Sugar Packets II

Brent and Marc

By RdyRoger

The small briefcase was sticking out of the trashcan, in the alley behind his apartment.

Brent picked it up. It felt light. The case was clean on the outside, and it was odd that someone had tossed it here. He opened it, and saw it was divided into many small compartments that held what looked like multi colored sugar packets. Brent thought it was a salesman's case for sugar and diet sweeteners. Certainly drugs weren't packaged like this.

Back in his flat, he set the briefcase up on his kitchen table. Perhaps he could sell the case, for a few bucks at a pawn shop or street sale.

The packets weren't marked, but they were color coded... and when Brent flipped down the center divider, he saw a printed legend on the top of the divider. It didn't make sense... The colors were marked for muscle, or height, or youth, or good looks, or for a dozen different races, and there was also some that were listed for penis growth, or testicle growth, or semen increase... There was a lot of extra text detailing use, and decrease over time, and fixing the gains with a stabilizer something...

Brent laughed. Some con artist must have dumped this in the trash while being chased by the cops. Very funny scam... and in the neighborhood of West Hollywood, he was sure there were a lot of twinks or bodybuilders or even old guys like him that would fall for these promises... hell if he'd had money, he might enjoy the fantasy of something like this being real.

He grabbed a packet, opened it, and poured the white crystals into his hand. They looked like table sugar. He licked the palm of his hand... it was table sugar! He chuckled, licked the sweet granules off his hand, and then rinsed his sticky palm under the sink.

Momentarily, he felt a flush of warmth and then a curious feeling throughout his body... like he was stretching, growing, taller. And he was. He gasped, and looked at his body as his arms lengthened, his fingers even growing, his legs growing longer and longer... after two minutes, it stopped. He was taller, a lot taller. He walked to the full-length mirror behind the closet door. In the dusty glass he was about 6 inches taller. His legs stuck out ludicrously from his pants leg. With trembling hands he measured his height on the wall. He was 6'3" tall. He'd been 5'9" tall.

He stripped to his underwear. His legs were long and lean. His torso was longer too, as were his arms, and his hands and fingers seemed longer too.

He rushed back to the case... there was a detailed listing of the color packets... He'd tasted a yellow packet, which indicated height increase. And it had worked!

Searching the list, he saw that the golden packets made you younger. He quickly looked in the mirror. A 47-year-old man stared back. He took one of the packets and mixed it in some water. He drank it quickly. In a few moments, he felt warm, flushed, invigorated. And Brent watched as his wrinkles decreased, and his sagging muscles firmed. In a few moments, he saw that a man in his mid thirties looked back at him. He took another packet. In a few moments, he felt the warm flush again. His muscles, slender as he was, firmed up. His saggy love handles shrunk and tightened. His face was now in his late twenties. His face was tight and handsome and youthful, his skin smooth and taut. He couldn't believe it.

Brent reveled in his new restored youth. A few moments and he'd regained 20 years of his life. He pondered that for a minute, he was shaking, his heart racing. But why not restore as much of his youth as possible? What if someone came and took the packets away? What if he couldn't get them later? He didn't want to be too young, But still... Brent dumped a third packet in a glass and drank down about half of it. His features grew younger; he was looking at himself as a 23-year-old. He drank some more. He was about 20. He drank a bit more emptying the glass. He was a very youthful looking guy... but still an adult. He was biologically maybe about 18.

He was slender, tall and young. Brent knew that he'd never had it so good before- even when he was 18, he'd been a short guy. Now, he was taller. Taller? He looked at the list again, and grabbed a yellow packet. He stopped, thinking. How tall? Not TOO tall... but tall. Not 6'9", that would be too tall. 6'5" was still common these days. 6'7" was a bit too tall... He thought of a young stud he'd seen at the Abbey, who was 6'6" tall... that was a sexy height. He carefully drank the glass until he was exactly 6'6" tall.

He looked into the mirror, bemused, his tall, youthful figure staring back. He grabbed some window cleaner and wiped down the mirror. He laughed. He was completely delighted with his body. He felt great... and he had to go out... But wait... Wait a second. He was giddy. He forced himself to think hard for a minute. He looked in the mirror. He admired his long legs and torso and youthful face. He looked up his long legs to his worn-out briefs... and the small bulge there. Small? He pulled the waistband away from his tight belly. He saw his usual package there- small. Brent was used to it. 5" erect. Sigh. Like a lot of guys. And it hadn't stopped him from having fun. Sometimes, guys wouldn't come back though, because, well, they were size queens. All men were, to an extent. He walked to the case. In it were packages that were listed as increasing cock length, and thickness, and also semen production... and increasing the size of testicles too.

Brent thought about it carefully. Length first? Thickness? No, he thought. Balls ! He wanted a package he could really feel... not stupid big, but Big... big, studly balls. He grabbed the packet and dumped it in the glass, and drank it down.

He felt warm, and then it seemed to concentrate in his groin... and he saw that there was a definite something happening... He pulled his underwear down, watching in the mirror as his balls quickly grew to the size of hen's eggs- medium... large... xlarge... xxlarge... then as they grew larger, they filled his scrotum, which then began to grow and swell and enlarge to accommodate his growing testicles. As his scrotum grew overly large, his balls slid down in the larger sack, hanging about 6 inches down his thigh, and still they grew. He took one of his balls in his hand, closing his fist around it, and it grew larger, insistently pushing his hand open until his fingers couldn't quite touch around it. WOW. He looked up into the mirror and let go. His now enlarged testicles slid down into his scrotum. He measured his testicles. They were 10" in circumference. Bigger than he'd dreamed... maybe bigger than he'd wanted. There'd be no hiding these bull balls he was now gifted with.

Brent pulled his worn out white cotton briefs up. His balls filled the basket nicely. Overfilled the basket nicely. He was going to have to be more careful about how much of the powders he used. Very Careful. He wasn't going to be able to hide that package.

Not that I would want to, he thought. He grabbed the next color, for thickness. He emptied it in a glass and sipped about 1/4 of it. In a few minutes his cock started to thicken... in just a bit, he was nicely thick. But he wanted more. He wanted to be THICK.

Next he drank about another 1/2 of the remaining mixture. His cock warmed and thickened, rummaging in a drawer he found a cloth tape measure. His stubby, but THICK cock, was now about 6 1/2 inches around.

Oh, well, he thought. He drank the remaining mixture. Moments later, he measured 7.5 inches around. He couldn't get his hands to touch around the meaty shaft.

