rotated it around until he felt Ming's prostate. Ming tried to stand when he hit the right spot, but Little Dragon's hand on his back held him in position. He pulled out and got some extra lube then pushed in two fingers. After lubing the entrance he concentrated on massaging the sensitive spot through the walls of the gut. After a few seconds Ming was moaning around the plug Eddie had in his mouth.

As he grew accustom to the two fingers, Little Dragon pushed in a third and continued to loosen up his toy for the main event. I could see that Ming was dripping his own pre-cum onto the floor. I figured I'd get into the act and slid under Ming's torso. I grabbed his upper thighs and took him to the root in my mouth. I had my head right between his legs, his balls on my nose and a great view up his crack of the fingers working his hole.

He was starting to wiggle around a lot as he was being over stimulated at three different points. Little Dragon spread his fingers apart to stretch his hole. The muscles in Ming's legs where I was holding him tightened when he did this. This was repeated until he got used to it. Then Little Dragon got ready. He put on a condom and got it coated with extra lubricant and added a dab to the entrance too.

He reinserted the three fingers and used them to spread the opening again. He positioned the tip of his long, thick tool at the gaping hole beneath the fingers. With a smooth move he removed the digits and replaced them with the fleshy head before the sphincter could snap shut. It was close, but he got the mushroom head inside the ring before it tightened on the firm pole. I heard him groan.

Eddie thought this was the time to give Ming something to occupy his attention, so he put his hands on Ming's head and pushed more of himself through the straining lips until he touched the entrance to his throat. At the same time Little Dragon held Ming by the hips and shoved in a couple more inches. The dick in my mouth leaped a bit as it reacted to the stimulation, as cock rubbed prostate. I decided to help out a bit more and sucked both his balls into my mouth with his cock. I could lick his whole package now.

Little Dragon started to stroke Ming's hole with the first four or five inches of his long spear. I could feel Ming react to the assault. He was leaking steadily into my mouth as his cock twitched at every inward stroke and his balls got hard and pulled up tight to the shaft. Then his muscles went stiff and he spurted several streams of hot spunk into my mouth. When he stopped shooting his body went limp. He would have collapsed if we were not holding him by his head, hips and legs.

Little Dragon must have felt him relax after his orgasm because he pushed in another five inches. Eddie also took advantage to slide into his throat. Ming's hands were just resting on the shaft instead of holding it, so they moved down to the base as Eddie popped almost ten inches into the exhausted boy. We held still, rubbing his body until he recovered.

I felt his cock start to stiffen and the muscles of his thighs regain some tone. Eddie must have noticed the change too.

"Are you OK?" He asked. "Just nod your head yes or no around my cock" I felt his body move a bit. "Good. If you thought that was something wait till we really get started."

Little Dragon started stroking Ming's hole again, eight or nine inch strokes now. He was trying to push deeper to get the last few inches into Ming's virgin butt. Eddie was giving Ming's throat a massage with short in and out movements that still kept him almost into Ming's chest. I could here Ming's muffled gasps as he breathed and moaned around the hard flesh that transfixed his upper body while his ass was skewered on Little Dragon.

Little Dragon started pounding really hard and fast to fit the last bit into his new conquest. It was working as I had a front row seat to see him bottom out, balls deep into the quivering butt. He had lifted Ming's legs off the floor to get his hole at the correct height for the deepest thrusts, so Ming was now suspended in the air between the two Chinese brother studs.

Without warning Ming released another few spurts into my mouth and went slack for a few seconds. The guys didn't stop this time, as, I could hear from their own exertions, they were getting close themselves. Ming revived quickly though. The guys were pounding him furiously now.

Little Dragon made a final slow push into the clutching hole and I could feel Ming's body shake as the big piece released its sexual energy in the depths of his body. Eddie was grunting too as he unloaded a huge flow of sperm direct to Ming's stomach. When the quantity dwindled to amounts he thought the inexperience boy could manage, he pulled out of his throat and let him drink down the rest. All the time Ming was feeding me his biggest load yet. As this was all happening we were being sprayed by several of the onlookers who were shooting off in sympathy with the hot scene they were watching.

Ming was really out of it now. When the brothers finished unloading up his now limp body, we lowered him gently to the floor mats. But there were still lots of horny studs waiting to try him out, so his ass was propped up by a cushion and the next guy pushed into his no longer cherry hole. Little Dragon felt concern for the man that he initiated into anal sex. He placed Ming's head in his lap and, as Ming sucked reflexively on the tip of his cock, he caressed his head and whispered words of encouragement in his ear.

Now that we had gotten things started I couldn't wait to get Eddie up my gut again. I sat him down where we could watch the festivities and settled down snug in his lap with his long tent pole pressing my intestines against my diaphragm. While we had a few rounds of our own most of the club had a go at Ming. He didn't seem to notice when one guy replaced another, but every few minutes his cock would dribble a few spurts of cum onto the mat. By the time Dan finished the round two hours later, it was quite a little pool.

