Shane and his Muscle-Belt

A Friend Indeed


By Jason Jarman

"Cool place you got, dude," Shane said.

“You’ve been over here before!” Kevin quietly locked the door of his house.

“Yeh, but it’s still cool. I can’t wait ‘til I get me a place…” Shane's clothes were so tight and revealing... A green satin T-shirt barely covered his torso. The sleeves had split at the base of his huge biceps. A hole in the shirt revealed one of his erect nipples. The shirt collected at his heaving pecs, fully exposing his rocky rows of abs, tapering down to a tiny waist. Shane wore his muscle-belt loosely over a skin- tight pair of black leather jeans. Shane's semi-hard cock bulged down the side of his left thigh. The veins on his cock were visible against the leather. Every muscle in Shane's thighs and calves rippled under the shimmering black skin.

Shane walked through Kevin's living room. Kevin's bodybuilding trophies filled a small display case. In- between the trophies were color photos of Kevin posing in black leather briefs.

"Wow," Shane said. "You got a couple more since last time I came here."

Kevin stood behind Shane and put one hand on his massive shoulder. "You should compete, dude. You'd take the trophy without even posing."

"Yeah, dudes at school are always buggin me about it. I don't know. Hey, who's this dude?" Shane gestured to a beautiful large framed photo of a hot young bodybuilder whose skimpy posers barely concealed his excited bat and balls. "You know this dude?" Shane said.

"No, I just like his looks," Kevin said with a smile. "I’ll put your picture up here if you want.”

Shane blushed. Kevin’s mouth was dry from his nervous state. “Hey, I'm gonna get me something to drink. You want anything?"

"Sure, dude, some milk if you got it." Shane studied the pictures in the living room.

Kevin walked back into the living room, a glass of water in one hand and Shane's milk in the other. "Here you go, dude."

"Thanks, man. This boy is pretty hot," Shane said, gesturing to the photo. He gulped down the milk and drained the glass.

"So, dude, I wanna see yer secret. And maybe I'll show you mine..."

Kevin smirked. "Right this way..."

Shane followed Kevin downstairs to his basement. The basement area was Kevin's secret wonderland. He'd lured many a muscular teenage boy down these stairs and shown them the time of their young lives. Shane would be his single greatest conquest.

The walls were covered with pictures of young male bodybuilders, many of them naked and sporting huge hard- ons. Kevin had some gym equipment around, and several sleek, shiny black leather weight-lifting belts. Muscle magazines littered the room, and a TV and VCR held piles of videotapes of physique competitions and posing routines. In the back, in a separate room, was a bed with black leather sheets. That was where most of the hot boys wound up in Kevin's experienced hands.

Kevin pulled off his blue jeans and put on a tight pair of black leather jeans. He laced a shiny two-inch wide black belt through the loops and buckled it tight. Kevin's cock and balls stretched against the leather. He pulled off his T- shirt. Kevin's body was superb, and showed the long, hard hours he'd put in at the gym. He made an arrogant double- biceps pose for Shane.

"Cool, dude, yer lookin hot. I love wearin leather pants. I even got on leather undies."

"I know, Shane. I'm wearing a pair of yours..." Kevin smiled.

Shane frowned. "You stole those? Fucker!"

"Are you mad?"

Shane shrugged. "Not really. But I would of given them to you."

Kevin's heart pounded. "Really?"

"Yeah, dude. You're pretty hot, y'know." Shane studied Kevin's body, and his eyes worked their way down to the bulge in his leather jeans. "So, how come you took my undies?"

"Because," Kevin said, "they were the next best things to actually having you. You are the most beautiful boy I've ever seen. I’ve wanted you ever since I met you. When you show off your muscles, I can hardly control myself. I want to fuck your brains out."

"Whoa!" Shane said with a smile.

"And I know that belt you're wearing is the reason why you're even bigger and prettier than ever. I want you to tell me about it."

"Well, dude, the guy who give it to me said I ain't spose to tell anyone about it..." Shane hesitated, and then relayed the whole story about the dream, the search for the old building, his first encounter with the muscle-belt... He showed Kevin the paper that was wrapped around the belt.