He looked at the hefty thickness, his BIG Bull balls. Next was the best part, he thought, shivering. He emptied the dark red package into the glass, and started to drink about half of the glass. Impulsively, before he lost his nerve, he drank the entire glass.

He felt the warmth centering in his erect cock... It felt warm, then his cock grew longer, pulsing, and growing longer. And growing longer. And growing longer... past 6"... and then past 7", past 8", and then faster pulsing past 9"... and showed no sign of stopping. After a moment, it reached 10" erect... and still it grew. Slowing now, the length was even LONG for his incredible thickness. He was longer than thick, and still growing. Past 11", he grew... then slowly, slowly, slowing, and finally passing 12" to 12.25"....

And I don't have to cheat to measure that.

He stroked himself, and it felt good. He stroked and quickly approached orgasm. He came, and it felt good. He shot a couple good shots on the mirror... 6 feet away. Then his orgasm subsided, and his cock began to go soft. And he wiped up the cum off the mirror, and then stopped. He'd shot a bout a normal amount, but there was something else in the case... he stood up, and looked at his soft cock, 7" long, the big head and flaccid shaft dangling an inch lower than his scrotum. And thick! Still 6" around when soft. Damn!

In the case was another packet, that affected semen production... and sexual libido. What the hell, thought Brent, and emptied a packet in the glass and drank it. In a few moments, he was horny. And he jerked himself off again. This time, he shot 7 good shots when he came, and the sensation was great. He emptied 2 more of the packets into the glass. He was jacked, horndogged... and he jerked off twice more. And each time, he shot and shot and shot- 12 or more shots each time, and he could have gone longer if he'd allowed it. He couldn't deplete himself; it seemed, so he jerked off 2 more times just to be sure. Finally

He pulled on some old shorts, and went shopping. He bought some longer slacks, some board shorts, some new underwear... and a muscle t- and a skin tight dance shirt. He bought a lot of clothes.

He hid the case in his apartment and went dancing that night. He loved the club beat, the hungry eyes on him. He knew they were looking at his tall, lean form, and checking out his huge package.

He danced with 5 or 6 guys before he settled on a cute handsome stud named Marc. Before too long they were headed back to Marc's place, a small apartment just around the corner. Marc was about 6'2" and Brent loved the fact that Marc, although tall, wasn't as TALL as he was. Marc had to really look up to Brent, and turn his head up to kiss Brent. Marc's hands were all over him, as they began to undress. Brent tugged down Marc's slacks and swallowed whole Marc's 7 incher. He wrapped his tongue around it and gave Marc a good blowjob. Marc pushed him away before he came and led Brent to the bed. Brent unzipped his own pants and slipped them off, kicking them on top of his shirt lying on the floor. He padded over to the bed, his package swaying in his black spandex square cut briefs.

In the dim light Brent saw Marc's eyes go WIDE at the bulge in his shorts. The thin stretch fabric clearly showed each bull ball and the thick heavy shaft draping over them, ending in the huge knobby head that stretched the fabric thinner still below those mighty balls.

"Damn!" Marc said.

"What?" asked Brent innocently, teasing. "This?" Brent cupped his hand under his basket and lifted- shoving the huge bulge forward and clearly showing that massive size was no trick of lighting or dress. He then slowly started to peel down the waistband...revealing a healthy bush of hair, then the wide base of his thick cockshaft- then he quickly peeled them off, and jumped in bed. Marc saw for a moment only the huge cock flopping and the swaying pendulous balls below. Brent lay next to Marc, and kissed him. Marc was astonished -- he could feel Brent's massive cock and balls lying across his thigh. Brent moved to lay on top of Marc, and ground his package against Marc's.

Brent felt Marc's hands investigating his package... and he suddenly sat up, straddling Marc, his package laying on Marc's abs. Marc marveled at the size of Brent. "Well, I'm usually used to being the big man," Marc said, "but you... you make me feel like a kid!"

Brent simply moved forward, straddling Marc's chest, until his cock and balls lay in front of Marc's face. Brent already had a 9 inch long semi- but he felt his cock grow and push out further and further, quickly. In just about 15 seconds his cock grew from 9 inches to over 12". Marc gasped, then gasped again as Brent's cock grew thicker and thicker- over 7.5" around! And at the base, his cock flared wide and THICKER! Brent shoved his cock between Marc's trembling lips and began his domination of Marc's sexual desire and heart.

Later.... "You are such a wonderful top!" Marc said. "So hot and sexy and amazing!"

"You're a pretty amazing bottom yourself," Brent told Marc. Marc had tried to keep up with Brent, but had worn himself out after 3 ejaculations... Brent had gone on another 4 times, just to show Marc what a stud he was. Brent had topped Marc again and again... he had the tool, the drive, and the ability. And Marc seemed to like it. Brent reflected that he might be a poster man for tops from now on. He was in Marc right now, and the thought made his semi grow in Marc's ass to fully hard. Marc moaned with the sensation. "Oh Brent, I thought it was muscle that was it, for so long, but oh God you got it where it counts!"

"Really?" Brent teased Marc by moving his huge prick further into Marc's ass. "Do I have a big enough muscle for you?"

"Oh God YES!" gasped Marc.

"You want my muscles bigger?" demanded Brent. "You need my muscles bigger???"

Marc gasped and sweated as Brent fucked him. He started to shake his head no, but in a moment of raw honesty, he looked at Brent's tall slender form, his arms, his huge cock, and nodded yes.

Later Marc tried to apologize. Brent cut him short- "It's alright, Mark, I'd prefer you be honest."

"Look," said Marc, "You are HOT!- and what a COCK! No one is perfect, I just used to get off on muscleguys or darker guys, like those Hawaiian guys or Black men... they seemed so POWERFUL and macho and strong- and my favorite was this big hairy black man- when I was a kid, he seemed to be the most enormous man on the planet. I used to sit on his lap and he would hold me and I loved it. No wonder I'm gay!!!"

Brent laughed, then thought of the packets waiting in the case in his apartment. He hugged Marc and agreed to meet him again the next night.

He went home and found the case... he sat down and began to read the directions, the notes. Apparently the effect would wear off by 50% in 30 days unless he took a stabilizer package... or he could take more of the packets.

