My Life Story

By exersizr

I wasn't feeling quite right after I ate one of those "Beany Botts Every Flavor" jelly beans my nephew Eric insisted I try this afternoon. He's a Harry Potter fanatic, and just wouldn't let me go without trying one. I knew for sure I would end up with a flavor like "dirt" or "snot" but either way, Eric made me promise to try one. I lucked out… it wasn't that bad. It was more like a medicinal mouthwash flavor, so I got through it all right.

Paul, my brother-in-law, is married to my sister Barbara. She's my one and only sister and we are very protective of each other. Paul is about 5'9" and 150 lbs. He used to be pretty overbearing with Barbara, but he seems to have mellowed out the last year or two. Then again, it might have been because of the tire-changing incident that changed his attitude more than anything.

You see, my sister called me from her cell phone saying that they got a flat tire while heading home from a party. I went to her immediately, and found that Paul was pretty inebriated. Laughingly, I "helped" him aside began to change the tire. The lug nut was pretty tight, and when I exerted a little more force, I accidentally bent and broke the tire iron. I was able to get the remaining lugs off with the piece of tire iron that was usable, but there was no way to lower the truck jack.

Paul was now pissed at me for breaking the tire iron, saying that I'm never careful. I shrugged this off as I tried to think about what to do next, but Paul kept poking me in the chest. I got a little frustrated, and again, without thinking, grabbed him by the shirt collar and picked him up to my eye level to set him straight. It was pretty easy for me since I stand about 6'4" and am a good 250 lbs of solid muscle. Of course, as soon as I curled him, his eyes popped out of his head when he saw sleeve rip from my growing bicep. Shit, now I was pissed!

I tossed him to the side, finished tightening the lug nuts, and bellowed to Paul to get over here. He quickly whimpered over upon my command. I told him to get ready to pull the jack out from under the truck. I walked around to the back of the truck, bent my knees, put my hands under the bumper, and stood up. My quads and lats seemed to moan as I lifted the truck up with ease! Paul pulled the jack out quickly, but was never really the same after than night.

Anyway, I've digressed. I wasn't feeling quite right after I ate that jelly bean Eric, my nephew, gave me. I couldn't worry about it too much, I had errands to run. My best friend was getting married, so I had a tuxedo fitting, and had a date to take Kathleen to the movies tonight. First and foremost, however, I had to get to the gym. The gym ALWAYS came first.

I went to the gym and met my workout partner. Chad is about 6'2" and 275 lbs. I enjoy lifting with him cause he's stronger and that pushes me to lift heavier. My goal is to be as big and as strong as him some day. We were doing shoulders and back that day. Chad said he wasn't feeling too well and he wanted to give me the expectation that it was gonna be a light day. Light wasn't the word for it. I was feeling a bit "odd" myself, but it seemed I couldn't get enough weight. Chad began with dumbbell lateral raises, and while he was maxing with 70's, I found them to be much too light. The gym only went as heavy as 110 dumbbells and I did a set of 8 with them. Later, we did cable crossovers, and again, I didn't feel myself. The stack goes as heavy as 200 and I did them with ease. At the end of our workout, Chad made me do the usual "flexing" and "posing" routines. He's always insisted that this would exhaust the muscle fibers making them grow more. When I took off my sweatshirt and began to flex, Chad said that I looked bigger than usual. He stared at me in a perplexed sort of way, and said I looked unreal. I thought he was being funny, and I just chalked it up to him not feeling well, and likely seeing things. He insisted on showing me by saying we should do a pose down in front of the mirrors. He did a single bicep, and I stepped in front of him and did one… my arm eclipsed his with ease! But I didn't get it… Chad had always been bigger than me! Yeah, he was shorter, but he had always been thicker and stronger. He then did a lat spread, and when I did mine, again he was eclipsed! I could see that Chad was getting a tent in his shorts, but I didn't have the time to think about it… I had to get to Tux fitting. I left him there, somewhat dumfounded, telling him that I would stop by his place later.

I had gotten my Prom Tux from here just a year ago. They were very nice people, and the cute guy at the counter always made me feel comfortable. When I walked in, Mike was there and he smiled. I apologized that I was sweaty, having just come from the gym, but I suggested this would be a quick fitting since they had my measurements on file from my Prom.

Mike asked me to take off my sweatshirt while he got me the standard 52 Extra Tall coat to try on. When he returned, his jaw open, he said he didn't think this would fit. I laughed when I admitted that I might have put on a few pounds of fat over the last year. He said he didn't mean fat.

I tried the coat on, and couldn't even get it over my arms. I asked him to grab another 52 Extra Tall that this one must be mismarked. He returned instantly, and again, I couldn't get the jacket over my arms. Mike simply said that we should start from scratch and take measurements. He told me to relax and not flex; I was relaxed. Chest: 57", waist: 33", inseam: 40", sleeve length: 40quads: 31", bicep: 24". I laughed, and told Mike he must have the same virus that Chad has… I was now running late for my date with Kathleen, and told Mike I would come back next week, if he could try and get a jacket a little bigge than the one he had originally set aside for me. •

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