By Bruno

Dr. Jack Johnson was sore and angry. It had been the worst day of his life. Not only had he gotten stable duty, but the damn horses wouldn't cooperate when he was giving them their daily injections. Jack was just glad that the whole day was over, and that he could lie down and relax. Jack got into the shower and let the water fall all over his body. He tried to pull his mind away from the events of the day, but every time he seemed to, he was dragged back in.

Stable Duty was the worst assignment to get at Packardt Research Labs. As one of the interns there, Jack knew that he would get assigned to it at least once every two weeks, but today had been the third time in a row. "I must have pissed off some-one," he thought as he put his boots on. The walk down to the stables from the lab wasn't far, but it had rained all last night, and the walk was muddy. Jack grabbed the digital thermometer, files, and the injection gun from the locked cabinet. "Well, I'll just get this over with and get back here in time for coffee."

Jack went into the stables. "Morning, guys," he called out. There were 9 stallions; all of them prime candidates for the muscle enhancer that Packardt was working on. The research was going well, and hopefully Packardt would be able to put the injection before the FDA in two years or so. The scientists at Packardt were hoping that their new drug, Mack-11, would enable animals, and later people who had genetic muscle disintegration use their bodies again. Right now the test subjects were all healthy stallions, but the muscle growth that they had exhibited was wonderful. Each month, the stallions seemed to get faster and faster when tested on the track, and their weight seemed to go up and up, and it wasn't fat but lean muscle mass.

The injection wasn't a steroid, but a compound of some sort of genetic material. Jack wasn't too sure about it since he had just gotten his internship at Packardt, and was more of a go-fer than anything else. Jack hoped that soon he would learn more about the product and be able to help perfect it. He had a friend whose sister had MD, and he dreamt of the day that he would be able to help people like Paula.

The first 5 stallions had behaved just fine. Jack had taken their temperature, gotten a pulse, respiration rate, and a weight. He then had swabbed down the left hock with alcohol, took out the injection gun, and in 1 second it was all over. You could tell from the look the horse gave you that they felt the injection, but it was over so fast that it was probably more of an irritant than a pain.

It had been fuckin Aries that had caused all of the problems. He could tell the horse was being temperamental as soon as he walked into his stable. Aires was a huge black stallion with the most gorgeous coat, and huge black eyes. Jack often wished that he was one of the people that got to ride the stallions on the track when they were going through their speed trials, but he was always the one holding the watch, not the reigns. He could just imagine what it felt like to have such a beast between his legs. Aries exuded power.

Jack stepped up to Aries and pet the huge beast. "Good-boy," he said as he went down to the tail area. You know what to do. Jack stuck the digital thermometer up the horse's rectum, and waited for the temp to show up. Aries kicked at Jack as he waited, but Jack was able to get out of the way before getting hit. "Come-down, boy. With your big ass-hole you can't feel much of this," he said. Finally the temp showed up, and Jack wrote it down.

"Okay, boy. We'll just give you this injection, and it will be all over with." Jack took the gun out of his coat pocket and walked around to the horse's hock. Perhaps the alcohol swab had been cold, because Aires pulled away from Jack and had a look in his eye that made him nervous. "You've been through this one hundred times. One… two… and…" Jack was just about to stick the gun on Aires hock and pull the trigger when the horse picked up its back leg and hit Jack right in the thigh.

Jack went right down to the ground landing on the gun. He felt the quick blow of the gun as it shot right into his left leg. "Fuck!!!" Jack cried out. Aires turned around with a look in his eye that made Jack want to get the hell out of the stable. Jack began to stand up, but the horse kicked him again, sending Jack flying, and once again he landed on the hand with the gun in it, this time injecting himself over and over again three times in his left side. "I'm gonna die here," Jack though as the horse went for him again. The blow this time came to Jack's right side, and once again, the gun went off, hitting Jack with 5 doses into his ass. Just when he though it was going to be the last blow that did it, Aries calmed down and walked away to the other side of the stable.

Jack stared at the horse and wondered if it was going to come at him again. After sitting in horseshit and hay for two minutes, Jack attempted to get up. When the horse made no move to go, Jack quietly grabbed his stuff and left. Jack was in pain, and a little shaken up, but pretty much fine. He went and got the stats from the next of the horse, and got out the gun to give him his injection.