He looked in the mirror. So far, he looked the same, it probably would take a week before he noticed a decline. But it gave him some thoughts about Marc, and what he wanted. He could morph Marc, and give him a thrill, and within 30 days he would lose 1/2 of whatever he did to Marc, or, he could give him a packet to cancel the packets effects.

And, he could be subtle. Subtle, with these packets? Riiiighhht.

He didn't really want to go where he was thinking. Well, he'd have some more fun with Marc, he really did like him, and if he still felt strongly about him, maybe he'd give him more what he wanted.

Brent took the packets and looked at them. Mark was 6'2" tall, and that was fine with Brent. He was nicely buff too, so he didn't think he needed much improvement there. He had a 7" cock, which was completely fine, no need to... well, of course a bit of an improvement there wouldn't HURT Marc.

He grabbed some of the packets and opened them... He poured 1/2 of a thickness packet into a glass, as well as about 1/2 of a length packet. He also poured in 1/2 of a testicle increase into the glass, and then poured 3 complete semen packets into the glass. There was still hardly any powder in the glass, it was apparently POWERFUL stuff.

There was a packet that made one better looking, so he dumped one in for Marc, who scarcely needed it, but, why not?

He next looked at the lists in the case... there were over 100 categories! There was one for general health, so he dumped one in for Marc, and another for muscle tone. He dumped that in too.

He took another glass and dumped in a general health packet and a muscle tone packet for himself too.

There were categories that reduced cock size, thickness, libido, and muscle too, that made people age, that affected looks in various ways, various racial changes too. There were so many possibilities. There was a category for hair, divided into body and pubic and scalp... He could make someone bald, make wavy hair straight, thicker, and change color... There were packages that changed guys from tops to bottoms or made them versatile. That really made Brent pause for a minute. He'd always wanted to try being a bottom but he just didn't have it in his makeup to bottom. It hurt too much and he couldn't take even the smallest cock.

Marc was a light brown hair guy, with great green eyes. His hair was a bit thin, so Brent dumped in a hair thickener/lengthener (scalp) and a blonde packet (scalp) and then dumped in a pubic hair enhancer (dark brown).

That was enough, he thought. That should certainly be too much. But if he could have Marc have a beer or two... to relax him...

He called Marc and arranged for him to come by that night.

When Marc came to the door, Brent met him with a beer in that very special glass. Brent had taken the general health and muscle tone packet, which gave him a very nicely rounded ass and firmed up his abs and arms. His legs were stronger too, more curved and firm.

He'd spent the day thinking about sex, jerking off, and dreaming about Marc's hot ass. Marc was a great bottom, and Brent loved nailing that hot ass.

Marc grabbed the glass, drank some, spilled some as he hugged Brent, and Brent stuck his tongue down Marc's throat. Brent toasted Marc and Marc finished the glass. Brent carried the glass back into the kitchen. Darn! How much had Marc spilled? Brent wanted to make sure that Marc had a decent sized cock for what he was thinking of later. He grabbed the other packets, the half-full ones for cock and ball size, and dumped them into Marc's glass, which was empty. He added in another semen packet. He poured beer in both glasses and brought them back into the living room. He set them down and grabbed a paper towel and wiped up the spill. It seemed that maybe Marc hadn't spilled that much after all... maybe an ounce or two of the eight ounce glass.

In a few minutes, Marc should really start to feel it.

Brent turned and saw Marc was already holding his glass, and Brent picked up his glass and clinked it together with Marc's. They drank the beer and Marc started to set his down, half-finished.

"Come on," Brent said, and finished his glass. Marc drained his and Brent set the glasses aside.

Marc certainly seemed to be horny. He began to look a bit flushed. Brent felt the beer in his own system and laughed.

"It's kinda warm in here." Brent said. "I should open a window."

He got up and opened the window. He turned and looked at Marc sitting on the sofa. Marc looked hot and sexy in his boardshorts and muscle-t.

Marc's boardshorts started to look a bit tighter where it counted. Brent watched casually and chatted with Marc as he saw Marc's hair turn more blonde and grow thicker and longer. His Marc's face became even hotter, cuter... very hot, handsome... up to the next level, he looked like a 9 or even a 10 now!

Thinking of 9's and 10's, Brent wondered if he'd overdone it. The fact was, Marc was 7" normally. Brent had started at 5" and ended up over 12". That was 7" in length for a packet, but Marc had had half a packet, almost, then another half. He might grow as much as 6 or 7 inches, unless it was proportional growth, as Brent had increased 2.4 times in length. OOPS! Brent hadn't thought this through... Marc was 7", and 7" multiplied by 2.4 was 16.8! YIKES! Brent flushed with thinking how he would explain THAT to Marc... And from the vantage point he had he saw that Marc was already apparently sporting more than he'd had the night before. Also, he saw that on Marc's lower abs, where his muscle t was pulled up and his abs showed, that a forest of thick dark brown hair was curling up from his waistband!

Suddenly Marc shifted on the sofa, readjusting his body, unconsciously grabbing his package and moving it so it didn't pinch in his now tight shorts. Brent saw that Marc's cock was now over 7" long for sure, and growing longer.

Brent still felt flushed with embarrassment. Marc stared at Brent with sexy eyes. "Damn, Brent, are you getting a hardon? You are such a horndog!"

Brent didn't feel like he was getting a hardon. He felt warm and flushed, esp. in the crotch, but not like a hardon, no, it was like yesterday, when... Brent looked down at what Marc was staring at. His cock was obviously growing longer- thicker too. And his balls felt even heavier. He'd drunk Marc's glass- the second glass of beer, when he'd been wiping up the spill, Marc had grabbed his glass. Double oops. He shifted to hide his growing cock.

"You're such a hung stud!" Marc said. "I love having you top me- all of you... how HUNG are you Brent?"

Good question, Brent thought. "You saw me last night."

"Yeah, but how many inches long are you?"

"What, you want me to measure?"

"You mean you haven't????"

"No, not in a long time." Brent quickly did some figuring. He'd had about another half of a packet... and that meant...well, at LEAST 3.5" more growth, or if it was proportional, that would be 1.7 x 12 inches... 20 inches. In a moment or so, Brent's cock would grow so that it would reach somewhere between 16 and 20 inches erect. And probably 8.5 inches thick... and his balls... already they had been, well, too big- and he'd taken another sperm production packet. Already with a jacked up sexuality, that was adding more demand for sex to his libido.

"Well, how hung are you Marc?" Brent asked.

"I'm a true 7 inches" Marc told him.

"When did you measure last? You look bigger than that, Marc."

