Sucking Superman

By dancer56

I did what Superman asked me, I called and left a message on Clark Kent's answer machine. I told Mr. Kent I wanted to give my cell phone number to Superman who said to get in touch with him for personal reasons. I waited for a phone call, but got none and two months had past quickly. On this night of my security patrol I decided to spend my lunch hour on the rooftop of the gigantic building. I took a sack lunch and peered ontop of the roof to where the city lights were. Everything looked so big! While gazing at the far horizon I then heard a masculine manly voice behind me say "Hi!" Looking behind me,startled, I knew instantly who it must be and yes, it was him. Superman standing there with arms crossed and seeming a bit fatigued, almost sweaty. "I was flying by on my way home and I thought I saw you standing there. I hope I didn't scare you or anything." Wow, I was overcome. Superman addressing me with such consideration, what could I say but "I'm ok, how have you been?" I like completely forgot about the two months absence of not speaking to him. Gosh it seemed like a clumsy moment. "I have been thinking about when we first met," he said "and I've come to the conclusion that we need to start seeing each other. I hope you don't mind me being so forward. I've given this alot of thought and I think it would be a vast crime if we didn't see each other." Man was I ever flabbergasted, this man never ceases to amaze me, but I took my chance, because as he was talking I noticed he was leaning with both arms on the side of the roof barrier. So I made my way forward and ducked underneath both arms and popped right up in front of him. "Does this answer your question?" A relieved smirk appeared magically on his face and he seemed like a different person in one second. He bowed his head, looked back up at me and smiled that winsome smile once again. Without him saying anything he moved romantically forward and whispered in my ear "I think we could make a good team." To smell him was overwhelming to someone like me and I had to brush his cheek with my lips. It didn' take more than a second for our lips to clash, and I gave him all I got. Man, did he taste good! I was in heaven because this is what I was praying for-a reunion. Superman did not move his arms any, but just left them there with me directly in the middle. While we were kissing I could see through the corner of my eye his expanding bulge inside his crotch. I mean it was getting hard. So cautiously I reached out with my right hand and felt that area. The head was incredibly sturdy and when I touched it I could feel it grow even more. I kept rubbing it from side to side until he stopped kissing and said "I think we should move somewhere more comfortable." We sat down at an area that seemed suitable for sitting, but before I could sit he pulled down his shorts a bit and yanked out his long tool. He said, "Come sit here beside me." I sat down on his left side and before I could think he held me with his left arm, grabbed the back of my head and motioned me towards his throbbing cock. I mean, I was staring at it just inches away from my mouth. I think my tongue was hanging out a bit before I got there and I immediately smelled the aroma of this wonderful masculine man. Continuing to smell I stroked my nose up and down his shaft with my tongue aching to be set free. He began to moan, so I took the hint and encompassed it with my wanting mouth opening. Sucking it ever so slowly I just wanted to make it real. It didn't take long for me to break away from his left side and manage myself kneeling between his two massive, beefy legs. I had every intention at this point to seriously deep throat him while holding onto his huge legs with both arms. He didn't even move, but kept himself in a sitting position as I caressed his thick thighs from both sides. His tights felt so delicious and they were so snug it's almost as if they weren't even there. I did what I had t do and sucked him off viciously. His hands made their way to the back of my hair and kept massaging, occassionally grasping my ears exemplifying himself with utter moans. After what seemed an eternity of vicious sucking he pulled me off and began jacking off with his right hand. He held me in place with the other hand looking down at his jacking off. Finally he placed me back down over it forcing my mouth downward, engulfing it as a flood of pure Superman liquid escaped from the sides of my lips. I drank what I could, but most of it smeared down the shaft of his huge cock. My tongue, as if by automatic nature, stuck itself out to grasp anything that went my way. Little did I realize that Superman had taken his shirt off during the ordeal producing one of the most magnificent sculptured hairy physiques I had seen. At this point I knew, I could still go for more. •

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