By Frklvr


My name is Roger. I live in a small college town, where I work at the convention center. I still attend college part-time whenever I can, usually during the winter months. The rest of the year is spent at work.

I知 the guy who gets anything at the convention center set up, ready and when the event is over the one who cleans up the mess. Most of the time it痴 just your run-of-the-mill type stuff, you know, setting up for some guest speaker, the quarterly blood drives, the odd flea market or something else like that. Fairly routine stuff. Occasionally, we値l get a traveling road show or a band comes through and they値l put on a performance. I usually get a couple of free tickets and an extra backstage pass to those, so I get to be rather popular around those times.

I知 just an average guy. I知 neither ugly nor handsome. I知 just 5 foot 9 inches tall and weigh in at 155 pounds, completely average. I have medium brown hair and brown eyes, again average. As I have said, mind just an average guy nothing outstanding or remarkable about me. The only thing different about me is that I知 openly gay. Those who know me, know that I attracted to fit, muscular men but not heavily muscled. I usually prefer guys with the builds of a fitness model to that of a football player.

Most of the classes that I take when I do it and college are mainly theater classes. These classes come in handy when a theater group or some other show comes to town. With the skills I have learned in class allowed me to help set up and then run the lighting system. When a band comes to town, I help set up the light show and the sound system. I usually get a backstage pass or two for helping out. Once a regional wrestling tournament came to town. I gave the extra pass to my neighbor, Ralph, because he壮 a big fan of wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, and other 僧anly sports. Although I don稚 really enjoy watching the sport, I did enjoy meeting several of the wrestlers and was surprised to find how many enjoyed intimate man-to-man action. So while Ralph was busy meeting his favorite wrestlers, I was enjoying a few more 叢ersonal meetings that lasted the rest of the night and into the next day.

One day on Monday, I was busy cleaning up after one of the flea markets when Ralph rushes in all excited about something. I was rather surprised at this because I didn稚 think that Ralph was the excitable type. Curious as to what got Ralph all worked up, I put my aside.

添o, Ralph. What痴 up? I asked.

典he HFMMG痴 coming to town! Ralph exclaimed wildly.

的 remember seeing something about it written down for the weekend but had no idea what it was. I guess that it must be this HFMMG, whatever that is. I answered.

滴FMMG stands for Huge Freaky Muscle Men痴 Guild. Ralph quickly informed me, 典hey池e only the biggest and most muscular men around. 鄭nd you would like a backstage pass if I get one, right? I said guessing what he wanted.

典hat値l be great. Maybe I could get a few pointers from these guys on packing on some more muscle on this bod. Ralph said.

Personally, I saw nothing wrong with Ralph痴 body, 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds with a nice firm build.

Ralph was the college痴 assistant football coach and was trying to start up a wrestling team for the college. With all of Ralph痴 interest in 僧anly sports, mainly those with muscular men involved, I had some suspicions about him but didn稚 want to risk our friendship to confirm them. Hey, if he ever wanted to explore my side of the tracks, I壇 be more than happy to give him a guided tour, if you know what I mean.

的値l let you know if there are any. I told him.

添ou池e great friend. he said.

的f there aren稚 any, I might be able to get you in as a part-time employee. That is if you壇 be willing to do a little work. I suggested.

泥ude. I build an entire building for the show if I could get in. he exaggerated, 典hey only put on four or five shows a year, normally in some big city. I can奏 believe they喪e coming here. 的値l probably know something in a couple of days when some of their people show up. I said.

典hanks, dude. I owe you big if you can pull it off. he said.

Ralph left and I went back to work. When I got home that evening, I jacked off to a fantasy involving Ralph and myself. The next day after attending a couple of morning classes, I went to work at the convention center. I was going over the books when Ralph called asking if I had heard anything yet. I told him that I hadn稚 but I would tell him when I did. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was three p.m., Ralph would be coaching the football team in a few minutes. I decided that I would finish the books later. I went over to the college痴 football field.

I spent the rest of the afternoon scoping out the hot studs on the team in their tight pants, definite jack off material for later. That night痴 jack off fantasy was of Ralph and me leading the football team in an orgy.