Brent' mind was racing. Marc took a bit less than half a packet... his cock might grow to 10 inches, or if proportional, to ... a bit less than 1.7 x 7 inches... 11.9 inches. Whoops. Marc would surely notice that!

Brent crossed to the sofa and grabbed Marc's hand and made him stand up and led him in to the bedroom. He pushed him down on the bed. Brent watched Marc's hardon growing.

Brent turned off the light, so the room was more dimly lit. Brent pulled off Marc's shorts and quickly shed his clothing. In the dim light Marc stared at Brent's long flaccid cock. He was now so long and thick soft it looked like he was erect. But he wasn't. His cock had grown from 7" soft to over 12" soft. 12 INCHES SOFT!!! TWELVE INCHES SOFT!!!!

Brent felt the sexual desire overwhelm him. Marc was feeling the same as well. Brent climbed into bed with Marc and shoved his only semi hard cock up Marc's ass. It felt so good he started to get harder and harder. Marc gasped and moaned and cried out, but his ass accommodated the additional size and thickness. Marc looked down at his own cock now hugely erect, and stroked off his massive meat while Brent pounded his ass. Marc started to shoot on his own chest, and kept shooting hot cum... he aimed his cock up and shot on Brent's chest.

After a wild orgy of fucking, Marc and Brent lay together. Marc knew that something impossible had happened, and Brent told Marc about the packets.

Marc had no choice but to believe Brent, he had the proof between his own legs. Marc's cock had ended up being 15" long erect, he was over 9" long completely soft. His libido was through the roof and when he came he shot and shot. The growth was proportional!

Brent's cock was now 21 inches long, erect, and 12 1/2 inches long soft.

Marc held his own cock with amazement. "Too bad," he joked, "This is wasted on a bottom!"

"I assure you its not wasted!" Brent said. "I want to try something. Will you trust me with the packets?"

Marc nodded his assent. Brent had told him about being how the packets would wear off about 50%... Marc had figured out that he was going to end up with about 11 inches between his legs in a month.

Brent, well, would end up with about 13 inches in a month. Wow.

"Stay here," Brent said, and went into the kitchen to the packets. He took a packet that changed a top into a bottom and dumped it into a glass and drank it.

While he waited, he took a packet that changed a bottom into a top and dumped it into a glass for Marc. Brent felt the heat flush through him. In a moment it passed and he thought about Marc. He thought about Marc fucking him. He thought about Marc's huge cock and his own virgin ass and began to tremble. He wanted that cock up his ass... no, he needed it. He had to have it. He took another bottom to top package and dumped it into Marc's glass. He wanted Marc to be a total top.

Brent realized he wanted his ass pounded by a total top... a big hairy muscle top. He quickly dumped in 2 height packets, and 3 muscle growth packets, and a total body hair packet (black) and then another cock length and thickness packet and another ball growth packet and three more semen enhancers. There was one more package he scanned for... here it was, for macho looks. He dumped it in and took another packet for black hair on the head and dumped that in and a hair growth package.

He quickly brought the glass to Marc and gave it to him. "Don't spill it!!" he said.

Marc drank down the glass. "What was it?" Marc asked.

"It was to make you a total muscle top... I took a packet to make me a total bottom."

"But I'm a total bottom!" Marc said.

"Not for long, this stuff works!!"

Marc started to look flushed. He got up and paced the room. His body started to look different. His muscles began to swell and his chest began to get hairy... His blonde hair turned black and grew long, down past his shoulder blades. Standing next to Brent, Marc was soon as tall as, no taller than Brent... much taller than Brent, he was now about 7'2" tall!!! His muscle growth was continuing and his hairy pecs ballooned with power and his ass and legs and lats swelled hugely. His arms lengthened and pumped with vascular muscle. Marc flexed his muscular arms, where just a moment before he'd had 16" biceps, they now swelled towards 21" ... and it wasn't stopping. The growth was continuing. Marc's cute features began to toughen up too... he was definitely looking far more macho than the cute bottom he'd been moments before!

Brent suddenly realized he wanted to do something, watching Marc with his new height and muscle. He ran into the kitchen and took his glass and dumped in a height reducer... and 3 of the good looks packets and another total bottom package... and a blonde hair package... and then a smooth package for body hair, and a cock length reducer, a cock thickness enhancer, and a lower body muscle enhancer. Then he added in yet another height reducer. He drank it quickly and ran back to the bedroom- stopping short in the doorway.

Marc was huge. He was sitting on the side of the bed, no longer any vestige of the cute bottom apparent. He was now a huge muscled top. He was watching his cock and balls swell and grow and hang lower and lower over the edge of the bed.

He looked up at Brent. "You made me into a huge muscle top... into what I wanted for myself, when I was a bottom."

"I wanted to see what it was like to be a bottom, and thought you would enjoy being a top for once!" Brent shivered and suddenly felt warm. He began to reduce in height quickly... he felt his cock changing too, and he looked down and saw that it was thickening, thickening past the massive 8.5" around to over 9" around already... but that the length was reducing, no longer 12" long soft, he was now reducing in length even as he started getting a hardon. His hardon came on suddenly, and he grew to 21" long, but just for a moment, as he began to shrink in height and his penis began to reduce in length, even as it thickened.

Marc stretched, his new muscles still mounding on his arms and shoulders and legs.

"Stand up, Marc, I have to see you standing!"

Marc stood up and Brent gasped. Marc was over 7'3" tall... he stood well closer than a foot of the 8-foot ceiling in Brent's bedroom. He'd continued to grow taller. And he had a hairy body, long black hair, coarsely falling down his back, and his massive musculature was freakishly huge, only balanced by his height and the length of his limbs.

And Marc had a new macho look...rough and mean. He looked at Brent who shivered at Marc's steely gaze. Brent felt overwhelmed as he stared at Marc's still growing penis. Brent reduced in height and his body hair receded and his hair on his head turned golden blonde and short... and he started to be cute, handsome cute, sexy cute. His legs and ass muscled up, his ass developing into a hot bubble butt.

He shrank until he was 6' tall, and his cock was 14" long... but still he shrank, turning into a cute blonde twink bottom. Brent shrank while Marc's cock and balls still grew in front of him, as Marc proportionally was bigger and bigger compared to Brent. Brent began to wonder how much 2 packets would make him shrink. He'd grown from 5'9" to 6'3" on one packet, an increase of 9%... from 6'6" reduced by 18% would be... oops... a reduction of 14 inches.. He'd be about 5'4" tall... and his cock, which had been 21 inches long, would reduce by a factor of 2.4... 8.75 inches.

