Macillicuddy Serum, The


By Scott J.

The top of the bed seemed blurry, he blinked, trying to clear his eyes. The blood behind his eyeballs seemed to pulse heavily creating a pressure that was swiftly tunring into a headache. He fell asleep.... Jamie was scared. He was lying flat on the bed feeling pain in every part of his body now. He was unable to move. His eyes were darting continuously around him. Something seemed to be closing in on him from below. A dark mass was rising from the lowest line of his vision, accompanied by excruciating pain. He blacked out.

Coming around again he could feel the shearing, ripping pain throughout his legs, as if his bones cracked. He must be delirious he thought, struck down by some relentless flu. How long had he been here? He felt wet and hot. Still unable to move, with a great weight upon him. He could still see the shadows rising slowly towards him, heaving and swelling at his chest, rising and lowering to the motion of his breathing. His hands felt thicker and swollen. His legs now splayed wider, the small of his back raised off the bed, his ass hard against the mattress.

His cock was hard and straight, struggling to be touched, needing to be released, but Jamie was unable to release himself. He was terrified.

‘Is this how I will die?” he thought to himself as the pain reached a crescendo. On my Uncle’s bed with a hard on and cum in my pants from having my first gay wank? Is this it? Is this how my family will remember me found dead in a room full of pictures of fucking men, laid out in a special coffin to accommodate my hard on? Just my luck.

He started to pray, which he never did. He was going again, for the last time now, he thought. As he blacked out he caught a movement in his peripheral vision- a broad figure darting towards the bed. He felt a warm cloth, wet placed on his inner thigh towards where the figure was standing. He felt the water evaporate cooling his skin. The cloth moved up his skin (where were his clothes? Had he taken them off in his sleep?). Jamie could not move, as the cloth and brad rough hand start to move across his thigh abdomen and down onto the bottom of his cock. He could feel that this was what was needed. This would be the only thing that would help. The release of what was inside him would be the only release. The towel was dispensed of and the warm rough hand was moving up to the head of his cock. He heard a spitting noise through his panting, and felt the hands return, lubricated and warmer. The pain was turning to pleasure as the hands expertly pummelled his meaty dick, strongly bending the hard shaft to its limits, massaging the head until Jamie could feel it leaking fluid onto the warm hands. The slippery friction of these hands, expertly, tightly running up and down his manhood gave Jamie a further release, he started to feel some sensation in his own hands, the numbing wearing off slightly. Maybe he would be alright. Maybe this man knew how to ease him from his paralysis.

Slowly Jamie started to feel a surge of relief running throughout his entire body, which now felt enormous with heat and mass. His cock was twitching, and he could feel the two hand slick with fluid move down his shaft to he top of his thighs. Grasping strong and hard into his muscles.

But then came the softest warmest sensation as large warm lips encircled his dick and ran deep down onto his rod. The velvet sensation of the mans throat encircling him tightly, Jamie was being sucked off so deep and strong that he could not control himself. A rush of cum swelled from his balls and gathered in his shaft. He felt the velvet skin of this mans mouth cover over in his cum and the soft movement of his throat slowly massaging his cock as he drank down Jamie’s ejaculation. Jamie’s head felt as if was about to explode as he finally regained movement in his incredibly weighty arm to wrap around the back of this thick damp neck of the man, who he still could not move to see. The man’s head fell onto his stomach and rested there panting and groaning. His chest heaving with breath in between Jamie’s thighs. The pain had gone and he was gradually regaining the sensation of a possibility of movement in his body. His hand stayed on the back of this man’s panting head. He fell away again into a dark long sleep.

Jamie woke. It was dark, and he lay on the bed. He felt the warm pressure of a naked body weighing down on him on his left side. He turned his head.

So close to him that he could smell him, he saw a man who Jamie would always find it impossible to describe without finding himself deeply aroused.....

The man had his head on its side against the pillow, his salty grey hair cut short, with a slight curl. The grey hair was a foil to his young face which was blackly stubbled with a square set jax and a protruding chin with a cleft. The cheekbones were high and his long dark eyelashes curled slightly. His head was square and wide, but his neck, seemed to be wider, leading down in two massive ridges to meet at the base of his throat. The neck bulged out from his jaw line and headed massively towards his shoulder, meeting a bowling ball sized mass of muscle that leant heavily on his chest as he lay on his side. His arms were bull like, animalistic in their sheer size, ballooning with huge swathes of muscle. His shoulder stuck out from the mattress base indecently high. How wide was this man? Jamie looked down to his chest, it had the proportions of car. The top pectoral obscured by the huge arm and squashed onto the one in the mattress so there was a crevice one could sink one’s hand into. These led down to a torso that was thick and wide at the chest thinning to a waist where clearly defined stomach muscles bulged out into a stomach that was so taught that it balooned forward with every breath.

Jamie felt like he was in bed with a man so huge that he felt impish next to him. He dare not move. He looked further down. At the man’s waist was a thick tan leather belt which tightly held the taught skin and below that the rough tartan pleated kilt of a Scotsman. The kilt fell across what Jamie could only imagine to be the largest thighs he would ever see, the pleating of the material hiding none of their strength.

The giant coughed and stirred. He was waking up..... •

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