Male Scent


By F.R.Eaky

The idea of taking pheromones to an extreme level. Every once in a while there is that person/scent that one smells and it kicks one in the head (and groin) and one swears it is creating changes inside of one at all erotic levels. So here's what might happen if it really did.

I just put the finishing touches on the potion and was ready to give it a try. I'd been studying under a great herbalist and witch, but only for one reason. I desired to be big. Actually my desires were in a conflict. I desired to be huge, muscular, and very tall, yet at the same time I still wanted a man who was bigger than me to wrap himself around me and make me feel protected, comforted, sheltered. Now I was going to get ONE of my wishes at any rate. I had been picked on all through my life so far because of my height, being 5' 4" and a scrawny 5'4" at that. I didn't really hold it against those who picked on me, and I wasn't mad at them, but I was oh so jealous. I mean, if I were at least 5 to 6 inches taller I would be average. At an average height maybe my body would respond to my workouts? Well I would soon find out.

I studied very hard and learned very quickly about what was real and what was not in the magickal world. I also learned that a lot of magick was actually a very profound and precise science of chemical reactions. Take herbology for instance. Mix some herb here with that weed there and you have an itching powder. Mix two other seeds, leaves or plants and you have a cure for the hiccups. All a very real science. When you add magick however. Well, then the fun REALLY begins. It can help alter what one has mixed together or enhance it.

There wasn't an exact spell for what I was looking for so I had to sift here and dig there to come up with my own. I finally did it though and this was the day I had been waiting for. I put in the last ingredient at the stroke of noon and began my chanting. There was a small breeze that suddenly picked up and wafted through the room. It invigorated me and I felt almost blessed to continue on with my "experiment." When the breeze stopped and my chanting was done, I drank my potion. I felt a sudden burst of energy flush over my body. I was ready to climb Mount Everest! Swim the Atlantic Ocean! I would leap tall buildings! Whoa! This packed one hell of a rush...... I was coming down off of the high, when I began to notice it. My feet were uncomfortable. They felt cramped. I looked down and saw that my shoe was stretching, getting longer....maybe a little wider too. Then I began to hear the faint sounds of tearing and they gradually got louder. I could see splits beginning to develop along the sides of my shoe, and my feet began to stick out. I was almost in tears because of the pain of my feet being stuffed into this ever shrinking shoe. Then finally, relief came. With one loud and long rip, my feet fought their way to freedom and continued to grow. I wanted to watch and see how much bigger they got compared to my shoe, but my hands started to pulse with pain. I looked and saw them getting longer and longer, thicker too. THESE were hands. Hands that would hold a basketball in its closed fist, well not quite, but I should be able to hold a basketball one handed no problem.

The pain moved quickly to my legs. I watched in the mirror on the wall, as my pants hem started creeping upwards, climbing higher and higher up my leg. I began to notice that my legs were ballooning out as well. The hem seemed to get caught on my calves. They inflated outward getting larger and larger, huge, pulsing, heart shapes attached to back of my shins. As the blood pumped through them, they swelled ever bigger and eventually the split the hems of my pants, allowing the pants leg to continue its climb up my body. The climb would not be successful. My thighs weren't about to let the calves have all the fun. They too bunched and inflated, expanding more and more. They became so thick that each of them had to be larger round than my waist! The massive quads pressed against the fabric of my jeans until the jeans letting out a scream of terror and agony split in several places revealing the thighs that were so huge I had to stand with my feet at least shoulder width apart. My hamstrings connected the calves and thighs with chords so thick, so strong, you could have suspended a bridge from them.

