Bill's Education: Summer Vacation


By LenZelig

Finals are finally over. I got all A's and B's for a solid B+ average that I thought was pretty good for me. It is about average for our fraternity, but Eddie thinks I can do better. It is almost totally an Asian fraternity except for Earl Greene and I. While they may be muscle studs they work and study as hard as they fuck.

Earl pulled an A- average. You wouldn't think there was such a good brain to go with all his muscle, but he earned his way in here; Berkeley eliminated affirmative action a couple years ago. He headed back to LA last night. He'll work in a youth gang outreach project for the summer. The gang Don and he took on for harassing Earl's kid brother over spring break learned their lesson. Earl practically fucked their leader to death, he had to have a foot of his bowel removed, but he got their attention and respect.

Don is back with Intel for the summer. He said he'll be working with the group trying to fix the disappointing speed of the next generation Itanium chip. We'll see him at the Long Dong Kung Fu Club on weekends. He's the fraternity vice- president for his senior year.

Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes are among the few taking summer courses, so they'll be staying at the frat house this summer. Tony is the pledge master for next year when my brother Joey will be pledging. Tony told me that Joey will have my old duties as fraternity fuck toy. I suppose that next year the Foster brothers will have to share the Asian cocks. Fortunately there is plenty to go around.

Eddie was straight A's, of course, even though he was taking several graduate level biochemistry courses. He'll be fraternity president for his senior year. Just now he was taking me to his laboratory to get started on his research project. It was in the Life Sciences Building Addition, a good location. The library was just to the east and the gym and aquatics center just south. Even the student union wasn't much further.

The building was pretty quiet. The summer session didn't start until next week so there were only a few people around. The lab was about 20 by 30 feet and filled with equipment. Except for two computers, the latest Macintosh G4's, I didn't recognize any of it. Eddie sat us down at a worktable in the center of the room that was piled high with notebooks, texts and computer printouts. He explained the program.

"My advisor gave me use of this lab for the summer for my senior honors paper. My subject is the variation in human growth hormone that we call HGH for short. I've actually already done the research in the spring, but have to write it up. It was pretty easy. The gene has been identified and the Human Genome Project has an on-line database that can be accessed. There are several genetic variations listed and once you have the DNA, getting to RNA and protein is straightforward. I think that this variation may be part of what causes my formula to work differently on different races.

"When I worked at a biotech company in Silicon Valley last summer I took the opportunity to analyze the ingredients individually and in mixture. These printouts have the results. Some, as you can see, changed in the mixture. Those are my prime candidates for the key active elements. Another group is known to be biologically inert and I've crossed those off. What I'd like you to get started on is to take these other ingredients and search some of the biochemistry journals available on-line to see if there is any existing research on their effects. If you see anything, call me over and I'll evaluate it. Can you handle that?"

"Yes, I think so. I might not know much about this stuff, but I've done plenty of web-based research."

"Great. Meanwhile I'm going to investigate the activity of the new compounds in the mixed formula."

And so we got to work. Eddie was really dedicated in the lab. He wouldn't fool around during the day. Even in the evening he was often evaluating 3-D models of various compounds that were suggested by the computer runs he did during the day. Of course, that made him extra horny when we finally got it on. I wasn't so dedicated. I was always ready to accommodate one of the other brothers.

It was only a few days after I started that I came across my first hit in the journals. I called Eddie over and showed him.

"This compound was indicated as being similar to one that is believed to regulate sperm production," I told him pointing out the statement in the abstract. "Here it is in the report. It's not an exact match but close."

"Yes, you're right. It's one of the components in the ginseng root, I see. A little alteration, here," he mused, pointing at the structure diagramed in the paper, "would make it much closer to an exact replica.

"How many more compounds do you have to research? I'm just about done my review of the other components. I'd like to make a potion with just what I think are the active ingredients and none of the others and see how that works."

"I think I'll be through the list in a couple days at the most."

"That's perfect. I'll make a batch up by Friday, but we'll need someone to test it on."

"I thought I was going to be the tester."

