Looking Back


By RockyMountain

You can really feel it huh Mike. "Sure can Bill, I've never felt anything like this before." Mike's underarm hair continued to grow in while his voice got even deeper. Giving him an incredible sexy voice. "Sorry to have doubted you Bill, but you gotta admit, your story was pretty hard to believe." I know it sounded far fetched guys, but now you can see I was telling the truth. "So are you gonna give the rest of the formula to him Bill?" replied Jim. Well Mike, are you ready for it ! "Never been more ready for anything more in my life, give it to me !" Before you take it Mike, I gotta tell ya the way Jim and I feel about you. We've always looked up to you as our hero. Now we're gonna look up to you as our Super Hero ! "Thanks guys, I've always felt a strong bond with the both of you, and now I'm gonna make sure I take care of you." "Ok Bill, lets get strong......give it to me !" Mike replied in his now deep masculine voice. Mike took the bottle from my hand and without hesitation drank it down....GLUG.....GLUG......GULP. As soon as he swallowed it, a huge bulge traveled thru his upper chest, down his shoulders and into his arms. Then with a mighty Tarzan yell, he began to pound his fists against his chest. "AAAAAHHHHUUHHHHHAAAA." You could see under his arms a classic wing span beginning to develop, like a perfect "V". His body was getting wider. And Mike began to get taller......"Holly shit Mike, said Jim, your gonna go thru the roof!" It was true, I saw Mike shoot up to the top of the Restroom ceiling ! Mike could now beat out any Basketball player for size. And while this was taking place, what was left of Mike's clothes were dangling around him. His shoes literally blew right off his feet with the incredible quickness of his growth. Mike began to flex his biceps.....he looked left, then right, he couldn't believe how big they were getting. Then a sudden smile came across big Mike's face. "Look at these huge guns of mine, and wow !......check out how they bulge up and down !" That wasn't the only thing beginning to bulge......."Check out his butt! exclaimed Jim." Wow....it was becoming one huge mass of muscle. And as his butt enlarged and began to rip at his briefs, his legs were following closely behind. RRRRRIIIIIIPPPP.......Mike's pants filled to capacity and shreaded right off his mamouth thighs ! "OH MY GOSH.....my legs.....their so wide I can bearly stand straight up ! And while Mike adjusted his stance, Jim and I watched as his pecs blossomed into full manhood ! Huge globes of rock hard mass, strong enough to stop a frieght train! Mike was now towering above Jim and I, what a sight to see ! "I gotta touch those abs of yours Mike !" said Jim. And Jim helped himself to Mike's super strong set of ab muscles. Running his fingers up and down, and side to side. Nearly in disbelief at what our friend had developed into. "Your a full grown stud now Mike, its everything I've always wanted for you to be." "And I've wanted nothing more than for you to touch me Jim, I'd often thought about the two of us gettin' together someday.....shit, who would have ever thought it would be like this." Then Mike reached down with his huge arms and lifted Jim up to his face and kissed his mouth. Jim wrapped his small arms around Mike as far as he could and kissed him back. The two embraced....and while they were enjoying each other I watched as Mike's cock began to stir inside those tight cotton briefs. It began as a surge, like water into a garden hose......then a steady bulge began to emerge from his briefs. And in seconds Mike's new cock poked out above his briefs and began its powerful journey up and up towards his pecs ! His balls began to grow beyond the confines of the briefs and with one great WOOOSH....the briefs were reduced to tatters laying on the floor. Beautiful masculine hair was growing from underneath his balls and spreading like fire up to his navel. Leaving him with a gorgeous trail from his crotch to his belly button. Except for the hair around his cock and balls and under his arms, Mike's chest remained smooth and clean. His nipples were the size of half dollars and were pointing outward in sexual lust. Mike spoke, and it was instantly apparent that his enormous balls had made his voice even deeper and more masculine. What a God ! Seeing his aroused cock and wanting to touch himself, Mike clasped Jim in one arm and reached down to stroke his newly grown dick. "OOOOHHHHH......this is one hell of a cock.....I feel so incredibly energized and turned on by all this muscle!" Man, Bill......I swear I could bend a Truck in two !" I don't doubt that big guy, but don't forget.....we've got alittle problem waiting for us outside first. "Shit, those punks can wait....I've got all the time in the world right now." Mike then Kissed Jim again and lowered him down onto his cock. Jim was riding Mike's cock like a cowboy bustin' a bronco. "Man....I'm in heaven !" yelled Jim. And he was, here were my best friends, lusting after each other like two lovers.