My jeans just barely hung on around the waist, the button having popped off. I mean my waist was still tight and thin, but since I was getting so much taller it still was bigger round than my once former waist size. But the jeans looked like a blue hula skirt hanging off of me. I was going to take them off, because something else had apparently grown. I could tell because to think of moving sent pangs of pain from my crotch. God I wanted to see how it had grown! I hadn't though about that in my plan.... But, my attention was drawn to my torso which wasn't about to be outdone by the legs. I felt a few small pangs in my stomach, like I was getting butterflies. One flip. Two flips. ......"ungh!" I felt like my stomach had just been powerfully sucked inside out However, I now felt as though I was very hard, solid in my stomach area. I pulled up my shirt and stared at my abs. They were beautiful! Hard, solid, an eight pack of a washboard! Two columns of four ab muscles just slightly off center from one another. I was almost in ecstasy ready to blow just from the sight of my abs when I realized things were getting tight in the back... Oh this show was just beginning! I turned my back to the mirror. I saw the fabric of the shirt stretching farther and farther. The shirt was hanging lose around the waist, but soon began to "V" upwards to my shoulders. My back and lats were spreading outward, wider and wider, broader. They began to push my arms up and away from the sides. My arms were beginning to hang at forty-five degree angles from the floor, and they hadn't even developed yet! The fabric split and gave way in screaming shrieks of hopeless agony. My shoulders, (were those shoulders they looked more like cannon balls!) just barely had the sleeves hanging on them.

What I missed by watching my back was my chest however. I almost cried over not seeing it. The front part of my shirt was decimated. Buttons had popped and flown everywhere. What should have been pieces of ripped cloth looked more like strands of thread hanging over my emense pecs. They were huge, thick, wide and self like. They looked like they stuck out half a foot from where my abs met them. Two gigantic serving platters made of granite.

I glared at the last vestiges of the shirt, the sleeves and the collar and watched them surrender pitifully. My neck not to be under balanced with my calves began to blow up. Thicker and thicker it became. The shirt collar simply tore loose in an instant, as my neck became as thick as my head. If I weren't so tall, one wouldn't be able to tell I had a neck! But then, my hands spasmed and flexed and I watched my forearms become thicker and larger. They looked they size of my calves, of other men's upper arms! The forearms puffed up until veins, huge, thick, and red sprung out of them like many snakes and worked their way up to my upper arm. The fabric was already crying from the strain, begging for the pressure to stop. When the veins hit my upper arm, my bis and tris responded by expanding at a doubled pace. The rip of the sleeve came so fast I almost did hear or see it. The sleeve just suddenly fluttered to the ground. My arms continued to swell with the pumping of blood that the veins brought until they hung at my sides (?) almost parallel to the floor.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I was MUCH taller than when I had started and my muscles where everywhere! My face had stayed the same except my jaw seemed a little square-er and I had these terrific dimples going. The biggest difference facial wise was that my eyes which were once a dark blue, now were a bright vivid violet. Oh, and my hair! My hair became shoulder length and was THAT brown. You know that brown, so deep and rich in vibrant color, that in the dark or when wet appears jet black, but out side in the sun shines with deep golden highlights.... I sighed I couldn't believe what I had done.

"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...." Laughter came from near the door. I turned around and saw my mentor with my spell list.

"So you couldn't come to Madame Dvorsky about this matter hmm? You couldn't ask for her assistance in this? You had to sneak n steal huh? This was your plan all along wasn't it? You didn't really care to learn the craft did you? You just wanted to satisfy a personal itch.... Don't worry I won't reverse the spell. That couldn't be completely done anyhow. But I will leave you with the trouble you have caused for yourself. You don't know everything about herbals and magick yet. And you have caused a great force in you that you will have no idea how to control. I will let you live for a while with this mistake. That and you are no longer welcome to take lessons in the craft here. That shall be your punishment. You and I can remain friends, but no magick."

"Thank you Madame, I think it is just and I can live with that decisi...."

"You think it is just now, but you won't soon. When you've had enough and are truly repentant, then you come back to Madame. I shall undo what needs to be undone and we'll see about completing your training."


"My boy I would not be a decent witch if I allowed even one untrained apprentice to walk around the earth. I'd rather have a student be completely knowledgeable and turn to dark intentions than have one blundering fool cast spells with half a wit! Too messy.... Now to show there are no hard feelings I shall call my sister to come and whip you up something."

