Mark and Brad

Mark Meets Brad


By MuscleTeen


"What do you think?", Brad asked. Mark looked at his roommate longingly. He was showing off his pumped body after his workout. "Very nice", Mark replied. "Very nice - what?" "Very nice - SIR", Mark replied obediently.

Brad had taught Mark a long time ago who had the upper hand in their room. When they first moved in, Mark couldn't believe his luck when he realised he was sharing a room with the all-time school jock - this guy was unbelievable. 18 years hold - he was your typical jock. Blond hair, cut in 'Marine' fashion he was 6ft 2 tall, 200lbs and as he loved telling Mark, had less than 5% bodyfat. He had a typical athletic build, and then some - broad shoulders, large chest, tapering down to a narrow waist. And thighs - large thighs. Mark went to sleep most nights dreaming about Brad's thighs. They were so - voluminous! Brad wanted to be a bodybuilder when he finished school. He spent all his time in the gym or reading 'Flex' and adoring the beautiful bodies inside. Lee Priest was his idol. Brad spent most of his time in Superman t-shirts that snugly fitted his torso He had already won local competitions and had entered the regional finals taking place later in the year.

Mark thought he had struck gold when he first saw Brad. At 17, Mark was a little shorter than Brad at 6ft. He had a swimmer's build - thin but athletic looking. He had a boyish face, black hair, and would have been considered a good catch. Whereas Brad spent most of his time in the gym, Mark had spent his time in the pool - he felt more comfortable there.

When Mark first arrived to his room, Brad was already there. He was walking around naked (as he liked to do), showing off his body, and his other endowments, which were also exceptional for an 18 year old. Mark came in and said 'Hi, I'm Mark' - Brad turned and stared. 'Take off your clothes", he ordered. "What!?", Mark asked incredulously. Brad walked over to the door, shut it firmly and locked it. He walk up to Mark. Even though he was only slightly taller,the well-muscled teen seemed to look down on Mark - who was beginning to feel a bit afraid. Brad put out his hands and grabbed Mark's tee - and ripped it open, as if it were tissue. "NEVER question me again", he said punching Mark in the stomach. MArk fell to the floor. Who was this guy?? "GET UP", Brad ordered. Mark stood up as quick as he could, although he was winded. What was this guy going to do?

"I'm going to ask you one more time - UNDRESS". Mark didn't know what was going to happen. He removed his trainers and shorts. "Jocks too" Mark took them off reluctantly. "GOOD", Brad said. "Very good. In future, when we are alone in the room, you will not wear any clothes - is that understood?" "Yes", Mark replied, although he could not believe he said it. "Yes SIR", Brad retorted. "Yes SIR", Mark replied.

Brad went over to the wardrobe and opened it. Inside the door were two large mirrors. "Stand in front of the mirror and repeat my actions - I want to show you how large I am compared to you" Mark glanced at the door - this was getting out of hand - but Brad had taken the key. Brad was already in front of the mirror posing a double-bi. "REPEAT", he barked. For the first time, Mark looked at Brad's body properly. This guy was actually HUGE. His biceps must have been 18", and because of his low bodyfat, he had veins running along his ripped muscles. Mark began to get an erection. "REPEAT", Brad ordered again, turning to Mark and pulling a most-muscular. Mark's jaw dropped when he look at the MUSCLETEEN before him. Brad's pecs popped out - they were huge. His shoulders were round - but you could see the distinctions between the front, side and back deltoids. His neck was a thick column, with veins pumping up and down. Mark followed his marble like skin down past his abs - Jesus what abs to his thighs. Mark always had a thing for thighs. So many people neglected them, and people with large torsos looked like they were standing on matchsticks. But not this teen monster that was standing before him. His thighs pulled away from the side of his legs, and as he flexed, you could see each individual muscle competing for space. His thighs framed the largest cock Mark had ever seen - and he'd been to a lot of swim meets, where he made it his business to check out the 'competition'. Mark's own cock was getting sore, from being erect for so long. Jesus, no wonder this guy won all his competitions. He'd give some pro-builders a run for their money. Brad stepped closer, put his hands behind his head and flared his absurdly wide lats. "I said, repeat", he said quietly. "I can't - I can't compete with that...sir", Mark whimpered. Brad turned to the mirror and smiled - revealing a mouth full of white teeth - "that was the right answer".

