Sugar Packets


By RdyRoger

David watched the two muscle studs walk away. He couldn't believe their size and definition... and he noticed that there were a bag of what looked like sugar packets on the beach where they'd been sitting... but they really didn't look like sugar packets. In fact, they looked like drug packets. There was a whole handful of them... David counted over 20 of the packets before he stopped. There must be a coupla hundred in the bag.

He opened one... There was some white powder in the packets, but it didn't look like sugar. It was too finely ground. He tasted the smallest bit on the end of his tongue. It definitely wasn't heroin, cocaine, or any thing that David recognized from his years in pharmacology. For a moment, David felt a bit warm. The feeling quickly passed.

Back at his apartment by the beach, David stripped off his trunks and t shirt. He stared in the mirror. Odd, he thought. He looked a few pounds heavier, although he was still a skinny, scrawny, tall young man. But at least his ribs weren't as pronounced as they'd been that morning... that morning? David stopped suddenly, looking at the packets on his bureau. He took the open packet and tasted the powder again. WOW! He felt hot for a moment, first in his torso, then his arms and legs. In that brief warm feeling, he saw his body subtly change, his ribs no longer protruding. Quickly, David mixed the remaining powder in a glass of water, and drank half of it. Then, he realized that he'd drunk almost 3/4 of the glass. Oh well, he thought, and quickly drank the rest. Then he put some more water in the glass and drained it again, to get every bit. Boy, did he feel stupid. Out of control. He knew better than to do this. He felt flushed with embarrassed anger at himself. At 22 years old he should know better!

After a moment, he felt hotter. David realized it was the packet. He thought about the huge bodybuilders that he'd seen on the beach from a distance. How big had those guys been? David's chest was hot, warm, and the feeling spread through his arms and legs. The feeling was really good. Hot, in fact. David's chest began to expand. His shoulders began to widen. His thighs began to thicken. David felt his weight starting to skyrocket. He felt a momentary fear... how much of the powder had he taken? Certainly not as much as the two guys that he'd seen on the beach!

That thought frightened and excited David... and the warmth continued to throb through his body- even in his briefs, where his cock and balls were throbbing with hot warmth. He saw his grey calvin sport briefs tighten and start bulging bigger and bigger- he felt like he had an erection. But that was to be expected, with the massive muscle growth that he was undergoing. His traps swelled with growth, his lats widened and thickened, and his pecs grew denser and heavier on his chest. David felt incredible... healthy, virile, strong, horny... his mind felt clearer and stronger too.

David looked in the mirror and saw a hot 21 year old muscular hunk with curly dark hair and blue eyes. He looked like one of those hot studs who'd always intimidated him an school... no, he thought, more like one of those models in the exercise magazines, one of the BIG guys in those magazines.. But the muscle growth was continuing. David inhaled a deep breath, and saw his chest expand more and more. His delts were massively wide, growing bigger and bigger. He held out an arm and saw the veins thickening under his skin as the muscles swelled and bulged and grew. He glanced back up in the mirror and was startled... in just the moment he'd been examining his arm, his body had increased size dramatically. There was no way anyone would mistake him for anything but a professional bodybuilder now. David suddenly stumbled. His quads had grown so much larger they pushed his legs apart. David adjusted his stance wider, and grinned. He sure had a huge erection in those briefs, which now looked like lo rise hip briefs on his body, with his muscular bubble butt pulling them tight, and the seams showing small tears at the hems. His cock was stretched out and around the side of his hips. His balls looked huge in the tight stretched basket. David's hair grew longer and longer too, his dark curly hair descending below his ears and brushing his shoulders. David looked in the mirror and smiled. His teeth were straight, white, strong. His smile was charming, sexy, disarming. His eyes sparkled.

In a moment, the warmth lessened, fading, lingering in his briefs for a moment... and then it was gone.