"What, you're giving me another potion?"

"Not potion my dear boy.....ha ha... Sean, my babooshka, look at you, you're half naked, and from what I can see, at the first sight of a gorgeous man, you'll be completely naked, and what good will your new looks do you in jail? Clothes! I'm talking where is her number...."

With Madame Dvorsky's sister's help, I found out I was seven feet tall even. Whoa what a spurt.... And my stats were roughly: 84 inch chest, 40 inch upper arms, 36 inch waist, 43 inch thighs, 331/2 inch calves. I was freaky!

I spent two weeks there while I waited for my clothes to be made, and my shoes - good God size twenty!- to come in from ordering. After I had the set, I was politely shown the door and told to go home. Thank goodness I was self-employed; I never would have been able to keep a job for disappearing for two weeks. It was also a good thing I was an artist, cause that meant my apartment was a studio and I could still feel comfortable walking around my house. The trip getting there was a different story. I don't know how many times I banged my head into the tops of doorframes. There would have been one hell of a headache goin' on if it weren't for the fact I was getting so turned on by this proof of my new size. Ducking through the doorways, stooping in some rooms even! Turning sideways to get through the subway doors. I had to think really ugly thoughts, cause my dick was gonna support a tremendous boner if I didn't. The subway seat felt so small as I rode the train towards my stop and my apartment. It was fairly late at night and no one else was in the car. Old fears began to run through my head as I wondered, "what if a gang gets on, or even a mugger?" I laughed suddenly remembering my new body. And if someone did try to rob me what would they do? I could have them sprawling on the floor in minutes.

The sub stopped. The doors opened. I saw a small boy with a back pack get into the car. He was cute and wide-eyed. Blonde, wispy hair flitting here and there in the wind. Looked kind of scared. He saw me and looked as if he'd pee his pants. Course I guess I would too if a giant from the fairytales I read had suddenly appeared. He sat down very nervously and the train took off.

After a while of the track rhythm being the only chatter, the boy looked down my way and softly spoke.

"Are you a basketball player?"

"Uh, no. No I'm not."

"Do you play football?"


"You're a wrestler then right? You're like the Giant....."

"ha ha . No... No I'm not a wrestler. Just, uhm, an average big guy."

"Well you look like a pro sports start of some type....You're a good guy aren'tcha?"

"Well, yeah I hope I am."

"Good. Mom said I should try to find a good guy to help watch me on these train rides."

"Well your Mom's probably right about that. If you don't mind me askin', how old are you and what ARE you doin' riding the subway this late?"

"I'm ten, and I'm going up a few stops to visit my Dad. My parents are divorced. Mom drops me off at one station and Dad picks me up at the other."

"So there's a stop in between where you get on and off? Don't your parents worry about something happening to you?"

"Yeah they do, but I'm a little tall for my age. Most of the time people think I'm twelve or thirteen. So they don't bother me too much. .......Mister, can you smell that?"

"Mmm no what?"

"That smell... it stinks. It kind of smells like my dad's T-shirts after he's done playin' ball."

"No I don't smell anything..."

"It's really smellin pretty bad. Can't cha smell it. It's really bad now!" I was trying to figure out what he was talking about. I couldn't smell anything. I new it couldn't have been me I just showered. I didn't smell anything in the air of the subway, except the staleness of it. That's when I heard him whimper.

"Mister, I hurt...... I think I may need a doctor... nmmmm." "Hang on kid we're almost to a stop. We can get off there and tell an attendant to call your parents."


