Mark and Brad

It's GROWING time!!


By MuscleTeen

Mark woke up and he was in a different room.He was naked. He looked around - the room was full of the most muscular men imaginable. He saw Goran and Ivan who both smiled quickly but he others around them looked as big - if not bigger. All wore the same style shorts - camoflauge, struggling to hold in large bulges. Suddenly, large double doors opposite him opened. Mark gulped, not knowing what to expect. In walked Phil, in a very fetching blue skinhugging lycra suit that showed his muscular development perfectly. "It's time", he said. "Mark - I am the provider - and I have chosen you as my next recruit. You will join these men around you and become the largest body in the world. My spunk is getting stronger - Goran and Ivan were my last recruits - they are here just 6 months. I believe you got to know them last night", he said smiling. "Now don't be afraid" With that, Phil started flexing. He flexed and as he flexed, he grew. He kept growing, beyond a normal flex would take you. Jesus, MArk thought - he's growing. And so he was. Phil was very soon testing the seams of the lycra suit to it's limit - and very soon it gave way, ripping apart into nothing. What it revealed was a huge body - that was growing before Mark's eyes. It put every body in the room out of the contest. He grew to 8 ft tall, shoulders must have been 5 ft around, and pecs a good 100 inches. It tapered down crazily to a narrow waist of 28 inches, and huge thighs flanked a 30 inch rod of steel - MArk licked his lips. Phil's mammoth body came closer to Mark. "Mark - do you choose to join this club and to serve it's interests well" "I do", MArk replied solemnly. "I will fuck you, and as you grow, everybody in this room will fuck you, signifying your enrolment".

With that he turned Mark around and pushed his 6inch thick prick up Mark's ass. He rolled his hips, slowly at first and then faster - and before long was groaning and shouting - about to cum. A large mirror in front of Mark conveyed the scene. Mark was on Phil's cock and the master was wrapped around him as he transferred his power to the eager teen. As he came, Mark felt a rush of boiling hot lava enter his body and it felt like it was getting in every vein. As it was. Mark looked in the mirror, and all his veins seemed to stand out from his body. Before, the shower gel had been diluted and was delayed. Now, he was going to get the effect instantly, and ALL OVER his body. The veins pumped - and his body pushed out of itself trying to catch up with the veins. His pecs went first - they ballooned out 50 -60 - 70 inches. His traps grew up from his back encasing his headand running along side his thick column of a neck. His shoulders puffed out, but with deep cuts betwen each of the delts. His lats pushe out of the side of his body, pushiing his arms almost vertical. His arms were pushed out even further - because his enormous bis were growing fast to keep up eith his growing tris. His arms must have reached 30, 35 inches.

All the while, musclebound man after man came up to him and plugged his hole with their cum. Mark didn't even notice sometimes, so caught up was he in the reflection of his morphing body. But when Mark's legs started, MArk lost all sense of the world. The expanded out of all proportion, and he had to keep adjusting his stance to accomodate the ever increasing size of his legs. His calves grew in proportion, creating a very sexy pair of pillars - easily 80inches around at the max. When the growht slowed, MArk looked at his body. He was HUGE, he was CUT and he was very sexy. At the time he realised this, Goran was up his ass, just about to sum. He squeezed his now huge, sexy glutes to give his Czech friend extra pleasure. When he came, Mark dropped him off, and looked around the room. Phil had returned to normal size after passing over so much energy; so he headed for Ivan and fucked him senseless. He had so much power. Phil had turned him into a towering mountain of god-muscle - nothing would stop him. He was easily the biggest guy in the room, and he and everyone else knew it. "I knew my sperm was getting more potent", Phil said. One by one, Mark went around all the huge, hung bodybuilders and fucked them like there was no tomorrow. After that, they all had an orgy - three, four muscled guys doing it together in groups around the room.

After the initiation session, Phil was told that as a younger member, he would live with the twins. Usually, there were four members per sub-group, so after a few months, Phil told Mark that he could go out into the world and choose the new recruit. His progress was so remarkable, he didn't have to wait the year. MArk decided to wait a few more weeks, knowing the person he would choose would probably change the house forever. •

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