Male Scent


By F.R.Eaky


"Well, what do you guys have to worry about. I mean you're all around twelve to fifteen or so right?"

"Oh no! Minors can't go on trips to the big city. It's supposedly too dangerous. All of us are senior types. Eighteen years old. It's just none of us have tried to grow up yet." They all laughed.

The elevator doors started to close as they finally pushed their button.

"So all of you are eighteen."

"Yes sir, we're all eighteen. Hey.....What's that smell?"

I think I'm gonna have some fun........ No! I can't do this I gotta get control. I pushed the boys aside and just barely made it through the door and ran down the hall. I got to the stairwell and started the climb up to the penthouse floor. Okay, I'm away from them. They won't know where I am and I can keep a lid on this 'til tomorrow. I've saved them a lot of trouble, their parents a lot of headaches, and me a lot fond memories. No! Can't think like that. Jeez even though with this body I'm not tired, it still is a LONG way up. I'm praying no one is usin' the stairs.

Eventually, I make it to the top floor, down the long hall to the door, and inside where I collapse on the couch. I'm still fantasizing about the boys, Scot, Jacob, the cabbie.....But I couldn't let this get out of hand. I mean how would we explain all of these huge men cropping up? I did the right thing. It was best to leave those boys like that than to have to explain to parents and authorities what happened. That's when the door shut and I jump up with a shot.

"You're right, Greg. The dude is what smelled. " "What....How did you..."

"You'd already programmed the elevator for the penthouse, Duh!", Ping said. "When Greg said he thought it was you that smelled, we figured we'd ride the elevator to see what floor you got off on and wait for you there. We never figured it was the penthouse. What digs!"

"You gotta go." "No, you gotta tell us why a giant man, who's not a wrestler, smells so bad? What's your gig anyway?" "It's a long story and I don't have time." I ran for the door to open it and usher them out." You young men have got to....." "Augh!"

"Greg! Are you o-oooohu!"

"Steve, whaaa-uh!"

I turned and saw that my darkest fear, my current deepest fantasy, was coming true. The boys began to grow. Each one of them, as Jacob had done before, went from current height to full height in a matter of seconds, but still looked as if they we're in junior high. Then slowly they began to get taller, as if they were having their growth spurt all over again, only this time they were experiencing puberty and becoming men.

Greg, the shortest at five foot two, started first. Blam! Within mere seconds he ripped outta his clothes and stood six foot one. Then slowly he continued to grow getting taller, wider, and broader. What originally started out as a cute little Irish looking lad was now a burly Irish MAN. I ran with a tape measure and took notes. Seven foot two and a fourth inches. A thick mop of red hair hiding piercing green eyes, connecting to an awesome reddish five o'clock shadow, dense thick red hair all over his chest and a body fit for a gymnast.

Steve and Sky, the twins were next. Golden skinned babes from the Native Tribes. Their bodies sprang up from five foot five to six foot four and a half and slowly like great stalks of sunflowers climbed to height of seven foot six and a fourth inches tall. Their jet black hair coming down to meet the middle of their broadening back. They were one of the major athletic ones. Wished to be football stars, and their new bodies showed it. Massive amounts of smooth, hairless, reddish tanned, beefy muscle were packed on their frames. They could be a whole NFL team by themselves now.

Pat was next. The average American boy. Slight frame, brown eyes, and brownish-blond hair. His five foot eight boyish looks sprang up to six foot nine and continued on to become eight feet one half inch of model madness. All American hunk in king size. His frame was somewhere between the gymnast and the football player. A broader, bigger Brad Pitt.

Dustin and Tommy, short for Tomas, were next. They we're the basketball players. Dustin was African-American, deep black thoughtful eyes with his rich ebony skin on a lanky frame. Tommy was pure Latino. Brown puppy eyes with a beetles cut, jet black hair, and an olive complexion. Dustin looked like he jumped about a mile when the spurt hit him. Wham! Six feet to seven foot two in nothing flat. Thomas became super stretch! Zing! From five foot eleven to seven foot even. Inch by inch they crept their way taller and taller. Dustin became an eight foot eight and a fourth tall Nubian prince with Tommy not too far behind at eight foot six Aztec god! Both were slightly larger built than swimmers. These were members of the dream team. Let's play ball boys!