"You will for the final supplement, but for this run we'll need someone who hasn't had the formula to see if the response is still there when we eliminate the other ingredients. Preferably he should be black or Asian."

"How about the Chinese student we met on the plane back from Hawaii?" I offered. "Do you have his local number? We can invite him to the kung fu club this Saturday."

That night Eddie seemed particularly distracted, so I went down to the basement weight room to see Tony Thieu and "Big Bill" Reyes. Tony asked me if I wanted to have some fun and help their workout. Naturally I agreed. Tony had me stand on a chair and strapped my arms to the chinning bar. With me secured to the bar he removed the chair and tied my legs to the vertical supports so I was spread wide. I didn't know what they had in mind, but I trusted Tony.

I saw that Bill had stripped and tie a 200-lb. barbell plate to a belt around his waist. It hung between his thick legs. He had stoked his 11.5-inch cock to full erection and rolled on some protection. I was getting the idea of what they had in mind when he got on the bar behind me. It sagged just a bit from the extra weight. It was built extra strong to take anything these guys might try.

I felt Bill pull his body up and soon his cock poked my ass. He adjusted his position a bit until the tip touched my ring. Then he started his first pull-up, sliding his long pole smoothly up my gut. Slowly he let himself back down, easing almost all the way out of me. I was positioned so that, if he let his arms relax, he would slip out. Yet his groin would hit my ass before he could get all the way over the bar on the up stroke. So his body was under constant tension during this exercise fuck. He managed to keep it up for about 10 minutes before he came and allowed himself to relax.

Then it was Tony's turn. While he was getting ready, adding another 100-lbs. to the belt, Bill pealed off the rubber and allowed me to drink the load in the tip. I felt Tony mount the bar, pull right into position and then mount me. He didn't just go up and down, but angled his body so his thick twelve-incher would rub my most sensitive spots the whole way. He always knew how to excite me from the first day. Already warmed up from Bill, I spurted after just a few strokes.

Tony had lots of stamina left though. He kept up a steady pace for another twenty minutes. I was hard again and leaking a steady dribble of pre-cum on the mat. I felt Tony's dick swell even larger in my gut and knew he was close. He pulled up hard and started to throb within me. He grunted as he shot the first wad and tensed his muscles, pulling up on the bar. I was pushed above the bar just from riding his steely shaft until the bonds tying me to the bar prevented us both from moving higher. I came too as he held that position for a minute while he finished his orgasm. Done he finally exhaled as he relaxed and eased out of me.

Bill helped me off the bar. When I got to earth again I turned to face Tony who was rubbing his muscles that had a good pump from his workout. I smiled when I saw that he had also pumped up a golf ball sized globe of cum in the tip of his condom. He saw where I was looking and inverted the rubber, squeezing the tip shut as he removed it to hold the precious fluid. I was disappointed for a moment when he drank his own seed, but he stepped over to me for a big kiss, his tongue coating my mouth with his essence. When we broke the kiss, I said I'd be happy to help them train anytime. I thought I'd better check on Eddie, so I grabbed my shorts and, without putting them on, bounded up the stairs. Eddie wasn't on the main floor, so I checked our room. He was undressed for bed, but sitting in a chair lost in thought.

"What's the matter?" I inquired.

"This is the modified ginseng that was indicated by your research," he said indicating a small cup on the nearby table. "It should be completely safe, but I was still considering whether to try it."

"I'll try it. It was my research."

"No, I need you as you are to try the final supplement formula. This is just one of many steps we'll take over the summer." That seemed to decide the issue for him because he took the cup and downed its contents. There was no obvious effect.

"What do you expect to happen?"

"I'm not sure. Heightened sex drive I think."

"This I've got to see. You're already off the charts. Maybe we should get to bed?"

I opened a condom. He was already hard when I started to roll it on. I left plenty of room in the tip, just in case, then got onto our bed. He put me on my back, my favorite position, for our goodnight fuck.

Eddie didn't waste any time making himself at home. He wasn't any bigger than he was before, but, as he filled me up, he felt harder, like my intestines were rearranging themselves more and his cock bending less. I was glad the other guys had gotten me nice and loose.

