New World Order, A


By Kowalski

Tucker Hicks was finally reaping the benefits of Promade. After six months and nearly four grand which he now owed to Steve Gold, he was finally seeing some impressive results. His cock was definitely longer and thicker, his cravings for sex nearly doubled. His hair had filled in completely and was now a healthy curly mop. He and Cassidy never confronted the fact that he was taking the drug, but she found out about it some time ago. She was simply waiting and watching, wondering when her slow-witted fiancÚ would face the music and confess his "big secret". His developments were no secret and the couple's sex life had picked up somewhat. Cassidy though, true to form, enjoyed manipulating and toying with her lover more than she actually enjoyed sex with him. Observing the changes in her Tucker, Cassidy's new hobby became the continual frustration of his animal urges to get what she wanted from him; money, clothes, a new car, just for starters. Controlling Tucker was becoming easier and easier with each passing day. The dirty secret of Promade-namely that it occasionally made guys dumber than stumps-was still not widely talked about. Especially between men and women.

Men for their part were usually unable to notice the subtle erosion of their brainpower... until it was much too late. The rest of the world, the media, and the man in the street were just so stupid-obsessed with sex that the occasional case of "Algernon's Syndrome" went pretty much unnoticed and unreported. Many of those cases were guys like Tucker Hicks; born hot heads, violent, frustrated types with short fuses.

Some genius at Luna Genetics had seen to it that Promade would prevent this type of guy from ever becoming abusive by detecting his defective brain chemistry and killing off the offending cells. Don't ask how they did it, but they did it. The public had no idea this was the case. When the occasional confrontational macho jerk suddenly grows silent, nobody much complains.

About four months after starting on Promade, Tucker Hicks became practically transparent to Cassidy Peters. The fact that she was able to boss around such an arrogant stud was pretty much what had attracted Cassidy to Tucker in the first place. Thanks to Promade, poor Tucker was more pliable than ever, practically putty in her hands. He was aroused whenever he was around her so she could punish or reward him at will, depending on her mood. He was unable to lie and would perform the most thankless tasks for Cassidy, whether for a chance at some sexual gratification or even just for the opportunity to spend a few hours watching his stupid girlie shows on SheTV, the new all-girlie sex channel for men. Sometimes Cassidy would come home to discover Tucker sitting in his Lay-Z-Boy recliner, masturbating his tall cock. He would always try to hide it and cover up his surprise. More than once she woke up early on Saturday morning to find him sitting buck naked in the living room in front of the TV, totally asleep, cock in hand.

Lately there had been times when he actually failed to notice her as she walked past him while he whacked off. It was as if in his sexually aroused state, Tucker's mind sort of went blank, focused on the one primal urge.

Cassidy discovered that he was most susceptible to the power of suggestion during these times.

On the job, Tucker was a responsible hard-working employee these days.

He tried anyhow. No more of the long lunches and fooling around on company time for Tucker. He had been the controller in the accounting department of a local company, with four people under him, two women and two guys. He had been a horrible boss to these people over the past few of years. But now that was all changing. Half the men... hell MOST of the men at Tucker's company were on Promade. Some of them, notably the owner of the company, quit their jobs after a few months of sudden superstudom. Some just crapped out on their jobs and were fired outright, whether it was for sexual harassment of their fellow female employees or just poor performance on the job. Others, like Tucker, struggled like hell to hold it together. The two men under Tucker quit about a month ago. The women down in personnel replaced those guys with fresh recruits, four additional women, former secretaries. To make matters worse, last week Suzanne Chambers, his cute 28 old subordinate who Cassidy had originally recommended for the job, was promoted by the higher-ups to the position of controller. His department expanded to include two controllers, him and Suzanne, overseeing a staff of five women. Tucker was surrounded by young females, horny all the time, and suddenly forced to share his authority with a girl he formerly bossed. It was getting crowded in the small department.

One day he came into the office to find Suzanne packing up to move her desk. Brenda, one of the ladies from personnel, was helping her. Tucker stood by and watched her, unable to make sense out of what was happening.

"Umm... where ya goin', Suzanne?", he asked.

Suzanne just walked across the hall without answering him, and into one of the outer offices. The outer offices were highly coveted. Glassed in walls, glass doors, venetian blinds, windows looking out onto the parking lot. Tucker had dreamed of one day getting an outer office all to himself.

