By Frklvr


My name's Roger. I lived in a small college town and worked at the convention center. I was just an average guy. That was before the HFMMG came to town. You see, the HFMMG is a traveling muscleman show featuring the biggest and most muscular men ever imagined. To me it was just another event at the center but my neighbor, Ralph, was a huge fan. The Friday before the show, I woke up late and had to hustle to get to work. I just threw on some clothes and out the door I went. I arrived at work and found the set-up guys were already there waiting for me. The set-up guys, Kyle and Jack, looked me over and Jack took off to put up flyers to advertise the show. Kyle stayed and we started going over the set-up plan. Kyle asked if I were gay also. It seems that in my rush to get to work, I had put on my gay pride t-shirt. I said that I was. Kyle began to look me over rather closely, I returned the favor. Kyle had nice, tight body. While we were working on the lighting plan for the show, we took a break where we exchanged blow jobs. We were going to go further but we were interrupted by a phone call from Jack saying he was on his way back. We relucantly got dressed and got back to work. Jack showed up a few minutes later. The next few hours were spent unoading the truck and setting up the lights, very hot and dirty work. We took a break before setting up the three big spotlights. We went to one of the side rooms where they had stored their cooler and sat down. Jack spent part of the break asking why I didn't get turned on by the Guildsmen. The Guildsmen are the big, freaky musclemen in the show. I explained my reasons to him. Jack then asked if I were given the chance, if only temporarily, would I like to find out what it was like to be a Guildsman. Before I could answer, the phone rang. I went to answer the phone, it was Ralph asking about tickets again. I told him I would call back later. When I got back to the room Kyle handed me a drink. I tasted it and asked what it was. They said it was a new sport drink. I sat back and enjoyed the cool drink. It was tangy and just slightly salty but otherwise good. I finished off the drink and set the glass down. I noticed that Jack and Kyle had already finished their drinks and had set them down on the cooler. At first, I didn't notice that they were sweating heavily but then I realized that they were more now than when they had been while they setting up the lights. I was about to ask if they were alright when they began to moan and grunt. I sat there, awed, as I watched their sweat-soaked shirts and pants stretch across their expanding muscles. Like a scene from the Incredible Hulk, their clothes ripped and tore revealing the swelling mass of muscles. As they stood up, they filled the width of the room with their muscular bulk. The shredded remains of their pants hung from their narrow waists but soon they were ripped away by the hardening of their huge, throbbing cocks. There they stood filling the room with their massively muscled bodies and sporting equally massive hard-ons. "Damn." Jack said in a deep and booming voice, "Pumping up always makes me horny. Good thing your luscously muscled ass is here." "Easy, big man." Kyle replied in an equally deep voice, "We've a new Guildsman about the burst on the scene." That's when I noticed I was feeling rather warm, almost hot, and sweat began streaming down my face. Having seen it happen to Jack and Kyle and from the comments they had made, I knew that they turning me into one of them. "Why? Why me?" I asked, my voice alternating between my normal tone and a much deeper one. "We always pick one or two guys from the town where we put on the show." Jack explained. "I chose you because you're out and you're one hot cocksucker." Kyle replied, "Besides, we didn't get a chance to finish having fun." They continued talking but my attention was drawn inward. My clothes were now sweat-soaked, even my jeans. I could feel them clinging to my body. A wave of white hot energy rushed through my body causing me to grasp. The energy seemed to pour into my muscles. My muscles started to feel full and tense, straining against some barrier. I began to breathe heavily and grunt as each wave of energy roared through my body. A stretchy, tingling sensation started in my muscles, at first sort of painful but as I grew use to the soreness, I found it to be pleasurable. Then my sweat-soaked shirt began to slide across my body. The fabric teasing and tickling my skin. I quickly realized that my clothes were stretched tightly over my body and growing tighter with each passing second. I wouldn't have minded this but it was growing way too tight in the crotch. I reached down to relieve the growing pressure. As I moved my arm, the shirt sleeve suddenly ripped apart revealing the bulging and still growing muscles underneath. I gasped at the sight of my now huge arm. With the sudden intake of air, my shirt burst open in the front. I looked down to see massive mounds of pectorial muscle jutting forth from my chest. I brought my hands up to touch the mind-boggling pecs. My shirt could no longer contain the swelling and bulging muscle mass that my upper body now possessed. The shirt tore and shreaded into threads and small patches of cloth. I stood up, fearing that the chair would collapse from my increasing weight. When I stood up, my jeans ripped open at the thighs. My thighs had grown so thick and muscular that I had to take a much wider stance just to remain standing. As I adjusted my stance, my calves burst through the pants leg. The remainder of my jeans tore open as my hardening and growing cock and balls shredded the material. I could feel the incredible weight of the all the tremendously massive muscles packed on my body. I saw Jack and Kyle standing before me, caressing their own gigantic muscles and stroking their humongous cocks. Kyle looked like a straving man at a