It was too late. With that scream I turned and looked at the boy whose face was beat red. He was trembling all over as if his whole body was in spasms. On that scream however, the pain was released. The boy grew. Now I don't mean the boy started to grow, I mean he just blew up. When he screamed his body just exploded outward..BOOM! He split right out of his clothing. If his parents thought he was tall for his age, they're going to think him huge for his age now. He still looked like the little boy facial and body structure wise, except now he looked to be around six to six and a half feet tall! I stared in terror. What the hell happened? What made him do this? The doors to the car opened and I bolted like a scared rabbit and didn't stop till I reached the surface. What the fuck was that! I could feel the beads of sweat running like rivers off my back and forehead. I walked a couple of blocks towards my loft. On the subway it was still seven stops away. I eventually hailed a cab.

As I got in, I noticed it was an elderly man at least sixty years old behind the wheel.

"Who Nellie! You're big 'un aren't cha! You one of the basketball players?"

"uhm, no. And I'm not a wrestler or a football player either."

"Oh sorry, I guess you get asked that a lot huh? Well you know most people just assume with that type of size comes a love of some sport. Sorry if I rubbed ya the wrong way. Do you have enough room back there? I can adjust the front passenger seat to give you more room?"

"Uhm yeah that would be nice. Thank you."

"My name's Jeffery. Nice to meet you."

I gave him the address to my loft. He started talking like most cabbies do, but I was lost in thoughts trying to figure out what had happened to the little boy. The motion of the car, the drone of Jeffrey's voice and the recent excitement was putting me to sleep. We weren't to far from my home when Jeffery asked a question. "Hey do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

"That stench. Like a guy's locker room. You ain't doin' nothing sick in my cab are you?"

"No!" What was this smell? I couldn't smell it. This was becoming something out of a horror movie.

The cab started to slow down, and I heard muffled cries coming from Jeffery. It was happening again! I watched in shock as Jeffery clutched his wheel and finally with one scream he kind of burst. It wasn't like the kid. I just saw his shirt rip down the back a little bit and his sleeves popped a little as well. He also seemed to sit a little taller now, and his hair suddenly flushed jet black from the white it had been.

He turned and looked at me in surprise. That look gave way to a pleasant smile and he spoke to me in a voice now soft again with youth!

"Whoa that was wild. Look at me, I'm young again. I've got to be, at the oldest, twenty years! I also feel a little taller and stronger too. What did ya do to me mister?"

"I ..... I ..didn't.."

"You know I got married when I was twenty. Had just started college too. Marie was my wife's name. God she was the best thing to happen to me. I lost her about three years ago. She thought I was very straight laced and traditional. That's why she married me. Didn't have the heart to ever tell her that when she met me I was experimenting both sides. With this new youth I think I'd like to see what I gave up and if you don't mind me sayin' so, you have one hot bod I'd like to explore."

Normally I would've jumped on this chance. He was of Italian decent it seemed, dark skin, thick black hair, deep puppy eyes, and now a tall, strong build, although not taller than me. Yeah, normally I would've melted into a puddle and said "Take me home.....", but circumstances what they were, I was very much surprised that my new King sized body hadn't dropped a king sized load in my new king sized jeans! I threw the man a fifty-dollar bill and ran up the few blocks to my apartment. Shit. Shit. SHIT! What the fuck was happening. Was I creating this? What was this smell? I thought back to my potion and then realized....pheromones. I had used some pheromones in the spell and that addition mixed with something else must have caused a reaction that sends out my spell to other men! I don't know. I wasn't sure. There was a lot I didn't know about magick and herbals and chemistry. God! This is what Madame Dvorsky meant! I paced back and forth in my loft when all of a sudden I heard a knock on the elevator door.

"Hey Sean! You home man?"

O god! It was the neighborhood kids. Well not kids actually. They we're college students. I wasn't much older than them at twenty-four. They enjoyed hangin out with me cause I was still young enough to enjoy their taste, but old enough to have a cool pad and throw parties or just bummin' sessions.

"Hey let us in, man! You've been gone for two weeks." I approached the door.

"Uhm, yeah guys. I had an opportunity to go to Paris and see some of the artwork there. Study it for a while."

