Bill's Education: Summer Vacation


By LenZelig

"I've got it."

"What?" I asked drowsily, awakening from a night's rest.

Eddie leaned over my shoulder. "A way to get the formula right. I have to make some notes while it's fresh in my mind." Eddie put his arm around my chest. We

were sleeping coupled as usual with him tightly plugged up my gut. The residue of the goodnight fuck was still sloshing around inside me. He carried us over to the desk and sat us down in front of the printouts he was studying before bed last night.

After the test with Ming was successful, we had spent several weeks analyzing the active compounds. He showed me how to run protein structure simulations on the computer. He had several of my runs on the desk.

"See, here," he said pointing at a sheet. "The growth hormone receptor is slightly different for different races. The compound in our mixture fits best with African genes, but it is not perfect. If we add here a methyl group, that's a carbon atom with three hydrogen atoms attached, the fit is almost perfect. For Asians we need the methyl group here and, for Caucasians, we need it in both places. If we do a reaction some will go in one or the other or both places. We can keep all the varieties in the formula and the body will just naturally prefer the type with the best fit.

"It's the same here with this compound. It is a cofactor with the growth hormone. It enhances the binding of the growth hormone. This one is a metabolic enhancer. I think it is what causes our extra strength proportionate to our muscle size. It seems to bind to mitochondria. There is no racial differences I can see, but again the fit is not perfect. A little modification here would make it better.

"So with a few chemical changes I'll have a potion that will work for all races and be even more potent."

"Will that make the effects temporary?"

"No, this only makes it better and with equal effect to all genetic types. But, if we were to add a long chain sugar instead of a methyl group, the molecules

should be attacked by the cell's metabolic enzymes. Then our molecules will become food for cellular processes and be dislodged from the growth sites. Bone, once it grows, won't shrink, but muscle mass will drop and strength decrease unless new molecules are added by consuming our supplement. We'll keep the amount really low, by mixing it with normal proteins. That way you would have to drink gallons a day to get the same amount of the active ingredients as my current potion. Still, the normal user could see several inches growth and fifty to sixty pounds of added muscle."

"What's the next move?"

"Next I'm going to fuck your brains out." And he did.

Eddie was busy most of the day working in the lab preparing chemicals and purifying the products he produced. In late afternoon he had what he wanted. He called me from the computer simulation I was running. He had a 20-lb. tin of protein supplement and a glass of milk on the table.

"This is it," he announced triumphantly. "There are only a few grams of active ingredients blended into a normal supplement mix, but that should be plenty. Add four tablespoons to a glass of milk, stir, and drink," he continued, mixing the glass and handing it to me. "Two glasses a day, morning and evening, should produce dramatic results in a week or so. Then we'll see what happens when you stop taking it."

"It is safe?"

"Yes, almost certainly. It is based on what we have already taken to get our current bodies. The modifications I made shouldn't produce any toxic effects and the active material is highly diluted to slow down the action and, of course, boost sales of the final product. It's keyed to human physiology. We can't test on animals, so you're the test subject. You know I wouldn't give you anything harmful."

"Yes, I know." I drank it all. "I don't feel any different."

"That's what I expected. We should see measurable changes in two or three days. Now we try a second experiment." He pulled out a small beaker filled with a clear liquid. "This is the optimized growth formula without the changes to make the effects temporary. I'm going to try it. The impact will be immediate so I've mixed 30 gallons of supplement to fuel my transformation."

"How big will you get?"

"Well we know the old potion fit best for African genetics and you saw how big Earl grew. I estimate that this will be about 20% better and equally effective for all racial types. Since I've had growth already I think I'll add about 150- lbs. give or take twenty. The 30 gallons I've mixed should cover me to plus three standard deviations."

He drained the beaker.

"It's working. It feels like it did when I tried my original formula, but maybe more intense. Bring out new bottles of supplement as I work through these." He started drinking.

In five minutes he had already finished three of the gallon bottles and it was easy to see he was markedly bigger. I just kept placing new bottles on the table and removing the empties while he continued drinking.

"Damn! I should have undressed before I started this." He quickly slipped off the lab coat. Underneath his shirt had stretched as his chest and arms expanded. The top three buttons popped off, exposing his massive pecs. He undid the others, but his biceps were now so taut in the fabric of the sleeves he couldn't pull it off. Flexing the arms shredded the cloth and he tore away the remaining rags like so much tissue. Then it was back to drinking.

