Employee Development


By WBHunk


I stand in the bright sun, watching as the jet lines up, then settles gently onto the runway, slowing, then taxiing over to me. The door opens…and Ms. Jennings hops out, her smile widening as she sees me waiting.

"Did you get what you needed?"

"I did," she replies. "The paperwork is in order and everything is set. Welcome to full-time employment." She looks me, her lip quirking. "So you and Steve are…"

"Yes," I say, rubbing my shaved head. "Besides, it's a lot cooler."

"I'm sure," she chuckles. "I figured you two would be a pair. As it turns out, your psychology background is coming in handy—I had a much easier time interviewing candidates once you gave me some analysis of the….areas….that are understaffed."

"This one?"

"Let's just say I think he might make more than magma heave up for someone." She turns. "There he is now. Time to scoot—I'll see you in two months!"

He comes down the stairs, blinking in the noonday sun; looking around, then turning in surprise as the plane quickly moves down the runway, watching it as it quickly takes off, engines howling.

I walk over to him….he blinks, then studies my six-three, 320-lb frame up and down, his eyes wide in surprise.

"They never stay very long." •

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