Mark and Brad

Brad gets the gift


By MuscleTeen

Phil would need a while to recover, before he could 'do' Brad. Brad would have to wait until tomorrow. That night, he was the centre of wrestling and sex-games played by the twins, Mark and their new teen companion Chet. His hole was raw the next morning and when Phil entered, he was nearly sick at the thought of being fucked again. Phil explained everything again to Brad, who looked at Mark and saw the size he could become. You mean if you fuck me, I get as big as him?", Brad asked. "Yes", Phil said. What he didn't say was 'bigger'. With every recruit, Phil's spunk was getting more potent. The twins, Mark, Chet were all much bigger than the original recruits. "Go for it", Brad said. Again the ritual, with men fucking Brad as he grew. And he grew. He grew as big as the twins. He kept growing. His chest looked like it was going to burst. His arms became as thick as thighs. His lats pushed out, as broad as Mark's, broader! His thighs exploded, until they were so thick, that no matter how Brad stood his huge cock was pushed out by the muscle behind it. Brad was now as big as Mark and was still growing. He stopped soon after - at over 8 ft and nearly 600lbs. As he stopped growing, it was Goran who was fucking his ass. He squeezed his glutes, hard against the twin's cock. Goran winced in pain. Brad squeezed harder and Goran started screaming. Brad released the pressure and Goran fell out, holding his crotch in agony. Brad picked up the muscled-teen by the neck. "NOBODY FUCKS ME UP THE ASS", he boomed and threw Goran against his twin and Chet, knocking both to the ground. Brad turned to the mirror. He flexed and showed a most muscular which showed his vastness to MAXimum effect. He turned around and smiled. It was a smile which said 'I'm the biggest now and you know it'. Brad went around the group, and fucked the group one by one - riding each rougher than the one before. When he got to Mark, he went up to him. He looked down and lifted Mark up by the throat. "Who is the master now?", he boomed. Mark wrestled the muscle god to the ground but Brad's strength easily overpowered him, and Brad raped Mark violently. Mark groaned in equal amounts of pleasure and pain. When Brad came, Mark thought his stomach was going to implode, such was the force. "Just like the old days - swimboy", Brad said. "What do you say to your new god?" Mark refused to speak. He was so annoyed at himself for bringing this monster into the group. Brad, with Mark still on his manpole walked over to the twins and picked them up - one in each hand - by the necks. The twins two feet clear in the air were strugglig to breathe. "I said, what do you say swimboy?" Mark had no choice. "Yes, sir", he said reluctantly. "LOUDER", Brad said, squeezing tighter. The twins were furiously trying to free themselves, but in vain. Brad's grip was vice-like. "YES SIR", Mark said.

Brad spent the rest of the night posing, showing his strength and generally ordering everybody about. Everybody eventually went to sleep, except Phil. He knew there was only one thing they could do. Someone would have to get a second dose. •

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