"Man, this is incredible," Kevin said as he finished the note. "So all you have to do is pull that belt tight, and you're Mr. Universe?" Kevin's cock hurt as it pressed against the leather.

"Even bigger, dude." Shane made a double-biceps pose, then switched to a hot abs and thighs shot. His eyes were on the growing, straining bulge in Kevin's swollen crotch. "Dude, you really do have it bad fer me, don'cha?"

"Yes, Shane."

"Well, then, get down on yer knees an tell me how much you worship my body."

Kevin did as told. "Oh, Shane, you are a god on earth. You are the most beautiful muscle boy on this planet. My cock has been hard for you ever since I first saw you. I've jacked off every night to my fantasies of fucking you, touching your body, kissing you... Whenever we work out together, I just want to feel your muscles and show you how much I long for you. And now... with that belt... you truly are a god, dude. A muscle god! I hope I’m worthy of your beautiful body."

"Tell me more, dude."

"Oh, Shane, when I see your big bulging guns, with all those shiny muscles and big blue veins, I hunger to put my hands around them. I want to feel how hard and strong your biceps are. Look at this!"

Kevin unbuckled and unzipped his leather jeans. His cock stood up high and hard, its head a darkening red, the thick veins pulsing down the shaft. Kevin's rock-hard dick stood at 11 throbbing inches. "See what you do to me? My cock is pounding for you. It's so hard it hurts. How could I tell you any better how much I lust for you? How beautiful you are, and how much I worship you? I wish I had ten cocks, and they were all this hard for you..."

"Wow," Shane said. He reached down and fingered Kevin's enormous hard-on. Kevin moaned and pre-cum drizzled from the throbbing head into Shane's hands. "That thang is like a fuckin rock!" Shane began to stroke Kevin's cock. "I'll get you off, dude!"

"No! Not that way!" Kevin cried.

"What's wrong with this way?"

Tears ran from Kevin's eyes. "Please, Shane. Please let me kiss you. And then, I want so bad to fuck you up the ass. I beg you. I'll do anything you ask. I'll give you everything I have. But please let me fuck you blind. I'll die if I don't."

"Well... you are pretty hot, Kev. I got to admit, I've had me some hard-ons over you. I got a big one the other day at school..." “Kiss me, Shane.”

Shane smiled sweetly at Kevin and came closer. Their lips touched, and Kevin couldn’t resist touching Shane’s tongue with his own. The feeling was like Kevin had touched a live wire. Shane’s soft, tender kiss, so full of passion and tasting of sweat and Dentyne, nearly made his heart burst.

As they kissed, Kevin touched Shane’s body, feeling the warmth and strength of his muscles, the smoothness of his skin, the scruffiness of his beard. He opened his eyes and looked into Shane’s. Shane’s gaze was so warm and tender and willing… Kevin’s cock got harder and bigger. “And now, my beautiful godboy… give yourself over to me.”

“I’m ready…”

"Will you pull your belt tight for me first? Make yourself even bigger for me!”

"Hold on.” Shane peeled off his leather pants. “Gimme a hand with these.” Kevin tugged at the legs of the sleek, sweet-smelling pants. He tossed them on the floor. Shane unbuckled the muscle-belt.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Hell, yeah. I could use me another notch, anyways. Watch what happens, dude." As soon as Shane’s hands touched the buckle, shots of power burst from the belt. "All right, stud, start talkin. Tell me how fuckin hot I am. How strong an big I am. You ready?"

Kevin nodded. Shane grimaced and began to pull on the leather. "Shane, when you pull your muscle-belt tight, you're the strongest, sexiest, most powerful dude on the planet."

Shane groaned. Savage bolts of lightning exploded from the buckle. He pulled the first notch through the buckle.

"Keep pulling, mighty Shane. The harder you pull, the stronger you get. Your muscles will keep getting so big and hard. Your mighty cock is getting bigger and bigger every second. A mighty muscle-boy like you needs more power. Pull the muscle-belt tight with all your might!"

