New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Long since relieved of their savings and stocks and their assets and their high-paying jobs, a world of sex-starved, breast-obsessed men woke up one day to an upside-down paradise. They were forced to do manual labor, primarily in low-paying manufacturing and service jobs, surrounded all the while by domineering women who controlled everything. Man was now reliant on the generosity of women just to get by. Some men asserted what was left of their willpower and tried to go off of Promade, hoping to break free. These rebels were horrified when their thick hair fell out in clumps, their penises went limp. Any man who went more than a few weeks without Promade would eventually be unable to walk or even breath without great effort. So without exception men kept taking the drug, paying for it with their blood sweat and tears.

These intellectually inferior men relinquished many of their human rights-almost happily it sometimes seemed-in exchange for a new life as pet, slave or sex object.

Women controlled the boards of directors of every major corporation in America and for the first time in its history a woman sat in the oval office. The plight of men went unrecognized under the new female regimes.

The military machineries of the world were dismantled. In their place a commercial security police patrolled the world, a new legion of cops was made up of an elite class of superwomen, primarily lesbians who used Voluxil D in combination with weight training and steroids to attain amazon proportions. These women possessed great strength and agility, enough to subdue any man.

"Double D Day", the day that Voluxil was first introduced on American TV, became a globally-celebrated holiday, marking the dawn of the new age.

United under one collective banner, a new international community of female-governed nations took control of world affairs, disseminating Promade and Voluxil to the far corners of the third world and beyond until the whole of the human race was brought in total alignment with this new female-dominated caste system, this new cosmic order.

The global marketplace continued on as before, only now it flourished with a new focus as a race of wealthy women (millions all over the world who were made rich a thousand times over by their initial investment in Luna Genetics) were free to shop and accumulate ever more cheaply-made consumer goods without cease, with no discernable spending limits, and without a man to tell them when to stop.

Womankind was essentially completely free of all hindrances. Free from the control and influence of men. Free even from nature itself. All thanks to Luna Genetics. The female population of the world was understandably ecstatic and oftentimes drunk with its newfound power. That power unleashed a primal, long-suppressed female need for revenge on her former master, Man.

Women still needed or at least wanted men; sometimes as friends, certainly as lovers, and increasingly as playthings, servants and objects of ridicule.

And thanks to the genetic alterations brought on by Promade, men craved women in ways they could never have imagined possible. They still paired off, had romances, lived together, got married, sometimes even had children.

But whatever transpired between these people was now at the woman's discretion. The new woman would have as much power, as many lovers and as much pleasure as SHE felt entitled to. It was now a woman's world and "payback" was the order of the day. Finally men would live and flourish in the world only to the extent that women would allow them to. Men were still created more or less equal, in the image of an old god who was long dead.

The new god was the god of biotech, of Luna Genetics. And Woman was created in the new god's image, her designer genes engineered to give her dominion over man and beast alike.

Unmarried or recently divorced men hoped and prayed for the shelter and security of marriage. Maybe he'd have an assured income and whatever other protections a mistress might provide. The institution of marriage was reformed under the New World Order. Women now married not because they fell in love or wanted a family or needed the financial support of a man. Men still had resources women could use, still had a function to perform at home and at his job. But the man who entered into a marriage with a woman was basically signing a binding legal contract whereby it was now a crime, punishable by life imprisonment, for him to engage in extramarital affairs.

The marriage contract even empowered the woman to order that her man be "spayed" if she saw fit.

Marriage had its appeal to men, more than it ever had in previous times. As the wife of a particularly thoughtful or influential mistress a man was more likely to find less objectionable work, get health insurance that would pay for his monthly Promade supply and the occasional trip to the "man doctor". (The man doctor was essentially a veterinarian for humans.

Females went to real doctors and health care professionals.) Nevertheless, men sought the shelter and security of marriage, while women adopted a more cavalier attitude towards the institution.

The new marriage contract contained myriad stipulations as to what forms of male conduct were punishable by law and what few liberties for a man, now referred to as the "wife", was guaranteed. This contractual agreement amounted to a willful surrender, by the man, of most of his civil rights. He was in essence a slave, with precious few legal avenues open to him should his mistress decide to allege any real or imagined "breach of contract" to the authorities. Women were free to take as many "wives" as they could reasonably support but were not bound by law to treat them any better than a pet. •

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