Mark and Brad

Mark goes to find his new recruit…


By MuscleTeen


Mark was reluctant to go and get Brad, who he had chosen as his new recruit. He kept asking Phil for more time, time which he enjoyed working out with the twins, Goran and Ivan. The three got on very well, and one very special night, the twins inaugurated Mark as their brother - by giving him a 'sandwich screw' - Ivan at the back, Goran in front. MArk finally felt he belonged somewhere and was reluctant to risk changing this life. However, all the while he had an urge to see Brad, to show his former master how truly HUGE he had become, and of course to ride Brad to the moon and back. Phil said that if he wanted to fuck Brad, it could only be done if Brad was to become a recruit.

Finally the day came when Mark decided he would go. He dressed in as normal as civillian clothes as possible, although it was impossible to make Mark look normal. At 8ft tall, and weighing near 450 pounds, Mark had grown considerably since his initiation into the club. He and the twins worked out hard as well as playing hard, and it was showing. Mark, now 18, was huge and ripped and incredibly strong. He was the strongest in the house - Phil had said his sperm was getting more potent each time - and in the many wrestling matches Mark had with the twins, it sometimes took both twins - both massive in their own right - to bring him down. Mark loved being huge, and secretly loved being the biggest. All the other men in the house loved being screwed by him, such was the sensation he could pass on - but Mark kept himself mainly for the twins - whom he adored.

Dressed up, Phil told Mark where to find Brad. He was in the east competing in a interstate final. Mark made his way in Phil's car. When he arrived, he asked the startled receptionist where he would find Brad. Brad was well known (and had won the competition) and the receptionist told him he was in his room. Getting the room number was easy - the receptionist was only too happy to oblige this hulk.

Mark went up to the room and knew even before he entered Brad was inside. He could hear roars inside - consistent with Brad's usual antics. Mark pushed the door through with ease, bent his head to get through the door and stepped inside. There was Brad, screwing some teen - interstate teen champion - junior - as it happened. Mark looked at Brad. He had done well. He hadn't grown much, but he had solidified - now looked very big and cut. The teen hanging off Brad's cock didn't look too bad either. "Hello Brad", Mark boomed. Brad was standing there in shock. He stood there, with a teen on his dick, looking at this 8ft giant standing at the doorway. "What the fuck...?", was all he could manage. "Don't you remember", Mark said, easing off his clothes seductively. He peeled off his sweater to reveal his huge torso - dominated by massive pecs and cut abs. He flexed his bis - showing his massive lats. The teen came on the spot. MArk pushed down his sweat pants, slowly, over the insanely large thighs and reaveled his quads in all their glory. All the while, Brad's jaw just kept dropping as he tried to take it all in. "Mark?", he said as if the idea was impossible. "Glad you still recognise me.", Mark said. "What... how..." Brad couldn't speak. MArk didn't waste any time. He stepped over to Brad and pulled off the junior teen champ, who went flying against the wall such was Mark's strength. He grabbed Brad's neck with his huge hand and lifted him two feet clear of the ground - so they were eye-to-eye. "Hi Brad - I'm going to show you a good time" Holding Brad in the air was making his bicep pump, so he started to curl - 20 with one arm and 20 with the other. His bis were hugely pumped now, with blood racing through the throbbing veins.

Still holding Brad in the air, Mark pushed him against the wall and stepped closer, so their pecs were touching. At an instant, Mark flexed his pecs, so they pushed into Brad's. Brad could hardly breathe. Mark let him go by the neck, so now all that was holding Brad up was the force of the mammoth's pecs. Mark pulled a double bi, and Brad winced in pain as the pecs flexed harder. At least he thought that was pain. Mark pulled a most muscular - his pecs exploded in pain. Brad screamed in agony. Mark was literally crushing his torso. Mark stepped back and Brad slumped to the floor, breathing heavily. Mark turned to the junior teen who was busy jacking off at this testostoric festival and ordered, in his deep voice, for him to get the posing oil and prepare him. The teen jumped up, eagerness overtaking his fear, and liberally poured oil onto Mark. He started with his huge back - which was thrice as wide as the junior teen's. He massaged the muscles and felt the inordinate power lurking in them. "Keep going - what's your name", Mark said, approvingly. "Chet... sir" "Come around the front, Chet and do my pecs". Chet moved around and such was Marks height that his eyes were level with Mark's pecs. He rubbed oil in to the muscles, occasionally Mark would flex and Chet would get a larger and larger erection - until finally he came again. "Good boy Chet, now one last job", he said rubbing his crotch. Chet kneeled down. He didn't know where to begin with the huge cock. Mark took his hand gently and started stroking his cock his it. "Like this", he said helpfully. Chet rubbed oil into Mark's cock and the cock grew - grew into the biggest cock Chet thought was possible. "Good boy", Mark said. "I'll reward you later."