Wednesday was a pretty slow day at work, I booked a sci-fi convention for the next month. Again at about three, Ralph called. I told him that I hadn稚 heard anything yet. I wondered what it was about this show that was making Ralph act like a kid waiting for Christmas. When I finished work, I decided to head for the town痴 only gay bar. It was leather night so I might find some entertaining companionship for the night. I take anyone home but I did have fun in the back room. I recognized a couple of men from the football team even though they wore leather masks.

One was wearing a Master痴 mask leaving his nose and mouth exposed , his moustache was a dead give away.

The other was wearing a slave痴 mask and collar as he lay in a sling, I recognized his tattoo and knew that they were roommates. I gave the one wearing the Master痴 mask a hot hand job and played with his nipples while his buddy-slave was getting it at both ends. Before I left for the night, I fucked the one in the sling. I made a note to catch these two after practice one day in the near future.

I woke up late the next day and had to rush to work.

When I arrived at work that morning, there was a semi parked at the center痴 loading dock. I went around to the truck and met Kyle and Jack. Kyle stood about 6 feet tall with a tight runner痴 build similar to mine.

Jack was my height but was stockier, built more like a wrestler. Jack took off as soon as he and Kyle had opened up the truck. I found out from Kyle that Jack was going around town posting fliers for upcoming show. Kyle and I went inside to talk about setting up the lighting for the show.

鉄o, you池e gay, too. Kyle asked out of the blue.

展hat? I asked startled by his directness.

的t痴 cool. I知 gay too. he said, 的 haven稚 many guys who壇 wear a gay pride t-shirt openly outside the big cities. I realized then that I had pull on the t-shirt as I rushed to work. I also realized that Kyle actively cruising me. 閃ust be my lucky day I thought as I looked him over.

的 don稚 normally wear it but I was running late for work this morning. I explained.

泥on稚 change on my account. I think looks good on you. he replied as he brushed up against me.

Definitely a good sign.

展hat about Jack? I asked, mildly worried about offending him.

泥on稚 worry about him. Kyle answered, 笛ack痴 gay too but he痴 hot only for the Guildsmen. 敵uildsmen? I asked as I rubbed against him.

添eah. The guys in the show this weekend. he answered as he put his arm around me.

哲ot my cup of tea. I replied turning towards him, 典oo big and too freaky for my tastes. I don稚 know how they can stand being like that. 鄭s the Guildsmen say, 租on稚 knock it until you致e tried it.樗 he responded pulling our bodies close together.

展hy? Especially when I致e got something I like right here. I said grabbing him around the waist and pressing our hardening cocks together.

Soon, we were locked in a tight embrace. We exchanged hot passionate kisses as we sucked on each other痴 tongues. Kyle痴 hand slipped down my body and was quickly unfastening my pants. As soon as he had pulled my cock free, Kyle dropped down and engulfed my cock with his mouth. Within seconds, I was getting one of best blowjobs I致e had in the longest time. He knew just how to swirl his tongue around my cock to give me even greater pleasure. He was one expert cocksucker. Soon, I was pumping out my load, which he greedily swallowed.

Not to be outdone, when he finished licking the last of my cum up, I pulled him upright. I then dropped down and unfastened his pants with my teeth. I pulled his cock out. I watched it for a split second, all hard and throbbing. I blew gently on his cock and then ran the tip of my tongue along the bottom of his shaft from the base to the tip. He shivered with delight. I then I deep-throated him, taking entire 8 inches in one quick swallow. I alternated between deep-throating him and licking his cockhead.

I soon had him quivering as my hands roamed over his body. In what seemed like no time to me, he was too began pumping his hot load into my willing and grateful mouth.

After savoring the last drop of his cum, I stood up and again fell into passionately kissing him. Our hands roamed and fondled each other痴 body. We grew more passionate as we kissed, pulling our bodies close and tight. Soon, we were dry humping each other as our lust soared. As we were about to throw each other on the floor, the phone rang. After ringing several times, Kyle pushed himself back from our embrace.

添ou壇 better get it before someone comes looking for you. he said heavily, 展e値l can pick up where we left off. My wits slowly returning out of the haze of lust, I agreed. I answered the phone thinking that it was probably Ralph again. Only to find that is was Jack calling for Kyle. I told Kyle that I had thought it might have Ralph because he had been calling everyday at three about the show. I handed the phone to Kyle.

