Making of Master, The


By radmuscle77

I did everything just as he had said and I still had a few minutes to spare. I even lubed myself up just in case. I thought about everything that had just gone on and could not put together how James had set this all up. I really didn’t have anymore time left so I walked into the living room in front of Josh and assume the position awaiting instructions.

“Good boy, it seems you really want this” he said sitting on the couch. “Why don’t you come over here in front of me on all fours? I want you to be my foot-rest for a while” I did as he said. He kept me there for a pretty long time. My arms felt like they were starting to give out but he finally took his feet off of me and said,” go into the fridge and get me a beer and the assume the position again”

Again I did as he said, assuming the position as he swallowed half the beer down. For the next couple of hours he kept testing me having me do menial things. Order food for him; answer the door naked, paying for the food, feeding him, getting him beers.

Then he stands up, grabs me under my chin to look up at him and says” if I said describe me in one word right now what would it be?”

“Master, sir” I said meekly hoping that that was the correct answer.

“Good boy, as a reward you can pull out my cock from my pants and just put the head in your mouth” he said staring down at me.

Doing just as he said I looked up at him wondering what he wanted me to do next. Then I felt this warm salty liquid filling my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow.

“That’s a good boy,” tapping the last drops in my mouth. “You have earned the right to wear this tonight.” He said putting the collar around my neck. ”I expect you to earn it always as you have today. Now get into the bedroom for the real fun to begin boy”

Boy he wasn’t kidding. The man was definitely not kidding. He fucked me six ways to heaven with his 10 inch wrist thick cock. First Master ordered me on the bed on my back. He stood there staring with that evil smirk for a minute and the climbed on top of me.

“Boy, this is going to hurt you at first, but it doesn’t matter what you feel all that matters is what I fell. Got it boy.” And with that said he slammed all 10 inches into me. He stood there for a few moments letting me adjust to his size and slowly started to build up speed. The whole time this was going on, he kept staring into my face, watching my reactions.

Then out of nowhere he starts lifting me off the bed and stands up. His cock still up my ass, my legs wrapped around his waist, and my tiny hands on his enormous bi’s holding on for dear life. He had this look of just animal lust on him. He placed his large hands under my ass lifting me up and slamming me down on his cock, using me as a conduit to get himself off. My face slammed into his powerful chest licking and sucking any surface my face smushed into.

“Boy, you’re so light I could do this all day” he grunted as I felt his flexing bi’s working me up and down. We must have stayed in that position for an hour before this monster stud finally came. With one hand he lifted me off him and threw me on the bed.

“I want you on all fours boy, face in the pillow ready for a hard fuck” At this point I was all worked up and I haven’t cum yet. “I’m gonna fuck you real hard boy, and the more you scream the harder I fuck and we are gonna cum together got it”

“Yeeesss, Masster” I said as he was ramming me. True to his word the more I screamed yelled and cursed the harder I got it until he roared out “CUM now” and we exploded all over the place. After that we just collapsed on the bed.

I woke up the next morning and master was gone. I went around the apartment calling for master, with his cum all over my face and body and still dripping out my boypussy. I opened the office door and found James there at the computer looking up at me laughing.

“Hello James nice of you to finally show up.” I said snidely “have you seen Maste….uhm I mean josh. Did he leave somewhere?”

“No, Mikey Josh isn’t around at the moment” James said snickering

“Oh, do you know when he will be back? I just uhm wanted to uhn talk to him for a second” The whole time while I spoke to him he was hysterically laughing and crying. I didn’t get it then I though I must really look funny. ”Alright, get it all out, we got together last night and I haven’t cleaned up yet or taken off my collar.” With that he busted out laughing.

Finally he calmed down and said, “That’s not it Mikey, Josh was never here.” •

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