New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Things were topsy turvey down at Chasen's Porsche as well.

For some reason, and lucky for him, Steve Gold had not lost as many brain cells as his buddy Tucker. By now he was probably a few notches above Tucker on the evolutionary ladder - but both were growing slowly stupider all the time. Physically Steve Gold was looking more and more the Adonis, all rippling muscles, long wavy hair, and a thoroughbred jimmy that was the biggest "fish story" of the neighborhood. Karen Gray knew it too, and she knew it was no fish story. Her boyfriend: the alpha male! If only those snotty girls back in high school could see her now. She couldn't take her eyes off him. He was still able to sell cars like nobody's business, especially with Karen working behind the scenes to keep him gratified and focussed on his work. More and more of his clients were the large number of newly successful businesswomen who wanted to treat themselves to a new sportscar.

But around the office things were changing for Steve. For one thing, he was the only guy left. Except for the grease monkeys in the garage, the men at Chasen's were dropping like flies. Some salesmen couldn't handle the pressure anymore and left for other easier jobs, or no job at all. Some now lived the "gentleman's life", living off the kindness of upwardly mobile young women. To hell with "job" and "career". All around them the world itself was constantly teasing their new extra-large cocks, pandering to their Promade-heightened instincts, promising instant gratification, girls, thicker longer hair, etc., etc., etc. It was a man's world alright. As a result, men were retreating from the tiresome rat race in record numbers.

Women were right there on the front lines seizing higher positions in the employment ground wars. Karen Gray had been promoted to office manager and was now Steve's supervisor, you could say. So long as his commissions remained high, Steve was happy for her. She was moving up in the world. Good for her.

Sex for the two was a lively as ever. But with her new responsibilities on the job, Karen had become more hard-nosed about career and found herself sometimes fighting off the distraction of Steve's persistent cock. She did all she could for him these days to keep his constantly aroused manhood somewhat relieved. She no longer discouraged him from his porn mags or all the SheTV he was watching at nights. So long as he stayed close to home. She knew he masturbated around the clock now. That didn't bother her. It kept him out of trouble, at least. But more and more Karen's mind was on her job, which was going better than she ever thought possible. More and more women were entering corporate life. Every woman she knew had moved up into the executive class by now. Karen's prospects were looking good outside of Chasen's too. She'd already been called by two headhunters about management positions with other companies.

Back at the Visage Salon, Donna Hughes was doing a brisk business to say the least. Men streamed in to buy Promade from the hot chick with the fantastic set of knockers. And women came in to get their hair done and watch the amusing "Promade Parade". Donna was something of a local hero by now. She was the first in the neighborhood to offer Promade and now her salon was a bustling place at all hours of the day. She hired a DJ to set up and play right there in the store until midnight every night. It was a scene. And a great place to meet guys.

Six months after the introduction of Promade, Donna was enjoying herself big time. Her type of woman-voluptuous, friendly, sexually uninhibited-was getting the most enjoyment out of this new sex-crazed world.

And Donna enjoyed all the muscle-bound pups that now clamored for her attentions. With big tits now dominating the airwaves, magazine covers, billboards, the nightly news and everywhere you looked, Donna felt lucky to be well-endowed. She always had felt that way, "appreciative" of what god had given her. Other less well-endowed women had often felt sorry for her and her "burden", as they chose to think of it. She knew better though. She knew what a blessing tits could be, but she'd been modest about it and never really "flaunted it". But these days she felt more than just desirable...

she felt really beautiful. She conformed to a body image that was suddenly the new ideal. She was more popular than ever, with men AND women. Her own randiness seemed to increase with the palpable sexual energy that crackled all around. She was friendly with all of the men who came to her shop for Promade, and she became intimate with a great many of them. She enjoyed monitoring the success of the drug on all the various guys, noting which ones grew longer, bigger, hairier, stupider. She felt in control of their lives to a great degree. To Karen Gray, Donna was like the resident expert on Promade and its effects. Donna had helped Karen understand the drug and what it had done to Steve. Donna counseled many girlfriends about Promade.

She was doing great financially. She bought a brand new SUV and was in a position now to buy a house. A big one! She was completely self-sufficient, but still she needed men. She loved men. The big units on these Promade guys were bigger than anything she'd seen in her life and she was growing to really appreciate the pleasures of a nice big cock.

Her idea of having it all was to have all the men she wanted all the time; well-built, nicely-hung Promade men. And she had those in abundance. •

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