A few minutes and bottles later his jeans suffered a similar fate. When his cock sprang free I could see he was already equal to Earl's twenty inches and still growing. Eddie was now naked except for a ring of material from his jeans around his waist. The waist hadn't seemed to grow at all though the abdominal muscles were big, bulging and clearly defined. He was taller too. He used to be six four to my six foot, but now I only came up to his shoulder. He was still growing too.

An hour later he put down the bottle he had just emptied and announced that it was over. He had used 24 of the 30 bottles to add just over 200-lbs. more size and muscle. He towered over me at seven foot two. The top of my head didn't even reach his shoulders now. He weighed 540 lbs. I measured his expanded chest at 84 inches. The pectoral muscles were as big as pillows, but hard as stone. The shoulders were like basketballs. His arms measured 38 inches around. They were thicker than his waist that was still only 30 inches. It looked too small to support that tremendous upper body, but it was like a steel column. His thighs were 48 inches each, as thick as my chest.

Yet the focus of his body was his awesome sexual development. The fourteen and a half thick inches he used to have was nice, but now he had a twenty five inch pole of steel and a couple of orange-sized balls to supply it with quarts of cum. It was as thick as my forearm and crisscrossed with bulging veins. The mushroom-shaped head was bigger than my fist.

I ran my hand along its length. My fingers could not quite get halfway around its girth. I almost surrounded it with both hands and tried to pull it down to horizontal. It resisted my efforts. When I tried to force it beyond forty-five degrees I lifted myself off the floor. With seemingly no effort, Eddie raised his cock back to vertical, carrying me with it. I lost my grip when it was almost straight up and I slid down until I was sitting on the broad head. The tip of it pushed up the seat of my jeans with almost an inch of the fabric- covered head pushing into my ass ring, but the material held and it got no further.

I steadied myself by holding onto the boulders that were his shoulders. I was lifted about a foot above his head. We looked at each other.

"Do you want to try my new cock?" He asked. "I could push right through your jeans if I want."

"I know you could and I've never turned away from a cock all year, but your clothes were destroyed, so if you wreck mine I won't be able to go out to get you something to wear. Let me down and I'll be out of these in a minute."

He did and I was nude in 30 seconds, just tossing things every which way. I took part of the time I saved to grab a bottle of lube from the desk. As I smeared his manhood with the slick liquid, I asked him to take it easy and not kill me. What a way to die though.

I looked up at Eddie. He smiled. I nodded. I was ready. He put his hands on my hips and lifted me off the floor. At first he just brushed my torso along his mammoth sex tool. My own cock sprung up to its full nine inches. He slid it alongside his own monster endowment. It looked small, just over a third of his length and thickness, yet it would have gotten me envious stares in almost any locker-room in the country. I touched him. It felt hot. The heat seemed to radiate off it.

He lifted me higher, rubbing his cock head around the root of my shaft and my drawn up balls. The head was broader than my entire ball sack. The tip moved under my balls and pressed into my crack. It parted my muscular glutes like they were water. This drove home his irresistible power. He found my opening and set me lightly on the tip of his spear. My hole eased open to accept the first inch, just a small fraction of just the head. This time there was no fabric in the way.

As I rested on this perch he rotated my body left and right so my ass lips skated over the oiled skin. This stoked the fire as fresh waves of heat seemed to flow into my body. A momentary twitch propelled a bolt of his pre-cum into me with great force. I felt it splash deep in my colon.

Eddie bent his head and inhaled my entire cock in one unexpected motion. He sucked me strongly while running a long tongue over the surface. I was squirming in pleasure from his oral ministrations, but I couldn't ignore that every movement made me sink a little deeper on his cock head that was gradually forcing me open wider and wider.

A few minutes of this and I lost control, shooting a big load into Eddie's mouth. As my body shook in the pleasure of sexual frenzy, the flaring crown of his dick popped fully into my gut. He let me slide down a few more inches, pulling about half my spurting cock from his mouth as my body drifted lower.

As I regained my senses, I knew that we had passed the toughest part. My ass was so tight, tighter even than when I had both the huge Hawaiian dudes at the same time on spring break. I was stuffed and I liked it.

I looked at him. My mouth was at eye level now so I kissed him on the eye. He looked up at me and I down on him. I bent to kiss his lips, but was still a couple inches too high. He opened his mouth and speared through my lips with his long tongue; it had grown with the rest of his body. I sucked on it and tasted my own love juice. Then he lowered his hands a bit and I slid down his pole and his tongue until our lips were in contact.