"Well cool, let us in and tell us all about it. We wanna know everything. Especially about the 'French curves.'"

"Shut up dummy you know Sean is gay. He ain't gonna tell you about the girls."

"Well let him speak anyway, you forget two of us here in the gang are gay too."

Always a little argument going on between them. What a wild bunch of guys.

"Guys...guys... I'll tell you all about it later. Right now, though, I just got in and I'm uh...feelin' a little jet lagged."

"Okay if you sure.....we got you're favorite alcohol...."

"Hey what's that smell.?"

I froze.

"It smells like the gymnasium."

Even through the door it's strong enough?!?

"Man the super here must not have had the sewer pipes cleaned."

I backed away from the door, slowly, silently. If those seven guys did half of what the boy or the cabbie did, I'd be in real trouble. I don't think I could move tomorrow morning, but hmm what an eye feast and fuck fest it could be! No.... I had to control this..

"Well whatever the smell was it's gone now. You sure you ain't up for it tonight, Sean?"

Good. "Yeah, I'm sure. I'll catch ya on the flip side tomorrow."

I ran to the bedroom, hit the bed (Lord, this thing is small now), and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and called my best friend Scot. If I was going to control this I needed to get away from people. I had no idea if my theories about this smell were correct, but I had an idea of what it did and that it came from me.

"Yeah, drop by my suburb place, Sean. When I get home I'll give you the key to my penthouse downtown. I'll tell all the service people to take a vacation and that'll give you all the privacy you need. At least once you get past the hotel."

"I'll get by the hotel. Just give me the place to stay."

I got to Scot's place and let myself in. It was nice of him to leave it unlocked for me. I strolled down the hallway and upstairs. It was about ten o'clock. Scot said he'd be home during lunch to give me the key. Another nap right now would do me wonders. I entered the master bedroom. Whoops, I want the guest bedroom.... I was just about to leave when I noticed, Scot's sneakers. He was a big man. I looked at his size seventeen sneakers and then held it next to my feet. They were a little small compared to mine now. Course I was two inches taller than him now too. I sat down on his bed. He had no idea why I needed to get away. Wouldn't he be surprised when he came home and saw me. I pictured him coming in the doorway. His six ten frame topped with that thick mop of platinum hair. His blues eyes sparkling with an icy coolness. His lanky, swimmers build sauntering into the room stopping dead in it's tracks when he realizes he has to look up to me now. I could take him into my arms and grip him firmly, "I think you need to service me...." I started to rub my expanding crotch. I was getting lost in a fantasy about dominating my once huge friend. Suddenly I was dreadfully brought back to reality....

"Hey! You one of dad's new boyfriends?"

It was Jacob, Scot's son. Scot tried bein' bi for awhile when he was younger and at age eighteen wound up havin' a kid. Now sixteen years later, the girl was long gone. Didn't care to have any reminders of Scot so she just dumped the child off at Scot's doorstep, the bitch. But it had turned out all right. Scot's parents watched him while he finished school. He landed a major job right away; he grabbed his kid and moved into a modest apartment. He got several promo's up the ladder and boom became a branch head, moved to the city, got this house, penthouse, and his sixteen-year-old son. I often thought it must be quite a blast having a sixteen-year-old kid and at thirty-four still being young enough to really enjoy some rough housing with him. But now, what was I to do...I should bolt for the door.

I could do that. Bolt for the door, knock him out of the way, and leave before it hits. He'll be easy to take out. He's only around five ten. Hadn't hit puberty just yet. I can take him down and leave. Hopefully he hadn't been standin' there too long.

"Wait..... Uncle Sean? Is that you? What the fuck happened to you, and what is that stench?"

"No!" I knocked him outta the way, hard! I started to fly down the steps, but I still wasn't used to this body, and size twenty shoes on narrow stairs don't work too well. I tripped half way down, hit the landing, skidded across, and slammed into a wall and marble pedestal. The pedestal came down on my stomach. No damage down, but it knocked the wind out of me and left me dazed just long enough for fate to do its job.

