My Johnny

By Manning

We came home to my dorm room after the contest earlier tonight. Johnny was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, brown loafers, a black cap, and a red and black plaid shirt. Johnny removed his shoes and plopped down on the bed. "Man, my calves hurt like hell. I just wanna drink some beer, have a cigar, get some rest, and fuck. You got my trophy, man?", Johnny asked. "Yeah, right here." I took my shoes off and lay next to Johnny. He was lying down with one arm and hand behind his head while the other one was around me. Johnny took his cap off and threw it on the desk.

I felt over Johnny as we were lying down. His body was super-hard and tight. He just won our university's bodybuilding competition. Johnny is all man: 6'2 210 lbs of rock-hard-solid muscle, 23 years old, Italian, short black hair, brown eyes, and has a well chiseled and square jaw. He looks a little older than what he is with those tough-guy Italian features. His muscularity makes him sexy in his clothing because he fills them out quite nicely. His clothes are neither tight or loose. They're just right. My name is Rick and I'm 6'0 165 lbs defined and cut. I'm not slouch either when it comes to a fit healthy body. I'm on the swim team. I've got blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm 23 also.

"You looked great at the contest, Johnny. All-perfection and essence of man. And you say you wanna fuck? Man I could use a really good pounding right now. You horny?", I asked.

"Always horny, man. You need a real man to make love to ya, huh? Yeah. I've got everything you need right here." I started rubbing all over Johnny's torso even though he still had his shirt on. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Johnny is really hot right now because he's still oiled up and tanned from the contest. I brought my handsdown to his big crotch and gave a couple strokes. It was starting to bulge out like the rest of his muscles did onstage. I took my other hand and slipped it between the buttons of his shirt to feel those granite hard pecs and cobblestone abs.

"OOOoooohhh, man Shit! You love this muscleman don't you? Yeah, squeeze those hard fucking pecs, man. Feel what a real man is like." I felt over Johnny's biceps--like groping rocks. I couldn't handle it anymore so I pulled out my 9 incher and stroked it. I also pulled out his soft 6" dick. I put it in my mouth to give him some oral stimulation. It was working because his dick was growing and stretching. I love the way it feels in my mouth while growing. I pulled it out and stroked it, jacking him. His dick outreached his navel by several inches. At full mass, Johnny's cock was a foot-long. 12" of Italian sausage. I went down on him, giving that pole a tongue-thrasher he'll never forget and will always keep coming back for more. "Oooooh, Rick! Man you can suck that muscle really good. Ooohh!! AAAaaaahhhh!!! Yeah, suck that cock. Blow that fucking dick. Yeah!!!"

"I wanna feel and see your muscles some more, Johnny, before we go any further", I requested. Johnny still with his clothes on, stood up and brought his arms up to a double biceps pose. Next came the side-chest pose. His dick--that 12" baseball bat was sticking straight up in the air. it was superhard, rigid, and with pulsating veins and thickness. He flexed his dick, making it harder and longer. "I'm gonna flex this fucker up to 13", man." And he did. I was stroking him harder and harder as he flexed that dick. I measured him just to make sure he was up to 13" and was ultra-hard. He continued to flex with his clothes on. Front lat-spread, abdominals and thighs, followed by a rear lat spread and double-biceps pose. All while flexing, his clothing would stretch as if the muscles would rip through. As I've said, his clothing fits just right--not too tight or too loose.

Johnny finished posing with a most-muscular pose that made him look like he was going to "hulk out" of his clothes. Johnny was just flexing really hard. The tan and oil did him justice, too. Man, was he sexy and gorgeous. He held the most-muscular for a moment then crunched out another one, holding it even longer and harder.

"Take em off, Johnny," I said stroking my shaft. "Oh, you wanna see what a real man looks like, huh? Well here's your chance. Let me take my shirt off and treat you to some real hardcore muscle posing, man." Johnny began unbuttoning his shirt. He quickly ripped it open without tearing it off or making the buttons pop off or loosen. He took it off his massive frame and his 13 incher was still rigid and hard. I helped him unbutton his jeans and he ripped them off quickly as well. I pulled the socks off because I was going to see all of him.

Before me, stood the ultimate college muscle-god in the world. Johnny was oiled, tanned, hairless, chisled, sculpted, defined, striated, and cut. he was wearing a pair of blue speedo/posing trunks. His dick softened up again and went back into containment within the trunks. Johnny started posing all over again. Starting off, this time, with a very powerful and more impressive, rock-hard most-muscular. He flexed his pecs to an unbelievable 60" in a side-chest pose. I next saw biceps swell up to 24" in a double-biceps pose. he brought one arm down and midway across his chest to show off the triceps. The other arm was still in a biceps pose. Johnny kept twisting the fist, making the forearm and bicep hard like knots of rock. He brought his abs to tight relief and those quads were amazing. Johnny has a 33" waist and Paul DeMayo-like quads. He turned around and brought his arms up to a back double-biceps pose. Man, his back was loaded with an artillery of muscles. The arms came down for a rear lat-spread and Christmas-tree pose. He turned to the front to show me the lats. I saw pecs flexed even harder in this pose. Johnny turned to the back again to show me his amazing glutes, hamstrings, and Mike Matarazzo- like calves. He turned side-ways to a side-triceps pose. God, this guy was hard all over. Johnny started hitting some miscellaneous chest, abs, triceps, and biceps poses. He finished off with the Victory pose. Johnny started smiling and gave me that tough-guy look and shaking his head, "Yeah, you're mine now, buddy." He wasn't finished posing. He did a hands on hip most-muscular and another crab most-muscular, where everything came out chiseled and hard. He gave me that tough-guy smile again and walked towards me and crunched out another most-muscular. Johnny moved directly in front of me by 2 inches and posed a most-muscular again, this time with his arms around me and chest right before me flexed harder than reality allowed. I was held in a most-muscular embrace. I was in heaven having this college muscle-stud flex so hard in front of me and having felt all over his body. The embrace was so powerful that Johnny would crush me to death if he flexed any harder.

