My Muscle Man

By MuscleBob

My name is Bob and I am 29 years old, 6'1", 190#, 46” chest, 18” arms, 32” waist, 25” quads, 8.5” cut cock, black hair, green eyes, smooth and tan. I have been working out for nine years, building my body into a work of art. My experience happened last fall.

It was Saturday morning and the gym was kind of quiet, except a buff bodybuilder I had never seen before. He was about 6'5", 265 pounds of rock hard muscle packed onto his large frame. I asked him to spot me while benching and he agreed. From then on, we worked out together, pushing our bodies to the max.

After 90 minutes or pumping and flexing, I invited him back to my place to hangout by the pool, catch rays, water volleyball, etc. He was straight but I still fantasized about bedding him. He received lots of stares from the others at the pool that afternoon.

It was getting late and we decided to go back, shower up and go get a bite to eat. He took his shower first. After hearing the water run for more than 20 minutes, I knocked on the bathroom door. Not hearing a response, I opened the door slowly, allowing myself to see his large muscular form through the glass shower doors, slowly pumping away on his rock hard cock. (He still hadn't noticed that I was standing right there since the radio was on.)

I slowly opened the shower door, exposing that 6’5” muscle god stroking his cock and pinching his nipple. Dropping the towel from around my waist, I stepped in. It was then he opened his eyes, stunned I was there. I asked him if he needed any help. He shook his head up and down. At that point I went down on that cock and swallowed him whole. It wasn’t a minute and he was shooting a hot load of his manly juice down my throat. His cocked jerked a number of times while his abs flexed, displaying rock hard six pack abs. two, three, four loads of his cream went flowing down my throat.

As I sucked him dry, I stood up. Asking him how he felt, all he could do is wrap his monstrous arms around me and press our lips together, shoving his tongue into my mouth, tasting the remains of his heavenly juices.

After toweling off, we walked towards the bed,. I pushed him back, falling against the crisp clean sheets. I then jumped on top and starting licking every muscle in his body from head to toe. As I reached down towards his cock, I held back from sucking his cock and went instead to his low hanging balls. He proceeded to slowly list his legs, giving me ample access to his rock hard globes. As I spread them wide, my tongue went straight for his rosebud, all the while my muscle stud was moaning, groaning and wiggling all over the bed.

As I worked my tongue and fingers into his cherry hole, he assisted in keeping his ass checks spread wide. When I had loosened him up, I reached down to my own rock hard cock with a hand full of fresh saliva. I then positioned my cock up against his hole and slipped my cockhead inside. A cry seeped from his lips and I slowly pushed my 8.55” cock all the in, rubbing against his love nut. I then slowly started piston fucking his ass.

As I hadn’t cum as yet, I couldn’t hold off much longer, shooting a hot load of my man juice up inside my muscle stud. As I continued to bang his prostate, all of a sudden his cock started jerking, shooting ropes of cum all over his darkly tanned chest and abs. Seeing his cock explode without help from his hands sent me to another planet, releasing a second load within a minute.

Feeling spent, I fell onto my man’s chest, rubbing our rock hard muscle bodies against one another, slipping about with the help of his man juices. As my cock slowly shrank leaving an emptiness within my muscle man, he replied that was the best sex he had ever experienced in his life, seeing as though he was engaged to be married the following Spring. I couldn’t have agreed more. •

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