By Bruno

Frank had been sitting back watching T.V. when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Nothing. "Hello? Anyone there?" Frank could hear breathing at the other end of the line, but nothing else. "I'm hanging up…"


"Is that you, Jack? Is something the matter?"

"Can you come…ah….over…Frank? I need…holy fuck…I need your help"

"What's going on?"

"I wish I…oh god…oh, yeah…oh yeah…" Frank held the receiver to his ear as he heard Jack panting and moaning, trying to catch his breath. "Frank. Just come over. I'll explain everything when you get here."

"Okay. I'll be over in a half hour."

"Just hurry." Jack hung up the phone. Frank sat there with the receiver still in his hand for a few seconds before he placed it back on the cradle. The whole phone call had been fucking weird. If he did know better, he would have thought Jack was getting laid while he was on the phone, but if that was the case, why would he have begged Frank to get over to his apartment?

Frank arrived at Jack's apartment 15 minutes later. As he walked up to the door, he was nervous about what he was going to do. `If this is some idea of a sick joke,' Frank though, `I'm gonna kill that little geek.' Frank knocked on the door. "Hello? Jack? You there?"


"Jack. Hey. You there?" Frank pounded on the door this time, but still there was no answer. Frank emotions mixed from anger to worry and back again. Jack had been acting weird all day, and now this phone call. Something was going on, and Frank was going to find out what. Against his mother's better advice, Frank turned the knob on the door and let himself into Jack's apartment. What he saw when he entered made his eyes bulge in wonder.

The apartment looked as if someone had showered the whole thing what Frank could only describe as cum. There was cum everywhere. There was cum dripping from the ceiling, on the floor in puddles, over the furniture, everywhere. The scent of bleach mixed with man juice filled his nostrils. What the hell was going on? No one guy could do all of this…no matter how much of a stud he was.

Frank walked further into the apartment, trying to make his way through the minefield of cum, but found that it was nearly impossible to do the closer he got to the bedroom.

"I see you let yourself in. Good."

Frank turned around, and there stood Jack, naked, with a huge horse cock that was shooting cum everywhere and showing no sign of stopping.

"What's going on?"

"That's what I'm hoping you'll be able to tell me." Jack was standing there, his whole chest and arms covered in cum, his hair plastered to his head, and yet he looked like he was in ecstasy. Frank stood and watched as cum shot from Jack's giant cock. It had to be nearly 13 inches long and thicker than any cock Frank had seen. He never thought that short little Jack would have had a tool like that, but you never knew. Damn, Frank though quickly, and here I thought I was hung at 9 inches!

"What's wrong?" Frank didn't know where to begin.

"What's wrong? Well, let's see… Today hasn't been the best day of my life. First I'm beat to a pulp by a horse, then suddenly for no reason I'm hornier than some 15-year-old boy, and suddenly I start growing a cock that a porn star would kill for. Beyond that, and the fact that I can't stop cumming…I don't know. You tell me what's wrong!"

"You mean…that's new?" Frank pointed to Jack's cock.

"Yep. Started growing right after we played racquetball. Remember when I said I was sick and had to go home. That was when it began. It was nothing like this; grew to maybe 9 inches long while I was in the stall, and then seemed to stop and go limp. I thought it was pretty cool. How many guys our age suddenly go through a cock growth spurt? I couldn't wait to get home. I wanted to jerk this thing off so bad, I would have done it in my car, but I wanted to take my time with it…you understand."

"Yeah. I think I do." Frank watched as Jack slowly stroked his huge cock. The cock head was still shooting cum everywhere, but didn't seem to be flowing as thick and as hard as it had been before. The cock was long, thick, and red. Frank was a little aroused, and if all of this hadn't been so strange…and kinda gross, he would have wanted to jerk off right there with Jack, but first things first.

"I got home, pulled off my clothes, jumped onto the bed, and began to slowly stroke my meat. It began getting hard, and every time my hand went up and down the shaft, I thought I was going to die of pleasure. It was like every single part of my cock had grown extra sensitive. Finally it was hard, and I mean hard. I've never had a hard on that hard, and I knew I was going to blow. I could feel it building up in my balls. It was like I was stroking some crazy volcano, but I couldn't wait for it to go off, until finally it did. I was in heaven. Cum was shooting everywhere, and the orgasm was better than any I had ever had. I wish you could feel it. Even now, nearly an hour later, I'm still fucking cumming. My cock and balls has even gotten bigger than it was before. Wouldn't be so bad if all this ejaculating wasn't a side effect!" Jack laughed, but suddenly his laugh turned into a low, guttural moan. Jack fell to the floor, his whole body shaking and then finally it was over. The cock shot its last load, and everything was quiet. Frank watched as Jack opened his eyes. "Fuck. That last few seconds was the best!!!"