David stood with his arms spread wide apart with. They were enormous. His legs were huge. His biceps flexed humongously. His quads quivered with power with every slight movement of his body. His soft grey cotton briefs were stretched tight on his muscle bod. He stepped closer to the mirror. He wanted to pleasure himself. He touched his bicep, amazed at the tactile sensation of that much MUSCLE on his body. He reached down, and started to pull down his briefs. The leg elastic tore out as he lowered the briefs over his quads. He held up the ruined shorts and smiled at the rediculous sight, then felt his cock brush his thigh, more than halfway down his thigh. He looked in the mirror, gasped. He looked down. Finally, he hefted his cock. It wasn't erect at all. It was soft, and over 6" long. His cock arched out and over his now very, very large balls. He stroked himself, and his massive meat pulsed as the sensation filled his body. Quickly his cock lengthened and thickened, easily becoming completely erect in just a few seconds. He was astonished at his new thickness. His cock was 9" long and very thick.

He quickly touched his chest, his muscle, his biceps, feeling himself all over. In just a few seconds he was ready to cum. He shot and shot over the mirror. His cock became flaccid as he wiped up his load of cum with a handy towel. It was still enormous. He stood up on the scale and weighed himself. He'd gained over 70 lbs... going from just 170 to 240 lbs. At 5' 11" that was VERY impressive.

The doorbell rang. David grabbed at his underwear drawer and grabbed some red spandex stretch workout shorts. He pulled them up, and they made him look even more obscene than he did naked, as his 6" soft thick cock rested in the bottom of the straining basket with his big balls. David ran to the door.

It was the two bodybuilders from the beach. They stepped in as David gulped. They were HUGE. David was HUGE, but these guys were HUGE. Each was over 6'4" tall, easily 270 lbs.

"I'm Mark," said the huge blonde. "That's Sam" The Brunette folded his massive arms across his chest. "I can see we found the right guy."

"What do you want?" David asked.

"Obviously the same thing you want. Sam and I were in a bit of a hurry, and you picked up something of ours on the beach. And you've been in it I can see."

"Look, I didn't know what it was... I thought... I mean, I didn't know what it was."

Sam nodded. David walked over to the counter. As he picked up the bag of packets they spilled onto the floor. Mark and Sam laughed. They could see that David was so intimidated he was fumbling with the bag. David quickly rebagged the spilled packages, and handed them over. David felt humiliated, tricked. He hadn't stolen them.

Sam and Mark were intimidating. Their muscles were enormous, they really were huge guys. And, they were also obviously hung huge. Sam looked like he had 8 inches soft in his basket. Mark looked even bigger. Sam poked David in the chest with a finger. "You got a free boost, little man, and you owe us for that. We'll be back tonight to collect."

"Collect? What do you want?" David asked.

"You'll find out" Mark said, and grabbed at David's crotch, squeezing David's cock and balls under the thin fabric. David flushed and stepped back.

A moment after they stomped out, David's best friend Tony came in. Tony had obviously been listening outside. David quickly explained the rest.

"Dude!" Tony said, " You don't have any money, I've got a few hundred, but... that won't keep those goons off of you."

"That's okay, Tony. I don't think they're interested in money."

"What are you going to do about it??"

"I wasn't so scared as they thought." David walked to the sofa and easily lifted it with one hand. Under the sofa were a bunch of the packets that he'd spilled and kicked under there while Sam and Mark laughed at him. Tony quickly gathered them up. There were over 20 there. Then David walked into the bedroom where he'd mixed up his drink and picked up the handful of packets that he'd set on his dresser. There were 13 left there.

He carried the packets back in to the living room and set them together- 33 packets.

I wonder how long this stuff lasts?" Tony wondered aloud. "I mean, does it wear off?" His eyes roamed David's body. David flexed his arms. "You like?" Tony flushed. "Go ahead, Tony" David thrust forward a curled bicep. Tony gently grabbed it, then squeezed it, marveling. "Feels good," David grunted.

"I hope it lasts," David laughed. "I mean, I think I hope it lasts. This could get complicated."

"How much did you take?" asked Tony, feeling David's pecs. "You want to try?" asked David.

Tony looked down. He gulped as he saw David's cock in the spandex. "Yeah, I do. "I mean, if these guys come back here you'll need someone to help you stand up to them. And he'll need to be bigger than I am." Tony was 5'5", hairless and slender. He was a cute blonde, and got away with a lot because of it.