Johnny pulled off me and said, "We've got another muscle to flex and take care of, Ricky. Get down there and thrash it with your tongue, man." I noticed his flagpole was stretching the fabric of the speedos. Finally Johnny pulled them off and struck another abs and thighs pose--showing off not only his 8pack abs but the foot-long muscle-monster between his legs. Then I saw his bull-balls coming into view. "Watch this fucking massive muscle-dong, man!", he shouted. he flexed his hard-on back up to the 13" shaft he displayed earlier. We had more fun to come.

Last but not least, Johnny struck a much more powerful and impressive most-muscular with his massive dong slapping up against his abs. He held it for 3 minutes grunting and crying out, "Mass, man! Hardcore fucking muscle mass, man. Like granite, iron, and steel! Muscle! Fucking muscle all over this body, man! Suck my dick and worship this muscle. ALL OF IT! All this muscle everywhere, man! All muscle!!" I rubbed all over his body. I couldn't believe that a young man--a human could be so hard and muscular. Johnny continued to shout, "Blow me, man. Blow me! Suck it like a real man snow-blow this pole. Yeah get that muscle hard as granite-steel. Johnny lay back down and started squirming with his head rolling as I sucked him in a circular fashion. I felt a hand flow over my hair and over my face. Now Johnny was being gentle like the lover he always is. Up and down in a circular motion, thrashing that shaft and cockhead with my tongue and tongue-tip. I deep throated him and the moaning got louder,"AAAAaaaaaaahhhhh!!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!". He was going to cum Then to my surprise, Johnny pulled his dick from my mouth.

"I've got muscle all over this body. You wanna see the muscle in my dick? Place your hand around my huge monster and hold it there. You're gonna arm-wrestle with this dick. I'm gonna flex it to pull your arm down and you have to resist and pull my dick down. It's just like arm-wrestling. Only you're going to do it with my dick." Johnny giving a sample of his massive dick muscle, flexed his dick out of my hand and wagged the pecker as it stuck straight up and hard. His dick was striated with brute muscle-force. "Get ready; here we go", Johnny told me. I started arm wrestling with his dick and it hardly budged. He sat up, flexed his dick, forcing it to pull my arm and hand down to the bed like real arm-wrestling. I'm no weakling either but I used my own sheer muscle power and strength to pull that pecker down. He started to give but then that pecker filled up to full strength and slammed my arm and hand down to the bed. Johnny won the match. I couldn't believe the muscle-power of that dick of his. "YYYYeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! You and no one can compete with a brute muscle-cock!"

Johnny grabbed me pecker and sucked me dry. I just couldn't wait to cum. He sucked for 2 minutes before I came. I just couldn't hold back. Seeing this man's body and power made me blast his mouth full of jism. He got up and ripped my clothes off me and left a huge hickey on my neck. He sucked my chest-nipples and abs before smacking my ass. Johnny threw me down on the bed and jumped on top of me with his huge muscled frame growling, "Yeah, man. Got this huge muscleman monster on top of you. Feel and see all this brute muscle and strength." I felt over his hard, relaxed back and lats. Johnny had me in total domination. Then I heard and felt a crushing-crunching. While on top of me, Johnny crunched out a most- muscular while on top of me. I was being held in the most-muscular embrace again. I thought Johnny was going to crush me and the twin-sized bed to dust. After all, he he has the muscle to do it. As muscled as he is, my dick blasted another load on him. Johnny reached down to lick off my cream. Johnny lifted me off the bed and positioned himself to fuck me standing up. He pushed that 13"pole in me and started pumping. This guy has staying power. He fucked me hard and fast without letting up for a moment. He grunted and flexed hard for a good 25 minutes. "Oh shit! I'm ready man! Gonna blow my cream all over. Yeah!!! OH!!! AAArrrggghhh!!! Watch OOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!" Johnny came in massive torrents of manhood globs of cream. I thought he'd never stop cumming. My body was white from all the cum. "OOoohhhh!!!!! Here it comes again!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Shit, man I can't stop! I can't stop cumming, man. C-c-c-c-c-can't s-s-s-stooooppppp!!!!!" Johnny continued to cum for a good 5 minutes straight. "Can't stop cumming, man. Can't stop cumming." His orgasm ended and his breathing was heavy. "Yeah, man. Take your vitamins, supplements, and keep up the protein intake, you'll cum just like that." Johnny flexed his chest. I noticed that his chest was so pumped that the nipples were striated and muscular to the tip. He crawled back on top of me with that Italian and tough-guy looking smile and kissed me passionately. I felt over his huge chisled back. We got up to shower. In the shower we gave each other a warm caress and massage. Our hands and lips went back into the physical exploration we shared earlier. I washed the tanning oil off Johnny so that he won't ruin my bed-sheets when we'd go to bed. He struck a few more poses in the shower. We came back to my room and got dressed to go out to the bars where the rest of the competitors were to have a victory celebration and some drinks. After we left, we returned home to my room, got undressed, and went to bed in a warm and muscular embrace. "I've got more muscle-sex for you, man, if you want it", Johnny told me. "And I'll get it when I want Johnny. Right Johnny-boy? Love ya, man", I told him. "Love ya, too, Rick." And fro there I felt his body flex. It's wonderful to have a 210 lb Italian muscleman love and protect me in his big strong arms and take care of me with that big 13" dick. We love each other more than anything. And we're off to sleep. •

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