New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Since a woman no longer had cause to feel slighted by mother nature, the old petty resentment of busty women disappeared completely. In the new world order ALL women came to pursue, identify with and embrace the Voluxil Ideal. Those who had long opposed this so-called objectification of women now enlarged their breasts and wore them like medals of honor. As a new source of pleasure and power in every woman's life, breasts were displayed proudly, flaunted, asserted, cared for, respected, cherished. As the female bust grew in prominence and stature (both literally and as an outward symbol of a woman's newfound authority) it came to be considered the height of disrespect for a man NOT to keep his eyes fixed on a woman's chest when he addressed her in public. Respectable society women who may have at one time slapped a man who ogled her cleavage now became just as indignant towards the man who dared looked her in the eye. After a year and a half of prolonged Promade use, the male population was helpless to do anything but stare slackjaw at the jutting bouncing knockers that crowded city streets, television screens, the workplace, and even their dreams. He was a slave to his own sexual impulses and utterly incapable of matching wits with a woman.

There was no escape, nowhere to hide.

By this time men had undergone a steady enlargement to their sex organs to the point where a generous portion of the population of men were lugging around penises well in excess of 12 inches, with swollen testicles that made walking a whole new challenge and that made running all but impossible. These hulks were prized by the new female caste, not only because of their impressive size but also because these men were the least able to disobey their female taskmasters. In the presence of a beautiful woman, these men's horse cocks were constantly painfully hard. Their acute genetically-enhanced sense of smell and mindless devotion to their base urges had literally reduced them to docile animals.

Men like these (like Steve Gold) became indentured servants to powerful female executives (like Karen Gray) who used them for sex and also as beasts of burden to run errands for them. Many were forced to pull their mistresses around in a new rickshaw type of vehicle, their bodies unclothed except for a cowhide harness which held the balls in place and strapped his cock to his leg. It may sound ridiculous, but this became immensely popular as the status symbol of choice for the "woman of means". In exchange for his services this male would have his Promade supply paid for, his sexual needs seen to. If not by the female executive then surely by one of her assistants. •

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