Employee Development


By WBHunk


I moaned, then turned over as the water lapped around my sides. Suddenly I sat bolt upright…oh my god, where am I? No, it couldn't be….I stared down at my hands. Pink. It must have been a….then I caught a glimpse of my forearms. No…I didn't have ripples there before….I ran my fingers over them, feeling the hard muscle beneath….I reached up to my chest, felt the solid mass of my pecs, crooning in pleasure as I saw the faint outlines of my six-pack… yeahh, that looks so hot…fuck, grab that big cock…mmmm….

SHIT! I put my hands to my head. Think, Darren, think! I looked over and saw a sodden mass of cloth on the beach. I jumped up and ran over to the pile. My shirt crumbled into thread at my touch, but my shorts… no, this is impossible. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation…I must have eaten something. The fungus I tried cooking last night…must have some kind of hallucinogen in it. I must have taken the boat and crashed it over here, then tore up my clothes. I'm just seeing things, I'm just imagining things. Scientifically plausible.

I blinked up at the sun….good grief, I should be fried to a crisp, it's late afternoon. The boat….I must have pushed it back out to sea, yeah, that's it. But…yes, there it is, in my shorts pocket…my survival kit. There you go…get some water into you, purge your system… the guys will come looking for me shortly….oh yeah, the guys….mmmm… you're getting nice and tan, this was good for you, get you some sun… you're looking just like Steve….oh fuck…that feelssogood…


Yeah, the kit…knife, matches, let's see, plastic wrap under the mirror…oh god, the mirror…my eyes….no, that can't be…they're blue, they've alwaysbeenblue…I….no..


I turned around and Steve was standing there, a look of concern on his face.

"Steve….you've got to…no, stay away…I…." I dropped to the sand, cradling my head in my hands.

"Easy, Darren," he said, moving over to my side. I felt the sudden prick of a needle in my arms. "Forgive me for this, but I can't risk you hurting yourself. This will keep you calm long enough to get you where we're going."

"I…I…" I slurred, the world suddenly blurring. Steve hoisted me over his shoulder with a grunt. "Jeez, you're an easy gainer. And as if you weren't pretty enough already." He hoisted me down to the shore, then gently lowered me into the waiting boat. "We're going to see Mr. Renner. It'll all be over soon."

Dimly I felt the boat rise and fall on the waves, Steve's eyes fixed solidly ahead as he paddled forward. I raised my head, caught a glimpse of other boats, all headed in the same direction as the sun sank lower and lower into the sky. Steve quickly jumped overboard, guiding us in, then grounding us on the beach. He reached into the boat and gently eased me upright, grimacing a bit as my cock rose and I moaned.

"Easy now. It's OK, Darren. You've metabolized it already, go ahead and stand up. I don't dare…touch you….any more than I have to right now."

I got out of the boat, swaying a bit as I touched dry land…c'mon Steve, do that again…Darren, no…you…you want Steve to grab you again. To feel him. To—

"Darren!" Ed's voice. Just as sexy…oh yeah…I

"Forget it, guys. Take off for the meeting place—he'll follow!"

I see them start running along the path, wait for me, I want to, they're stopping, almost there….


I suddenly snapped to awareness, staring in awe at the spectacle around me. A massive circle of stones with a fire burning brightly in the center. On every side the guys—Tim, Kevin, Ed, Steve….the other observers….and that voice…..


I looked ahead and gasped as I located the voice. Before me stood a green mass of muscle—an emerald statue brought to life, flecks of gray laced through his man-fur and in his beard and ebony hair. His body rippled as he came over to me, every inch of it pulsing with power. I stared at him, at once repulsed and awed by what I saw, wanting it, hating it, craving it, wanting to flee….

He spoke. "I am Mr. Renner. Welcome to my island……my new Hulk."

My mouth opened, but no sound came out.

He nodded. "Perhaps I should explain. Years ago, an accident in my laboratory transformed me…into what I thought was a monster. An inhuman freak of bestial rages and emotions, totally beyond my control. I tried to destroy this monster, even to the point of destroying myself, banishing myself to a deserted place where I hoped I would die. But it was there that I realized…this monster, this Hulk… was what I truly was, what I had to become. To surrender to the power, the passions—and become whole. I then knew that my purpose was to perpetuate this—to release others from their inhibitions, the petty human concerns that held them back."

"You quit fighting," I said, my emotions churning. "You gave up. You let the Hulk win. Now you rationalize transforming other people against their will, just to please you."

He laughed. "You are indeed a fighter. As your record shows—the pranks at boarding school, the expulsion from two universities, that fierce independence that kept you from taking perfectly-acceptable jobs. All that anger, that pride in your own brilliance….and those lusts you kept buried within you. You have been a Hulk your entire life—you just lacked the catalyst to bring it out."


"You are, Darren. My inventions gave me the means to privacy, to admit only those I choose to this place. The drones get their two months, then leave, none the wiser to the precious gift that was within their grasp—had they only the initiative to take it. The ones like you—that seek restlessly, that question—those are the ones truly deserving to have it. The power is granted them to become Hulks—to have their true selves released, to have their every desire fulfilled, to advance our cause."

I want to run. I want to get away, I want to be…I want to be….noo… yesss….

"You are one of us now. You cannot resist any longer. Feel your passions rise….release your inhibitions. Muscles…cocks….this is your existence. The power rises within you. Become your true self…Darren- Hulk."

I feel the power changing me….can't fight, can't resist…..I'm Darren….me Hulk…….

"Me Darren-Hulk."


I feel his arms around me, his lips pressing close to mine….they meet, we kiss deeply, feeling his chest rise and rub against mine, our arms inflating with muscle, the ground ripping beneath our feet as our thighs push apart, muscle bulls from calves, our thick cocks touching, hardening into steel rods of man-power…..rubbing against our washboards, teasing the other's nips…..turning, roaring with pleasure as his tool plunges deep into my jade ass….moon rising, inhuman shadows rippling across the land, the forces of nature no match for the powers of the Hulk, stone yields, water parts……and all is pleasure. Joy. POWER. •

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