Shane screamed and tugged the second and third notches through the sparking buckle.

"Oh, Shane. Make me a bicep muscle with your free hand. And think about the power that runs through your body, through your veins, when you pull the leather so fuckin tight..."

Shane complied, and rose his pulsing, 44-inch bicep into the air. The belt sent a huge volley of power up to the flexing bicep. Shane groaned with ecstasy and came all over Kevin's face and chest.

"Cover me with your sweet hot cum, my muscle-god. I worship you and all your power. Pull that belt tighter and tighter! You're so strong and beautiful... you can do anything you want!"

With those words, Shane found the strength to pull the leather just past the sixth notch. He quickly buckled the belt while he could hold the notch steady. Then he stood before the trembling, kneeling Kevin, his 30-inch cock a hard, throbbing, spewing mass. His sperm covered Kevin’s face. His waist was now barely 18 inches. He flexed both biceps overhead. No human being had ever had such huge muscles.

Shane smirked and turned around. His ass stood up high and hard, with rippled, striated muscles. Shane lubed his ass with his own cum. "Fire away, dude. Make me feel it!"

Kevin stood up. His face was full of lust and strength. "I'll bring you to your knees!" He kicked off his leather jeans and undies. He made a double-biceps pose, flexing his gym-pumped guns high and hard. Then he rammed his cock inside Shane's slick ass. He grabbed the strap end of the muscle-belt and held onto it as he pounded Shane's ass with his cock. Shane groaned with pleasure. He flexed the muscles in his ass in and out. Kevin groaned in return.

As Kevin pumped his cock in and out of Shane's glorious ass, he reached around with his other hand and began to slowly unbuckle Shane's muscle-belt. His thought was to pull on the leather and try to tighten the belt as he came inside Shane. He kept the leather taut, so that Shane wouldn't lose his muscle size.

Kevin felt the titanic rush through his body. Orgasm after orgasm jolted him as his hot, thick cum filled Shane's rippling ass. Shane screamed with pleasure, as Kevin's huge cock stroked his sphincter.

As he came, Kevin pulled on the muscle-belt. Bolts of lightning shot out of the buckle. Both of them felt waves of power blast through their body. Suddenly, an idea hit Kevin, and he acted on it. He moved his left hand to hold onto the belt, just past the buckle. With his right hand, he slid the leather out of the buckle, and took the muscle-belt from around Shane's waist. The buckle sparked, and Kevin felt another jolt go through his body. "Watch this, muscle- boy!"

"Huh?" Shane turned around to see Kevin with the muscle- belt around his own waist. "Hey, dude, this belt is for me only! They said so!"

Kevin shoved the leather through the golden buckle. He began to pull the belt tight. He wanted to taste the power so bad. A few small bolts shot out, but nothing happened. "What the fuck?" Kevin tried again. He could pull the belt really tight, much tighter than Shane, but without the power, it was just a belt. Kevin kept pulling, and got the leather just past the eleventh notch. "Why doesn't it work?" In anguish, he unbuckled the muscle-belt and threw it across the room.

The belt didn't hit the floor. In mid-air, it stopped, and then flew towards Shane. It circled his waist and the buckle sparked. "Whoa!" Shane said. "It's juiced!"

"I'm sorry, Shane," Kevin said. "I just had to see if I could do it. Please don't hurt me!"

"I ain't gonna hurt you, Kev. This is just the way it is. They gave me this belt for a reason. I don't know how come. They just did." Shane pulled the muscle-belt to the third notch and buckled it.

"I saw that paper... but who could 'they' be, dude? Are there more of these muscle-belts?"

"Well, dude, after we get us a shower, I'll take you to the place. Maybe we can find something more out." Shane unbuckled the muscle-belt and handed it to Kevin. "I trust you, dude. Now put this someplace safe and let's get cleaned up. My ass is full of your cum!" Shane turned so Kevin could see the long jets of cum spewed across his ass- cheeks.

"That was the best fuck of my life," Kevin said.

"It's the first of many," Shane replied with a sultry smile. •

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