BAMMM BAMMMM BAMMM...... What the hell are you shits doin' in there.....playin' with each others little dicks !!!! HA HA Haaaaaa...... I wouldn't say little anymore Bob ! "Oh Yeah....little Jimmy's probably gettin' his first hard on...." "Thats the last time your gonna be pickin' on me and my friends Bob." Mike's voice boomed. And with that Mike lowered Jim to floor and told us both to get behind him. Then......POW.....Mike smashed the door forward, breaking it right off its hinges. Bob, Sam and Jeff didn't know what to think at first. I think they were more surprised at the sound of the door slamming toward them then the sight of our newly grown Mike. Then slowly the three thugs looked up and up toward Mike's grinning face, and then down at his long hard cock. " Who the hell are you!" gasped Bob. "Its me Mike....you little pipsqueek." "Ah...Ah...Mike, no you...it can't be....why....I." "You'll what you sawed off runt." said Mike. "What happened to you......I can't believe it !" "Let's just say that whats happened to me is the same thing thats gonna happen to Jim and Bill......so you assholes better get used to it.......startin' right now there's a new order at School." "So you dumb shits had better get lost before Mike decides to use you as basketballs!" exclaimed Jim. And no sooner had Jim finished his sentence, Bob and his gang of roughs took off back toward School. "Wow......what a feeling huh Mike." "You bet Jim..... thanks to Bill I'm as big as a house and stronger than Superman !" Well Mike, you sure are stud....but we can't be hangin' around out here all day with that big schlong of yours hangin' out for all to see. "Your right Bill....c'mon guys hop on." Mike lowered himself down and pulled us both on top of his shoulders. Then in one incredible burst of speed, Mike carried us over to the nearby woods where we couldn't be seen. By this time, Jim was going into overdrive with his lust for Mike. "I"ve gotta suck that big cock of yours Mike, right now!" "Go for it little buddy, I'm about to explode any minute now!" And just as I had remembered the first time that Stone had sucked me off, the same thing was about to happen to Jim. "OH MAN JIM.......here it comes...... OHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! Swallow it down Jim.........take my cum !" GULP GULP GULP Jim swallowed and swallowed every super charged drop of big Mike's cum..... "WOW Mike.......I'm burnin' up....I feel really charged!" exclaimed Jim. And in an instant little Jimmy was beginning to grow into a man of super size and masculinity. His dark black hair was soon covering his chest and cock, every stitch of clothing burst thru the seams. Jim was now the same incredible mass of manhood that Mike had transformed into earlier. "Look at me Mike." Yeah little buddy, or should I say big Buddy, your the ultimate Stud of my dreams !" And Mike and Jim went at it like two wild animals in heat. Each one growing more and more instense with sexual power. Spurting huge amounts of cum on the forest floor and each other.

Jim and Mke's love making continued on for several hours, then just as had always happened with Stone and I, the formula wore off and Mike and Jim eventually shrank back to their normal sizes. After that, the three of us regularly took part in long hard sexcapades. We couldn't get enough of the uphoria brought on by the formula. And I could barely make enough of it to satisfy our demands. But what happened a few years later had us all puzzled, but totally satisfied. It turns out that when each of us hit our 18th birthday, we transformed automatically into the studs that the formula had always turned us into. We were now forever grown into super musclar studs ! Never to go back to our normal sizes again !!!!! Looking Back over all the years that have passed........I can't help but think of whatever became of Stone. •

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