Ping was next. His real name was Yu something. I never quite caught it. But they used to tease him about looking like Mulan, so they called him "Ping." He was into lifting weights for body sculpting. His oriental features with that boyish face made him look like a china doll, but that soon changed. He saw what had happened to the others and tried to meditate his way through it, but he screamed like the rest of them when it hit and his five eleven frame suddenly sprang up to six ten and then on to eight foot four. His muscles came in huge, yet almost graceful like. He wasn't quite as big as Steve and Sky, but he was far beyond the swimmer or gymnast build. His feathery, onyx hair, covering his deep, thoughtful and perplexed almond eyes. He looked at himself in wonder and started doing Tai Chi to get used to his body. Hmmm, oriental cooking. This was Jet Li, king-sized!

The last one effected was Lars. What would this do to Lars? He already looked like a Nordic giant, being what once was the tallest at six foot six; but it hit him as well. He went so fast you swore you heard the tendons rip. One second he was six -six, the next he was seven foot ten and a fourth and eventually grew to be nine and a half feet tall. He also was majorly into football and the muscle that began to pack in on his limbs showed it.

I was in heaven eight boys, now men between seven two and nine foot six and all muscular to some varying degree. They began to shift their weight looking at one another. They felt up their bodies to make sure it was real. Eventually they all smiled and looked at me. Their cocks grew and grew and grew. You see them all from half way up their abs to Lars who did like mine and touched the top of my chest.

There they stood massive, giant men with logs for penises.

"We're freakin' unreal!" said Dustin.

"Yeah, but Lars still has you beat there buddy." Called out Greg.

Tommy finally turned to me and said, "I think we need to thank you for this. We smelled you before this happened, but now I don't. Does anybody else?"

"No." was the reply from all of them. Nervously I asked. "So how do you purpose to thank me?"

Lars replied quickly, "By jumping your bones...." And a wry smile came over his face.

"But you boys don't have too."

"It's cool. We're all gay. Our teacher doesn't know it, but we all had come to that conclusion about two years ago. So, chill and relax. We're gonna party tonight. Each and every single one of us.", said Dustin.

Lars came close and hovered over me, "Besides, I've been hot for you since we came into the elevator!"

He picked me up and placed me on the couch and began to fondle my crotch. Watching them grow, I had already blow, so my jeans were wet and I thought for sure I wouldn't rise to the occasion, but some how I did.

Suddenly I thought, "Hey wait a minute guys before we get carried away, what are you gonna tell your teacher? I mean all eight of you have suddenly grown up and become men and giants at that. What are we gonna do?"

"That's tomorrow.", said Steve. "THIS!" he said flexing his arm, "THIS is tonight. Besides, he's in bed by now anyway, in one room or another depending on if he got his room arrangement fixed."

"Well we need to think of some story to tell him about the nine of yo.....Wait I just said nine. There were nine of you in the elevator earlier. Where's the other guy?"

"Oh he saw the gym in the other room and decide to give it a go. He'd like to be a bodybuilder, but his muscles don't seem to grow."

"Well there about to." I said with a smile.

"No don't go...."

"Hey I can't leave your buddy like that and you guys being behemoths and all. How fair is that to him. Besides, it'll happen sooner or later when he comes in to see what your up too."

We all went to the gym. It was empty, but there was no other way out than through the front door and we hadn't seen him in the living room during the transformation. The boys lined up along one wall, and I lied down underneath the bench press and began hackin' out some weights. Okay almost all of the weight in the gym. Damn I still can't get over how big and strong I am. And I'm nothing compared to these kids.

We heard a commode flush, fairly soon a door opened and out stepped their friend JeanPaul. J.P. was around five foot ten and had a nice slim physic about him; if he lifted weights it showed little. Look wise he kind of reminded me of Joseph Fiennes, from Shakespeare in Love. Feathery black hair, smoldering eyes with long eyelashes, pouty , full lips. He strolled over to a machine bench press next to the free weight one I was on.

"So you did get off here. I was beginning to wonder."

He didn't even notice the guys along the wall.

"So how many reps of what weight can you do?"

"I'm not sure I lose count. You lift?"

"I try." And he began to crank away at the weights. They were a little heavy for him, but he kept pushin' himself harder and harder. I started lifting with him too, keeping his pace. He was stripped down to just his shorts. I watched his muscles work under the pressure of the weight. I wondered how he'd grow. From the lifting of the weight, watchin' him work out, and my own lusty thoughts, I began to get hot and sweaty. Not just sweaty, but very sweaty. I took my shirt and pants off and kept lifting. Before long I had the bench and the floor covered in puddles of sweat.