As I waited for Kyle to finish his phone call, I stood off to the side and looked lustily at him. I found it somewhat sexy to see him stand there with his pants down around his ankles. I gazed at his tight, defined legs as well as his high firm butt. I had about decided to step up behind Kyle and grab hold of those firm cheeks when hang up the phone.

泥amn that Jack. Kyle spat.

展hat痴 up, stud? I asked huskily, trying get things started again.

笛ack痴 going to be back in less than twenty minutes. he answered, 鄭nd from the sample I just got, I知 not going to settle for a quickie. You and I are going the next few nights getting hot and sweaty. 展ell, we do have some time for a little fun. I suggested.

笛ack wants to start hanging the lights as soon as he gets back and we don稚 even have it planed out, yet he replied, 添ou know, once we get started again, there won稚 be any stopping. 的 suppose you池e right. I sighed, 泥amn. 泥on稚 worry, I知 not going anywhere. he consoled, 鏑ets get started on the lighting plan. Reluctantly, we started putting together the lighting plan. It was a bit difficult to plan out the lighting scheme because each of us would cop a feel of the other or we壇 French kiss again. We had just about finished the plan so we decided to neck a little bit.

We were in a deep lip lock when we were interrupted.

鄭hem. 践ard at work, I see. Jack said as we broke apart.

哲early. Kyle replied, 敵ive us a few more seconds and we will be. 鉄lut. Jack shot back good-naturedly.

撤roud of it. Kyle countered, 展e池e done except for placing the three big spots. 展e could probably place them center, left center, and right center. I suggested pointing to the plan.

鉄ounds good to me. Jack said, 鏑ets get going. 迭oger, why don稚 you go kill the breakers while Jack and I go open up the truck. Kyle proposed, 展e値l carry in the lights first then we値l hang them. 迭ight. I replied as I slipped back into work mode, 釘ack a few. I walked out the door. I got to the top of the stairs leading to the basement when I remembered I had left the keys back in the office. I turned around and headed back. As I approached the office, I could hear Jack and Kyle talking. I hung back and listened for a few minutes.

鉄o, have you two fucked yet? Jack asked bluntly.

展e were about to when you called. Kyle answered, 展hy? are you jealous? 哲o. Jack replied, 添ou know I only want you when you池e show-size. Right now, you can fool around with anyone you want. Just don稚 let what happened the last time, happen again. I wondered what Jack meant about show-size and I wondered what happened last time.

滴ey. I知 clean. Kyle protested, 釘esides, I think he痴 the one we want. He痴 one hot cocksucker, if nothing else. 添ou might be right. I haven稚 seen anyone else that comes, yet. Jack replied, 展hen? 鏑ater, first lets get the lights up. Kyle responded.

Sensing that they were done talking, I walked into the office.

的 got down to the basement and realized I forgot the keys. I lied and grabbing the keys I headed back to the basement.

I switched off the breakers in the basement and went back up to help Jack and Kyle. Jack was up in the back of the truck handing down the lights to Kyle. I grabbed a couple of the lights that were sitting on the ground and started hauling them into the center.

It took us about a hour to carry all but the three big spots into the center. Jack carried in a cooler from their truck and set down in a nearby room. He said was something help cool us down afterwards. I climbed up into the scaffolding, carrying a block and tackle.

Kyle climbed up to lend a hand after I switched on the battery-powered lamps. Just a bit over a hour and the lights were secured to scaffold. Kyle and I climbed down. I went back to the basement and switched on the breakers. When I returned, Jack had already hooked up the control box. He and Kyle then grab a table and carried it the where the stage would be set. Kyle jumped onto the table. I climbed back up into the scaffolds to aim the lights. After a hour of setting the lights, I was drenched with sweat and ready for a break. I climbed down and grabbed a nearby rag to mop my face. Jack suggested we sit down and relax for a few minutes then have something to drink. After all that heat, I was willing to almost anything to delay going up into it.

鉄o, Jack. You got plans for tonight? Kyle asked.