"Sean, what gives! Let me give you hand...."

"'ve got.."


Times up. He moaned a few times and then let out a scream that curled my insides. Just like the boy on the subway, Jacob literally blew up. He grew so fast his clothes didn't rip, they shattered. He was huge. I stood up and looked at him. He met me face to face, maybe an inch taller. I'd forced him through puberty in less than sixty seconds. No wait he still looked boyish. He still had baby fat. No pubic hair.

"What the fuck!"

"uhm, just hold on a sec, Jacob, and I can explain everything." And I would of too, but Jacob started to grimace again.

"Hey! This fucking hurts!"

For whatever reason I glanced down at Jacobs's feet and watched them spread everywhere. They we're gigantic! I nearly blew. I looked up and watched as Jacob started to head for the ceiling. His feet grew out till they were these huge slabs of meat. Look like they were two feet long or more. His legs starting getting longer, thicker, harder. Huge veins began to appear around his calves. You could see the blood run like a vast red river as it pumped through. Each time the blood rushed, the calved blew up, getting thicker and thicker, wider, harder, steel cables of sinew and tendons began to run through it. It became this huge diamond shape thick with size and mass, yet defined to the point where you thought he had no skin. These couldn't be calves. They were as big as my arm, I'm sure of it.

The veins wrapped their way up and around the leg, plugging themselves into the thigh. Jacobs thigh began to twitch, shake, and flex, as it started to blow up like balloons. These were quads! They bunched and grew, until Jacob started to move his feet wider and wider apart. He couldn't stand with them closed together. Each thigh grew until it looked to twice the size of his waist with deep cuts, striations, and thick powerful hamstrings crossing everywhere.

Now Jacob moaned, long and low in orgasmic ecstasy. The veins worked their way up his torso and town to his crotch. His member just oozed out of his crotch as it grew, looking like playdough coming out of one of those press sets. It just grew effortlessly longer and thicker til it hung like a club. He wasn't growing a dick. He was growing a third leg. It hung at his knees and stopped. It hung limp, but so thick! What would it be when ready for action? I soon found out. The veins spread over this huge organ and caused it to get longer, thicker, and start to rise in the air. This anaconda was looking for something. Jacob grabbed the thing in his hand and pulled it up watching in wide-eyed awe at what was happening. It grew up his seven pack, met his chest, and worked its way up to his chin and finally stopped at his mouth!

My god! What was it? Three, four feet long, and at least as thick as his damn forearm! He gave me a wry smile and started to nibble on its head, but was overcome by sharp pains.

He doubled over onto the floor, and when he came back up, I could see the veins had spread to his balls and abs. His balls blew up first. They just bigger and bigger, hanging lower and lower until they appeared to be the size of melons. "This boy will shoot gallons of cum", I thought. At the same time his abs rolled and grew until the seven pack he had looked like it was made out of cobble stone. Swing a brick at this stomach and it'll break in two. Using the abs as a ladder, however, the veins were far from finished. They crossed over his pecs, shoulders, and lats until he looked like he was riddle with tic-tac-toe boards. The lats grew, pushing his arms out and up, making a wedge in his back that looked wider than an upright piano. His shoulders rounded and expanded until they were the size of cannon balls. And then there was his chest. His pecs had grown thicker, wider, broader, and barreled out such that it looked to be the size of a culvert pipe. This was shelving material! Deep cuts, definition. So freaking thick it pushed his nipples till they pointed straight down.

I watched as the veins began the last of the show. They moved up to Jacob's neck and I watched as they slowly inflated it ever thicker til it was as big around as his head. The veins slithered their way down around his arms and forearms. Jacob, smiled as he held one arm in a pose and watched as the head of his bicep got larger and larger. The one still hanging down, seemed to lift and push farther from his lats. He looked like he was getting so freakin' huge that his arms now hung UP from the sides of his body. The tricep soon balanced and equaled its bicep neighbor, which was forming a peak so large I thought sure I had climbed it in Austria once.