As he was giving the injection, he noticed that the gun was sticking the horse, but nothing was going in. The cylinder that held the solution was empty. Fuck, Jack though. I must have shot a lot of it when I was getting the shit kicked out of me. Damn. I'm gonna look like an incompetent, and they're never going to let me do more than clean the stables. Jack looked around, and wrote down that each horse after Aires had gotten their proper dose, and everything went fine. Jack even lied when he got back up to the lab and everyone asked why he was covered in horseshit and mud.

"Laugh all you like. Aires decided to be a little shit-head today, but everything went fine. Hey, Doctor Klein, this gun is empty." He handed the gun over to the older doctor.

"Do you mind if I go and clean up?"

"Go right ahead, Jack. We're closing up early today anyway. Marcy is sick, and I'm not feeling too well myself. It must be that bug going around.

"Yeah. Frank must have passed it to Dr. Evora; they had been working together last week."

"Yeah. That must have been it. I'll see you in the morning, Jack." Doctor Klein began to walk out of the laboratory.

"See ya."

The hot water felt wonderful as it hit Jack's body. Jack had been glad that Marcey Evora had been sick that morning. If she hadn't been, he probably still would have been at work smelling like horseshit and feeling like he had gone one hundred rounds with King Kong. Standing in the warm water, all of the pain of that morning went away, and Jack finally began to feel like a human again.

Jack got out of the shower, and began drying himself off. As he was drying his leg, he saw the red mark where the gun had injected him. "Damn," he though as he looked at the other places where the injection had been made. Jack would have been worried, but he knew that the injection had just been a muscle growth stimulant, and it took more than a couple of injections to have any effect on a horse, let along a human. Jack continued to dry himself, blowing off the whole incident. "If I notice anything strange, I'll tell the doc. Until then, I'm sure everything is going to be just fine."

Jack looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't bad looking. He wasn't as attractive as his intern-mate, Frank, but he wasn't a monster either. Jack stood about 5'5, had brown hair and brown eyes, and a slim to trim build. All of his life he had trouble gaining weight, and at 28, he was still only 135 with a 30-inch waist. He had lean runners build only because he was so thin, and always thought that he should work out to try and build his mass up. Frank had encouraged him to work out with him, but Jack always declined saying that he was too busy. Now as he looked at himself in the mirror, Jack thought that perhaps it was time to start taking Frank up on his offers. Vet school was finished, and all of that studying was behind him; it was about time he got laid again. Jack laughed as he realized that it had been nearly a year and a half since he had his cock in a girl. Jack massaged his cock while he looked at himself in the mirror. Being only 5'5", Jack's 5" cock looked much larger on his frame than it actually was, but he always wished that it had been bigger. Ah well. His whole family was short. While should he be the exception.

Outside, Jack could hear it beginning to start to rain again. "Maybe I should take a nap," Jack thought. Without even bothering to comb his hair, Jack walked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. The room was a mess, but Jack didn't really care at that moment. All that sounded good to him was his bed. Jack crawled into bed and covered up his naked body. The cool sheets felt wonderful against his sore legs, arm, and side. "Frank can have stable duty tomorrow," Jack mumbled to himself as he began to drift of to sleep. "I'm through with horses."


Jack woke up to the phone ringing.

"Hello?" Jack opened his eyes slowly and looked around the room.

"Jack? Is that you?"

"Who the hell would be answering my phone, Frank? What do you want?"

"I thought since we have the whole day off you might want to join me for a game of racquetball at the gym? Interest you?

"I don't know, Frank."

"Stop being so damn ass lazy, Jack and get out a little."

"Fine. What time?"

"How about four?"

"I'll be there." Jack hung up the phone, and put his head back on the pillow. As he was lying there, Jack could feel the strength of his cock hard underneath the blanket. It had been a while since he had jerked himself off, so Jack thought he would give himself a treat. Jack placed his hand on his cock, and he came instantly, shooting jism all over the place, over and over again. It was one of the longest orgasms that Jack had ever had, and one he had put the least effort in. "I guess when it's been a long time, it doesn't take much!" Jack looked down at his still swollen cock. It was still hard as a rock, and pulsing with his heartbeat. "I'd love to put you to better use, but right now, I think I'm all you have." Jack took hold of his cock again, and began to jerk it, feeling how thick and engorged it felt. His cock never got this hard, even when he had been a teenager, but hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth! He had only stroked it around 15 times when he began shooting he wad all over the place again. This time the orgasm was longer and deeper, and Jack felt like he could feel it all the way to his soul. His stomach and chest and hand were covered in semen, and Jack couldn't believe that his cock was still hard and ready for more! Jack jerked off eight more times that afternoon, if you could call it jerking off. Twice he hadn't had to do anything but look at his cock and admire how thick, red, and veiny it was. The head was huge, and seemed to fill with more blood each time it shot. Jack thought for a moment that something like this could be a side-effect of the injection, but he laughed it away. Hey, if he got these kinds of mind-blowing orgasms from a horse injection, he'd take it again in a second.