Marc had been 6'2" tall, and grew 18% tall to 7' 3.5" tall. Brent continued to shrink as he found himself staring right at Marc's massive hairy muscle pecs. However, Marc's balls and cock had already been enhanced... and in his sexual desire Brent hadn't paused to think...Marc's 15 inch cock, 9" soft, would grow 2.4 x longer...36 inches HARD! No wonder Marc was STILL GROWING between his legs!!!!!

But it didn't work that way, there must be some sort of maximum growth effect... Marc "topped out" at 24" erect and 14.25 inches soft.

"Oh God!" moaned Brent. Even though he'd chosen it, orchestrated it, wanted it more than anything ever- Marc grabbed Brent the twink and kissed him tenderly, then more roughly and rougher. He picked up Brent and literally threw him onto the bed. Brent was like a kid compared to Marc now... And Marc was taking full advantage of his strength and muscle.

Marc grabbed some lube and poured it liberally on his cock and Brent's bubble butt. Brent was shivering. Marc grabbed Brent's legs and lifted him up effortlessly. "Oh God Oh God," whimpered Brent.. and Marc pushed his huge knobby cockhead against Brent's ass... and pushed and Brent opened. Brent felt it hurt and then he thought about how much he wanted it and then he was on fire, sexual fire... he stretched for Marc and felt his head just inside him. Then he felt something inside him release, and he opened, and Marc grunted deep and animalistically and Brent exhaled sharply and Marc slid his massive cock inside Brent and muttered in Brent's ear, "You are mine!"

Brent became insensate as Marc fucked him back to the Stone Age. Brent rode wave after wave of pleasure. Marc became rougher and rougher... Brent saw flashes of himself in the mirror shooting cum from his 9.5 x 8.75" fireplug cock, his huge bull balls flying up and down in his oversized scrotum, as he rode up and down on Marc's incredible huge cock. Brent was an excellent bottom thanks to the metamorphosis powders.

And Marc was a rough top... as the evening wore on he became pushy, abusive and rougher with Brent, pushing and shoving him. Brent wondered if this was in Marc, or a result of the powders, the macho powder perhaps??? Brent loved Marc's cock, loved Marc's body, and began to despise the personality in Marc's body. He needed the cock in his ass so badly, but he needed something else too... something that he wasn't getting. He needed someone who wanted him, liked him, and loved him.

Finally Marc fell asleep in the covers. Now what? Brent realized he'd created a Frankenstein Monster of a sort. He couldn't let Marc loose with a 24" cock in weho... but he'd already played too many tricks on Marc. But he knew that he had to give Marc a fair chance, to see what choices he would have made for himself.

He opened up a black packet, and poured the miniscule amount of powder into Marc's open mouth.

He woke, looked at Brent, smiled, and rolled over.

Brent crawled in beside him, and slept.

In the morning, Marc was furious. "Damn it man, you had no right to do that to me!"

"I know, Marc, I didn't realize what I was doing. I'm really sorry."

"Damn it, as a TOP I finally had it made! I was the cock of the walk!"

"You were a jerk, Marc."


"You treated me like shit."

"You sure seemed to love it!"

"The sex was great, but you made me feel like a piece of meat.. That can be fun for play but you meant it- and I don't know if it was you or the metamorphosis that did it!"

Marc, to his credit, sat quietly. "I'm not sure. It was pretty heady stuff... all that power, and that need to nail your ass!"

"I'm sorry. I thought that macho powder would make you sexy, not a jerk."

"I'm not sure it was the powder. I think I just got crazy. It was pretty hot! I never felt anything like that, dominating, such an imperative to fuck- just FUCK."

"And I needed you to do it... really to fuck me, God you were SO hung."

"Why didn't you take a black packet? Are you going to stay a bottom?"

"Well, I have to tell you something.. I'm 47."

"So what? Take one, then start over."

"Can we both start over, and not be so crazy?


The black packet was a relief. In just a few minutes, Brent was 5'9" and had a 5" cock. And he was 47 years old too.

"Wow," Marc said. "You look like yourself. I thought maybe you'd used that powder to make yourself more handsome."

"Just young and hung and a bit taller."

"Well, that wasn't so bad."

It was Saturday, and Marc and Brent wanted to have some fun.

This time, they decided not to change sexual orientation.

Marc wanted to experience his fantasy from the other side.

Brent would become a huge muscle hairy top... and Marc would become the bottom that Brent wanted.

They each stood naked with an empty glass and a water pitcher.

Brent took three youth packets and emptied them in his glass. He splashed in some water and drank it down.

Marc stood, watching Brent's middle aged body youthen, his skin become supple and smooth, his love handles melting away.

Marc took a height reducer pack and drank it down. He looked a bit nervous. He was 6'2" tall... and began to shrink... reducing 9% to 5'7" tall. Brent took another height reducer packet and handed it to Marc.

"You want me to be the big guy, don't you Marc???" Brent said with a grin. Marc gulped and then took the second height reducer. Already he'd felt a bit freaked at being so short. Now he was reducing another 9% to 5'1" tall. "Wow," said Marc, "you're already a big guy compared to me." His voice squeaked a bit. His genitals were unchanged, and he was a pretty stocky guy at 5'1". Brent walked up to Marc, and looked down at him. Brent was 5'9" tall to Marc's 5'1" tall. That was going to get more extreme in a moment. But Brent really wanted to give Marc his fantasy. "How big am I now, Marc?" Brent teased. "How big am I going to GET?"

He handed Marc yet another packet. Marc took it, then said, "What does that do?" But he already started to get his answer. His stocky muscled body began to thin. His shoulders became a bit narrower, his muscle melted away, and he became slender. He flexed his arms and watched his biceps melt away. He was a skinny short guy. He had a pretty big dick, for a tiny guy, and his balls were decently sized, so it was kind of sexy. He was hung 7" erect compared to Brent's current 5" erect, and his balls were definitely much bigger than Brent's natural endowment- they were 8" around. Brent gave Marc another packet. He took it and his cock began to shrink, from 7" erect to 3" only. Another packet and his balls shrank to proportionate size- only about 4 1/2 inches around.

Marc was now a tiny slender man with a puny cock- 3" in length, 5.5 inches around.

