My Junior High Muscles

By spinpenna

I have always had muscles. The first time I really noticed was in 6th grade. We were in Phys Ed class getting suited up for swimming when some of my pals were comparing biceps. They were flexing their skinny little arms and feeling them and Joey asked me to show them my muscle. I flexed up my arm and a little egg of a bicep popped up. I never thought anything about it but the guys said wow. Before I knew it my three pals were feeling it and punching it. I squeezed it hard and let them feel it then twisted my wrist to make it pop up and down. They told me to do both arms and I had two guys on each arm feeling and admiring my little bulging bicep. From that time on in every gym class they asked me to show them my muscles and I'd pose my biceps and let the guys admire them. The attention was fun. In 7th grade I discovered weights. We had a 6 week conditioning class and learned the basics. The very first day we did bench presses, arm curls, shoulder presses, and squats. I had on a tight tank top and my muscles got "the pump". they were literally pumped with blood and the muscles bulged. Even the coach noticed and had me take off my shirt to show the guys the muscle groups we were working on. He told me how to flex my back and make the lats spread, how to flex my chest so the pecs stood up and had me do double bicep poses from the front and then the back. In the locker room we all took turns doing the poses and the guys all said how impressive my muscles looked all pumped up. In the locker room my admires stood around while I hit the muscle poses. I loved the feel of their hands on my muscles as I did each pose over and over. At the end of the 6 weeks of lifting I had gained 10 pounds. It was totally amazing and everyone noticed. My biceps were now like little lemons and stood up in nice peaked up mounds. Sometimes I'd even stop by the weight room and get pumped up between classes just so I could show off. Every time I walked down the hall someone would grab my arm and ask to see my muscle. I'd proudly pop it up and show off my rock hard little ball of muscle. From that time on I started lifting a couple days a week. The next year in 8th grade we were in the high school with the older kids. Even though my arms and chest and shoulders had grown over the summer I was small compared to most of the football players. I was lifting in the weight room when Tom, one of the Junior ball players came it. We took turns spotting each other and I was amazed at how strong he was. I was only about 150 but he was at least 180. He showed me how to do heavy sets with low reps for growth and we agreed to start lifting together. When we were done with the workout he peeled off his shirt and said, "This is what you'll look like in a year or two." And he flexed his biceps up. His arms were thick and big and he went on to proudly flex his pecs and triceps. "Now let's see what you got", he said. So I sheepishly took of my t-shirt and flexed both arms. Even though my arms weren't nearly as big as his I was proud of the way my biceps stood up with a lttle extra mound of muscle on top and the veins running over them. "Man what great peaks!" he said and he put a hand on each bicep and felt them. I squeezed them up hard as he felt them and then turned my wrists making them bulge up and down. He was real surprized and didn't seem to want to stop feeling them. He said, "Man, I've never seen such an awesome peaked up arm!" He kept cupping my bicep in his hand and squeezing it then he ran his fingers up and down my peak while I flexed it up and down. Then he did the most amazing thing. This big tough linebacker grabbed my left arm and started licking my bicep! I was so shocked I stopped flexing and he said, half way begging, "don't stop". So I worked my arm in and out making the peak dance for him. He kept licking my arm and moaning. Then he said, "now do the other one, ...please". My right arm was a little bigger and he noticed right away. He put his whole mouth over my peak and I could feel his tongue running up and down my muscle. He moved his hands to my back and held me there tight while he licked my bicep like it was an ice cream cone. He was moaning with pleasure. It was awesome to have him admiring me. After a couple minutes he backed up, put on his shirt, adjusted his crotch and said, "Nice arms, we'll make em bigger! Let's meet here same time Wednesday." Man, was I pumped and excited! I wanted to be bigger and I wanted to lick Tom's arms. I couldn't wait for our next workout together! •

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