We switched machines and free weights frequently. We had gone through a complete workout cycles. I was just about to give up and head for the showers, when he finally piped up.

"So you were what caused the smell."


"I said, 'You were what caused the smell.', and you smell twice if not three times as bad now. God your rank!"

He kept lifting the weights, then suddenly he had a little trouble pushin' them up. He let out a little groan. One of his friends spoke up from the corner. "Hey, Jean Paul, take it easy. Don't strain yourself."

"No pain, no gain man." And slowly he lifted the weight up, but he was seized by a massive spasm. He doubled over and turned red, then purple. His body kind of began to turn almost black. His spasm released and he fell back on the bench with a loud groan. His eyes were still wincing in pain and his mouth still ushered forth little moans. Suddenly he stood straight up, but yelled as if in excruciating pain and his breathing became labored.

He pointed out his left foot and flexed it. Slowly we could see it growing. Not just growing as the other boys did. This didn't spurt, then slowly grow huge. His foot just started growing and didn't stop till it looked to be almost three feet long and almost a foot wide. He flexed his other foot and it two grew and grew. His breathing became faster and faster and he started moaning. He pointed his leg out and flexed his calves. He shins started to get longer, longer, growing into long spindly legs that soon started to fill up as if he was being pumped up with helium. The calves filled until they looked like a balloon ready to burst. Then they stopped, quivering a little. Slowly parts of it began to shrink back stretching across the bulbous mound of muscle. The skin tightened itself around the thick chain of tendon and sinew connecting to the thick huge ankle and foot.

When both shins/calves were done he flexed his thighs and as before they got longer and longer and the quads got fuller and thicker. His muscles were vast! Enormous! They looked twice as big and thick as the other boys. The muscle pumped out so far you thought it'd flex of his skin. Rips, ridges, cuts so deep in muscle so thick, they'd become valleys you could loose a child in. But something else was slightly askew. These legs looked far longer than the other boys did. I mean even in comparison with Lars....

Next he kind of flexed and squatted like he was taking a dump, and we saw his but expand out, not too far out, but out, bubble and harden, and then, the package in his shorts began to bunch. It was getting larger, more cramped. He soon had a good sized lump of mass in his BVDs and it was continuing to grow, stretching the fabric to its limits. Eventually we hear his underwear rip and saw it flutter to the ground, revealing a now free fire hose that hung from crotch to just below the knee. From that squatting position, he started to do crunches, then he stood up and started to roll his stomach. Slowly you began to see the cuts appear in his abs. The began to roll slower as the cuts got deeper and each little ab began to plump up bigger til they looked like seven huge roll tops stuffed in a bread pan. Mmmmm I'd love to run butter down those.

J.P. next began to flex his chest back and forth and with each flick, his chest would jump out. Flex, pop, you could see a chest outline. Flex, pop - you could see it from a natural average ridge. Flex, pop - they now hung like to crescent moons; good gymnast material. Flex, pop. Flex, pop. Flex pop. He was now approaching a deep, wide, thick chest almost ready for big boy competition. Flex, pop. Flex, pop. His pecs were huge, freaky slabs. Even without the lats and back he appeared to be as broad as the wall. Flex, pop. Fleee-e-ex, pop. His chest stuck so far out. It barreled out from the rest of his body. He almost looked cartoonish. His nipples were not only pushed way down, but almost looked inverted, pointing back to his own body! And now he was flexing his back and shoulders. He shoulders blew up first. I thought Lars and mine were big, but these. I mean forget cannon balls. They were as big around as wheels. And the back moved upward and outward. Broader, BROADER, B R O A D E R ! I think he was as wide as a semi-trailer. The "V" tapered down to his waist all right, but he was so broad that the "V" was a little distorted, looking more like a bracket }.

The flexing continued up his neck, where the muscles became so thick and huge, it looked like it was having a hard time connecting to his head. The flexing and pulsing worked its way down to the arms and J.P. started doing all kinds of bodybuilding poses. Biceps pose, a triceps pose, a most muscular pose. And every time he flexed his bicep, it leaped up higher. It'd mound larger. It went from lump, to baseball, to football, to basketball, to as big around as my head! And the tri's weren't any different. They matched the biceps inch for inch. Then he began to flex his wrist and his forearm expanded. It grew and grew, plumped and pumped, pulsed and popped till you didn't believe you were looking at a forearm. You were looking at thighs right?