Mark went back over to Brad, who was still recovering from having his torso crushed by Mark's mass. He picked Brad up again and turned him against the wall. Slowly, he manouvered he throbbing cock up Brad's butt, pushing his cock further and further up Brad's hole. Brad pleaded with him to stop, begged him that it would kill him, but Mark kept pushing. Stepping back from the wall, Brad dangled from Mark's huge penis. Mark turned the mirror. "How does that feel Brad - how does it feel to have my cock up your hole?" Brad didn't know how it felt. He had never taken a cock up his hole, seeing it as a sign of weakness. It was very painful, as the huge cock was pusing aside the virginal chamber, but at the same time it was extremely sensual, with the huge head touching parts that Brad didn't know existed. Mark did a double bi in the mirror and once again showed his huge pumped teen muscles to their full extent. He grabbed Brad by the waist and started pumping Brad up and down his cock. Brad roared and screamed in pain. The cock was ripping flesh as it went. "Please... master please... stop", Brad begged. But Mark was oblivious to this and kept pumping. Brad fainted and woke up again, and seeing once more the mammoth's body in the mirror, came. Chet was waiting patiently for this and hungrily drank the milk as it came from Brad's cock. Mark turned to the side to reveal in the mirror his mass behind Brad's. Getting extremely aroused by his hugeness, he exploded in Brad, releasing copious amounts of spunk. Brad fainted again. Mark flexed some more with Brad on his cock. Chet came at this sight - Mark was so HUGE!

Mark pulled Brad off and he fell to the floor, exhausted. "Next", MArk said, turning to Chet with a smile. Chet went white. Brad was big, and could just take Mark's mass, but he was only 200lbs - he'd be killed. He made a jump for the door, but Mark stretched out his hand and caught him by his neck. He threw him against the far wall. "DO NOT DISOBEY ME", boomed the musclegod, who was extremely pumped and horny at this stage. "Worship me". Chet approached with caution - he had no choice. Mark rammed his steel rod into Chet's mouth and down his throat. Chet gulped and swallowed the cock. Mark fucked his face violently - he was EXTREMELY PUMPED now. He came with another explosion - cum literally burst out of Chet's mouth. "Swallow", Mark ordered. Chet did his best, but some dripped out. "Lick it up", ordered Mark. As Chet bent over, Mark rammed his cock up Chet's ass - ripping it apart. As he stood up Chet squealed in pain as his weight rested on Mark's penis.

The session went on for another hour - with Mark fucking his two new slaves in turn. Everytime he finished, he got horny thinking how powerful he was and went again. Eventually he picked up the two limp, naked bodies and strode out to the car. He threw them in the back and drove back to the house. When he got there, the two twins lifted in the two bodies into one of the 'waiting chambers'. Mark explained that he had to bring Chet, as he had witnessed everything, although secretly he liked the teen - he had a boyish face that made him attractive. Phil took some presuading, but he eventually agreed to give both teens the 'gift'.

Next day, Chet were brought into the room. Everybody was there. Chet nearly fainted again when he woke up at the sight of so much muscle. Phil came in again as before - explained everything to Chet, who was only to eager to become huge. Phil fucked him up the ass, and the metamorphis began. This was the first time Mark had seen this occur to someone else, and it was certainly a sight. Huge musclemen fucked the growing teen as his lats widened and thickened, as his arms grew thick with snake-like veins bursting out, his pecs ballooning out and his thigh expanding in all directions. Chet had to keep adjusting his stance to accomodate the growing quads. Mark was the last to fuck Chet, who stopped growing when he was about the twins' size, as he had started at a much smaller size than Mark had been. He looked very sexy. He stilled had his boyish face, blond hair, which was now dwarfed by his huge body, which commanded attention. When he looked at himself in the mirror, a wry smile came across his face. "Fuck me", he said, "I'm huge." And he was. As big as the twins, who were the biggest after Mark. Chet flexed and posed and everyone got horny again so they had their customary orgy. •

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