Brent took 3 height increase packets and swallowed them down. Quickly, he began to grow. He stepped close to Marc to accentuate the difference between them. Brent grew from 5'9" ... 8" taller than Marc already... to well over 6'... a foot taller than Marc. But his growth didn't stop there. He grew until Marc was staring directly into his pecs, and continued to grow closer to 7' in height. Marc's tiny prick was hard as a rock. But it didn't stop there. Brent grew taller and taller, past 7 foot tall, taller still. Now Brent's growth started to slow. Finally he inched his way to 7'4" and s topped growing.

Marc was staring at Brent's navel. And right below that, Brent's package. Brent leaned down... way down- and kissed Marc's open mouth. "Pretty hot so far, huh?" Brent asked.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," replied Marc, Brent's tongue down his throat.

Brent took some packets and poured them into a glass. They were packets that changed race. Marc had said he liked dark hairy guys, so Brent emptied in packets that were marked Polynesian, Mexican, Italian, Black, and American Indian (generic). He then dumped in two overall body hair developers, and a packet that turned all body hair black, and then he dumped in three packets that promoted hair growth on the scalp, and then two hair thickeners.

Brent drank them down.

He felt the familiar warmth and smiled at Marc. Marc saw Brent's skin darken, flushing various shades, then darken to a black/brown combination that had a dark brown gold cast to it. WOW.

Brent was feeling itchy as his hair began to grow over his chest, his pubes exploded with hair. The hair on his scalp thickened, turned black, and began to grow longer quickly, past Brent's shoulders, down between his shoulder blades, and hanging about 3 feet down his back. Brent pulled his heavy black wavy hair and threw it back behind him, where it cascaded down his back. WOW. His features changed subtlety, his nose softening and broadening a bit, his cheekbones accentuated, his mouth and lips wider and softer...

Brent looked in the mirror and didn't recognize himself. He was a tall slender hairy dark skinned man of mixed race. He looked terrific, awesome, cute, even a bit boyish, but all 110% MAN.

"What do you think?" Brent asked Marc.

"WOWOWOW!" said Marc. "You're amazing!"

"Wait a bit!" said Brent. He took 4 of the muscle growth packets.

As he waited, he felt the warmth begin. His long long dark limbs began to mound up with developing muscle. In just a few moments his biceps were over 16" and accelerating in growth. His abs were beginning to grow, clearly visible as they began to split, grow and become an 8 pack. Even so, he was still slender, as he was so TALL.

There was a creaking sound as Brent's shoulders widened, his rib cage widening, his pelvis widening, in preparation for carrying the massive muscle that was just beginning to develop. Even his knees and elbows grew larger, to accommodate the incredible mass that was coming.

Already, his arms were over 21" around, but because of the incredible height he had, they still only looked modestly muscled. Brent was going to be HUGE. For over 10 minutes Brent grew more and more muscular. Finally his massive size growth began to subside. He stretched and the massive muscle meat hanging on his frame flexed and shook. He posed a double biceps for Marc. Marc trembled as he saw Brent's huge arms and massive pecs... Brent's arms were 36" around. Insanely HUGE. Amazingly Vascular. Even the thickly hairy chest couldn't hide the massive vascularily and definition he carried.

Marc touched Brent's hairy chest and muscle. His hands trembled. Brent's voice rumbled in his massive chest. "Just a minute" said Brent.

Brent pulled out an XXXL red spandex muscle short, and pulled it up over his massive legs and huge muscle butt. His package looked small in the midst of his huge size.

He gave some shorts to Marc, who pulled them on. He was playing into whatever Brent wanted, he was so enamoured of his new body.

Then Brent stretched and posed a bit. Marc found himself drooling somewhat.

Finally Brent took a couple of testicle growth packets. He'd grown from about 6" circumference to 10" around on one package before. That was an increase of 1.7 x. On two packets, that would be 2.4x 6" or 14" in circumference testicles. Brent explained this to Marc as he dumped the packets in the glass. Then he took 2 of the cock length packets and dumped them in, explaining to Marc that these would increase his cock length by 4.8 x. Or 24 inches, if he grew the full length calculated. Then he took cock thickness packages and explained how one had made his 5" circumference cock grow to 7.5" around. He dumped 2 packets in, explaining that if he drank it all, he would grow to 10" circumference.

He filled the glass with water, then set it on the table next to the sofa. He sat down carefully, his mass making the sofa creak and crushing the cushions.

Marc crawled up on his lap, and Brent wrapped him in his hugely muscled arms. Marc sighed, contentedly. Brent took a sip from the glass. He massaged Marc's shoulders oh so gently, as Marc could feel Brent's package growing under his ass.

Soon, Brent took another sip from the glass. Marc saw that the glass was about 1/4 empty. Shifting, he looked under at Brent's crotch and saw how his obviously erect cock was now about 9" long. WOW. Still not megahuge but still bigger than most guys on the planet. Brent saw Marc looking at his package and very deliberately reached over and drank another 1/4 of the glass. Then he set Marc down on his basket and Marc could already feel the bulges underneath him growing dramatically larger.

Marc played with the hair on Brent's massive pecs and abs, and licked and sucked on the erect nipples that Brent was displaying, massive nipples that stuck out about an inch! With huge aurioles around them, dark and sexy. Marc shivered thinking about how sexy they would be in a t shirt- on a cold windy day.

Brent set Marc down on the sofa and stood up. And up and up and up. Wow. Marc almost came when he saw Brent standing up... his huge balls and thick cock, now 13" x 7.5, slid down in the elastic fabric of the spandex stretch shorts. WOW. He looked perfect. Brent began to reach for the glass again and Marc grabbed it first.

"Wait, Brent."

"What is it?"

"You look perfect. Absolutely perfect. You are so hot with your muscle and your cock. I want you like this... you look terrific. And, I want to be your man- not a little boy, and I like the size you are to me, but I want to be both a top and bottom to you." Marc drank the last 1/2 glass in a gulp. He stood in front of Brent, who was surprised, and then bemused. Marc slipped out of his shorts.

Marc's tiny balls and cock began to grow. His testicles, only 4.5 inches around, swelled up until he was hung with balls even bigger than his natural endowment had been, and they continued to swell a bit even more until they were almost 9" around. His cock lengthened to 7.5 inches long, and his thickness, which was 5.5, his normal thickness, began to grow more and more until he was 8.25 inches around. Although he was 13" shorter in height, his cock was 2.75 inches bigger around and 1/2 longer than his natural endowment! And his testicles were an inch bigger in circumference too!