Then, J.P. stopped he hung his head and stood there with his chest and back heaving, as if he were a bodybuilder contestant waiting to be judged. Then he began to scratch, a little on his chest at first, then his arms, and his face, and his legs. The striations that were on his body began to get covered up a little bit with hair. It came in thick and rich on his calves and thighs and small sprinkling on his feet. It came in next on his forearms with a hint on his upper. Then you could see a small scattering on his chest and abs. You couldn't say his was a baby chest, but you couldn't call him hairy. It was just enough to hint at a love trail; just enough to play with. It was a tease and a half. And then it came in on his face. He got a beard, but one of those stubble ones, the two day beard look. However, you could tell. He had that type of facial growth - shave at six a.m. and by eleven he had a five o'clock shadow. The last of it came as the hair on his head grew down and hid his face. A thick, ebony, flowing mane of light, fluffy hair.

I grabbed the tap measure and ran over to him. I stopped. I, at seven foot, wasn't looking at a human; I was looking up a wall. The smell spell had increased with my working out. I was meeting him eye to crotch! With him against the wall and the tape measure in my quivering hand, I slowly raised and moved the tape. I backed away from the wall, both of them, and whistled.

"Sorry Lars.... I'm sure you could already tell, but he's far bigger than you are. Eleven feet even."

The boys gasped. J.P. placed his huge hands on my shoulders, which now seemed so small. I watched his dick as it began to slower expand and grow thicker, longer, harder. Crept up to his abs, up to his chest, up to his chin, up to his mouth, and finally stopped at his eyes. He pulled my close and said, "My wildest dream has come true and I think it's time to pay back."

From the other side of the room Steve yelled out "Penis Party!"

J.P. picked me up and carried me into the living room. The other guys had made their way in there and pulled out the sofa bed, laid out the cushions and pillows and went into a few of the bedrooms and got the mattresses and pillows out of there. Before long, the whole living room floor was one giant bed. Someone eventually lit all the candles and a fire in the fireplace, and turned on some soft music and turned off the lights. J. P. lay back on a section of the "bed" while I bent over.

"No...." he said softly, I'll wear you out or break you if I take you first, you won't be able to have the others then. "

He slapped his member and grabbed me by mine and slowly tugged letting his hand slide to end of my shaft as he pulled. I approached his cock, took his precum and lathered my hands with it and slid them up and down the enormous length. I then started sucking on the head while rubbing my hands, arms and body up and down the shaft. The whole time he was pulling and tugging on my mine with one hand and rubbing my balls with the other. It seemed like an eternity but finally he began to arch his back in ecstasy. His eyes were in the back of his head, and he screamed out "What do you want from me?"

God, this was weird. Scot asked the same thing when we made love.


"What do you want from me?"

I wasn't sure what to say. But I remember looking up at him to see his face. I mean he was lying down so I didn't have to actually look "up" at him, but I remember thinking his face still seemed so far away to look at. "Hmmm," I groaned, "Your height."

No sooner had I said those words than he shot his load. I drank and drank and drank all of his man juice. It seemed like gallons. I couldn't believe how much he held; how much I was drinking!

He seemed to settle down, but then almost as quickly raised back up again.

"O!...mmmnnnnn. Eeeahhhhh, uh uh uh . O god! I'm gonna blow again! What do you want from me!"

I was using my feet to grope his big huge arms at the time marveling at them while I continued to nibble on his dick, so I answered, "Your muscles."

Again, he arched back in supreme bliss with his eye looking at his brain and again I was treated to the manly milkshake, I had just taken seconds before. It came long, fast, and constant as it did the first time. I couldn't believe he was gushing a load like this so soon. I couldn't believe I was drinking it all again! J.P. slumped from his arched position and laid there breathing heavy but drifting into a deep sleep. That's when Lars found me. I felt this tickling at my rear and suddenly - penetration. Ugh! The action was so intense! The rubbing caused a quivering in my lip, along with a slight pressure and pain in my ass. The two combined to send me reeling into orgasm and I sent a huge load splattering onto J.P.'s stomach.

"Damnit, I missed that serving!" Lars boomed out.

His hand came around my torso grabbed my prick and smacked it while stuffing more of his freaking huge anaconda up my bubble butt!