Eddie started with long slow strokes like he normally uses to warm me up. Ha ha. It doesn't take much to get me going, almost any nice thick cock will do, but Eddie and I have been lovers and bedmates all year and we have an almost instant rapport. I let my mind drift with the bliss of his stimulation of my insides.

I came out of my reverie as he started to be more forceful than normal. He wasn't hurting me, but it was a change from our normal routine. He had bent me almost double as he leaned over me with my ankles resting between his thick neck and bulging shoulders. Meanwhile he was undulating his body to piston his thick cock in foot long pile driver strokes. His eyes were closed and sweat was dripping off his body onto me.

"Ugh," I grunted as he pounded into my butt particularly hard. "Eddie? Ugh. Are you, ugh, Ok? Eddie? Ugh. Eddie?"

He didn't respond and seemed lost in his own feelings. A few more strokes and I felt my own explosion building. I came for half a minute, shooting ropes of juice onto Eddie's chest and abs where they dripped back on me. He didn't notice and kept his furious pace. The fire he lit in my gut kept me from going soft.

He pounded me even harder. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," I'd grunt as he impaled me again and again on his flesh fence post. The room seemed to start to spin. I gripped Eddie's nearly thirty-inch arms to try and steady my perceptions. I stared at him. His face was right above mine, but I couldn't quite focus my eyes.

He slammed into me one last time and held himself buried to the hilt. I felt his massive dong snap up in my belly, actually lifting my back off the bed. I felt a huge surge through his deeply embedded hose, followed by another, another and another. Inside it felt like he was growing, taking more and more inches of my gut for his own. Then the feeling vanished, replaced by a boiling flood that coursed through my gut, pushing further with each new blast from Eddie's cock.

After a timeless interval I realized it had stopped, My back eased down on the bed as he softened. Eddie rested on top of me as I shifted my legs to surround his thin waist. His muscular weight pressed me into our mattress. I realized I had cum again sometime in the ultimate passion without even noticing.

"Eddie, Eddie," I whispered, rubbing his back softly.

"Bill? Are you OK?" He asked while pushing up on his elbows and taking his weight off me.

"Yes, I think so, but I believe the condom burst. You just shot too much."

"Bill? I'm not doing anything, but I think I'm going to cum again. Ohhh. Here it comes"

My body shook, up and down, side to side, as he went wild inside me. In fifteen seconds it eased off. I was almost bloated with his load.

"Before you pull out you better carry me to the toilet. I think you've given me a cum enema."

"Maybe I'm having too much fun to pull out," he joked. "Another good load and it will come out your nose." But that was no joke. I thought that was just plain fact.

But he held me against his chest and carried me down to the washroom. We met Tony and Big Bill coming up from their workout. They offered a greeting. The sight of Eddie and I coupled was nothing unusual around the fraternity. As they continued down the hall I could see that the workout included Bill's ass.

When I was over the bowl Eddie eased out of me as I steadied myself by holding his shoulders. When he popped the head out it snapped wetly up against his body as drops of cum and ass juice flew out all along its length.

While it dripped off Eddie's cock, it poured out of me. I could feel my guts deflate as they emptied a good quart of cum into the toilet. I sighed in relief.

"Wow! Was that the new formula that caused that?" I exclaimed.

"I think so. Maybe that's one change we better not make. We can't have guys bursting condoms every time they have sex. It's not safe."

"Will it ease off in a few days?"

"No I don't think so, but maybe the amount will be a bit less if I empty my balls every few hours. I still think it is going to be a lot relative to what I did before and that was quite a lot.

"So now's the time to ask you something I've been meaning to bring up. Bill, we've been bedmates for the whole school year and I really like you a lot," he stammered a bit unsure of his words.

"I know, Eddie, I like you too. You're the best."

"Well, I'd like for you to be my steady boyfriend."

"Yes, Eddie, nothing could make me happier. And we can make love bare?" He nodded and I hugged him. •

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