"I see you REALLY like what you see", Brad said nodding at Mark's cock. Mark turned away, embarrassed. He had never told anyone he was gay. "It's ok swim-boy - muscleman's going to show you a good time." Brad stepped up to Mark and grabbed his shoulders firmly. "Why don't you show muscle-man how much you ADORE me". With this he pushed Mark to his knees. Mark had no experience of this, but Brad's cock looked so tempting, he approached it - as if tasting something he wasn't sure of. Brad didn't hang around though, and grabbing Mark's head, rammed his 8" manpiece into Mark's mouth. Mark tried to pull back, but Brad held his toy firm. "You're all mine swim-boy. YOU ARE MINE." Brad bucked his hips to and fro, but pulled out just before he came. Mark fell back to the floor, exhausted, and his mouth full of salty pre-cum. Brad bent over, picked up Mark and threw him on his knees so he was lying on the bed. Mark, although inexperienced, knew what was coming next. "Please, please don't - PLEASE SIR-DON'T" - he screamed. But as he screamed, the muscleteen appraoached his bubble ass gingerly and rammed his rod up Mark's hot virgin ass. He pumped violently, flexing his muscles as he went. MArk felt his asshole being ripped apart - it was so painful. At one stage he stood up and walked over to the mirror - with Mark's weight on his cock. Mark roared in agony - he was completely under Brad's control. Looking in the mirror, he saw himself on Brad's huge muscular body and came on the spot, all over the mirror. "Good boy", Brad said - and started fucking Mark again. Mark felt his cock ripping his asshole - up and down - there was no stopping Brad - nothing could stop him. HE came all of a sudden - yelling, screaming in delight. Mark felt an explosion in his ass - and the hot cum burst out his hole. Brad went over to the mirror, his huge thighs pumped with the wieght of supporting Mark and flexed his huge bi's. Mark came again just looking at the thighs. "Good boy", Brad said again, removing Mark - quite gently - from his dick. Mark fell to the floor, while Brad licked up any cum that was lying around. "Great muscle fuel", he said happily to himself.

Mark thought back on this time - it seemed so distant, but it was only 6 months ago. He had thought about leaving - trying to get another room, but in his heart of hearts, didn't want to. HE went as far as the accomodation office, but realised that Brad controlled him - and would control his mind and body for as long as they were together. All he could think about was Brad - his huge arms, his cock, his freaky, huge teen thighs. There must be something genetic about those thighs, Mark used to muse in bed most nights.

In the meantime, he had on Brad's instructions started in the gym - following a routine that Brad set him. He now knew he wanted to be as big as Brad, bigger. He wanted to do to Brad what Brad did to him. He wanted to fuck Brad's hole - badly - but Brad never let him near it - HE was the master - HE was the one who would decide what would happen. So while Brad was posing in front of him now, all he could think of was pumping his huge ass, while holding those insanely huge thighs. Mark had put on some weight over the months Brad was training him. Brad was a good coach - and Mark was now as big as some of the jocks hanging around school. He had lost his swimmer's build, and now looked like a teen-bodybuilder. But he could never challenge Brad - for whom the thought of somene trying to 'catch-up' to his level only made him train harder. The body Brad was posing now was even bigger than the body that raped Mark so violently all those months ago. HE was pumped and almost ready for the regional finals coming up. HE was in the best condition HE had ever been - HE had shed even more fat and gained 15lbs of muscle while doing it. HE had a posing routine that HE developed for Mark - after this, Mark would be putty in his HUGE arms. HE started off with a double-bi - which whetted Marks appetite. HE'd managed to get a really good peak on those bi's, which were now over 20 inches of PURE TEEN MUSCLE. Mark licked his lips enviously - he now knew how hard it was to get large bi's. Brad then went through his posing routing - flaring his wide lats, showing his tris and so on down his body, leading to his piece de resistance - his most-muscular, were his thighs were shown to their full effect. Mark creamed himself just looking at those thighs - they were thicker than Brad's waist. In competition form, Brad strutted around like a real bodybuilder, with that awkward gait caused by obscenely large legs.

"Come here", Brad ordered. Mark knew the routine by now. He went to Brad obediently, like a slave to his master. He knelt before him and Brad grabbing his head - rammed his fuck-pole into Mark's waiting mouth. Mark had got quite good at blow-jobs - he had a lot of practice - and knew exactly where to roll his tongue to make Brad shiver with pleasure and erotic ecstasy. Again, Brad pulled back before he came - and pulled his insanely pumpd cock out of Mark's mouth - who reluctantly let go. "I have trained you well", the master said. With that he picked up his toy and threw him against the wall. Even though Mark would willingly do anything, Brad still liked to show his supreme strength, show who was the boss. "AM I GOING TO WIN THIS COMPETION?", he roared. Mark, who had just been flung against the wall looked at his pumped master. He was truly huge. For someone who was just 18, he looked like a pro bodybuilder. Veins pumped along his skin - partly due to his obscene musculature - partly because he was so pumped mid-sex. He approached Mark menacingly and turned him roughly, facing him to the wall. "Here comes daddy - swim-boy". With that, he rammed his huge cock up Mark's ass-hole. Even though this had happened numerous times, Mark still gulped in pain as he received Brad's manhood. Brad pumped, and pumped and came with an explosion in Mark's body. He walked over to the mirror - flexed and 'serviced' Mark who came instantly. Brad pulled him off and let him fall to the floor. He flexed a few more times and then went for a shower. Mark fell asleep, dreaming of Brad's freaky-teen quads. •

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