Los Alamos Summer Camp

By FanTCMan

"As you guys know, this isn't just a regular summer camp."

Robert stood at the front of the room facing the group of ten sixteen year olds. A decent group of guys, he thought. They had all been chosen from a group of applicants for their good looks and above average athletic ability. Robert had chosen shorts and a T shirt that would enhance the appearance of his extremely muscular body. He wanted them to get used to the idea of being comfortable with the display of his kind of exaggerated masculinity. But right now, they didn't appear too comfortable. When he had shown up like this, he noticed several of them trying to hide their embarrassed giggles.

When he had met them all, both he and his partner, Steven, had been dressed in baggy pants and oversized shirts so that their parents would feel comfortable meeting them as they dropped off their kids. Even though it was commonly known that these boys had been chosen to participate in this experiment, they figured they would ease them into it. Even in those loose clothes, it was easy to see that the two men conducting the camp were endowed with physiques that dwarfed the average professional bodybuilder. But the parents that had volunteered their sons knew that the lab was conducting the final tests in their attempts to create genetically engineered supermen. Their sons were to be made into prototypes for a superior breed of men that could be used as human defense machines. Steven and Robert met them as examples of what they could expect for their sons.

They had all been here less that an hour. The boys had all been shown to the dormitory where they would live together for the next week. They had been told to put away their things and meet in the lodge. Robert and Steven and changed into the cotton and Lycra stretch shorts and T shirts they were wearing when the boys showed up for lunch.

When the boys came to the lodge and found the two men dressed as they were, it was obvious that most of them were uncomfortable or embarrassed. They stared at Robert and Steve and tried to hide their stares. They laughed nervously and made comments, and the men weren't surprised. They had purposely chosen clothes that would not only display their highly developed musculature, but would also quite obviously display their genetically enhanced male sexual equipment. They were both amused by the reactions of their teenaged subjects.

They passed out large glasses full of protein drinks for the guys to drink with their hamburgers. They figured there was no point in making them overly nervous right at the start, so they didn't mention that each of their drinks contained the formula that would alter their genetic makeup and send them on their ways to becoming the first group to be transformed. "You guys all know that you are here as subjects in one of the national labs most secret and most advanced programs." Robert walked across the room as he talked. "Of course, it won't be secret any more as soon as you boys have completed your transformations. It will be impossible to explain what is going to happen to you except to let the public know about the success of the program."

"Are you sure it's going to work?" Scott, one of the boys, asked from his table. "Is it really possible to make someone grow muscle and stuff so fast?"

"It's Scott, right?" Steven thought he was a very good looking boy. It was still strange to think a boy was good looking and feel aroused, but since he and Robert had taken their early doses of the formula, they had both found that they were suddenly and powerfully turned on by other men, and they had started having sex with each other right after it had started to take effect on them. "Well, Scott, Robert and I are examples of how this works. We were both as average as you guys before we took it ourselves."

"God." Scott shook his head.

"That's right. At least you know it's been tested before. Now why don't we all take a walk around and we'll show you where everything is."

"When are you going to have us start with whatever we have to do?" asked Rusty, who was sitting behind Scott.

"Don't worry about it, guys. You've already started. The formula was in your drinks. I hope you've all finished them up. Is everyone done?"

A couple of the guys who hadn't finished their drinks yet picked up their glasses and drank the rest. When they had all finished, Robert and Steven led them out to the trail that led through the pine trees to the stables. The boys were dressed in shorts and cutoffs and T shirts. A couple of them were wearing tank tops. They were all guys who obviously didn't mind the idea that they were going to be transformed into some kind of scientifically created musclemen. They were all into their bodies, anyway, and had worked out to develop good, athletic bodies. They had partly been chosen for that.

They reached the stables, and Robert told them that they would be able to ride later, if any of them wanted to. The horses were at their disposal. Then they led them on to the swimming pool. As they walked, Robert and Steven mixed with the guys and talked with them casually, getting to know them. It wasn't long before Steven noticed that a couple of the guys were starting to show growing bulges in their shorts, caused by their inevitable erections. It was kicking in.

Robert remembered how it had felt when it happened to him. He had suddenly become so horny, and no matter what he did, he couldn't stop himself from getting a hard-on. At first he had wanted to hide it, then he started feeling proud of it, and then he had found himself feeling turned on and horny and powerfully attracted to Steven. He would have died of embarrassment, feeling that way about his old buddy, his old super straight buddy, but he soon discovered that Steven was experiencing the same thing. He knew, and he knew Steven knew, that the same thing would soon be happening to these boys.

As they got near the large, outdoor pool, they both saw that several of the boys had pulled out their shirts to try to hide their erections. A couple of them, though, were acting very casual about the way they were making bulges in their shorts, like having a hard-on in front of the other guys they didn't know was no big deal.

Soon they reached the pool. It was secluded in the pines and surrounded by a large deck and lots of chaises for lounging.

"So, how you guys feeling? You should be starting to feel the effects of the formula by now." Robert turned to face the small crowd. The idea of these young guys just getting sexually buzzed by this incredible stuff was turning him on, and he could feel that his own huge cock was starting to get hard. In his thin, stretch shorts, it would be extremely noticeable, and he allowed it to happen.

"From what I can see," Steven said, looking over his young charges, "these guys are getting hit with it big time. Look at all those boners, Robert." He laughed.

Several of the guys put their hands in front of their crotches to hide their erections, others didn't even try.

"Don't worry about it. It happens to all of us, as you can see, and you'll all get used to having erections almost constantly. You may as well get comfortable with it now, because when your dicks get bigger, you won't be able to hide them any more anyway.

"You mean this stuff is going to make us get bigger cocks, too?" It was Scott asking, and he was standing there with his baggy chino shorts sticking out like a tent in front.

"That's part of it."

"I told you," said one of the other guys.

"Who wants to go swimming?" Robert asked, as he peeled off his shorts and T shirt and stood by the side of the pool ready to dive in with his cock halfway hard. They all stood there nervously.

"Come on, you guys. Get naked. You're all in this together, anyway, and you may as well start getting used to being comfortable with yourselves and each other." This was Steven, and he pulled of his clothes, too, and stood there letting his cock get hard.

"What the fuck, man," Scott said, and he stripped and stood there with his dick hard as it had ever been. "I feel fucking great, anyway. Don't you guys?"

Soon they had all stripped and were splashing in the pool, running around its edge, all of them with erections bouncing proudly in front of them. Before long, one of them noticed that he was becoming more muscular, that all of them were. They started telling each other to flex, so excited by how fast they were suddenly growing muscular. They felt their muscles growing heavier and denser, so hot, starting to bulge even when they didn't flex, but when they did . . . •

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