New World Order, A


By Kowalski

The only voice of dissent in society was that of the old hard line feminists and the population of unattractive females who these new Promade men came to treat as invisible and of no consequence. On the fringes of public discourse one still heard these disenfranchised women proclaim that "men were no longer pulling their weight in the world" and that "a great harm that was being done to the feminist cause".

Promade fostered a superficial chauvinistic spirit of the times and seemed to be setting the tone for a new sex-obsessed society of men (and women).

Dealings between the sexes were not really changed from how they had been since time began. Lovers met. They argued. They fell in love. They fell out of love. But somehow the stakes seemed higher. Passions flared hotter.

Men by the thousands turned a blind eye to their responsibilities.

Your typical warm-blooded male now fancied himself as a virile Casanova whose special purpose was to conquer as many women as possible.

The number of unwed single mothers rose but the unemployment rate for women was almost zero. Women had jobs and they had more money than ever, but increasingly it seemed as though men were the ones having most of the fun.

Promade use would result in a fundamental readjustment of values, briefly turning the clock back on the women's movement by a good 40 or 50 years. •

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