"Damn, you are HOT!" Said Brent.

"And about to get hotter too!," Marc said. "You think I'm gonna be able to top a huge muscle stud like you with only this? I can barely get past your huge muscle butt with this!

Marc grabbed another cock growth packet and a thickness growth packet and a ball growth package. He poured them in the glass and mixed them and raised the glass to his lips.

"Go easy with that," Brent said. "Pace yourself!"

"Oh, I will," said Marc, and knocked back the entire glass.

"Marc!" said Brent.

"What?" asked Marc innocently. "Oh, you mean THIS?" He grabbed his cock and waved it at Brent. It was swelling, visibly. It was gaining thickness rapidly. "Or do you mean these?" Marc hefted his balls in his hand, and they quickly grew so large as he held them one rolled out of his grasp and slid down his scrotum against his thigh where it grew larger and larger. He let the other one drop and stood there, his cock visibly growing larger, thrusting out from his short body and lengthening towards the floor in a curving arc, made even more obscene by the fact his cock was so thick! Its thickness was surpassing 10' around and it was still growing! And it was growing longer and longer. When Marc hefted his cockshaft in his hand, it stuck out further than ever beyond his hand. He grabbed that part of his shaft with his other hand, and there was still more hanging beyond that. He stroked himself quickly to full erection. Still his cock grew, surpassing Brent's 13 incher! Marc grinned at Brent who looked a bit worried as Marc waved his cock at Brent. Finally Marc's cock grew and swelled until it was 18 inches long! He was over 12" around in thickness, and his balls were humongous, each just shy of 15" around each.

Marc grabbed two of the versatile packets, and poured them into a glass. He drank half and gave half to Brent.

Brent drank it, reluctantly.

Marc stood as the sexual change hit him. MMMMMph he moaned.

Brent began to perspire a bit, and his huge muscle ass twitched and he moaned with unleashed sexual potential.

Short Marc pulled tall Brent's red stretch shorts down, releasing his 13+inches and bull balls.

"Now we're both BIG men," said Marc. "I need a huge tool to fuck your ass, and you get the huge height and muscle to make me feel safe, and plenty to fill my little man ass."

They tumbled into bed, wrestling to see who got to top who first. Who do you think won? Not that it mattered, Marc and Brent traded off so many times that night... and the passion they felt was amazing.

Marc ended up sleeping in Brent's arms, laying across his abs, his head resting on Brent's dark hairy chest like a sexual pillow of muscled armor. Brent cradled Marc in his arms, so small and sexy, with the exception of his huge genitals, which lay flaccid across Brent's rock hard abs. Even soft, Marc's cock was 11" long and 9" in circumference. Marc's huge 15" balls rested between Marc's legs. Brent watched Marc sleeping in his massively developed arms, so peaceful and secure.

Brent reflected how the packets had led them to this moment, and wondered where their developing desires and needs would lead them.

He wondered again where the packets came from- if they could get more, and what if the owner was upset with them for using them???

30 days later...

Brent came in and hugged Marc. They hadn't used any of the packets for the last month. They had discussed it and decided to The packets had worn off the two of them, each about 50%.

Marc now stood almost 5'7" tall. His balls were 11.5" around and his cock was 13" long and 8.5" around. He'd regrown some of his muscle, and was a cocky little stud- with a big cock. And the versatile packet had worn off 50%, leaving Marc versatile, but definitely more of a bottom.

Brent had reduced from his absurdly HUGE height of 7'4" tall to 6'7" tall. His muscle had reduced so that he was massively muscled still, but his arms were 24.5" around instead of 36" he had been. He was a massive muscle stud, but he could wear clothing off the rack at the bodybuilding stores. Brent's cock was now 9 1/4" long, 6.25" around, and his testicles were 8" around, reduced from 10" around the month earlier. His racial changes had mixed back into his caucasian heritage, and he was a very handsome dark skinned man of mixed race. He was still plenty hairy, but not as hirsute as he'd been, and he'd also aged, from about 18 years old biologically to about 33 years old.

Brent and Marc had decided at the end of the month Brent should take more youth packets, to restore him to full youthfullness, although Marc secretly liked him more mature.

"Well, Marc," Brent said to him that day, "What do you want to try next?"

"Oh, I don't know, how about we put on speedos and go to the beach again?" Marc teased. That had been a real show- just a week after their transformation. Marc and Brent, walking down the Venice boardwalk, Brent still well over 7' tall at that time, with his very impressive package, next to Marc, who wore black spandex stretch shorts that did absolutely nothing to hide the fact his genitals were freakishly huge.

They had inventoried the case contents and discovered two things- one, they hadn't even made a slight dent in the number of packets, and two, there was a company name and address on the instructions.

"Sure," said Brent, "if you insist."

"Well," I guess we should dress in our best," Marc said, eyeing the case.

"You know, I'm really happy."

"Yeah, its hard to decide what to do."

"You should take the youthener."

"You should probably take something to make you taller and stronger."

"I like you being the big man."

"I do too, but those jerks at the gym would have really given you a hard time if I hadn't walked in." Brent had interrupted some size queens harassing Marc in the showers at the gym. "You should at least be able to take care of yourself, if I'm not there."

Marc had fantasized over and over about how Brent had walked into the showers, his dick swinging and his huge muscles pumped and he'd literally picked up the guys and shook them. He felt so hot when Brent acted in his defense. He knew it was some issues he had as a kid, but he didn't want Brent to be his Daddy, he wanted a partner he could rely on- something he'd never had. Maybe, he thought, Brent needs the same thing. But how could he give him that and get what he wanted for himself?

The answer was obvious, if they were willing to do it- and if Brent could get used to it. It was time to try it, to see what could be done.

Marc handed Brent two age reducers and Brent drank them down. He began to youthen, although he retained all of his muscle size and mass. In a minute he was back to his early twenties, then younger still. "Whoops!," said Brent, "did I take too much?" He was younger than 18, certainly, his features boyish atop his muscled body. It was odd, he was a fully developed man, but still a teenager. His voice was younger, but still with a vibrant muscleman timbre- and he grew more youthful still, until he was a young teen... but WHAT a TEEN!

"No," said Marc, "if you're 13 or 14 now, and you were about 33, then in a month you'll be about 23... and in 7 to 10 days you'll be 18!"