Brenda brushed by him without acknowledging his question either. She was waving some maintenance guys into Tucker's area. They were carrying new partitions for the department, to make additional offices for the new staffers. Tucker offered to help and dragged some of the heavy wall panels across the carpet. Physical labor seemed to clear his head these days and keep him focussed.

"Okay, these I want right here... and there. I want two offices here by the hall, and two directly behind those, with a nice pathway down the middle. And I'd like it finished by the time the girls get back from lunch."

The woman from personnel directed the workman who proceeded to fit together the cloth covered walling. One of the men asked a question.

"Where does the fifth desk go?"

"Over there. In the back, by those cabinets. He'll use that table and chair." Brenda waved her arms about and grabbed Tucker Hicks' name plate and slapped it into his gut like a baton. She motioned for him to move his things to the table. He'd be surrendering his old desk to one of the new girls. Tucker did as he was told then pitched in and helped the workmen assemble the offices, while Brenda stepped across the hall to Suzanne Chambers' new office. As he grunted and pounded on the units, he watched Suzanne and Brenda the personnel lady converse through the soundproof glass of her new office. They were laughing. Suzanne smiled and swiveled in her new chair. Tucker stared at both women's legs and asses. That's what he did most of the day these days. Ogle female body parts in the workplace. It was impossible not to. He didn't notice when the two women caught him staring at them. Brenda leaned out of the office and called him in.

"Tucker would you please put that down and come in here for a minute?"

she asked, curling her index finger motioning him to come to her.

The glass office door bumped shut behind Tucker. The woman from personnel pulled the venetian blinds for some privacy, then she proceeded to demote Tucker Hicks.

"There have been more reports than I care to mention Mr. Hicks.

Inappropriate behavior in the office, lewd comments. It all seems to coincide with a general drop in your performance. So starting today, you'll be taking over Suzanne's old position in the accounting pool. We'll see how you perform there and you'll be subject to evaluation in 30 days time.

Consider yourself on probation. Suzanne meanwhile is going to be taking charge of this department and getting it back into shape." she patted Suzanne Chambers on the shoulder and shook her hand.

"We all want you to know what great confidence we have in you Suzanne.

We all know you're going to make a great controller." She looked at Tucker, inviting him to agree.

"Don't we, Mr. Hicks..." she glared.

Tucker's brain hurt. He wondered what the right thing was to say in this situation. Why was he being demoted? What was going on here?

"Mr. Hicks, I'm sure we're going to get along just fine", Suzanne said as she smiled widely at her former boss. Her eyes sparkled. She looked so alert and energetic, like a cat that might leap at him at any moment. She just smiled at him and waited for him to say something. His mouth was open, his wheels were turning, but nothing was clicking. Suzanne and Brenda both chuckled aloud.

"At a loss for words I see. Well that's okay, Suzanne patted him on the shoulder and eyed his full curly head of hair, now almost an afro, like a Little Orphan Annie wig stuck on Sylvester Stallone.

"With a pretty headful of curls like that and nice big muscles like these, I'm sure we'll find plenty for him to do", she said to the personnel lady.

Tucker closed his mouth and forced a smile. Did she call him "pretty"?

The personnel lady removed her suit jacket and rolled up her shirtsleeves. Tucker noticed for the first time, this woman was really built! Such seductive hips... and quite a nice rack on her too, gotta be at least a D cup! His brain churned slowly as his manhood stirred to life.

Brenda moved in close to him and raked her fingers through his thick hair.

"He does have pretty hair. I wish my hair were naturally curly." She turned to Suzanne Chambers and spoke under her breath.

"So his wife says he's taking the stuff?" she asked.

"Isn't that obvious?" Suzanne quipped. Tucker stood there not knowing what to do. What did she just say?? His crotch was twitching. He wanted to reach down and rearrange his cramped apparatus. He wanted to beat his meat right there. But he didn't dare. Brenda was eyeball to eyeball with him, maybe even a bit taller in her high heels. She licked her lips and narrowed her gaze at him as she reached down and abruptly grabbed his cock through his dress slacks. Suzanne chuckled softly in the background now.

Tucker's heart leapt up into his throat and commenced pounding like crazy. The personnel woman's hand was wrapped around his manhood and gripping it tightly through his clothes. A look of surprise came over her.