"That's right." David agreed. "But only if you want to get huge."

"Dude, you have no idea. I'd get as huge as those guys if I could. I'm tired of being a little man."

"I think maybe I do understand..."

David thought for a moment, looking at Tony. "We'll give you three packets."


"Yeah, that's what I took," David lied. "And I'm a lot bigger than you. You probably won't even get 1/2 as big as me." Tony looked a little downcast at that.

David opened three packets, dumped them in the glass, and walked back to the bedroom to get the cold water pitcher. He paused for a moment to look at his hot body in the mirror. He posed a double bicep. He looked at his huge bulging cock. He came back in the living room and Tony was sitting on the sofa, staring nervously at the glass of powder. David filled it with water and stirred it with a spoon.

"Nervous?" he asked Tony.

"A bit, yeah. I hope I'm not making a mistake."

"Tony, this stuff is some kinda magic, with the mass I've gained. It probably wears off in just one day."

"Yeah," said Tony. " But what a day!" He picked up the glass, drank it down, and David splashed some more water in the glass. "Drink it down, Tony, best get every drop."

Tony drank it down, then said, "David, I'm sorry Dude, I have to tell you I put 3 more packets in the glass while you were in the bedroom." He stared at David with his beautiful blue eyes. "I just want to be huge once."

"Oh my God, Tony, I only took ONE!" I wanted you to be HUGE, that's why I lied to you!"

Tony's eyes widened with shock. He jumped up. He looked a bit dizzy. "I have to see!" Tony said.

David led him to the mirror. He could feel Tony's body growing muscle under his guiding hand.

Tony's legs were filling out already. His arms were swelling, his blonde hair was growing longer visibly. David quickly pulled Tony's shirt up over his head and Tony anxiously looked into the mirror. "I feel really hot all over, David!"

"I felt really warm too!"

"No, David, I feel really HOT!!!"

In seconds Tony's small frame started to really fill in with muscle. In just a minute his arms were packing on muscle, his slender torso thickening with muscle as his pecs and delts and lats filled in. His legs swelled with muscle. Tony struggled to get his jeans down, and David had to practically rip them off Tony's body. Tony gasped with sensation, his muscles on fire. The burning grew more intense, deep into Tony's body, as he quickly filled his small frame with muscle, and began to overfill with muscle... Tony was almost as thick as he was tall, it seemed. Then David noticed something.

"Tony!" Tony looked up at David from his examination of the growing bulge in his calvin Klein shorts. "Tony, I think you're getting taller!"

Tony stood up straight. He definitely was about 2 inches taller, and GROWING TALLER with every minute... as his muscles grew, his body grew taller to accomodate the huge mass. Tony was staring in the mirror, watching and memorizing the entire experience. His hands felt his growing pecs, his swelling biceps... He was entranced.

Already Tony's growth had exceeded the time that David's had taken, and he was still growing. David watched the changes in Tony as he grew. He was still incredibly cute... cuter than ever, still, but not waifish or elfin or any of the other things that David used to think about him. Tony was now more... Scandinavian... Viking... Nordic. And still growing.

David realized with a start that Tony was almost as tall as he was... and then watched as Tony grew up, their eyes meeting level for a few seconds, and then David found himself starting to LOOK UP to Tony. Tony was now bigger than David was. Tony smiled delightedly, reading David's expression. "How's the weather down there?" he asked David with a hot grin. Tony turned and looked into the mirror. He posed a double biceps. "Pose with me David!" David posed a double biceps. David was impressive, but Tony was taller, more massive, more muscular, and still growing. David saw Tony's hair was now reaching down to his shoulders. It was so HOT.

Tony posed a most muscular. David followed suite. David was very hot looking, but Tony continued to grow at a steady rate-- He was now almost 4 inches taller than David, almost 6'3", and much more muscular. David realized that Tony was soon now going to be almost as big as Sam and Mark had been. "How do you feel Tony?"

"Excellent!" Tony's voice boomed now.

"Yeah, but still hot? Still feel like its going to go on?"

