Summertime Growing


By Muscle Head

When I went home that night my folks couldn't believe the change. My mom came over and felt my arms and said, "Wow!" Dad was beside himself. He had always thought of himself being a sportsman and with a pretty good build, but now his 16 year old son was a major stud who had passed him by...

He didn't waste anytime but went over to Mr. Jerrolds and said, "Shoot me up!"

So right then and there he got his first shot...unlike me the growth took off right away. His arms and shoulders first started growing adding about 2 inches to his arms. His chest began to expand popping the buttons off his shirt (he hadn't wanted to wait to get undressed!) Next we saw his now exposed stomach begin to tighten and his pants got tighter.

He took the next shot and more growth took the time the fourth shot was given my Dad was a major hunk! Lot's bigger than even me! Mom came by and soon they were making out in front of us. They realized what they were doing and soon went back home!

I decided to give them some privacy and went down to the video game place. I was wearing a tank top and shorts which really showed my new muscles off! The guys couldn't believe how much muscle I had and were checking me out. Harold came over and said "Jon, you didn't look like this last week, what happened?" Harold was a short skinny guy who was always playing video games.

I told him I had been working out. He asked to feel my arm, I made a muscle and he almost passed out. I noticed a bulge in his pants. He asked if we could get somewhere private.

We went out to the car and there had me take off my shirt...he almost came in his pants right there! I had gotten hard by this time and he reached down and grabbed my huge dick and started to suck me off. It didn't take me long before I shot a huge load into his felt wonderful. Soon I noticed something was happening to him...his chest was getting bigger as were his arms. In a few minutes he had burst out of the tight t-shirt he had on with large pecs showing. Then his arms burst out of the sleeves! Huge tear shaped muscles formed on his arms and his tri's began to bulge. Next thing he knew his shorts were beginning to tear at the bottom and working their way up to his hips as his quads grew...we could also see his calves forming into a diamond shape.

WE couldn't believe it! I started to feel his new muscles and then went down on him as we discovered his dick had also grown to be about 10.5 inches long. I sucked him till he shot off in my mouth.

Suddenly my body began to grow again, though not near as much as before. When it was finished my arms had grown from 19.5 to 22" and the rest of my body did the same.

We went over to Mr. Jerrolds who guessed that there was still enought formula in my system to pass it on to someone else and Harold had enough to pass it on.

He took a sample of our semen (he sucked it out!) and found that the formula level had dropped to next to nothing by now.

Harold and I began to go to a gym together and awed the other guys out and had a great time after workouts together. •

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