Mark and Brad

Mark meets his maker…


By MuscleTeen

Mark recognised the voice. He turned around and saw the huge man that had offered him gel last time out. Mark reached out - reached for the gel - all he could think of were his thighs. "Jesus - you want it bad - don't you!", the huge guy said. Mark hardly heard him - just kept reaching for the gel. "How big do you want to get", the guy asked. "Huge - huger than huge - freaky", Mark replied eagerly. "Then I think you'll need something a little more... potent", the big guy said. "Come on with me - name's Phil". Mark almost went out of gym naked in his eagerness, but Phil pointed out his shorts (a bit worse for the wear after the session with Jake and Alex earlier) and his Superman-T. He pulled the tee over his torso, with Alex and Jake jacking off at the sight of the huge guys walking through the gym. They hopped into the guy's car - open top - and drived off into the night.

"What is that stuff you gave me", Mark asked. "I'm about to tell you something, which once you know, means that your life will change forever. You can never go back to your old life" Mark thought briefly about his 'old-life' There were his parents, who were more interested in his brainy brother than he... he'd miss them, but... not that much. There was school - fuck that and there was Brad. Mark hesitated for a minute. He had set out to get huge to find Brad. If he couldn't find Brad, what was the point. He passed on this last worry to Phil. "Do you want to get huge?", Phil asked, a little impatiently. "Yes, more than anything". Then forgewt about that wanker - he'll be tiny by the time you're finished. Besides, you never know what the future might bring..." Mark asked Phil to elaborate, but he wouldn't. Mark thought for some more time, and finally said "Yes - I can give up my old life".

Alomost immediately Phil turned off the highway onto a side road, and continued driving into the open countryside. "The stuff was a gift", Phil said cryptically. "It's hard to explain. I'm a member of a 'club' and the leader of this club has a special gift - his spunk makes guys grow huge. Really huge. He decided that there were lots of people around the world who would like to avail of this gift - so he set up a club - an elite club where people could live together and get huge - without ordinary people looking and staring. So he set up a ranch, and started off with just a few guys. Each guy after one year's service is allowed to go out to the real world and bring one new recruit back in. There are now 24 guys - and you makes 25. "Why did you choose me?", Mark asked, almost in a daze at what he was gettiing into. "I watched your gym for a while - and you stood out - the way you worked so hard for youself and for that wanker Brad - when it was so obvious he treated you badly. I was impressed - decided to give you a break." "Thanks", Mark whispered, "but Brad's not that bad - we had some goood times together", feeling he should defend his old master. "Whatever", Phil mumbled. "Anyway, gave you some gel - which is diluted spunk, and has a built in delay and watched your reaction. Guys who don't go out looking for sex straight away fail and can't become recruits - you passed", he said looking at Mark with a grin. Mark remembered Jake and Alex.

Mark asked Phil questions for the rest of the drive, but he either gave short answers or said "you know all you need to know for the present". What Mark didn't ask, was why Phil, although a big guy, wasn't HUGE. He didn't want to offend him - case he changed his mind about his new recruit. •

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