"Fuck Yeah David, I feel it more than EVER!" Tony turned to David and bounced his pecs in David's face. Now David could see .. "Tony, you're as big as Sam and Mark!"

" Fuck yeah, and still growing!! Hey little bro David! Eat your wheaties and you might get to be big like me someday!" Tony laughed with delighted power! He posed a double biceps again, and his biceps were enormous mountains, vascular and hard. David felt Tony's arms. "Tony I can feel your muscles growing stud!"

"David, this feels so HOT!! I don't feel like it's slowing down even!!! How BIG can I grow???!!!"

Just then there was a rip and Tony's shorts tore at the seam between his legs. His elastic waistband was stretched tight around his waist, with the white cotton fabric flapping in the front and back like a miniature loincloth. But what had just ripped the fabric now hung flaccid, heavy, thick, and huge what looked like halfway down Tony's quads. His cock was big, fat, and completely soft.. hanging nine full inches soft. His testicles were heavy, huge, and low hanging. Tony felt his genitals, astonished, then laughed and ripped off the torn underwear. The destroyed Calvins fluttered to the floor. Tony examined himself again. "Wow!" said David.

Then Tony straightened up again. He was still growing! David realized that Tony was now approaching 6' 6" in height. But the most amazing thing was the increase in Tony's muscle size. As he grew taller, his mass grew exponentially as his frame could accomodate more size.

Tony showed off a most muscular pose that David didn't even attempt to match. David was astonished... from average to musclestud to little man all in a few hours. He laughed at the absurdity, but his eyes drank in Tony's growing muscle.

"See anything you like from down there?" Tony asked with his handsome grin.

"Uh, everything!" David responded.

Finally Tony sensed that his growth was coming to an end. His muscles continued to grow, and he grew taller yet, almost reaching 6'7", and finally the hot burning became a warm glow that seemed to fade everywhere except his still growing cock, but even there the warmth finally dissipated and Tony knew that he was done.

"Fuck!" exclaimed a familiar voice. Tony and David turned and looked at the teen who spoke. It was their friend Shapour, a teenaged kid who lived down the block. He'd found the door unlocked and came in. After some explanations, with Tony providing the ample proof, Shap told them he wanted to try the muscle powder.

"No way!" they told him. "And keep your mouth shut about this too!"

Shap promised not to talk if he could come and visit the two musclestuds regularly.

Shap left to go home. "Its a good thing he's gone. I don't want him to be here when Sam and Mark come back, " David said. Those guys could get really rough with a kid like that! If there's going to be trouble I don't want him in the middle of it!"

Tony flexed his huge muscles. They'd found another pair of shorts for him, which stretched dangerously tight... and were completely sexy. "Yes, but it would be interesting to see how he'd do with a dose or two! He's already 6'3", and muscular and big for his age. And I really like his dark arabic looks."

"Stop it!" David laughed. "You'd probably give him six doses like you took!"

"I'd like to!" Tony laughed.

Shapour listened outside the bedroom window. He checked his watch, it was only 2pm. He knew that David and Tony weren't the kind to really fight, even as humongously huge as Tony had become. Shap was a kind soul, but he'd learned to fight in his native land. His parents had been proud of his strong body, before they'd passed away and he'd come to live in Venice Beach with a foster parent, a friend of his parents.

And Shap knew that he wouldn't-couldn't abandon his friends. They'd said the treatment would probably wear off in a day or two. What they didn't realize was that they were some of the few people that had become his friend. That meant a lot to him, they were practically the only family he had.

Shap heard the unmistakeable sound of Tony and David making love. He risked a look through the blind and saw that they were stroking each other's cocks. Shap gasped at the sight of the huge muscle studs. Especially Tony, with his enormous genitals and muscle. Tony's erect cock was 11" long! David was massive, but believable in human size... Tony looked exaggerated, but he was there, and real.

