Looking Back


By RockyMountain

At such a young age, this was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced in my life ! Here was one of my best friends sucking the livin' shit out of my cock, and up until a moment ago I hardly had a single pubic hair there. My cock continued to get harder and harder, while Stone sucked more and more !!! I looked down at my new dick and couldn't believe my eyes.....fat and long with viens criss crossing every inch...and at least a foot and a half long. I could see my balls still enlarging, blowing up like two helium balloons ! And all that wonderful hair ! It just kept getting thicker and thicker. Then I noticed the growth of hair starting to form from my crotch up to my navel. It was really hot watching all this hair grow in....just like a full grown man ! But now I was a full grown man ! A 7 foot stud of a man ! And wow..... What an incredible thick carpet of hair that was now covering my huge pecs ! Stone was now sucking on my nipples and squeezing my balls with his feet. "Geez Bill....I can't get over what a Hunk you've become....your every sexual desire I could ever have wished for !" "Well Stone....I owe it all to you, can you ever forgive me for taking your formula?" "Hell yes Bill, I really had no idea if that stuff would work anyways, and besides I've always fantasized about you gettin' bigger than me." Really Stone ! "Yes Bill....Man you are really makin' me hot....lets get it on Bud!" Stone went back to work on my now monstorous Cock that continued to grow with every suck. While I had experienced a few Puberty age wet dreams in my life at that time, nothing was going to prepare me for the next feeling I was about to have. "Bill, your cock is so hot...its burning up inside my mouth !" It was burning hot, this incredible oversized cock of mine was turning Fire Engine Red. I felt a huge pressure building up deep inside my balls, like a lake behind a dam, pushing forward until......OOOHHHHHHH......WWWOOOOwww......the dam burst, spewing red hot cum down Stone's throat. He gulped and swallowed every drop. Glug....Glug.....Glug......uummmmm... "What a gusher Bill ! Man, I never took another guys cum before ! That was incredible !" "Boy...do I feel great !" Like kinda takin' too many vitamins.....ya know. I could see an instant change in Stone, he looked energized. He walked over to an old steel trunk that neither one of us was ever able to lift and simply picked it up like it was a pillow. "Look at me Bill, I'm as strong as a Bull !" He started bending the old trunk into two pieces, it was unbelievable. Then Stone got down in a push-up position on the floor and told me to get on his back. I said, Stone...I must weigh close to 400 pounds now, I could really hurt you. "Do it Bill, I feel really strong, I know I can lift you up." So I layed chest down across his back, and He began to do several push-ups. What ever had happened, something in my cum must have made Stone Super Strong. I had never seen anything like it before. He had the strength of 10 men. "Bill, you must be goin' on a diet man, you feel as light as feather on top of me." Wow Stone, your strength is awsome !

Bang....Bang Bang Bang..."come on out you pussies", the loud bang on the door brought Mike, Jim and I back to reality. "We're gonna bash your heads in, right guys.....HA HA HAAAAAA." "Oh man Bill, I wish we had some of that formula with us right now." exclaimed Jim. Well Jim, I never head to school without a small sample of it. "You mean you've got some of it on you !" Thats right Mike. I've got some right here. I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out a plastic wrapped eye drop bottle and showed it to Mike and Jim. "But I don't understand, said JIm, you told us you grew to 7 feet tall, all muscular and hairy." "Yeah Bill, if you expect us to believe all of this shit, then why are you such a little guy still ?" Because the formula only lasts for a few hours Mike. Its like puttin' gas in your car. It fills it up, but eventually it exhausts all its fuel and the engine stops. "So you mean to tell us that you shrank back down to normal after a few hours ?" Yeah Jim, it was really strange. One moment I was this huge Muscular Guy, then the next, poof....back down to boy size. "And what about Stone, what happened to him ?" Well after he did about 100 push-ups, he began to transform into a huge Bodybuilder too. Only he got alot bigger, just over 8 feet tall ! You should have seen him, what a God he was ! It turns out that after several experiments Stone and I performed on one another, we concluded that after one of us grew from taking the formula that the second transformation was even more potent when our cum was swallowed. Both growth modes lasted about two hours long. Which was really great when you think about it, two boys that had to be back home at certain times and a formula that would turn us into the men of our dreams when ever wanted. "So Bill....what now, are you gonna take the stuff, we really need you to get big and beat the crap out of those assholes out there." Actually Jim, I was thinking of giving it to Mike. With him being the biggest of us to start with, I figure he's our best bet to take on all those guys alone. "Oh no, I'm not bein' no guinnea pig with that stuff." "And besides, all we have is your story, how do we know its all true." Mike......relax, its all true. I can do a small experiment to prove it. "Like what", said Mike. Like those arm pits of yours that your always showin' off with your Peach Fuzz as you put it. I can apply a little of the formula to your underarms and it'll make your hair grow there. Inocent enough don't you think Mike. "Yeah Mike, give it a try, what do you have to lose." said Jim. "Well alright guys, but I'm warnin' ya Bill, if this stuff does somethin' weird to me, you'll be the first to face Bob and those guys outside." Ok, so take your shirt off Mike and lets give this a try. Mike removed his shirt and raised one arm so I could apply the formula. I started to feel my dick begin to harden at the sight of Mike's chest. I think Jim was getting the same feeling. Mike had a chest any 14 year old would be proud of, nice round nipples and the start of muscle beginning to build in his pecs from lifting weights. He had real long arms with thick wrists and hands, you could tell that even at an early age Mike was going to be quite the man some day. "Ok, c'mon Bill lets do this !" Alright, just alittle drop on my finger......and here we go. Mike's Arm Pit felt really good, very smooth and silky. I started to massage the formula into his skin with a circular motion, I could tell Mike was enjoying this as much as I was. Ok Bud, all done, just keep your arm up so we can see the results. "How soon will it work ?" I think it already has begun Mike. "What.... I don't see nothin'." Thats because, said Jim, we can hear you changing. "Hugh.....I don't get it, is this some kinda joke ?' No, no Mike, its just that your voice is changing. "Yeah, sounds really deep, like those guys you know on the Senior Football Team." replied Jim. "You didn't tell me this stuff would change my voice Bill !" Actually Mike, I had no idea it would result in giving you a deeper voice, it must have absorbed further into you than I figured. "Well, I gotta tell you guys, I'm feelin' really hot under there now.....hey look ! my hairs startin' to grow !!" Yeah Mike, looks really Hot. You got that right Jim, Mike is goin' from Peach Fuzz to Stud Boy right before our eyes ! •

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