New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Cassidy Peters threw Tucker Hicks' wedding ring into the night and told him to go to hell. He was being kicked out in the cold, for the last time.

Cassidy had kicked him out before during the course of their tumultuous three year marriage. But she always let him come back, even if just to torture him. By now she kept other boyfriends and girlfriends at the house, openly sleeping with them in front of Tucker. But Tucker was her only "legal bitch", as she called him. He had refused to change his name to Peters, foolishly clinging to that vestige of his former identity. But Cassidy controlled every other aspect of his existence by now. Cassidy was a malevolent force in Tucker's little world. Her sexual power and prowess were taken to a whole new level with Voluxil D. Now part of an elite sisterhood of "perfect women", Cassidy Peters considered her spouse Tucker a complete joke. Almost less than human. She wondered why she ever wanted to marry him in the first place. She teased and taunted and tormented Tucker with her flagrant sexual liasons with other men and women. Tucker finally snapped one day and went out and fucked another woman. Cassidy caught him, naturally.

And now it was time for him to go away.

Tucker paced back and forth in the rain, in the dark, shouting, bawling, banging his head with his fists. Cassidy stood on the front step in front of the couple's house, laughing at her husband. She knew he hated her. She hated him too. Something snapped inside him, his rage over what had been done to him over the past couple years. It was a feeble resurgence of the old rage, the ugly black stuff that Promade had pushed down into the depths of his warped psyche.

"I..... um, I HATE YOOOOO, Cassidy Peters... you DYKE BITCH!"

It was the best he could come up with.

He staggered around in the front yard, kicking up dirt. Spitting.

Crazed. He picked up a rock and threw it at the front picture window of the house. He slipped in the mud and fell on his ass. Though the rock was intended her window it sailed straight at Cassidy's pretty face. She reached up and snatched the rock out the air with one quick hand.

"You shouldn't throw rocks, little man", she taunted.

Again she laughed at Tucker. He looked ridiculous. His nappy mop of curly blonde hair was all wet and matted. He was a shambles. Promade had been his undoing. A dozen or so collection agencies were after him for credit card debt. His days were a living torment for him at home and at work. Cassidy stood under the front awning of the house silhouetted against the yellow entryway light. She was wearing a tight see-thru blouse that was tied at the waist. Tucker squinted and looked at her. She was a fucking goddess to him.

"Why don't you get the hell out of her Tucker before I really do call the police." She said half tempted to just let him go in peace.

Cassidy shifted her weight slightly. Tucker stared back at her, captivated, tracing the outline of her shape with his lecherous eyes. He heard voices inside the house. Laughter.

"You're a real ass hole, you know that Tucker? You always were an asshole. And you'll always BE an asshole", she calmly and coldly observed.

Tucker was actually drooling. His pants showed a bulge that meant he was getting turned on, despite everything. Despite his hatred. Despite his humiliation.

"I'm sorry, baby. I love yoooo...", he pleaded pathetically.

"You fucked another woman, you stupid bitch. Now why don't you just take one last look at THESE babies... baby."

She unknotted her blouse and flashed her husband her magnificent tits.

It would be the last time she'd give him the pleasure. She pulled open her blouse. Her tits bobbled free. She clapped them together. Tucker staggered forward and fell onto the ground like a drunk. He was digging in his pants, trying to beat off. Two of Cassidy's female friends emerged from the house and dragged the fumbling incoherent Tucker to the gutter in front of her building. Cassidy watched dispassionately as she retied her knot then she went back inside to call the police.

Cassidy's new special friends were the Boone Sisters. Lesbian sisters who were hard-nosed prison guards at Carlton. The three women were part-time lovers and the sexy Boone Sisters hated Tucker almost more than Cassidy did.

Nora Boone shoved Tucker down onto the ground between two parked cars. He landed on his arm and cried out in pain.

"You stupid prick! What ever made you think you deserved a woman like Cassidy?", she said.

"Get up you piece of shit", Valerie Boone added.