"Naughty boy. Can't you see? J.P. is spent. I'm your partner NOW!" and in further went the branch of this mighty redwood. J.P. continued to pull me back, pushing himself in and then pushing me away. He'd ask all sort of questions and if I didn't give him the right answer, he'd smack my dong, squeeze my balls or pinch my nipples. He seemed like an eternity of this blissful roughhousing. I don't know how I was taking it or how long it had gone on, but finally his actions became a little sparatic. His pushing and pulling became jerky and I realized he was going to blow. His back arched. His hands clawed. His feet pointed and stretched. His head tilted back and his eye glazed over and suddenly he asked, "What do you want from me?"

I thought, okay the big guy listened in on J.P. and I and figured he'd ask the same questions. So I played along and answered as I had before. But, just as J.P. had done, so did Lars. Within a matter of seconds he was cumming not once, but twice. A huge torrent of manly milkshake flooding my ass. Yet, I felt none dribble out. My tired body now felt energized and I watched Lars collapse on the bed breathing heavy and writhing in pleasure. The next guy soon caught me up. The Irish giant, Greg, grabbed me next. He was the playful one. We rolled and tickled and fondled until he just popped his dick in my mouth and exploded. He fell back spent as Pat came and got me. He was the macho one. He laid down flat and had me do squat thrusts on his prick. Then he flipped me over and proceeded to do pushups in my ass. He ordered me to reach behind and feel him up, while I counted each rep of push-ass. When he gave in, Ping came over and worked on me. He used an eastern approach. He pressed pressure points on me here and there and I felt ecstasy like I've never felt it before. Waves of pleasure would ripple through my body, through my member -!- each time he pressed a spot on my skin. He would stroke himself faster and harder each time he heard me moan. He kept messaging my body, pressing here, stick a small needle there. My whole body was feeling the tantalizing tingle from toes to lower lip! I felt like I was going to explode and I started to shake. Ping quickly applied more pressure points and my shaking stopped, but the feeling didn't and the points, needles, and rub downs started all over again with this feeling building up in me. He made me shake three times or so and then finally started working my ass inside and out and on the fourth time of shaking he pressed some pressure points and I released and jerked and spasmed like I was sending out every ounce of male energy I had. He came at the same time and slumped over on me drained but happy.

Steve and Sky joined me next, working me in tandem. The came up and found something to use for war paint and gave me a design on my face. They started slapping me and chanting, as if they were looking for a fight. I grabbed one of them and tried to get him to the ground. I almost succeeded, but the brother came around and got me. We wrestled for a while and then I felt a pain on me right hand, something sharp had just been dragged across it. Each of the twins took turns shaking my cut hand and I noticed theirs were cut too! Then they took some of all of our blood and painted designs on themselves and me and then began to grope and fondle me while chanting. I started to break my moaning into kind of a chant and they really went wild. Finally, Steve put his colossal cock in my mouth while Sky went in for an anal probe. The started squeezing areas on my body faster and faster and I seemed to be having seizures of pleasure as my body just shook and trembled. Soon I took protein shots from both ends and I got it ALL!

Dustin was next. He called him self an Egyptian prince, heir to the pharaohs. He was part human, part god, and in his case that god was cat like. He ordered me to bow before him and then demanded that I give him a bath. Not just any old bath, a tongue bath! I glossed my tongue over every inch and in every cranny that body had. He lit up incense and potpourri 'til we were almost high of the smell. He then had me lie down on his "throne" where he said he would bestow godhood on me. He dove in with his royal staff and massaged my body upward from waist to shoulders as he went in, then kind of clawed his way back down scratching my back as he pulled out. When he delivered his spiritual essence, the last of them, Tomas, came over. Tommy had found or made a black mask. He proclaimed himself to be Zorro, then Don Juan.

He took roses he found and ran the petals up and down my body as he groped and fondled it. Rolling my pecs around with one hand and my balls with the other. The whole time he was reciting poetry in Spanish then English, on how beautiful I was. He then gave me a series of long passionate kisses; entwining our tongues and working around mine like it was another appendage. He slowly rolled me over and very slowly pushed in side, while singing slow, low, and soft love songs. He pulled out just as slow. This was an intercourse that would take months! But this sent shivers down my spine! I think I came not once, twice, but three times before Tommy finally did and collapsed in a heap.