的値l play by ear. I値l probably hook up with a Guildsman, though. Jack answered, 適yle says that you care for Guildsmen. 的致e nothing against them. They just don稚 turn me on. I replied, 的n a way, I feel sorry for them. 展hy? asked Jack, 展hy feel sorry for them. I think that they池e some of the hottest men around. 典hey池e slaves to their bodies. They probably have to spend hours in the gym just to maintain their muscles, let alone trying to make them bigger. They probably stared at everywhere they go, thought of as freaks. On top of that, having to have everything they wear specially made to fit, that must be very expensive. I explained.

典he Guildsmen enjoy being looked at. They love being bigger, stronger and more masculine than any other men around. You壇 be surprised how little time they have to put in at the gym. Jack countered, 鄭s for clothes, they all have different tastes so some pay more than others. 展hat about the kind drugs they got to be taking to get that big in the first place? They most likely cut their lives in half. I countered.

典rue. They do take some drugs but they aren稚 like steroids. The drugs they take don稚 do the damage that steroids do. Kyle piped in.

滴aven稚 you ever wondered what it would be like to be big and strong plus to have the kind of muscles most only wished they had. Jack asked, 釘e honest. 的 supposed so. But to that extreme? I answered.

展hy not? Jack replied, 的f you were given the chance to experience what it was like to be a Guildsman, would you? Just temporarily, or course. Before I could answer his question, the phone rang in the office. I got up to answer the phone. Kyle said that they would fix up the drinks while I was gone.

When I answered the phone, it was Ralph. I told him that the set crew was there but I didn稚 yet know if there was an extra pass or not. He asked if I would by tonight and I said I would find out after all the set ups were done. I said I壇 phoned him or stop by later on. I hung up the phone and went back to Jack and Kyle. When I got back to room, Kyle was just finishing stirring up the drinks. He handed me one of the glasses. I sat down as the other picked up their glasses. I took a sip.

展hat is it? I asked.

鄭 sport drink. Jack answered.

鏑ike Gatorade or PowerAde. I replied.

的t a newly developed drink. Kyle said.

的t値l make a new man out of you. Jack said cryptically.

Jack and Kyle drank their drinks down in a few gulps while I drank mine a little slower. I was nearly finished with my drink when I noticed that both Jack and Kyle were sweating pretty heavily. 禅hey must hotter than I thought. I thought to myself. I finished my drink and saw that they were drenched in sweat, so much so that their shirts were plastered to their bodies. They, then, began moaning. I began wondering what was going on. I next noticed that their shirts were slowly being stretched by suddenly growing muscles. It was like watching 奏he Incredible Hulk TV show but in person.

I watched as their pecs expanded and thickened, pulling their shirts tight across their torsos. Their shoulders grew broader stretching the neck of their shirts farther and farther open. Their arms blew up like balloons pulling their shirt sleeves taut. Even their legs filled out their jeans near to bursting.

Suddenly, as if there had an explosion, it was raining shreds of cloth and thread. When the air cleared, I saw Kyle and Jack standing there, impossibly huge and muscled.

Their pecs were thick and square as if someone had taken sidewalk paving and shoved them under their skin. Their shoulder were so broad that they filled up the room. Their traps soared thick and strong, disappearing into the columns that their necks had become. Their arms were bulging huge and powerful.

Their biceps were mountainous peaks of incredible strength to rival Mt. Everest for size. Their lats flared unbelievably wide pushing their super muscled arms higher into the air. The abs became an inhuman 10-pack that looked capable of stopping Cruise missiles without a dent or a scratch. Their legs were now so massive that they were easily larger than my torso in circumference. Their calves exceeded the size my thighs and looked to be harder than diamonds.

The torn remains of their jeans hung around their still narrow waists. They began grunting in very deep tones. I saw that the crotches of their shredded jeans were barely containing their growing packages.

With a loud, deep and satisfied grunt from both of them, their jeans exploded from their bodies. Two mammoth, hard and throbbing cocks jutted forth from their crotches. Below the huge cocks hung ball sacs so huge and descending so low that they made bulls balls look like they belonged to infant mice.

泥amn. Jack rumbled in a very deep and blooming voice, 撤umping up always makes me so fucking horny.

I知 glad your lusciously muscled ass is here. 摘asy, Jack. Kyle rumbled back in an equally deep voice, 展e致e got a new Guildsman about to burst on the scene. That痴 when I started to feel rather warm and sweat began stream down my face. •

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