Mark and Brad



By MuscleTeen

Brad was strutting about the room playing with his new toys. Man after muscleman was subjected to his ruthless fucking routine. With each man, his load got bigger. Mark could see he was working through the room, obviously going to leave him 'til last - give him the BIGGEST load.

Phil came up to Mark and asked him to slip out with him when he could. While Brad was bucking up Goran's ass, with the screams of Goran to be heard miles away, Mark slipped out. "Mark - we have to hurry - you have to take a second dose - it's the only way we can control him". Mark didn't stop to ask if it was dangerous. He had gotten his friends into this mess, so he would have to get them out of it. Phil was already flexing - building himself up to pass on his superstrength once more. Mark saw him grow - arms bulging out - chest puffing up almost as if he was being air pumped up. Phil nodded to Mark when he was ready. Mark turned around and the musclegiant rammed his rod up Mark's ass. As Phil came closer to cumming, the door opened behind them.

"There you are - I've been looking for you", Brad said calmly. He stepped up to Phil and grabbed his boulder shoulders. He ripped him off Mark's back and pushed Mark aside. He turned Phil around - and swalloed his cock. Phil was so far gone that he couldn't stop himself cumming at that moment. Brad swallowed every drop Phil had to give and more - he sucked his cock so hard that Phil thought he was going to suck it off.

BRad finished sucking and dropped Phil as if he were a rag doll. He turned to Mark. "Mark - I was looking for you - I wanted to give my biggest load to my favourite slave" With that he flexed. As he flexed, the cum started to kick in. His double-bi grew before Mark's eyes. Those guns were enormous - thicker than a man's leg. They must have been 80 inches at the beautiful peak of the bicep. Brad continued to grow - flexing muscle after ripped muscle before a stunned Mark, at each flex daring the muscle to grow bigger to satisfy HIS thirst.

"COME ON _ YES", he'd shout, as his pecs ballooned while he flexed them. Mark, who had been standing about 6 inches away, now had his face pressed up against Brad's pecs. The pecs grew and pushed his face against the wall. Brad's thighs ballooned out, growing insanely ripped. his wide stance was pushed even wider, his thigh biceps commanding more room.

When the growth subsided, Brad stepped back from crushing Mark and let him admire his body. The god was easily 10ft tall - probably about 700lbs of muscle - although it was impossible to calculate as you couldn't take the whole body in in one glance. You needed to look at seperate parts and try to add it all together. Brad flexed and MArk couldn't help but cum, even though he didn't touch himself. Brad smiled. "Good boy - what do you thik of me now" As he asked he turned around and flexed his enormous back, with the huge guns - hell cannons - coming out the side. "Wow", was all Mark could manage. Brad turned around. He grabbed Mark by hte throat and lifted him up against the wall. Remember Mark himself was no small size. Brad used his powerful arm to lift Marks 400-500 lbs of muscle and shoved him against the wall. "Wow - WHAT?". "Wow, sir", Mark said, without thinking. Brad turned and threw Mark across hte room. He stepped across after him and picked him up again. "I think we've gone beyond 'sir', don't you think". For emphasis, he flexed the arm that was holding Mark two feet from the ground.

"YES MASTER", Mark shouted, half in pain, half in ecstasy. Brad caressed Mark's face, gently, with his other hand. "Good boy, swim boy", he said. He let him down. He went over to Phil. "Well, well", he said with an arrogant smile. Phil looked up. The huge man was powerless against this buffed up arrogant muscleteen GOD. He pulled Phil up off the floor, and rammed him against the wall - much more roughly than with Mark. "Listen to me, slave. If you ever try and disobey you master again..." He flexed his other bicep. It grew before Phil's face - growing to the size of his head. "Understand?" "Yes, yes master", Phil said. And in all ways he could think of, he meant it. Brad was so awesome, wilder than he'd ever imagined huger than he thought possible - why not obey him. He was so beautiful.

Brad dropped Phil again to the floor. For emphasis, he pulled a most muscular, and any doubts Phil had vanished. The guy was a GOD, he deserved to be worshipped. Brad went over to Mark again. Silently, he turned him to the wall and rammed his 8inch thick foot long cock up Mark's waiting hole. It was painful, but Mark knew that was his life now. It was always meant to be his life. "Let's make our entrance", Brad said strutting into the main room again, were two dozen muscle slaves would be waiting to serve his wishes, for EVER!


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