"Brent, are you willing to trust me to try something that will work for both of us? If you don't like it, we can always cancel it out."

"Okay, do you want to tell me what you're thinking?"

"No, let's just do it."


"Where to start, where to start???" said Marc. "Start with the most obvious first, the biggest changes..."

He eyed Brent, so youthful now, 6'7" tall and muscled, but not so hairy as he'd been, his youthening had allowed some recession of secondary sexual characteristics, his pubes were not so developed, but his cock looked big as ever. His muscles were smoother, perhaps, but still as large as they'd been. Marc wanted Brent BIG, but Brent wanted Marc safe too, esp if he was going to keep his impressive genitals at this size. And Marc definitely intended to keep his genitals impressive, as he'd told Brent, they'd grown on him. He'd Grown to like them. Brent always groaned at Marc's puns. It usually was followed with some tender wrestling, and then some very passionate sex.

"Well," thought Marc, and he took a growth packet and drank it down himself.

Brent eyed him with curiousity as Marc grew taller and taller, from 5'7 1/2" closer to 6', then passing 6' and growing to 6'2" tall and still a bit more, until he stood at 6'2 3/4" tall. No longer short at all, and no one was liable to push him around, but he was still a skinny guy, not even with a swi mmer's build, really. He took a muscle growth packet and drank that down. He had a guilty flashback to that night just over a month ago, where he'd turned into the huge muscle top and been such a dominating jerk to Brent. But in spite of his reservations the muscle growth powder started to work. Marc felt flushed and his muscles started to get pumped, and in just a moment Marc could feel strength coursing into his limbs, his arms and legs growing stronger and more muscled, his abs developing a 6 pack, and his lats swelling with power. He suddenly realized he had his eyes closed.

He opened them, watching in his mirror as he was suddenly the 6'2" Marc that Brent had met at the dance club the month before... only he was taller now than then, and definitely more hung now than then- his cock was 13" long erect now, and 8.5" around. His testicles were 11.5" around, and he had a package that was hard to hide. Even with his cock completely soft, it was 8 inches long and 7" around! Marc loved the way his testicles hung in his huge oversized scrotum, which hung down 8", the exact length of his flaccid cock. What a package, and how he loved to show it off to Brent. Maybe he'd flaunted it a bit much at the gym, but that was no reason for those guys to go off on him.

Marc suddenly looked back up from his package to the rest of his body. WOW. He was filling in with muscle. He was definitely built like a swimmer now, with hot abs, shoulders, and lats. His thighs were muscling up too, and he turned and saw his ass mounding into a hot muscle ass bubble butt.

Wow. He was getting more than a swimmer's build now... and just as he flexed his arms, and his biceps jumped up to 15 1/2 inches, and Marc watched them grow another inch to 16 1/2 inches, and then the muscle growth stopped.

"Whew," Brent said, "that was hot. Hottie! Have another muscle growth packet?"

"No," said Marc. "You wanted me safe from being pushed around. And being over 6'2" and muscular like this is pretty safe. Now its your turn."

Marc pulled up his stretch shorts and pulled on a muscle t. He looked good. But... one more thing... or two more things. He mixed up a good looks packet... 3 of them, actually, and 3 of the semen/libido enhancers. He drank them down. He waited a few moments, and then smiled at Brent. His smile was... astonishing. Handsome. Beautiful. Sexy. Cute. Sultry. His face, his entire body, was, amazing. Ultra amazing. Marc was a 10+.... Hell, he was a 12+. The lines of his body, his form, his grace, the sexiness of his every movement... Brent gasped.

Marc felt his sexiness, inherent in his beauty, and the horniness of the enhanced libido that infused him.

But he put all those aside and looked at Brent. Hot Brent, who liked him so much he'd put up with Marc being a little man, who liked Marc so much he'd trust him to change his body at will to please him.

Marc grabbed some packets... 2 height packets... from Brent's 6'7" he'd grow to 1.18 x taller... or 7'9". He gave them to Brent, who drank them down. In a moment, Brent started to grow.

"Here I go," said Brent. He paced back and forth. His hands, his arms, his legs grew longer. His torso lengthened. His gaze as he looked down at Marc started to look further down and down. In a few moments he was standing almost as tall as his ceiling... and finally he stopped growing, just 3 inches shy of the ceiling.

His long limbs, even as muscular as he was, made him look like an absurdly tall swimmer. Brent was watching himself in the mirror when Marc came up behind him and handed him a glass. He drank it down.

"What was that?" Brent asked.

"Muscle growth, 4 packets."

"Oh, my."


Brent felt a strong burn in his muscles. They started to swell and grow, he felt very hot, unlike the other times. He was really taking off with growth, his joints were creaking and groaning, his chest expanding, his muscles cracking with forced growth. Strong veins grew on his body, pulsing with his heartbeat. Every pulse of his veins swelled his muscles larger and larger. His shoulders grew wider and wider. Marc shivered watching the growth. Brent's legs ... his thighs and calves, expanded and grew and striated in moments... HUGE they grew. His muscle ass grew and stuck out behind him. In seconds his traps grew massively. His triceps expanded and swelled, and his biceps were amazing in their growth, they were so huge, firm, and hot, they split into cannonballs... only they were basketballs. Brent's chest massively expanded, his rib cage, his huge pecs growing and growing, his lats layering thickly on his back, his intercostals growing massively. He was massively wide, hugely proportioned, and still he grew. Finally the muscle growth slowed, and stopped.

Proportionately, Brent was bigger than he'd been to Marc a month ago. He walked about the apartment carefully, feeling his massive power. He was enormous, giant slabs of muscle flexing everywhere on his body.

After Brent stopped shaking, Marc already had another glass ready for him. Brent drank it down.

"What was that one?" asked Brent.

"You should feel it in a minute.." replied Marc, "I just gave you 5 of the semen/ libido enhancers, and 5 of the good looks packets, as well as 2 macho packets, and 3 hair growth packets.

"oh God," said Brent as he shook, a wave of energy and desire and transformation overwhelming him. That changed him- to the core, he felt stronger and –well, more macho. When he looked in the mirror he was stunned at his good looks, darkly handsome, sexy, hairy chest, forearms, legs, hairy curling pubes, and as he watched his looks were transformed again as the macho powders took hold, turning his visage darker, stronger. Brent threw back his shoulders and stuck out his chest unconciously. He was a massive fucking STUD. His cock was dripping precum. He was erect already, all 9" of him. •

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