Energy Bar, The

By Brit-Boy

Mikey was a typical teenager, at sixteen he was fairly well developed, he had a slim physique with blonde boyish good looks. He had known that he was gay at a young age and the fantasy of becoming a big hairy muscular man had fuelled endless nights of adolescent fumblings.

Mickey bought countless bodybuilding magazines from a local store, he hid them under a floorboard in his room. and spent hours pouring over the pictures of the huge guys, wishing that one day he could be the same, but as far as he was concerned it was just that, a wish. One afternoon after school, Mickey called in at the store to get a new magazine, one in particular caught his eye, the cover had a picture of a big muscular guy, his muscles were covered in a sheen of hair and the model sported a thick trimmed moustache and a couple of days of beard growth. This kind of guy was Mickey's ultimate fantasy, plus, attached to the front cover was some kind of free sample energy bar. Mickey quickly bought the magazine and hurried home.

Back in his room Mickey pulled out the magazine, ripping off the energy bar he spent a good hour jacking off over the pictures of the hot bodies featured in the pages. Exhausted, he turned onto his back and examined the free bar, the advertising blurb promised boundless energy and stamina, grinning to himself about how much stamina and energy he had just used up, Mickey unwrapped the bar and ate it in three hungry bites. It tasted of cereal, nothing out of the ordinary, tossing the wrapper onto the floor Mickey drifted off to sleep.

When Mickey awoke his room was in twilight, the sun setting, he yawned and pulled himself upright. I need a shower he thought to himself and dragged himself off to his bathroom. He turned on the shower and went to the sink to brush his teeth. As he reached for his toothbrush Mickey began to feel strange, tingly and hot. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and was shocked to see how flushed his face looked, "Hope I'm not coming down with anything/" he said out loud, his voice cracked and became deeper, "What the..!" exclaimed Mickey, his voice had broken two years before, but this voice was even deeper and more masculine.

Turning back to the mirror Mickey caught site of a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest, heart thumping in his ears Mickey leaned into the mirror and touched them, they definitely hadn't been there this morning! Feeling slightly panicky he turned on the cold water faucet and splashed water onto his face, immediately his fingers felt rough stubble on his cheeks, jerking upright and blinking water out of his eyes, Mickey saw that his face, chin and upper lip was covered with light blonde stubble. "Fuck" he exclaimed in his now deep voice, "What is happening to me?"

Stepping away from the mirror Mickey felt shaky, his body trembled, he looked like he had aged about four years and guessed that he looked about twenty. Suddenly a wave of strength surged through Mickey's body, gasping he pitched forward and clutched at the basin, his arms were covered in a layer of blonde hair and he could feel an intense itching on his legs, chest and face, looking up he was amazed to see that the stubble was becoming darker and thicker on his face, almost a fully grown beard. The hair on his chest was spreading out across and his chest itself was swelling, becoming bigger and more defined.

In fact all the muscles on his body were growing! his shoulders broadened, his stomach became hairier, forming into a hard defined six pack. His biceps inflated with thick hard muscle as did his thighs, back and legs. Groaning, Mickey realised that he was changing quickly, he felt the new strength surge through his body, felt the hair thickening on his chest, his face bristle with beard growth and his muscles becoming bigger and harder!

The material of his shorts creaked and gave way to his new size, splitting open to reveal a thickening, growing penis. Mickey's pubic hair became denser and he began to grow hard. Mickey could hardly recognise himself! Gone was the cute 16year old kid, replaced by a muscular, hairy man! The changes began to slow and Mickey was left panting and sweaty, staring at his new self in the mirror. How the hell was he going to explain this to his family, his friends, his school?

Standing upright Mickey tentatively began to explore his new manly body, the hardness of his muscles, the rough feel of his newly grown beard and the soft silkiness of his chest hair. Walking back into his room he saw the empty energy bar wrapper on the floor, could that have caused his transformation? He kicked the magazine, sending it spinning underneath his bed. What did he need with those now that he looked like this? All questions of how he was going to explain himself were temporarily put out of his mind as he began to explore and savour his new found muscular maleness. •

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