I concentrated on kissing him, but I couldn't get my mind off the massive intrusion in my body. As we chewed on each other's lips our relative positions changed as he let my body drift lower. Periodically a spasm would shake me as he spewed another jet of natural lubricant into my bowels. Soon my head was craning upward to maintain our kiss.

A bit lower and we broke the kiss. I rested my head in the deep valley in the center of his broad chest and wrapped my legs around his narrow waist. Eddie moved his arms up and surrounded my chest, holding my body against his. My own stiff piece was sandwiched tightly between his abs and mine.

He was dominating my body just by his irresistible presence within me. I could hear the beat of his mighty heart where I rested on his chest and feel the beat as the blood pulsed in his engorged member. My heart matched its rhythm. We were joined in the most intimate way and beating as one. With no anticipation I shot my seed in another orgasm. The room started to spin and I closed my eyes.

My mind registered just one thing, the sensations flowing from deep inside my body. By fractions of inches, he was filling me up, claiming more of the space for his presence. My body adjusted, it had no choice. Nothing else mattered to me. I felt him in places no man had reached before. After some time it registered that he was not moving inward any more. The tip seemed to be trying to press into my chest.

He just held us together not trying to move within me. He didn't need to. My muscles were convulsing around his entire length. I felt him react with a muscle movement that shook my body from within. My body squeezed back and that caused a stronger reaction from him. This feedback continued out of control for a few cycles. Then he exploded. My guts flooded with hot lava.

My body shook uncontrollably. He was going wild inside me. I couldn't breathe. The heat flowed from the stake that impaled me and seemed to pour into my balls and race up my cock. Streams of boiling liquid struck my chin. It felt like I was being pulled down a whirlpool of pleasure. My head spun as it went on and on. My awareness seemed to retreat to a small part of my brain while the rest filled with messages from my body that I could no longer interpret.

From the far away place I was hiding I sensed that the bombardment was over. My mind timidly returned to fill my brain. He was still in me. I couldn't overlook that fact, but it was calm, solid, an anchor I could use to focus my attention. I opened my eyes. He was looking down at me tenderly.

"You did fine. You took all but three inches." He guided my hand down to feel the spot where he penetrated me. There was a hand's-width of shaft below my butt. I ran a finger along the junction between our bodies. My ring was incredibly tight, but it made no impression his super-hard flesh.

My belly was full of his sperm. He started to lift me off his pole. As he left my gut, the pressure dropped. I was no longer sharing my body space with him. When just the crown was left, he asked me if it was Ok to continue. I nodded. He popped out the flange with a quick snap of his hips, but let me rest on the pointed flesh until he felt my ass muscles recover and try to shut. Then he slowly eased the rest out. He set me on the floor and we hugged.

"Oh, Eddie, that was too intense. I felt like I was part of you. But I'm totally drained, like I just finished a marathon. It's just that I don't know if I can handle sex like that every day."

"It's all right. It should get easier as your growth kicks in. Hell, if you get bigger you may be able to take the whole thing."

"We'll see. Just let me rest for now. Besides, I need to get you some clothes."

"I'll just finish some work here. Get dressed and hurry back." He smacked my butt playfully.

I ran back to our frat house. I found Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes in the basement working out and explained my problem. Bill said he might have a solution and told me to come with him. He had a fuck buddy that was taking a summer course. The guy was a football defensive end, about six ten and three hundred eighty. If we can borrow some of his sweat suits, they may fit Eddie.

We arrived at the athletic dorm and Bill led me to the room, knocked on the door and announced himself. A big buff black stud answered the door wearing a bulging muscle shirt and gym shorts. If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought he had some of our formula, but his development was natural.

Bill just said what we needed and ordered him to get it. He didn't waste any time getting it either. Seeing his big feet, I asked for a pair of training shoes too. When they were produced, Bill told him to strip and get on the bed. He scattered the clothes around the room as he tore them off on his way. I saw he had a nice thick ten-inch piece that was already hard. Bill was removing his own clothes and invited me to stay for a bit, saying how nice and tight his buddy's ass is. But I had to get back to Eddie and left them to their fun.

The clothes fit, but they were tight around the chest, biceps and thighs. There was a bit of waist showing between the top and pants and the pants only went to mid calf. The shoes were fine though and we could still use Eddie's sweat socks.

We closed the lab and headed home. •

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