Then as I watched Jacob started getting darker. Yeah him and his dad were a nice olive color, but I realized this had nothing to with skin pigmentation. Hair had begun to sprout around Jacob's body. A good coat came in over his legs. It was so hot. You could tell he was fairly hairy, but they were little wispy blond hairs. They spread to his crotch coming in thicker and darker there. Yeah, a nice clump of dense, dark hair that worked its way up the abs and spread out nice, thick and curly all over the chest. What a love trail! It sprouted under his arms and then to his face and finally his hair became this brilliant, hot white, platinum and grew till it hung in thick curly waves midway down his back or abs, depending on which side you saw him from. He'd been stroking himself this entire time now, and it a grunted moan of orgasmic pleasure, released the first load of his new manliness. It headed for me, a great torrent of white rapids. Liters of new man juice splattered against my torso.

He walked up to me. I looked at him. Good Knight! The top of my head only reached the middle of his chest! He grabbed me, and held me up pinned against the wall.

"What the fuck was that!"

"I don't know....."

"I wanna do it again....damn this feels great!"

He looked at me with a sparkle in his eyes.

"There is nothing more that I wanna do right now except to you bed and screw you till you scream, except for one thing."

"What's that?"

"Doin' the same thing with my boyfriend. I think I go find some type of clothes to fit into and go pull him outta class...."

"Speaking of class young man, what were you doing out of it?"

It was Scot. He apparently saw most of what transpired and Aww shit! I missed the transformation on him...........

"I got permission to work on my computer project at home, since we have more advanced computers. Besides even if I had decided to cut class, what are you gonna do about it now?"

"You may be big, but you don't everything. I'm still your dad and I could take you down. But for right now, go get your boyfriend and have fun. Which by the way reminds me. You never told me you had a BOYfriend."

"You never asked."

"Well don't make him too tired. I may want to meet him."

"Same for your new lover there. See ya, Uncle Sean. Nice new look and thanks for what ya did to me."

Jacob ran upstairs and left us alone. Scot turned to me. He stood as tall as I did and was heavily muscled, though not nearly as big as I was, but definitely no slouch.

"Well I can see why it is you needed to get away from it all. Jacob's right. Nice new look, but those clothes....that cum stain color isn't quite in fashion."

Scot led me back up to his bedroom. He pushed me to the bed and slowly pulled my clothes off, rubbing them against my skin. I got rock hard. Scot was gorgeous before, but now...and he a regressed to be about my age, or younger I think! My dick was slappin against my nipples. He pulled his clothes off and revealed his package that had grown to go about half way up his abs. He gently moved in on me, face to face. He glided his face to the back of my neck and gently nibbled my ear. Then moving down he gave me kisses down my neck and chest, breaking into a long, velvety lick til he got to my crotch. He placed his mouth on the side of my prick and slowly glossed up to the head. He then placed the head in his mouth and began to suck me of ever so slowly, I thought I would explode from blue balls by the time he finished. He almost had me reaching orgasm when he bit the end. I let a little yelp and he jumped up knocked me to the bed and popped his beef stick into my mouth. I firmly grabbed his ass and started rocking him back and forth while he was in my mouth. I ran my tongue everywhere and kept loosening and tightening the seal, which I formed around his organ with my mouth. He began to moan loudly. He pulled out, flipped me over and laid down flat on top of me. He matched my position perfectly and if I moved, he moved with me. He began to gyrate his hips so that his long, thick schlong slid up and down my back. While doing this he messaged my hands and then sat up to work on my arms, neck and back. My god stop....I'm gonna burrow a hole in this mattress! He then flipped around. Still skimming his precious prick up and down my back, he began to message, smell and kiss my feet!. Every once in a while giving them a tickle. He then groped and felt my legs, grabbing and pinching the hamstrings particularly hard. Again he flipped around. This time he started fondling my ass and he stuck his face in and began to lick slow long strokes. I was shaking, trembling, I was gonna blow and make Jacob's spew look like an infants piss stream. Then he got up and backed off. I lay there turning questions in my mind. "What the fuck is he doing?" "Is he getting something?" My dick became petrified. "Touch me again you fucknut!" My balls ached so much I began to cry. "What is he waiting for!!!" I was almost about up and turning around, when a wave and pain and pleasure came from my ass. "Ughnnnnmmmmm!"