I crawled my way to center of the "bed." I was a little sore, tired, and in a dazed and blissful state over all the lovemaking. I had felt recharged after each encounter, but now I suddenly felt VERY tired. I tried to think though on what was happening. Each of them wound up asking that question "What do you want from me?", and I in turn had responded with height and muscle to each of them in some way or another. As I pondered this problem I soon drifted of to sleep. I began to have a fantasy dream. I just had mine come true, how could I be having a fantasy!?! But I saw myself walking through these woods and it seemed that the deeper I went, the trees and the houses I came across kept getting smaller and smaller. I soon came to rest by a house that only stood as tall as my waist. While I was resting nine little dwarves came out and proceed to fondle, and grope, and cuddle up to me. Each of them eventually falling asleep in some vast crevice of my body. Eventually though, another dwarf came out and started rubbing on my thigh and sucking on my schlong. The sensation became so very real that I began to wake up. I glanced down, and thought I saw Sean. Na..... he couldn't be here. I shook my head to clear it, not much good. My eyes were starting to roll with pleasure. I looked down again, and Sean was still there. He put his finger up to his lips and said "Shhhhhhh."

I realized that I felt like something was lying on various parts of my body, so I glance around to see what was causing the feeling. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sky and Steve were curled up near my abs. Pat was cuddled next to one arm and Greg next to the other. Lars and J.P. were each holding onto a leg in their raptured sleep and Dustin and Tommy were near my feet and Ping was on my left shoulder. But,... they looked so small! I glanced down at Sean, who was still working on my member and he smiled a wry smile. He raised his hand in a "wait a moment" gesture and kept working on my engorged dong. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I moaned and came in a great torrent. Sean sat there and took it all, hungrily like he couldn't miss a drop. Then slowly he started crawling his way up to me. It was amazing, for being over eight feet he looked very small to me. Yet, now he didn't look so small. He had climbed up to my waist and was approaching my abs. I began to feel a heaviness on me. It was getting heavier, but it warm and sexy feeling like that of another body. Then I realized, Sean's feet were still touching mine! I looked down again to see his head at the top of my chest, with a wide grin. His muscles were getting even more enormous then they had been, full and pumped with blood. Slowly he reached my face, staring at me eye to eye. He was as big as I was and we were, I was pretty sure, bigger than the boys.

He saw the questioning look on my face and spoke, "Madame was here. It's now five o'clock the next evening. It seems you had quite and orgy last night. We had a hard time trying to get anyone awake. Anyhow it seems your potion had a double whammy. Those that you made grow, could in turn make you grow, and as you can tell the boys certainly did make you grow. Madame met us this morning and came into the apartment. She gave you and herbal rub down that would cancel the spell, so it's no longer working, but she can't undo the effects of it, so we're all stuck as these huge, hung, big, beefy men, damn the luck."

"The teacher finally figured out where the boys were and called the cops. Lars went out to talk to them. You can bet they didn't give him much trouble. The police were at first confused, because the teacher was talking about his minors and of course Lars didn't look like a minor. They eventually got all the boys up and they all pulled out their driver's license and compared faces to pictures. Luckily the boys still looked enough like themselves that the police believed who they were. Ping told them he was helping you conduct an experiment, after you two had talked in the elevator and an accident occurred. They all felt fine and liked the changes and decided that they wanted to stay here for a while. Mr. Harris said no, they had to go back and that was that. But, seeing how the boys are all eighteen, and giants, legally there was nothing the police could do. If the boys decided they wanted to stay, they could stay. The police did say however that the parents should be notified of the accident and the boys all lined up for pictures and recording of stats so that the parents would know what's gonna eventually come home to them."

"After that was settled, Dad and I showed up. He saw you were spent and changed, and decided he'd get to work having this penthouse rebuilt to accommodate you, since you're now so big your not getting through the door. It was decided however that you couldn't be this big all by yourself. What would happen if you went nuts or something? Someone had to be able to match you. Madame agreed. It was decided that straws would be drawn to see who the lucky person was. I don't know how Dad's gonna take it, but I decided to get in on that pool and I won! So, Madame made another potion for me to drink and as soon as I drank your essence I would grow to match you, and voila!"

As he was describing this I could feel him get heavier as his muscles filled in. He moaned a little during the discussion as his member, and mine, began to get ragging hard ons, which we enjoyed feeling slip up our bodies, but good knight how they grew! Our cocks came to the top of our chest and past it, our chins, our mouths, our eyes and eventually stood about two feet past the top of our head! We rubbed up and down each other a little bit, feeling our pulsing rods of power.

"So, do you wanna know how tall we've become?", he said breathlessly.

"Yes!" I moaned.

"Twenty feet four inches tall."

We both came on the spot.

"I can't wait to find out my other stats....." I said.

"We'll measure ourselves, tomorrow."

And we both fell asleep. •

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