Mark and Brad

Brad Leaves


By MuscleTeen

The year progressed and at the end of semester, Brad entered the regional bodybuilding championships. It was the best time of Mark's life - they had a room together in a nearby hotel (Brad now had sponsorship!) and he helped Brad prepare for the competition - oiling him, helping him pump up and of course 'relieving the stress' by a range of blow-jobs. He couldn't imagine life without Brad - HE was his life. Brad won the competition hands down - there was no competittion. All the other competitors - huge in their own right acknowledged Brad's teen freakishness. Sponsors competed for him and he decided the time was ripe to go full-time. When he told Mark, the boy couldn't believe it. "What will I do without you?" - I can't remember life without you" He even thought he would go 'on the road' with Brad, but his parents were having none of it. On their last night, he begged Brad to let him fuck his hole, but Brad cruelly wouldn't let him. "It's better this way", he said, before proceeding to give Mark the fuck of all fucks.

Mark considered giving up the gym life - but he reconsidered - the only way he could get near Brad again was if he too became a bodybuilder. Fuck his parents, he would train while in school and then join the circuit when he was old enough. That would be his life now. One day he was in the showers after a particularly gruelling session - he was massaging his pumped arms. "Nice arms", aguy beside him said. And he had. While living in Brad's shadow, Mark felt he was small and weak. But now with Brad gone, he realised how big he had got - thanks to Brad's training regime. He was quite muscular - would have been a strong competitior himself, and was well endowed. "Thanks", he said to the guy beside him. This guy was pretty big himself. "Haven't seen you around before", Mark said, taking a closer look at the guy beside him. He was slightly bigger than Mark, maybe 20lbs, but not as big as Brad of course. It wouldn't have been unusual for Mark not to have noticed anyone else, for in the gym he concentrated on Brad and himself - in fact everything he did was with Brad. But the guy said that he hadn't been around before. Mark left it at that, didn't want to think about anyone else for the moment.

"Fuck", Mark said - "forgot my shower gel". "Take mine", the big guy beside him said, handing him a black container with no label. "It's home made - good for ... relaxing muscles", he said pausing mid-sentence. Mark took it - and started rubbing it on his sore muscles - arms, pecs and shoulders he had trained today. It smelt a bit salty. "Thanks", Mark said handing it back - wondering what the fuck it was. They continued showering in silence. Mark felt his muscles relaxing a bit - the stuff obviously works he thought - a bit disappointed - as being pumped made him horny. Maybe, in the present circumstances, it was for the best. "See you around", the other guy said, leaving the showers first. "Yeh - maybe we'll train sometime", said Mark, surprised at his forwardness. The guy walked off - he looked very good from behind - good lats - wide shoulders, very trim waist. More a bodybuilder than a swimmer, Mark thought, happily.

Going home to his empty room - he'd asked not to share this semester - Mark felt pretty tired. He hit his bed quite early, and after a quick 'Brad-jerk' fell asleep. He woke up in the middle of the night, feeling fairly hot and got up for a drink of water. Turning on his lamp, he went over to the sink and filled up the glass. As he knocked back the glass, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. "What the...?" - he thought, aloud. Mark turned on the main light. Looking at himself in Brad's huge mirrors, he couldn't believe what he saw. The person staring back at him was HUGE - it was Mark's face alright - but the body was bigger than anything he had seen before. His pecs were like two mounds of marble shelf - protuding several inches from his body. His shoulders were literally like two soccer balls bouncing from each shoulder. He did a double bi, and two enormous mountains of muscle grew as as he flexed. They must be at least 25 inches he thought. His torso was bigger than Brad's much bigger. Mark could be sure of this, as he knew exactly where Brad's outline was on the mirror. He rubbed his pecs again - they were like warm marble. When he looked at his legs, however, they had hardly grown at all. Disappointed, he lost his huge erection almost immediately. What the fuck happened... he thought - top has grown bottom hasn't. He knew he had trained pecs shoulders and arms today - Brad liked to give him a lot to do - but they couldn't have grown this much. He thought back on the day - and remembered the guy in the showers. That stuff he gave him - he had only rubbed it on the muscles he had trained. Fuck, why didn't he do his legs. Mark looked again in the mirror. The morph returning his stare was pretty good all the same. His taut skin fought to contain the boundless muscles - which really PEAKED in the right places. Luckily Mark trained his legs hard, so they didn't look too out of place. He jerked off, there and then, looking at this teen-mammoth before him. God, if only he had Brad before him now. He could fuck any hole in his body and Brad wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. He jerked off again at the thought of his absolute teen-power he possessed. Pulling on one of Brad's old superman tops and a pair of shorts, he went out into the night, looking for a new 'friend'.

Mark headed for the nearest 24 hour gym. There would be few people around, but the people there would be built and fun to overpower. He went in and there were only two guys - the owner and another guy training seperately. Mark checked them out. Both were very healthy male specimens - as you'd expect for people with this dedication. One was blond, 6ft tall and was well built - maybe 220 with little bodyfat. The other was shorter - 5ft 7, but very stocky - like a powerlifter. He was doing squats, and his legs were 'responding'. Once Mark saw those thighs, he knew this guy was his. He went up to him. The guy saw Mark's reflection in the mirror and nearly dropped the bar. MArk's superman top literally left little to the imagination. It fitted like a second skin, showing and enhancing Mark's huge torso. The guy literally drooled looking at Mark's pecs. What made Mark all the more amazing was that he still had his boyish face - he was very obviously a teenager. "Jesus", was all the guy could say. The other guy, the blond came up. "Hey man - haven't seen you around before" MArk, revelling in these guys drooling before him, flexed his pumped arms. A wet spot appeared on the guys' shorts. Now Mark knew what Brad felt like - knew the power he had. He pointed to the blond and ordered him to lock the door. The blond, who was the owner, obeyed without question. He pointed to the squatter - and asked him his name. "J-Jake", the squatter stuttered. "Well, J-Jake, Strip off - you're going to have a different excercise tonight". Jake looked at the blond - who was back from the door. "You too, Alex", Mark said looking at his name badge. Both men obeyed. At 23-24, they were a little more experienced than Mark had been when Brad first met him. They sttod before their master - two prime specimens of manhood. MArk grabbed Jake and pushed him onto one of the benches. "HOLD ON", he ordered, gleefully. With that, he ripped off his shorts and brought his massive torso onto Jake's body, ramming his man-pole up Jake's willing ass. Standing up he took the weight of Jake's body easily. "Suck his cock", he ordered Alex. Alex bent down and swallowed Jake's cock. Mark reached around Jake with his huge arms and grabbed Alex's head, forcing it further along Jake's penis. With that, he started fucking Jake violently - screaming and yelling as he experienced this new sexual experience. HE was the MASTER now - he would say what happened. Jake came fairly quickly into Alex, who had no option but to swallow, as Mark held his face fast against Jake's cock. Jake groaned with pleasure as he came - with the sensation of the teen monster ramming him up the ass. When Mark came, they all knew about it. He pulled Alex even closer - almost crushing his skull as he exploded inside Jake. As he let go of Alex, Alex fell back, exhausted. Mark walked over to the mirror, and flexed with Jake on his cock. Jake came again. Mark pused Jake off and flexed some more - he was a HUGE TEEN BODYBUILDER, and nobody could stop him. He came again, just looking at himself.

He went in for a shower, leaving the others to fuck among themselves - trying to recreate the ecstasy they had felt with Mark. While showering, a voice behind him said hello. "Want some shower gel?" •

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