Eddie thought this might be a good time for a break, so he told everyone to hit the showers. Little Dragon carried Ming to the shower. I eased off Eddie while trying to keep about a pint of his fresh seed within me. He deposits it so deep inside I can retain it as long as he's milked every few hours. If he doesn't unload for much longer, he just floods my guts completely and I lose most of it when he pulls out.

The shower was reviving Ming though Little Dragon was still supporting him a bit with a strong arm around his back. I could see he was looking around in wonder at the guys. A few were still finishing a last round with their partners under the spray.

"Did you have fun?" Eddie asked.

"Yes, I think I did," mumbled Ming while running a fingertip against his hole that was now quite red from the excess friction and stimulation. "I don't remember it all clearly, but I know I enjoyed it once you got me loose. How did you all get so huge? Most of you are much bigger than the bodybuilders I've seen in magazines."

"Well we have a secret method and, if you want, you can share it," Eddie answered.

"You would do that for me? What do I have to do?"

"I have an herbal potion for you to take. This one is going to be a bit experimental. It doesn't have anything that all of us haven't taken, but it may not be fully effective. I think it will be, but, if it doesn't work fully, we'll give you the normal formula. After you take the potion there will be plenty of food and muscle supplements to fuel your growth. You should double your body weight in a couple of hours and there will be other changes that I think you will like," he added hefting his thick dick. "When can we start?'

"You seemed to have regained your energy. Dry off. The guys will set up a meal and mix the supplements and I'll get your drink. We should be ready in a half hour."

A while later everyone was gathered around for the event. Eddie handed Ming a cup that he downed quickly. A minute later Ming said he was hungry and started to consume tremendous quantities of food and supplements. Everyone else started to dig into the food as well before Ming finished it all. We watched his body change.

"It seems to be working just fine," Eddie said to me. "That means we only need to concentrate our research on the compounds we've already identified. The rest are just inert filler as far as the body changing effects are concerned."

A couple hours later Ming said he was full. That's the signal that the change is over. He had gained about six inches in height to five foot seven and doubled his body weight to about 230, all of it muscle. In body form he looked like a double for Little Dragon, except maybe a tad smaller. He measured 21.5" for arms, 53" in the chest, 28" in the waist, 34" thighs and an 11" cock that was about three times thicker than before. He was bigger than I, as we expected, but smaller than the other guys. However, he started out as a small guy and the end result was about what we expected.

"That is great. I feel so strong!"

"Try to lift Little Dragon," I requested.

Ming held him around the waist and pressed him overhead easily. "He feels so light."

"Your muscles are about three times stronger than you expect from their size," Eddie explained. "I expect you could lift about 700 lbs."

Holding Little Dragon overhead Ming had another request. "I'd like to try something else. Can I fuck one of you?'

"I think you've already picked me for your first fuck," Little Dragon said from overhead. "That's fine with me. I was the first to have your ass, so mine can be the first ass you have. Somebody get him ready."

When he was prepared Ming lowered his sex partner to the tip of his erect cock.

"Push in slowly," Little Dragon directed. "Now pull out and change your angle a little. Now push it in again. Aaaah. Feel that spot? Try and rub that as much as you can on every stroke. That's it. Now go in all the way. Verrrry gooood. Just keep that up. Aaaah, yes. See, I can squeeze your shaft with my ass muscles. Do you like that? Now let me have it hard and deep."

Ming responded well to instruction. He was obviously enjoying his first ass, lifting Little Dragon rapidly up and down along his stiff boner. Little Dragon had split his legs wide to afford him really deep access. His own rigid member was swinging in a wide arc as he bounced on Ming's pole. Drops of pre-cum were flying off with each motion.

After a few minutes, Ming pushed Little Dragon down to the base of his shaft and held him there while he unloaded, making soft cries at each spurt. The throbbing inside brought Little Dragon off, shooting several strong streams of his seed onto the crowd of watchers.

After he finished unloading up Little Dragon, Ming seemed to lose his strength. He set him on the floor then held on to his waist as he lowered himself to the floor pulling himself from the tight confines of the ass he enjoyed.

"That was very good for your first time," Little Dragon said, complementing him. "It will get better with some practice. I have some things I can show you. Why don't you stay at our home tonight?"

"Thank you. You are very kind."

"Ok. You can keep your new pet," laughed Eddie. "We are lucky our parents don't mind guests."

"Do you have anything for me to wear?" Asked Ming. "My old clothes will not fit my new body."

"You can wear my clothes," offered Little Dragon. "We are the same size now and they will be too small for me in a few months anyway." •

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