Summer to Remember, A

By Erik

It was the last week of the summer, so my roommate, Darren, and I decided to head for the beach. We packed the car with lots of alcohol. Driving over, Darren and I spoke about our last summer in college.

"Just imagine. In a year, we'll be out in the real world," I told Darren. "Yeah, Billy. It's hard to believe that we will both actually have to be responsible," Darren laughed. "I'm going to miss hanging out with you. We were roommates since we were freshmen. I've learned so much from you," I said. "Same here, Bill, but it looks like you didn't learn enough. What are you doing wearing that blue hat to the beach?", Darren joked, grabbing the hat from my head. I snatched it back, and put it back on my head. "I really admire you, Darren. I love your dark, tanned skin, and great body," I confessed. "Thanks, dude," Darren said, "Uh, you're cool too." I could tell that my confession made him uncomfortable. Things got awkwardly silent. Darren broke the silence, "Yeah, these muscles are pretty hot," he said flexing his biceps. "You know, black IS better." I laughed.

For all these years, I had a crush on my roommate, but I knew that he didn't feel the same way about me. He was definitely straight, and uncomfortable around gay men. I decided to be closeted. I hated the fact that we were best friends and about to graduate, and I couldn't confess my biggest secret to him.

We arrived at our hotel on the beach and checked in. After dropping my luggage off at the room we headed out to the beach. While walking down to he beach, we saw a gay couple holding hands. Darren snickered, "Dude, look at those fairies!" I pretended to laugh. Darren pulled his shirt off, and put lotion on his body. I admired his glistening skin, broad shoulders, and defined muscle. His dark skin glistened in the sun. I wanted to embrace him and kiss him. He shot a look at me, "You going swimming?" I didn't feel like moving closer to him. Emotion was bubbling up inside. I shook my head, "I just want to sit for a while." "Is everything okay?", Darren said. "Oh, yeah. I'm just tired from the drive," I said with a fake smile. "Okay, dawg. You can hang out with these fairies," Darren laughed referring to the gay couple walking up the beach. He ran down to the water while I watched the small image of him from the sand. He was already getting attention from ladies and loved it. He quickly forgot about me, and started to talk to the girls in the water.

I kept starring at this beautiful dark figure. I wish he hadn't made all those gay jokes. I wish he felt the same way I did about him. I wish he knew what it was like being gay and what it was like to want to be close to someone you deeply love.

I was so lost in thought that I hadn't noticed that the gay couple had walked up to me. I was sitting on the sand, and I looked up at this couple towering over me. I hadn't noticed how strange they looked. They were identically dressed, in short black short swim suits. Their bodies were of equal size and form, almost like identical twins yet distinctly different. They were fairly good-looking, but having a replica made their good-looking bodies just look creepy. One partner had black hair and the other partner had blonde hair. There was a strange looking into their almost hypnotic eyes.

"We see that you are having some love problems," the blonde partner said. "Uh, yeah . . . I'm okay," I said, freaked out by this strange couple. "Billy, you've expressed your desires," the black haired partner said. "I'm really not into that, but thanks for the proposition," I said. I wanted them to get away. Then it hit me, "Wait. How'd you know my name?" Just then glittery grain-like particles showered all over me. It felt like the twins were pouring sand on me. I heard their voices but I couldn't see thme through all the glitter, "We are your gaurdians, Billy. You wished that Darren would know how you feel. We will grant your wish."

Just as I got the dust out of my eyes, I looked up to see that this couple had disappered. I felt like I awoke from a strange dream. I immediately began to feel funny. I stood up, and didn't feel very good. I saw Darren in the distance kissing a lady in the water. I decided to grab my things and head back to the hotel room. I really didn't feel very well. I was dizzy.

By the time I got back to the hotel room, I felt really sick. I looked down at my hands, and I saw that the tone of my skin was changing. It was much more tanned. "I must have been in the sun too long," I said to myself. I stopped. Voice sounded hoarse and deeper when I said that. My lips and tongue felt different in saying that. My lips felt thicker. I walked into the bathroom to pour myself some water. Just then, I saw a strange dark form in the bathroom. It was the mirror. It was me!

I recognized myself, except my skin was clearly darker, and my features were changing. I looked like I gained more muscle definition. I started to examine myself in the mirror. I was so turned on. Was this for real? Was I dreaming? Then I got curious, and I pulled down my pants to examine my member. The skin down there was darker too. It looked like my penis was changing too. It was clearly getting longer. Chemicals were stirring in my body. I could see and feel the rest of my body transforming. My fingers got longer. I was growing a few inches taller. The hair on my hair changed in texture. It was turning me on so much. I placed my foreign hands on my growing pecs. The sensation along my skin felt different. Watching myself in the mirror of the hotel bathroom, I saw that my face no longer was discernable. I could no longer tell that it was me. The features changed too much. My jaw became more square, and the cheek bones widened. It suddenly hit me. My face was beginning to look like Darren. As my shoulders widened, I saw that my entire body was becoming an exact replica of him. I looked down at my stomach to see my stomach and waist contracting into the shape of Darren's tight waist.

Within a matter of seconds, I looked at Darren's image in the mirror. I had his dark, black skin. I felt the weight of his muscle. I even smelled his scent. This experience was turning me on. I got erect with Darren's penis. It was at least ten inches long! Just as I began to stroke Darren's erect penis, the room began to change. I heard street sounds and water. I felt a breeze. Suddenly, my vision changed. I was outside. I was standing in Speedos in front of the hotel. These were the Speedos that Darren wore to the beach. Darren must have been originally heading back to the hotel. I walked back the hotel room. It felt great, lustful looks and glances from people in the hotel. I loved this new body.

When I got to the hotel room, I saw the light on and movement in the bathroom. Hearing me in the room, a pastey, naked, white image walked out. It was my former body. He had a shocked look on his face. "Dude, I'm you and you're me," my former gentle voice said to me. I responded with Darren's heavy bass voice, "Yeah, man. It looks like we traded places. You are the new Billy, and I'm . . ." "Totally hot," the new Billy said, walking over. I was shocked to hear that. But the new Billy's little knob showed that he was definitely turned on. I was turned on by this experience too. I guess my guardians arranged is so that I would maintain my homosexual desires, and the new Billy inherited some. The new Billy started stroke my large, dark chest with his little, white hands. Sensations ran through my body like I never felt before. He then slowly pull off my white Speedos to reveal my snake-like hardon. I felt deep desires building up in this new body like I never felt before. I ran my large ebony hands over the creamy soft body that once was mine. I ran my long fingers over the five-inch pale penis. I knew that penis and how to arouse this white boy. I heard the new Billy moan in a rhthym that used to be familar to me. He leaned over and began to suck my cock. This sent emotion surging through my new body. I moaned with this massive voice. My shouts echoed through the room. I felt a level of excitements as energy rushed to my brain like a thousand wild stallions. I felt a sudden surge of emotion, as my brown eyes met the new Billy's green eyes. I ran my hair to his soft blond hair while he continued to suck. I loved being Darren. I couldn't hold it any longer, and I suddenly shot into the new Billy's mouth. The warm, sensation of my cum caused the new Billy to also cum. Tired from our transformation, we reclined onto the hotel bed and embraced.

This last year in school would definitely be a memorable one. •

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