banquet as he looked at me. It was then that I noticed that they seemed smaller than me. "Kyle, how many caps did you give him?" Jack asked as he looked me up and down. "Three." Kyle answered as his eyes feasted on my muscular physique. "Three?! You're only suppose to give a new guy two. What were you thinking?" Jack exclaimed. "Let me introduce to you: Rog, he's large and in charge. The star of the show." Kyle answered, "Make a muscle." he said to me, "400 pounds of horny man-muscle." I flexed my arm for them. I felt the mind-boggling power and strength as the bicep bulged. I felt the orgasmic flow of blood rushing into the muscle as it flexed. For the first time in my life, I understood why these men desired and built their muscles to such size. And now that also possessed it, I didn't want to give it up. As I stood there reveling in my super muscular body, I noticed and hot and sexy Jack and Kyle looked now, all pumped up with huge muscles. Jack and Kyle instantly noticed my reaction to them, in other words, my newly expanded manhood rose up firm and proud to greet them. Kyle was the first to greet my throbbing member by giving it a big kiss and then a liberal tongue bath. Jack soon follow suit by massaging my hyper-muscular glutes and introducing them to his own mighty flesh tube of love. Kyle surprised me by taking my huge dick completely down his throat. Jack, meanwhile, slammed his own dick deep into my butt and his hands began roam across the bulging muscles of my back. The two of them bought me to the edge several times but always pulled back so our coupling continued for quite a long time. We exchanged positions numerous times until we could no longer hold back the mounting pressure of pleasure. As one, the three of us exploded in salty-sweet geysers, bathing ourselves and the room in great gobs of man-seed. "So," Kyle said after catching his breath, "Did I make a good choice?" "Damn, I wish they turned out like him." Jack answered, "That was some of the hottest sex I"ve had in a long time." "Who said we were done?" I asked in my now deep and booming voice. My intention was very evident by my hard dick spearing between them. Not waiting for a reply, I grabbed Kyle and lifted him up to my face. I buried my face in his crotch and began to tongue his dick and balls. Jack, being true to his name, held our dicks together and started jacking both of us. I slipped my hands around Kyle and grabbed ahold of each of his glutes. Spreading Kyle's delicious buttcheeks apart, I lowered him onto Jack's and mine hard and pulsing dicks. "Oh Hell Yeah!!" Kyle bellowed out shaking the walls as our rampant dicks plunged into his hole. Kyle began to buck up and down, expertly milking our dicks. All the muscles in his body also began to flex in waves of pleasure. I latched onto one of thick, juicy nips and started teasing mercilessly. Jack snaked his arm around Kyle's hugely muscled body and began to jack Kyle's throbbing dick. It seemed an eternity and it also to last only a few moments when Jack and I both shot our loads, firing Kyle into the air from the combined force. Not to let Kyle miss out on shooting his load, I picked him up and placed his thick dick between my extra-thick, hyper-masculine, ultra-massive pecs. With a bit of concentration, I found that I could flex the individual muscle fibers of my pecs alone or in small groups. So, I proceeded to give Kyle a pec-job. This got revved up so quickly that he shot off through the ceiling. I was still ready and eager for more fun but Jack sense of responsibility reasserted itself. He suggested that we finish with the lights and start setting up the stage. But I was still too horny to think about work so I decided to start one more round. I picked Jack up and impaled him on my dick and spun around with my butt facing Kyle. I gave him a glute bounce show to encourage him to shove his dick up my ass. Kyle didn't too much encouragement. Jack gave in when I started flex my dick, using his body for dick lifts. As I was getting off to this new lifting technique, which Jack was thoroughly enjoying, Kyle slipped his hand into my ass alongside his dick. This both surprised me and got me even hornier. Kyle, then, started jacking his dick as he banged my ass, which completely blew my mind and caused me to blow my load launching Jack across the room. Jack shook himself off and resumed stroking his dick as he watched Kyle jack off inside my ass. Kyle soon deposited his load into my ass. Jack once again insisted that we get back to work. My dick was still hard and ready but the demanding need for man-sex was controllable now. We walked out of the room. I glanced at the clock and realized that we had been at it for almost six hours straight. "If three did that for him, I wonder what four would have done?" I overheard Jack said. "I don't think I could survive if it had been four. My balls are dry, dude." Kyle replied as he rubbed his sore balls. "Mine, too. I think the next time he pumps up we'll need a couple more Guildsmen with us." Jack said, "Look! He's still hard." "Maybe we'll need more than a couple." Kyle said looking over at me. "Hey. Are we going to finish working or just stand here talking? Cause if it's talking, I can think of several things I'd rather be doing." I said stroking my dick meaningfully. "Alright. Let's finish unloading the truck." Jack replied, "It's dark outside so we don't need to worry about having to get dressed." We walked out through the loading dock door and climbed into the trailer. I grabbed two of the spots and jumped over to the loading dock. I stopped and set the spots down as I realized what I had just done. "Uh, guys?" I asked, "How much do these weigh?" "About 170 lbs." Kyle answered, "Why?" "They don't feel like they weigh anything." I explained, "I just picked them up and jumped over here with them and it wasn't any effort." To demonstrate what I talking about, I picked