It was around three o'clock before Jack was able to get out of bed and take a shower again, washing off all of the dried cum that was coving his body. His cock never fully went down, but it wasn't as hard and rigid as it had been two hours ago. Jack got out of the shower, dried off, began to dress, and decided to put a jock on to protect his now very sensitive cock. It would really suck to be hit in the balls with a flying racket ball today, especially after everything he had gone through!

Jack arrived at the gym by four o'clock, just in time to meet Frank. Frank was much more athletic than Jack, but Jack held his own during the three games of racket-ball they played. Even Frank had to comment on this in the changing room.

"Good game, Jack. You really gave me a run for my money."

"Thanks, Frank. I had a good time."

"We really should play more often." Frank took all of his clothes off and began to walk into the shower. Jack watched as Frank walked away, admiring the way his friend was built. Frank was about 5 foot eleven inches, with black hair and blue eyes, chiseled features, and an athlete's physic. It was funny to look at Frank and know that besides all of the sports he played in college, he had also graduated at the top of his class in both undergrad and vet school. Jack stood up and began to walk toward the shower when he stopped. His cock was starting to get hard again, an this time it was starting to get really hard.

Jack looked down, and nearly fell over. As the blood began to fill every passage in his cock, it began to get longer and longer, thicker and thicker. "Holy fuck!"

"What was that, Jack?"

"Nothing. I've got to take a shit." Jack ran for one of the toilets and slammed the door. His cock was still getting hard, and still getting bigger. What had once been five inches was now reaching eight, and it was as thick as a beer can. Jack's heart beat as his cock continued to grow.




Suddenly Jack was shooting cum all over the place. It was like his cock had become a fountain. The orgasm was hitting Jack like a drug, but he knew that he couldn't just sit here and let cum shoot all over the floor and the door. Jack turned around, and with bending knees; Jack tried to aim his hard cock into the toilet. Cum was shooting everywhere, and Jack was loving…and hating every second of it. The orgasm was stronger than even the ones he had had this morning, and the jism was thicker and seemed to shoot further with every second.

"What the fuck has my cock become?" Jack thought as he looked down at what had once been his cock. It was now nearly nine inches long and thicker than he had ever seen a cock before. The head was as large as a fist, and as red as a tomato. The veins were sitting up at attention, and this was the first time that he noticed that his balls were sitting lower in their sack, and appeared much much larger.

"Are you okay in there, man?" Frank was out of the shower and banging on the door.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I think I'm…ahhh…a little sick to my stomach….holy fuck…I'll be out in a second….ahhh." Jack listened as he heard Frank walking away. Finally after another 3 minutes of cumming into, and around the toilet, Jack began to stop. His cock began to deflate, and when it was done, laid down at a very thick six inches, which was more now soft than he had had hard. When he knew that it was safe, Jack cleaned up what he could, flushed to toilet, and went back to the locker where he had his clothes.

"You sure you're okay? You look really red." Frank was dressed and staring at him.

"I'm fine. I think I have what you had last week. I had better get home."

"You need a lift?"

"Nah. I'll walk." Jack was dressed and heading out the door.

"You sure you're okay."

"I'm fine. I'll call if I need anything. I'll see you tomorrow." Jack walked quickly out of the locker room, and didn't feel safe until he was outside. Jack wanted to go home. He wanted to play with his new cock. He wanted to feel it's thickness, it's new power, and enjoy it all night. He felt hornier than any man on earth, and was going to enjoy cumming all night. Jack walked quickly to his apartment while he thought about his new cock. This must be what it really feels like to be a man. Jack smiled as he knew he was going to have a lot of fun with his brand new, better model cock. •

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