Scot had waited just long enough and then slammed into my butt, but hard. I the sensation was over whelming. I nearly lost consciousness. He began pounding with long, full strokes, while using his hands to stroke my body in time, rhythm and action to his prick. I grabbed the sheets, tearing them, trying to hold on to this feeling as long as I could. Suddenly he asked, "What do you want from me?"


"What do you want from me. IF you could have any part of my body, what would you want from me?"

I thought this kind of silly to ask, but I was too caught up in ecstasy, so I answered think more of his member than of his body.

"I want your muscles."

I felt that center of my brain explode as I reached orgasm. A few seconds later he reached his pinnacle too and exploded inside of me. I felt a rush of energy surge through my body. Scot collapsed on top of me, but I began to slowly feel another heaviness. I. I, myself felt heavier, stronger. I rolled Scot over and walked across the room. My footsteps seemed louder than before. I looked in the mirror and gasped at what I saw. I was enormous before, I was completely freaky now! I stumbled backwards to and on top of the bed. I fell beside Scot who placed his arms around me, snuggled to my chest and we fell asleep.

The next morning, Scot helped me get some new clothes, and gave me the key to his penthouse.

"Well it's late evening now, so it should be fairly quiet. Most everyone should be checked in. I'll have my longest stretch limo take you there and let you in the back door. Hopefully, the limo will be long enough that you don't effect my driver, although Luis might be quite the turn on after a sniff of you,"


"Don't worry about it. From the back door head straight down the hall, it runs into the lobby with the elevators immediately on the left. Press the penthouse button and turn this key in the lock and away you go. You give Madam what's her face directions?"

"Yes I did and she'll be there around two in the afternoon and work the magick to stop this. Shouldn't take very long."

"Great then I'll be there around three to perform some voodoo."

I got into the limo and rode to the Hotel. It was long enough to keep the scent from Luis. I'm sure Scot will be disappointed. I ran through the garage and past the back doorman so as not to trigger him. I got into the elevator, pressed the button and turned the key. The doors were just about shut when about four or five hands all stuck themselves in the way causing them to open. About seven teenage boys anywhere from five-foot two to six foot six got in.

"You boys go ahead up to your room and go to bed, we've got a bid day ahead of us tomorrow with all the sights to see. I'm gonna check with the manager about my room. Remember I'm just a floor below. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be on the same floor."

"Okay, Mr. Harris," the boys answered mock politely.

I was going to move out of the elevator, but they held to their positions, blocking my way. I could knock them over, but with their chaperone in the lobby there that would draw undue attention and people to myself. One of them looks at me.

"Hey are you a wrestler?"

"Uhm, no."

"Oh. That's cool. You're big enough to be one. Thought you might be. We've got tickets to go see some wrestling tomorrow night."

"I see." I said. "And what school are you guys with?"

"Oh we're not with any school. We're part of a group called 'Late Bloomers' for kids who don't mature until very late."

"Well, what do you guys have to worry about. I mean you're all around twelve to fifteen or so right?"

"Oh no! Minors can't go on trips to the big city. It's supposedly too dangerous. All of us are senior types. Eighteen years old. It's just none of us have tried to grow up yet." They all laughed.

The elevator doors started to close as they finally pushed their button.

"So all of you are eighteen."

"Yes sir, we're all eighteen. Hey.....What's that smell?"

I think I'm gonna have some funů •

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