up one of the spots with one finger. Then, I began to curl it. It was a little difficult because the spot was bulky and odd-shaped but I managed pump out 30 reps while I stroked my dick with my other hand. I set the spot down and thought for a moment then grabbed the third spot from the truck. Kyle watched me, curoius to what I was up to. I hung the spot I was carrying on my dick, it sort of looked like a Christmas tree ornament hanging on a branch. Next, I grabbed the other two spots in each hand and proceeded into the convention center. When I returned, both Jack and Kyle were busy jacking off to my little display. After a quick jack session, we unloaded the stage from the truck. Each section of the stage was composed of six steel I-bars welded together covered by three-inch thick sheet of steel. Each section was about 10X30 feet in size. It took us about a hour to cart the stage sections in and to assembled them. A hour after that, we had the spots hung and focused. Everything, well almost everything, was ready for the show Saturday night. "So," I asked, "When's the other Guildsmen arriving?" "They'll be here early in the morning." Jack answered, stretching his deliciously muscled body. "They always show up early to pump up and to enjoy having sex with each other." Kyle replied as he fingered his nipples, "That way it doesn't interrupt the show that night." "The show's edgy enough as it is without the Guildsmen doing each other onstage." Jack responded, "We'd be run out of town by all the up-tight bigots that seem to hang around but just once I'd loved to do it. Just to see how many of them pop a hard-on before they realize what they're doing." Kyle started to laughed but yawn about half way through. Because we were pumped up, we decided to camp out in the trailer. We were awakened the next morning by someone bangng on the trailer door. I really didn't want to give up having these two muscular studs laying on each side of me but the bastards just wouldn't stop knocking. When we finally were awaked enough, we opened the doors to find six guys standing there waiting for us. Kyle and Jack knew these guys immediately, they were the other Guildsmen in the their unpumped state. Kyle quickly introduced me to each of them. First was Alejandro. He stood 5'9" and weighed about 170 pounds. He had black hair and piercing green eyes. His skin was a rich golden color. He had a gymnast's build. Just the type of guy I would have gone for before I had taken that little 'sports drink.' My mouth practically watered at the thought of this golden stud pumped up with thick bulging muscles. Next came Derek. He looked like he had just stepped off the cover of some surfer magazine. He stood 6' even and probably weighed about 175 pounds. He had a thick mane of sun-bleached blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. He also had a rich golden-brown tan. His build was that of a typical surfer; trim, toned and very defined. In my current frame of mind, I thought that he definitely needed a hell of a lot more muscle. Then there Kareem Allah. Kareem stood at 6'2" and weighed about 190 pounds. He had black hair, which he kept in a buzz cut, and black eyes. His skin was a deep chocolate brown. He had a lean build, like that of a basketball player. I could just see him muscled up into huge African warrior. After Kareem there was the twins, Mike and Mark. They both stood at 5'10" and weighed around 185 pounds. They had strawberry blonde hair and gray eyes. Their skin was fair and their faces were freckled. They possessed wrestler's builds. They looked like a couple Midwest farmboys, which they had been before they joined the Guild. My whirled at all the possibilities when these two got pumped up. And then there was Nigel. Nigel stood at 5'6" and maybe weighed 130 pounds. He had mousy brown hair and watery brown eyes. His skin was very pale. I could really guess at his build due to the suit he was wearing. Nigel seemed to be rather shy and reserved. I found out that Nigel was the last guy to be brought into the Guild. He was still adjusting to the dramatic change in his life. He was a British businessman who had been in the States for a corporate merger. Alejandro had taken a liking to him and brought into the Guild. This really made me curious as what a prim and proper British businessman would look like transformed into a Guildsman. The guys reaction to me was varied. Alejandro was very forward, groping various parts of me. Derek just said, "Hey rightegous, Dude." Kareem looked at me with a bit of challenge in his eyes. The twins ogled me with mischievous smiles on their faces. And Nigel just looked at me with sympathy. Despite the different reactions, I ate up the attention. I flexed my muscles as Alejandro groped them and waved my dick at the twins, who eyed it with very keen interest. Before I got lost in a sexual frenzy again, the thought of what Ralph would think of the new me reminded me that I needed to get the tickets and a backstage pass for him. I asked the guys for the tickets and pass, which they gladly provided. To my surprise, they offered to personally deliver them to Ralph. The twins volunteered and left as soon as I told them where Ralph would be. Kareem asked where the mirrors were and Jack said that they had fogot to set them up. Kareem marched off to the truck. Kyle sort of chuckled as Kareem left. I lost track of things as Alejandro gave me a very thorough and highly arousing tongue bath. I was enjoying a very erotic blow job from Alejandro when he was pulled away by Derek. "Whoa, dude." he said, "Keep that up and you'll be out of the show tonite." I was about to object when Kareem came strutting back in. He was pumped up and carrying two 4X8' mirrors under each massive arm. The mirrors just covered his raging, huge erection. Again he looked at me with a challenge in his eyes. •

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