Summertime Growing


By Muscle Head

It was a warm summer day, early in the morning when I pushed the mower into one of my neighbors yards. The ground was still to wet to cut grass so I began to do some trimming in the bushes. It wasn't long till the humidity was high and it was getting hotter so I took off my shirt.

Now at 16 I wasn't anything to write home about. I had a light swimmers build and low body fat so I didn't look bad, just nothing special.

That day though something happened that would affect my life in many ways.

Mr. Jerrolds came out to get his newspaper wearing only a pair of shorts. I had seen him several times but never without a shirt on.

I couldn't believe how well built he was... he looked like a bodybuilder you'd see on TV. Large hard biceps and triceps, huge pecs that jutted out with the nipples pointing down. His stomach was ridged with a washboard stomach that had eight perfect cuts deep in his skin. His legs were huge! I couldn't help but stare at this mountain of beef standing before me.

"Hi Jon", he said.

I answered back but kept up my staring.

He laughed and said, "Is there anything wrong?"

"NO!" I said loudly.

"See anything you like? "Yeah, I didn't know you had all those muscles"

"Well up until a few days ago I didn't" he said.

I was confused. How could anyone go from normal to huge like that? I am sure that it looked like that on my face.

He laughed and said, "Come on in and I'll show you"

When we went in the house he showed me a lab he had in the basement.

I don't know much about chemistry but it looked like it was very well equiped.

He explained to me that he was a scientist working for a sports supplement company and his job was to look for ways to enhance the human body. A couple of days before he had come upon a new mix that would grow muscles rapidly on the human body. Not wanting to wait he had tried it on himself and now we could see the results.

I asked him, "Do you think it would work on me?"

Though I never expressed it I had always had a hankering to be big.

I had weights in my basement that I worked out regularly on, but had never really seen much in the way of results. Sure I had a firm body with low body fat, but most of my friends had that. A few had begun to really show some muscle growth and that is what I wanted.

He looked me over and asked if I was serious.

I told him yes, very serious. He said he would have to talk to my parents first since I was minor. The company he was working for was wanting to test the new formula on some young people and I might just fit the bill. So that night he came over and talked to my mom and dad.

They were a bit hesitant to allow this experiment to go on. How would this affect my mind and behavior? How would this affect my social life? Can it be reversed if there are any problems? When I explained to them how much I wanted to do this and how much it would mean to me they finally relented... Dad even said he might like to try the stuff out which my mom immediately said ok to (I think my mom had a fetish for big men anyway) The next day was to be the day when Mr. Jerrolds was to give me the formula and see what results would follow. I couldn't sleep that night thinking about having and big, hard, sexy body.

Finnally the next day arrived and I was at the house before I was scheduled to come. I was almost beside myself with excitement.

We went down to the basement where I was measured... arms 12"... chest 38"... waist 32"... quads 18"... calves 14" weight 125 lbs. Not bad for your average 16 year old, but nothing special.

I was given the shot of the formula. Mr. Jerrolds said that I would be having a series of 4 shots that day. I felt a rush afterwards but nothing else. We waited and nothing happened... a couple of hours and I was given the second. Another feeling of the rush hit... but still we could see no change. The third and fourth shots were given and still nothing was happening. I could see that Mr. Jerrolds was disapointed.

He said that the growth had started after the first shot and continued through the series when he took the formula.

By 3:00 in the afternoon Mr. Jerrolds decided to measure me. Though we couldn't see any change he wanted to make sure we weren't missing something. Arms 13"... Chest 40... waist 31... quads 19.5"... calves 15"... weight 130 lbs! There was something beginning to happen... nothing big, but something. Then I felt it. There was a tingling in the tips of my fingers and toes and the top of my head. Then we saw it! At first in my chest as it began to rise, my shoulders began to broaden and my arms started to show some muscle. My stomach looked like something was under the skin as my abs began to form into bricks of hard muscle. My legs looked like ballons had been put under the skin.

In mere minutes I went from a wimp to a jock to a muscleman! The growth contined for about 30 minutes then stopped. We couldn't believe the difference. When I flexed my arms large softball shaped muscles appeared, my shoulders looked like bowling balls were under the skin, my lats looked like wings. My eight-pack was well defined, etched into my narrow waist. My legs had really grown. Veins stood out on my arms and legs and showed through on my now huge pecs that looked like plates on my chest. I was a real hunk! Mr. Jerrolds measured me... 19.5" arms, 52" chest, 31" waist, 28"

quads, 19" calves and I now weighed in at 205 lbs.

After looking at myself I got a hardon to end all hardons. One other thing that the new formula did that Mr. Jerrolds hadn't shared with me was that it also grew your dick. What had been a normal sized 6"

long erection was now 10 inches of thick meat. I couldn't help myself and began to jack off right there in front of Mr. Jerrolds who was also doing the same with his 11 incher. We both shot off about the same time covering the floor with cum.

That changed my life especially when I went back to school, the girls swooned and the boys were jealous (both wanted to feel my muscles all the time). •

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