Tucker crawled to his feet. The two able-bodied women jerked him by the arms and flung him up against a telephone pole. His pants were undone and his cock was partially exposed. Tucker wiped mud from his face and begged them to let him leave in peace. He tried to redo his pants and recover some of his dignity.

"Please. I'll leave. Just let me go."

"We'll let you go, fuckface. But first I have something I want to give you."

Nora Boone smacked Tucker across the face with her open palm as hard as she could. Tucker dropped his pants and fell onto one knee.

"Go ahead Val. Take your best shot", Nora said.

Valerie Boone leaned back and went into a lethal roundhouse kick. Her platform sole knee boot made contact with the side of his head and sent him back down onto the pavement. Blood trickled from the corner of Tucker's mouth. He spit out a couple teeth and begged for mercy.

"Cassidy told us what you did you worthless fuckhole. She told us about your sleeping around behind her back", Nora intoned.

"It was only one time..." he pleaded.

"What are we gonna do with him, Val?", Nora asked her sister.

Valerie rushed Tucker and grabbed him by the shirt, lifting him into the air. She slammed him into the phone pole once again. Tucker felt his skull crack against the hard pole. He stared into Valerie's fierce eyes and waited for what might be next. She spit in his face. Both Boone's seethed with revenge, towards ALL men. Unfortunately for Tucker, he typified what the two sisters hated-what they had ALWAYS hated-in men.

"We'll be seeing a lot more of you where you're going, girlie-man...", she said with a smile.

Tucker didn't dare ask what she meant by that. Suddenly he felt a stabbing pain. Valerie grabbed his balls in her fist and squeezed. Her grip was painful, impossible to break free from. His knees went weak and he gasped, trying to catch a breath. He tried to vomit but couldn't. She wrapped her strong hand around his still stiff cock and pulled on it. Hard.

She dragged him into the street by the cock, his pants were down around his knees. She threw him to the ground like a bag of garbage just as a police cruiser turned the corner, its lights flashing.

"I hope that big dick of yours was everything you ever dreamed of, you stupid shit!", Nora shouted from the sidewalk.

Two huge female police officers emerged from the cruiser and approached Tucker. Nora and Valerie Boone composed themselves and greeted the two friendly peacekeepers.

"Good evening officers."

"We got a call about a violent male at this address. Would this be him?", the one officer asked.

"Yeah, that's him" "This is bullshit!" Tucker protested.

One of the cops drove her nightstick under his chin and pressed him against the truck of the police car. He thought she would crush him. He felt the trunk lid buckle under him.

"Shut up, asshole! You'll speak when asked to speak!"

Cassidy came running across the lawn. Nora and Valerie smiled and took her arm in arm, as if to comfort her. They watched quietly as one of the brawny officers jerked Tucker's pants partly up and stuffed his floppy dick back into hiding. She slapped the cuffs onto Tucker Hicks and tossed him into the back of the cruiser, pants still unfastened.

"Well, don't worry about this one ladies. He won't be bothering you any more."

"What'll happen to him, officer?", Cassidy asked with an air of female vulnerability that was pure performance.

"She's lying! That bitch is LYING!!!" Tucker shouted from inside the car.

"Well, if the judge finds him guilty of the charges, he'll be going away for good long while. Don't you worry about that ma'am."

Tucker peered out from the back seat of the cruiser. Cassidy still looked beautiful to him under the pale street light. The rain dappled her see-thru blouse and made it cling to her breasts. His balls still hurt like hell and his cock was still stiff. He touched himself, stroking his cock with his two cuffed hands. Cassidy smiled evilly back at him as the two policewomen loaded back into the car. He came on himself as his wife narrowed her gaze on him and blew him a spiteful kiss.

"I'll show Tucker once and for all what a royal bitch I can really be", she said aloud.

Tucker Hicks was brought up on charges of first degree infidelity, two counts of domestic violence and $41,000 of unpaid debts. He was sentenced to one year in the Carlton Reformatory, eligible for parole in six months. He'd be right under the Boone Sisters' noses. He hadn't seen the last of them.

Not by a long shot. •

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