Shap snuck back around to the front door. He crept in quietly, and quickly counted out 4 of the packets, trying to guess how big that would make him. He was a lot bigger than Tony had been. Then he remembered how Tony and David were so worried about these guys. He picked up 2 more of the packets, and poured six into the glass Tony had used. He poured some water, mixed it up, and drank it. Then he saw some cloudy stuff still in the glass. He hesitated, remembered that the effect would wear off in a day or two, and poured one more packet into the glass, and drank that down. He rinsed the glass and drank the rest of the water. Then Shap thought about some street fights he'd seen, some of the bad things he knew could happen, and he poured one more packet into the glass, added water, and drank that down too. Again he rinsed and drank. Finally he felt satisfied. He'd taken 8 packets, and he was already 6'3". David had taken one and he'd grown muscle but no height... he was still the same 5'11"... Tony had taken 6 packets to Shap's 8 packets and had been 5'5" and now was 6'7". That meant that Shap at.. Shap was 6'3" he forced himself to think, and if he grew the same... he triumpantly thought 6'3" plus 14" was 6'17" and that was 7'5", of course he'd started taller, and taken 25% more... 25% of 14" was ... 3 1/2 "... so that was 7' 8 1/2"..? But starting bigger might mean bigger growth... Shap was a muscular guy already, he liked to wear tight t shirts despite his youth he was a stud.. He put on muscle easily. It was really hot in the apartment. REALLY GETTING HOT. Shap realized that he was dizzy. He reached out and steadied himself, knocking over a chair. Then his t shirt became very tight. Really really tight. The seams split up the sides and neck as his lat and pec muscles GREW. Shap looked at himself in the mirror on the wall in the hallway. He pulled the shirt off his hot torso and grunted. In just a few seconds Shap could see a much stronger musculature on his body. He was wearing baggy swim trunks, so he could see the muscle growing on his legs. He felt like the world was coming down on him... like the sun was shining into him. The heat molded and grew his muscles massive. In about a minute he was totally muscled. Then he was overmuscled... and he realized that he was growing larger- including taller. He could feel a bigger weight in his swim trunks too.. and his hair was also growing, black, long, flowing, and he saw his torso was also becoming hairier. He was a handsome looking muscle stud, but he knew he'd never be cute like Tony. What Shap was becoming was what he wanted to become... imposing... intimidating. After a few moments he had to shift his stance as his legs grew bigger. Already he knew that he was taller than Tony. In another moment he knew he was more muscular than Tony too. His proportions, long and rangy before, were now shifted to thickly massive, although his legs were still long, just packed with growing, bulging, thick muscle. His deltoids were increasingly massive as he grew wider. His swim trunks were bulging huge now. Shap was used to that... he'd always been hung, but this was really uncomfortable.. starting to pinch almost... when the lining of his trunks ripped and his cock and balls slipped out below the hemline on his swim trunks. Shap breathed a sigh of relief. That had been TOO tight.

Shap felt his entire body swelling bigger and bigger as his muscles grew nonstop. He felt tremendous satisfaction as his body grew. He watched his muscles swell in the mirror. He knew that he was going to be huge... How huge, he didn't know. But he knew that Tony and David wouldn't have any trouble with Mark and Sam now. Not as long a Shap was around. Shap tried a most muscular pose. His huge pecs, Delts, traps, biceps and abs swelled HUGE. When he relaxed, they'd already grown big enough that they didn't get smaller as he relaxed his muscles. After a few moments, Shap realized that the ceiling seemed much lower. He realized that he was now passing 7' in height, and still growing. He leered at himself in the mirror. His body was massive, his demeanor threatening, his look when he scowled fierce and brutal. Also, he couldn't help but notice how hung he was. He grunted in satisfaction. He knew how intimidating that could be to creeps. His huge delts were bigger than bowling balls.. He was aware of the massiveness he possessed now, his incredible strength. His lats were hugely mounded thick mountains of muscle across his back, his body flaring hugely wide. Soon, he knew, he'd stop growing... but he felt that he would be able to handle BOTH Mark and Sam now.

Shap felt the heat through his body pulsing in his muscles and genitals, burning as his body forcibly grew far more than nature had intended. He posed a double biceps and his biceps pumped huge, as big as basketballs... Shapour heard a tear as his swim trunks tore completely off his body. •

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