Mark's Angry Fire

By alessioneri

The first time I lost my cool was in seventh grade. I was only twelve years old and very timid at my age. I had just finished lunch with the rest of Mrs. Bruin's class. While we were walking back to the classroom, my shoelace had come untied. In Mrs. Bruin's class, while the class is in line, we couldn't speak. I couldn't just flat out say "Mrs. Bruin, may you please stop the line so I could tie my shoelace?"

"Yes, Mark, you can,"she had said.

I was at the end of the line so I stopped to tie my shoelace. I wasn't exactly one of Mrs. Bruin's favorite students. She would always say that I was very quiet and had a "lone-wolf" reputation in the class.

While I knelt down and tied my shoelaces, I noticed a huge shadow cover over me. I looked up and saw Billy Parker, a kid known for being the biggest bully in school. He was fifteen years old and in the seventh grade. Pimples had already formed on his already disfigured face. Billy stood at about 5'11 and was extremely mean. People said his face was mangled in a car accident.I look up at the distorted face and I look back down to my shoelaces, trying to finish tying them.

Just then, I feel his hand grip me by my shirt and pull me up. Billy was a very strong kid back then because he worked out constantly "So....," Billy had said, "What have we here? Mark lose his way to class?" I struggled to free myself but to no use. "Where you going, little punk? I thought we could spend some quality time together; man to maggot." I tried to loosen Billy grip on my shirt but it was like trying to pull teeth.

"I've been hearing some things from you about me,Mark; mean things. So I thought, 'What is a man like me to do' and then it hit me after thinking for a while, 'I think I'll just find Mark and throw him through a window.'"

Billy looked at the window at the far end of the hallway across from the janitor's office. I begged, "Look, don't have to do that, I didn't say anything about you!!!! I'll do anything you want. Just don't..."

CRASH! He picked up my 12-year old body and threw it toward the window, crashing through. My body landing on the concrete sidewalk underneath it. For a minute, my body laid there. After 2 minutes had passed, I tried to stand up. Yet, soon after I got to my feet, I felt Billy's fist connecting violently to my jaw, knocking me back down. He sat on top of me and began to pound my already bloodied face with his powerful hands, and laughing as he did it. Then ho tore my shirt away and I remained half naked.

"Look-he said-you have no muscles! I could KILL you!" This is when the fire began to grow. Billy still was sitting on me, his friends were all surrounding me and they were laughing. By this time, the fire was ready to explode. He looked to his friends and they picked me up and held me by my arms. Billy's friends were about three-fourth his size and they all took turns beating me up. Billy's friends would say over and over while they beat me, "Mark is a loser, Mark is a loser". Two of them held my arms while one held my legs while the fourth one would beat on my gut and face.The fire had exploded and I had had enough.

I can't remember what happened after I sank into the sea of rage that consumed me. However,they told me that myu body began to change. I became taller and taller and my muscles started to get bigger. In just a few minutes, I had become taller, stonger and very muscular.

Billy was white, he could hardly talk. "What...what happened? I was...joking...".

I picked him up over my head with my big big arms and threw him into the window of a kindergarten classroom that was in session. Another one of them tried to punch me in the back of my head, but I turned around as if I hadn't felt it at all. I then backhanded him upward in his chin, sending his body into the air three feet high and crashing into the ground five feet away from me.

The last two of Billy's friends tried to bull rush me, only to have me grab them by their throats and toss them behind me, sending them head over heels onto the ground and all of Billy's friends took off running like a nose in flu season.

I then stalked towards Billy with intense hatred and utter animalism in my eyes, and with all my muscles pumped up. He tried to punch me in my ches but he did nothing to my big pecs. I threw him towards the door of the janitor's office. I then spearhead-tackled him through the wooden door, shattering it into splinters. I grabbed him by his shirt and threw him over my head into the hallway. He flew through the air like a football and landed on the floor with a thud. Slowed for only a few seconds, I crawled out of the rubble of the door and I grabbed him again and slung him by his shirt down the hallway for about 7ft. He begged me to stop and all I could say to him was, "Funny, I don't remember you stopping when I asked you."

Just then, a girl said to me, "Mark." Her voice was in a low tone, even for someone who was eight years old. She touched my shoulder and Iwas beginning to calm down.

"It's ok, Billy has learned his lesson. He won't mess with you again, will you, Billy?" Billy shook his head "no" very quickly. "I will never ever mess with you again, just don't hurt me....Please!!!!" . I began to become smaller and shorter, my body turned into the one of a 12 years old guy again....but for how long? •

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