She turned and spoke to Suzanne.

"It's true. Just like you said. This thing's gotta be ten inches long."

Tucker's face went red. She guessed it exactly right, he thought to himself. The woman proceeded to unbuckle his belt and unsnapped the top of his pants. She stared him in the eye as she slowly unzipped his fly, letting his ten inches bounce free. She traced one of her enameled fingernails against the supersensitive underside of Tucker's huge cock. His knees went weak with delight.

"Do you take Promade, Mr. Hicks??", Brenda asked him point blank.

"Y, y, y, yes ma'am...", he replied.

"Well see that you KEEP taking it, Mr. Hicks!", she said with an almost angry expression on her face. She grabbed onto his bare cock with her hand and dug her nails in. Tucker winced slightly, but it felt fantastic.

The personnel lady proceeded to stroke Tucker Hicks with an executive touch as she explained his new job description to him. Tucker was in ecstasy and could scarcely pay attention as she whispered into his ear. Life was great right now. He just thanked god for Promade.

"You'll do exactly what Suzanne or any other woman in these offices tells you to do. You'll refer to Suzanne only as Ms. Chambers or simply ma'am, whichever you like. But you are not to call her Suzanne. You'll be here at 8am sharp... every morning... and you'll not leave the building until you're dismissed. I want you to be sure that there is fresh coffee in the coffee pot, toner in the copying machine... and no more talking on the telephone. If you need to use a telephone you can do it on your lunch hour.

Ms. Chambers? Do you have anything you want to add?" she asked as she pumped on Tucker's dick. He was breathing heavy, nodding his head, eyes wide open.

His cock was burning, aching for release. His mind was clouded, muddled.

"Oh yeah. Mr. Hicks I don't want to see you in this office. Not now.

Not ever", she walked over and spoke into his ear which she tickled with her finger.

He was on the brink of blowing his load. Brenda could feel it and slackened her pace to a slow steady stroke. Tucker braced himself against the wall.

"If I want to see you, I'll come to your office. You'll speak only when spoken to, but otherwise, I don't want to know you're around...

understood?", Suzanne said sadistically.

Brenda felt something twitch in her hand. She pointed Tucker Hicks'

cock straight up at his face and pumped it as he found his release. The personnel lady stared in wonder at the quick spurts of semen that jumped up out of the head of his cock and through the air. Plop! Splat! Glop! Drops of sticky white stuff splashed onto Tucker's face. Brenda aimed his cock toward his open mouth. She shot Tucker's load onto his lips and tongue and watched him lick it up without even being asked.

"That's right. Lick it up, honey. Like a good boy. Now... get you clothes on Mr. Hicks. You're not supposed to be in here", the personnel woman barked at Tucker, snapping him out of his reverie.

Tucker put away his cock and fastened his pants. Suzanne raised her voice. "If you aren't out of here on the count of three you're FIRED Mr.


Tucker gathered himself together and exited the room. Outside the cubicles across the hall were assembled. Four diligent female workers were back at their desk, looking professional. Brenda gave Tucker a push toward his new office. Tucker walked slowly and deliberately, wiping the last traces of cum off his face. The girls all stared at him and suppressed a giggle as he slumped by. His sexual urges temporarily satisfied, Tucker's mind flickered back to life. Suzanne was his new boss... how humiliating.

But at least he still had his job. He needed his job, to keep hold of Cassidy and also to pay for this fantastic Promade stuff.

"Mr. Hicks, here is your new office", the woman said dispassionately as she walked away leaving Tucker there, staring at the backs of four pretty female heads.

His office consisted of a small section of countertop attached to a half cubicle wall facing a filing cabinet. An old hard plastic office cafeteria chair was brought in for him to sit on. His name plate was on his desk. "Cunt". What? Was this some kind of joke? He cast a suspicious eye across the room but the other women had their noses buried in work. Where was HIS nameplate? He had nothing else, no phone, no computer. He opened a drawer nearby and fished around for something to do. The clock on the wall ticked loudly. He found some rubber bands and pulled one out and played with it. He sat down and caught a breath. He could smell the women around him.

They smelled beautiful. His cock stiffened and his mind drifted off to blurry indistinct visions of tits and ass.

He stared at his nameplate as he reached under his desk and touched himself. •

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