By Frklvr

Kareem strutted in carrying the mirrors and I was drawn to him like a sexual magnet. I watched mesmerized as his superbly muscled glutes swelled and flexed when he walked to the stage. His insanely thick quads rolled around each other with each step. His calves, no bulls, no they were even larger than that like some pre-historic beast; they were deeply cut and veined and appeared to be hard enough to grind diamonds into powder. From his magnificent glutes, his spinae erectors, or Christmas tree, rose with corded separation of at least two fingers thick. The definition of his upper back was such that you could make out the latissimus dorsi, teres major and minor, rhombus, and traps individually separate from the others. His back and shoulder width seemed to be nearly as wide as he was tall. His delts were like pulsing and flexing boulders. His triceps were like three full legs of beef packed together. His skin was a deep black like obsidian with the warmth of chocolate and was stretched tight across those magnificent muscles like a thin layer of latex.

Kareem set up the mirrors before the stage. He then began to flex and pose in front of them. I started drooling with each pose he hit. I watched Kareem hit pose after pose while my huge, heavy hard cock gushed forth a small river of pre-cum. Kareem noticed me watching him and he had that arrogant look of challenge as he looked at me. When I saw that, something clicked in my mind. ‘Not gonna take that from him.’ I thought to myself, ‘I’ve got these huge muscles now. I’ll show him that he can’t dis me.’ I walked over to where Kareem was posing and stood behind him. I saw that I had him on height.

“Yo, dudes.” I overheard Derek say, “Looks like a battle of studbeasts.”

Kareem threw up a single bicep pose and ignored me. I matched his pose and found that my arm was a couple of inches larger than his was, plus my bicep peak was higher. A brief look of shock cross Kareem’s face but that was quickly replaced by steely determination. He next tried a side chest pose, which I copied. My pecs were thicker and more defined and my quads dwarfed his. Kareem’s look of determination turned grim as he moved quickly from pose to the next. I matched each of his poses and discovered that I had the more muscular body. Kareem seemed to unable or unwilling to accept it as he continued to hit pose after pose trying to prove he was bigger and better. I hit a few more poses before I got irritated with him. I grabbed my cock and slapped it across his ass. Kareem spun around. Before he could react, I pulled him close to me, trapping our cocks between our hard-muscled abs. With one hand holding the back of his head and the other arm across his back pulling him close, I kissed him deeply and held him there. He fought for a few seconds, trying to bring free of my embrace but he couldn’t quite make it.

Soon Kareem stopped fighting. His hands began to roam across my muscles. He began to slowly hump against me, causing our cocks to rub against each other and our abs, the head of his cock popped up through the deep cleft between our tightly pressed pecs. Then, he started to return my kiss, passionately and aggressively. We broke the kiss and he began to nuzzle my thick traps. My hand slipped down to his ass and drove a finger past his assring. Kareem moaned in pleasure and bucked even harder against me.

“No....Don’t....Uh....mmm...” Kareem moaned as I slid my finger in and out of his ass.

Kareem’s ass was tight, almost virginal. I continued to finger-fuck his ass and he began to buck even more wildly against me. I, then, insert a second finger which caused him to sink deeper into sexual frenzy. A third finger soon had him opened up.

“No use fighting it. You want it as bad as I do.” I whispered into his ear.

“Do me now, bro.” He moaned, “I need yor big, fuckin’ cock.”

I spun Kareem around and slipped my cock between his legs. A few quick thrusts letting his balls ride along my thick cock had him gasping. I then reared back and placed my cock against his spasming hole. Rocking against him, I let my pre-cum slowly lube his hole.

“Ram it in!” Kareem demanded, “Fuck me hard and deep!”

If he wanted rough, then he’d get it. I thrust forward hard and fast. Kareem gasped loudly. I could feel his eyes bulging as I sank in to the hilt. The power of my thrust lifted Kareem off the floor. A few slow thrusts in and out, I began to fuck him hard. It was no simple fuck. It was a wild, powerful, animal fuck. I drove him across the floor when I didn’t lift him into the air. We fell into an animalistic rut. All I could think of was fucking his thick muscular ass and groping each of his bulging muscles. Kareem moaned and bellowed in passion. I grabbed his cock and he began to shoot cum across the floor and walls. Kareem’s orgasm triggered my own. I filled his tight ass with my hot cum.

"Yo, bro." Kareem panted, "You is one major fucking studbeast."

"Well, this studbeast is still horny." I replied.

"Bro. I think we need some help tame you." Kareem said as he eyed the other Guildsmen.

"First, let's take care of you, brother beast." I answered, "Kyle, Jack. Get your pumped up butts over here."

Kyle and Jack looked over to me, still jacking their heavy cocks. A quick flex from me soon had them running. I had to admire the flow and flex of their muscular bods as they came over to us. Plus, their huge cocks and balls bouncing off each superbly muscled thigh was absolutely mouth-watering.

"Kyle, since you have the hottest tongue of the two of you, you get to lick every muscular bulge of this stud." I instructed, "Jack, Kyle's cleaning this stud up but he's missing one area, so you're to put your tongue to work sucking out every drop of cum from this gorgeous ass."

I thought that they would object to my ordering them around like that but they jumped right to work. I watched them work Kareem over as I stroked my still hard cock. As I was stroking my cock, I heard moans and grasping from the center of the room. I looked over and saw that Derek and Alejandro had their own cocks out and stroking fantically to the scene taking place next to me. Prim and proper Nigel was rubbing his cock through his suit pants.

'Time for some more big muscleboys to play with.' I thought to myself.

I strutted over to the three men, deliberately flexing my hard with each step. Derek kept looking back and forth between my approach and the sexual display behind me. Alejandro just stared at me. Nigel tried to pretend nothing was happening despite his evident hard-on. I definitely was going to enjoy watching these little hotties grow into sizzling, huge muscleboys. And when the twins got back... •

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