"How do you feel?" Frank watched as the cock began to deflate and go down to a more somewhat normal size.

"Pretty good. It's just…"

"What is it?"

"I feel strange. I feel like my whole body is moving… stretching…growing…I don't know how to explain it."

"Come over here and sit down."

"Fuck man…I can't. Shit. What the hell's going on? I suddenly feel like I'm on some kind of speed; my whole body feels like its everywhere!" Jack was starting to pace around the room. "Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!!!!!"


"It's starting again…but I think the cock growth was just an introduction. ARGH!!!!!" A shot went through Jack, and he was thrown to the floor. Frank couldn't believe his eyes. It was like Jack's body was moving everywhere on its own, and the reason was because Jack was growing right before his eyes.

The growth started in his chest. What had been just a normal chest began to slowly become more and more powerful. His pecs were getting larger and larger, filling out his whole entire chest, become more full and tight by the second. Before he realized it, Frank was looking at the chest of a professional body builder. It was funny because that was the only place the growth seemed to be taking place, so it looked a little freakish, but it was also only the beginning.

His waist and abs was where it hit next. What had once been a 31 waste seemed to shrink to unbelievable proportions. It was if Jack's pelvis was rebuilding itself for a better, more powerful body. On top of his waist an eight pack of solid granite began to appear, forming itself around his belly button, so tight, his stomach was like a giant muscular drum. There didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on Jack's stomach anymore, but Frank was sure he was getting heavier. All of this muscle was going to way a man down! The growth seemed to shoot up his side and back, and Frank watch as Jack's back and lats and side spread out further and further. Jack's whole upper body had formed into a perfect V shape of muscle, and where there was room, veins of power shot all over his arms and chest to feed the new muscular torso. Frank estimated, but Jack's chest had to be nearly 4 feet wide, and to Jack was only about 5 foot something; not tall at all. To Frank, Jack was becoming what a comic book illustrator would create if asked to make Jack into a super-hero for a book.

Frank didn't know where to watch next, because the growth seemed to hit both the arms and the legs at the same times. Jack's legs seem to spread out wider and wider like two Roman columns, his thighs growing thicker and thicker. Where Jack's calves were now as big as his thighs once were, his thighs were as big as his chest had once been. Every part of Jack seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, tighter and tighter. Frank couldn't imagine that Jack had any body fat left on his body. There was no room. All of the muscle had taken over.

Now, his shoulders were the next to go, and compared to them, the growth in his legs was nothing. His shoulders seemed to grow thicker and wider again with each second, growing down his arms. His arms were suddenly becoming like his legs had been, thicker and fuller, his biceps growing to basket ball proportions, his triceps popping out further and further, and his fore arms were nearly as big as Frank's leg!

Frank watched in wonder. His friend, a 5'4" weakling before now had the body of some imaginary Greek God. He was still the same height, but what he lacked in height, he now more than made up in muscle mass. Frank wondered how in the world Jack was going to be able to walk with this body, or even dress this body.

Jack's neck was the final thing to grow, and like the rest of him, it grew larger and larger until it looked like his head sat on a huge tree trunk. This was the body that any man would pray for, every body builder would kill for, and one that when Frank was younger, would have loved to have.

Jack finally regained consciousness.

"How are you feeling?" Frank watched as Jack slowly took in his whole body.


"I know."

"Help me up. I want to look in a mirror." Frank helped the new muscle man up, and watched as Jack began to walk, getting used to his new build, his new stance, and this new fabulous body.

"This is incredible," Jack said. "I can't believe this."

"Neither can I." Frank walked over to the mirror and stood behind his friend, wanting to laugh because even in the huge mirror, Jack's whole body couldn't fit. Jack was touching his whole body with his hands taking everything in. Everything felt so smooth, so tight, so muscular and so powerful. Suddenly, the exploration stopped, and Jack looked into the mirror.

"It isn't over."

"What?" Frank looked at Jack getting a little nervous.

"It isn't over. Something else is going to happen…I can feel it. It's starting to happen now." •

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